Why Do Golfers Wear Hats? 6 Real Reasons Explained!

Golfers wearing hats is a common picture that we all come across. On every golf course, you will notice that golfers wearing a visor or a full-blown, wide-brim hat. But why do golfers wear hats?

Golf hats are not simply a fashion addition to golfers. Instead, they are highly functional on the course. They may help with your sponsorship, and health, save you from the heat, and aid in your performance.

While you will see some hatless players like Ollie Schnierderjans, many others use hats regularly. Let’s know about the real reasons behind it!

Why Do Golfers Wear Hats – 6 Main Reasons

Why Do Golfers Wear Hats

No matter what you think of golf hats, there are several reasons why golfers give it a priority. Golf hats can give you several upper hands when you are on the course. Let’s know the reasons why golfers wear golf hats:

1.  Sun Protection

If you plan on spending a lot of time out in the sun while golfing, you should definitely bring a hat. Wearing a wide-brimmed men’s golf hat helps protect your face, neck, and ears from the sun, which in turn might delay the aging process and perhaps prevent skin cancer.

Golfers often use a hat made of a UV-resistant material with a high UPF rating. This lets them focus more on the course while avoiding the harmful UV rays.

2.  Absorbing Sweat

Golfing, being a physically demanding sport, inevitably results in perspiration, particularly in hot and humid weather. Wearing a men’s golf hat crafted from a material that wicks away perspiration will keep a golfer crown dry and comfy all around.

Also, this keeps perspiration out of their eyes, which helps with focus and vision. Pick a cap that helps your head retain moisture so you can give your game your all without interruptions.

3.  Eye Protection

The brim of the hat shields golfers’ eyes from brightness and distractions. Thus, it helps to focus better during the shots. Wearing golf hats can help you see better and keep your focus on the ball while you swing, both of which are important for a good round.

4.  Style

What you wear on the golf course says a lot about you in terms of style and identity. Golfers can express their individuality and style with one of the many men’s golf hats available, which range from traditional visors to modern bucket hats and athletic caps.

They can improve their game on the course by accessorizing with a hat that expresses their style and makes them feel good about themselves.

5.  Focus

A men’s golf hat isn’t just for show; it’s a functional accessory that can help you concentrate better as you play. A golfer can keep his laser-like focus on the shots- thanks to the hat’s shade, which helps decrease sun distractions.

Not only that but putting on a hat before every swing can operate as a strong mental signal, making you focus and picture your next move with accuracy. Thus, one may improve his mental game and, by extension, performance on the course, by dressing in a way that encourages concentration.

6.  Sponsorship

Golfers often wear golf hats for sponsorship purposes. Businesses pay them to sponsor their products so they wear them. Mostly, companies like Callaway, Nike, or Titleist pay a high amount to golfers so they sponsor their golf hats.

History Of Golf Hats

Originally worn by Scottish golfers in the 15th century for functional purposes such as protection from the elements, golf hats have come a long way since their humble beginnings. The classic golfing gear has its roots in that time’s clothing, which included knickerbockers and tweed coats.

It wasn’t until the Roaring Twenties that golf caps started making a fashion statement in America. It was around this time that the golfer’s hat became an essential component of their outfit, ushering in the distinctive style that we now associate with golf.

Australian surf hats, with their wide brims that block a lot of sun, were an inspiration for the straw hat, one of the first golf hats that gained widespread popularity. The widespread use of these caps on golf courses marked a departure from purely functional caps and toward a more fashionable hybrid.

Golf hats have come a long way, with a plethora of styles to choose from so that every player may find the perfect one.

Early Golf Hat Styles

The flat cap, the newsboy, and the Panama hat are the most common ones among the early hat styles for golf. Let’s know more about them!

  • Newsboy Hats And Flat Caps

The flat caps became a standard issue for the working class in 14th-century Northern England. For all their usefulness and adaptability, these spherical hats with short, rigid brims were loved.

In a similar vein, newsboy hats, which came into fashion in the late 1800s and early 1900s, were distinguished by panel construction and fuller, rounder crowns. Both looks mirrored the fads of the period and were commonplace both on and off the course.

Notable professional golfer Payne Stewart pioneered flat caps, which led to its continued use by contemporary professionals such as Bryson DeChambeau.

  • Panama Hats

Originally made from airy fabrics like straw, linen, or silk to ward off the hot weather, the Panama hat is actually from Ecuador, despite its name. It was both fashionable and functional, providing shade from the sun due to the wide brim and curved crown.

The Panama hat, worn by golfers as the sport spread beyond its original home in England and Scotland, added a touch of formality to the game’s wardrobe and helped shape the sport’s fashion over time.

Interestingly, the straw variant of the Panama hat was even worn by Tiger Woods on occasion during PGA events.

Modern Golf Hat Innovations

With time, the innovations of golf hats have moved to more of a functional side. Now, they are made considering more smart purposes and comfort of the golfers.

  • Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

As a defense against sweat, modern golf hats feature moisture-wicking materials or sweatbands. Long rounds on the course won’t be a problem for golfers because of these cutting-edge fabrics that wick away sweat.

Whether it’s a built-in sweatband or a hat made entirely of moisture-wicking fabric, these innovations improve performance by regulating perspiration and making it less uncomfortable.

  • High Ultraviolet Protection Factor Ratings

As sun protection becomes more widely recognized, a growing number of golf hats feature UPF ratings. The higher the number, the more protection the cloth has from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Because technical golf hats are made from materials that provide more sun protection than regular fabrics, golfers can play for longer without worrying about sunburn.

  • Cooling Technologies

Innovative cooling technologies have completely transformed contemporary golf hats. These hats now have mesh panels, airflow holes, and state-of-the-art ventilation systems, among other features.

Golfers can stay cool and comfortable in hot and humid weather due to these design components that enhance ventilation and enable airflow.

Besides, these cooling technologies help golfers perform better and stay comfortable even over long rounds by increasing airflow and breathability.

Do Golfers Have To Wear Hats?

Do Golfers Have To Wear Hats

Although golf hats aren’t officially required for play, they do add a lot of practicality to the sport beyond just looking good. With a robust golf hat, you can shield your face and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, even while you’re out on the course for a long time.

Furthermore, caps can aid in sweat management by collecting perspiration and maintaining a cool, dry head, which improves comfort and concentration while playing.

While not strictly necessary, well-designed golf hats can greatly improve one’s game and overall enjoyment of the game.

Additionally, professional golfers’ hat usage is indicative of the hats’ usefulness and endorsement value. Many professionals wear hats decorated with sponsor logos and endorsements, even though the PGA does not require it.

Not only do these collaborations help spread brand awareness, but they also highlight the practical use of caps in professional sports. Golf hats are still worn by many players and spectators for a variety of reasons, including showing off sponsors’ logos, protecting players’ heads, and improving their game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pro golfers required to wear a hat?

No, according to golf rules, PGA players are not required to wear caps. Nevertheless, it is frequently required for visibility in apparel contracts or sponsorships.

The advertising space on hats is really important, so they’re a boon for sponsors and players alike.

Why do you take your hat off after golf?

As a sign of respect and trust, historically, golfers were expected to remove their caps after the game. Golfers, like knights and nobles, display vulnerability while upholding the course’s traditions of trust and respect.

What is a golf hat called?

The cabbie cap, driver cap, and ivy cap are some of the many names for a golf hat. These hats are fashionable and practical; the linings keep you warm and cozy, and the materials used to make them range from tweed to cotton.

Do pro golfers get paid to wear hats?

Wearing hats with sponsor logos is a common way for professional golfers to earn money. Sponsors can reach a large audience during broadcast events and tournaments by using these hats as potent advertising tools.
It is a win-win situation for all parties involved because golfers receive remuneration for endorsing their sponsors’ goods and services.


Now you already have a clear idea about why do golfers wear hats. This is not mandatory but wearing hats can give several benefits to the golfer.

Therefore, it’s wise to choose one considering individual style and preferences so it gives you satisfaction.