Winter Golf Clothes For Ladies – What Should Women Golfers Wear?

While golfing during winter, it’s mandatory to emphasize warmth without sacrificing mobility. A long-sleeve golf shirt is the rock-solid base of every good outfit. Choose high-quality materials, like textiles that absorb sweat, to keep yourself comfortable all game long.

Irrespective of men or women, all golfers should have clear idea about their essential golf outfits. As you make your way across the course, you need to learn about layering of clothes as well. Learn to layer up so you can be comfortable in all kinds of weather conditions out there. So, which are the perfect winter golf clothes for ladies? Let’s know about it in detail!

Winter Golf Clothes For Ladies – Golf Outfit Women

Winter Golf Clothes For Ladies

Women golfers who wants to play golf in cold temperature should feel that winter is no reason to put away their clubs until spring. If you’re prepared, you can play winter golf in the fresh, chilly air.

Although short-sleeved and skort-wearing strolls may be on hold for the time being, the right clothing can keep you on the course without any issues. Winter golf clothes for women should be chosen very carefully to get desired comfort during playing the game. Here are some ways and tips for choosing perfect golf attire for ladies during winter period.


Sense of layering for choosing the golf clothes are very important. Women golfers should should wisely select their golf outfits during winter by taking consideration of the following layering concepts.

  • Base Layer Clothes

Female golfers should not play in subzero temperatures without a good winter base layer. Wearing these athletic clothes will keep you warm and dry as you play because of their special construction, which draws heat in from the body and releases it quickly when you perspire. Click the picks to get more details along with price about women base layer clothing.

Thermajane Base Layer Women Thermal
Base Layer Women Thermal
Women Base Layer for Cold Weather
Women Base Layer for Cold Weather
  • Long Sleeve Shirt

The secret to a well-coordinated winter golf attire, particularly for the upper body and the arms, is layering. As the first line of defense, a long-sleeve golf shirt will keep you warm without restricting your range of motion. 

You may find a wide variety of alternatives for long sleeve shirts from different companies to cater to your style and tastes. More than that, base layers keep you warm and dry while supporting and stabilizing your muscles, which improves performance on the course.

By clicking the pics check the price of long sleeve golf shirt on amazon and get your desired ones.

Koscacy Women's Polo Shirts
Koscacy Women’s Polo Shirts
Under Armour Women Golf Shirt
Under Armour Women Golf Shirt
  • Women Golf Vest

The addition of a women’s golf vest to your outfit can keep you warm without limiting your movement. With no sleeves to hinder your movement, you can unleash powerful swings without the burden of cumbersome apparel. If needed, click the below picks to get the details about golf vests on amazon.

Amazon Essentials Women's Vest
Amazon Essentials Women’s Vest
Fuinloth Women's Quilted Vest
Fuinloth Women’s Quilted Vest
  • Golf Jacket

A golf jacket is the last piece of your winter golf layering collection. Your last line of defense against the weather is this outer layer, which needs to be windproof and repel water. 

Having a lightweight waterproof jacket is vital for winter golf since weather conditions can change quickly. To avoid any kind of pain or limitation when playing. Try to find jackets that have good ventilation, moisture-wicking fabrics, and are breathable. 

Click the picks to get more details about women jackets with price for playing golf during winter.

BALEAF Women's Rain Jackets Waterproof
Women’s Jackets Waterproof
MAGCOMSEN Women's Lightweight Jacket
Women’s Lightweight Jacket


A jumper should be considered after a foundation thermal shirt and an appropriate polo have been worn as a layering piece. For winter golfing, choose wool variants over cotton ones because of the increased warmth they provide. Choose by clicking the below pics through visiting amazon store, if needed.

Women's Pullover Sweater Jumper
Women’s Pullover Sweater Jumper
Womens Turtleneck Sweaters Jumper
Womens Turtleneck Sweaters Jumper

Choose a variety of styles, including crew, V-neck, and roll-neck jumpers, to choose the one that suits you best.

Golf Pants 

During the cooler months, golf trousers are a must-have for any female golfer’s attire. Protecting your legs from the cold should be your top priority, even if it could be inconvenient to wear many layers on the legs instead of the chest.

If you’re looking for a strategy to keep warm without sacrificing movement, consider wearing golf pants or leggings. Leggings will let you move freely on the fairway and concentrate on your swing thanks to their elastic and modern design. Click the picks below to view details of the best golf pants for women on amazon.

BALEAF Women's Pants
BALEAF Women’s Pants
G Gradual Women's Pants
G Gradual Women’s Pants

Regardless of the weather, you can keep your attention and comfort level high by purchasing high-quality golf pants and wearing the right layers. The proper attire may greatly enhance your winter golfing experience, whether you’re playing in cold weather or braving strong winds on the course. 

Hat & Gloves

Winter golf calls for cozier headgear, such as beanies, as opposed to caps, which are perfect for the warmer months. Keeping your hands dry and warm is also important for a secure hold on the clubs, particularly while playing in wet or cold conditions. Check the price of Hat & Glove on amazon by clicking the pics.

Womens Winter Beanie Wool Hats
Womens Winter Beanie Wool Hats
Winter Gloves Women
Winter Gloves Women

To keep your hands dry and comfortable in cold and wet weather, it’s important to have a good pair of wet-weather gloves. Winter golfing may be more pleasurable and effective if players prioritize protecting their heads and hands.

The Scarf

A high-quality scarf may be a great addition to your winter golf attire, providing an additional degree of warmth and comfort. Check the details about scarfs along with price on amazon.

Face Cover Scarf
Face Cover Scarf
Women's Cotton Scarf
Women’s Cotton Scarf

If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection from the cold without sacrificing mobility, a cashmere scarf is the way to go. 


You won’t be able to play to your full potential if your feet are cold and damp. If you want to play golf in the winter without worrying about getting your feet wet, you need a good pair of waterproof shoes. On amazon check details of the best golf shoes for women ( by clicking the pictures) for playing in winter.

Adidas Women's Spikeless Golf Shoes
Adidas Women’s Spikeless Golf Shoes
FootJoy Women's Golf Shoes
FootJoy Women’s Golf Shoes

Pick a pair that fits your style and offers adequate protection from rain and snow from the many alternatives available.

Additional Things To Carry

When getting ready to play golf in cold weather, it’s important to think about what extra steps you may take to keep warm and comfortable. You may improve your experience even more by adding sensible accessories to your outfit.

Carrying hand warmers and an additional pair of socks will keep your feet and hands toasty and nimble all game long. To handle rainy circumstances and keep your concentration on the game without interruption, it is vital to invest in a waterproof bag and bring an additional golf towel for drying clubs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is considered women’s golf attire?

Shorts, dresses, skirts, or skorts that are knee-length or longer are considered appropriate golf wear for women. The most common top choice is a collared shirt, which can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless; this gives the golfer a professional appearance.

What to wear golfing when you don’t have golf clothes?

Wear casual pants or shorts with a dress shirt and appropriate shoes, such as golf shoes, if you don’t have any golf-specific apparel. Wearing comfortable shoes is essential, especially if you anticipate being out in the sun for extended periods of time on your trip. 

What is golf clothing called?

Golf shirts or polos are common terms for golf apparel worn by the upper body. Short sleeves, a collared neckline with a placket, and a few buttons at the top are common features of them. On hot days, women may also choose from sleeveless tank-top designs that allow air to circulate.

Can I wear jeans to golf?

Wearing jeans will be both uncomfortable and inappropriate for the course, so it’s advisable to stick to other fabrics like shorts, skirts, slacks, or joggers. Everyone who plays golf, no matter how good they are, can probably agree that jeans aren’t the way to go.


Picking the correct winter golf clothes for ladies is critical for comfort and performance. If you have the correct equipment, playing in the cold is not only possible but fun.

With the right gear and mindset, playing golf in the winter can be a satisfying experience. Making an effort to plan your clothing ahead of time will guarantee that you can be comfortable and focused on your game. So, choose your winter golfing outfits wisely so you can rock the course with confidence!