How To Make Golf Clubs Look New? 7 Top-Notch Ways!

Your golf clubs may tend to lose their shine over time. But you can’t throw them out every time they start to look dull. There are several ways that you can follow to make them look new and polished.

So, how to make golf clubs look new? You can maintain regular cleaning, polishing, replace specific parts and so many other things to make your golf clubs look new.

Here, we have described everything in brief. Let’s go forward to learn the tricks!

How To Make Golf Clubs Look New?

How To Make Golf Clubs Look New

You don’t need to throw your golf clubs away every time they look a bit old. Instead, you can do several other things. Such as:

1. Clean your golf clubs regularly

When you ensure regular cleaning and maintenance, your golf club will always look fresh. Regular golfing can accumulate a lot of dirt in your golf club. So, use warm water and mild soap to remove the dirt with a soft-bristled brush an clean your clubs on a regular basis.

2. Polish

When the club heads are dirty, your golf clubs automatically look old and dirty. You can polish your clubheads using a metal polish and a microfiber cloth. The club heads will instantly look good.

3. Replace worn-out grips

Over time, the golf club grips may look worn out. That can make the whole golf club look old. You can replace the grips to make your clubs look and feel like new.

4. Replace shafts

With frequent usage, the shafts may also get damaged which makes the golf club look old. You can improve your golf club’s appearance by changing the shafts.

5. Clean rust and corrosion

Frequent usage and lack of maintenance can cause rust and corrosion to develop on your clubs. Therefore, you can use ingredients like vinegar and baking soda to take care of the rust.

6. Use headcovers

Headcovers are a great idea to protect your clubheads from dirt, scratches, and dents. Thus, you can keep your club looking good all the time.

7. Store your clubs appropriately

You need to keep your clubs in good storage. Keep the storage cool and away from direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures or humidity will ruin your golf clubs fast.

How To Polish Golf Clubs?

You can make your golf clubs look new instantly if you polish them. Polishing golf clubs is a very good idea when you don’t want to replace them.

Required Ingredients

The below mentioned steps need to be followed for polishing your golf clubs in an effective way.

Step-1: Clean the clubheads

Use the soft-bristled brush to dip it into the bucket of warm water. Then use the brush to gently scrub the clubheads to remove any dirt or debris. Don’t scrub too harshly as it will get scratched.

Step-2: Use club head cleaner or metal polish

Now pour a small amount of club head cleaner or metal polish onto a microfiber towel. Use the towel to rub the clubhead until the surface becomes shiny.

Step-3: Clean the club grips

Take a damp cloth and clean the golf club grips using it. Remove any dirt or debris from the grip. You can also use the soft-bristled brush here.

How Can You Refurbish Golf Clubs?

If your golf club is still working well but a few of the parts have been damaged, you can refurbish it to play perfectly again.

For this, you need to inspect the clubs for damages first. Damages like dents, scratches, and rust, may need to be taken into account.

Once you have found the problematic areas, proceed further to the refurbishment. Clean the club heads and remove the grips using a grip remover. If the grips need to be changed, you can install new grips once everything is done.

To refurbish the golf club, you also need to check the shafts. When the shafts of your clubs are worn out or if you want to change their flex, you can re-shaft them.

Once you are done with everything, you can polish the club to look like a brand new one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove scratches from golf clubs?

You can remove scratches from golf clubs effectively using fine-grit sandpaper. Use a 1000-grit or 2000-grit to sand the scratch. Once you’re done, use a metal polish or a fine polishing compound to make the clubhead shiny again.

Does toothpaste clean golf clubs?

Yes, if you don’t have any mild soap nearby, you can also use toothpaste to clean the clubs. Toothpaste even helps to remove minor paint scratches from the club.

Is it OK to polish golf clubs?

Yes, you can clean and polish your golf clubs to improve their performance and appearance at the same time. Polishing will help with longevity too.

Is it OK to clean golf clubs with water?

Whether or not you can clean your clubs with water depends on the type of club. If you have wood clubs, you should never use water for those. But for others, you can use a damp cloth to clean up.


So, now you already knowhow to make golf clubs look new. If you give a little bit of effort, this is not a big deal at all.

You can follow our suggestions easily and make your dirty club look brand new.