10 Best Golf Hats For Sun Protection – Ultimate Choices For Golfers

Playing on the golf course means you are fully unearthed from the sun. As we know, the sun radiates harmful UV rays that can cause several skin damages and even cause cancer. So it is fundamental to protect yourself from these rays. Every golf player should be aware of it. Golf hats come in different price ranges. You don’t have to hit the big time in this case. Investing in this basic golf hat can save you in the long run. 

Talking about hats, there are plenty of options to choose from. It can be a real trouble when you are looking particularly for a golf hat. That’s why we break down the 10 best golf hats for sun protection. As soon as you are at the end of the article, you can get your best companion. 

Why do you need a golf hat for sun protection?

You will be amazed to know that about 90% of skin cancers and premature aging are the results of UV exposure. Since the UV rays are cumulative and irreversible, you should take steps to protect yourself. After wearing your golf outfit, your face and neck are exposed to the sun.

So, a golf hat can protect you from skin damage. But make sure, the hat is treated with UPF 50+ that blocks the maximum sun rays. 

Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection – Comparison Table

10 Best Golf Hats For Sun Protection Review

best golf hat for hot weather

There are exceptional names that deliver quality golf hats. We have compiled a list of those trusted brands which will be best for you and give you ultimate sun protection. We have chosen high-quality golf hats that will give you support on the golf course.

These best golf hat for hot weather will give you real comfort. If you are golfing in a heated climate area, you can make versatile usages of them. So read till the end. 

1. Best Overall: EINSKEY Sun Hat

It is more enjoyable to play golf on a sunny day. In the morning, the day is cheerful and comfy.  As the days get longer, the condition gets hotter. In those cases, many prefer a wide brim hat on the golf course. Einskey sun hat is one of the satisfactory golf hats to protect your head, face, and neck from harmful elements. It is our top pick as the hat features all the qualities for ultimate sun protection.

This is a double-duty hat that protects you from the sun as well as drizzling rain. Whether the environment is sunny or cloudy, your game is not stoppable. You can keep playing and enjoy a walk on the green golf course. Moreover, the hat comes in a wide range of suitable colors for both men and women. 

The hat comes in one size with a circumstance of 22-24 inches. The size is adjustable on men’s and women’s heads using the rear elastic drawstring feature. The adjustable chin strap holds the hat in your head in windy conditions. 

Though 100% polyester material is used in the hat, it is very comfortable to wear. Also, it is breathable too, thanks to its mesh panels design. It allows you to escape moisture and heat quickly and keep your head cool all day long. There is a built-in sweatband so that sweat doesn’t wick in your face and eyes. 

The hat’s 3.7 -3.9 inch wide brim fully covers your face and neck. You can save your face from harmful rays. It also has a water repellent feature, keeping away rainwater from seeping into your head. We are impressed to see how light this big hat is. You will never feel any stretch throughout the day. It is also foldable in half and carried in your golf bag

EINSKEY Sun Hat Review


  • Head size: 22-24 inch
  • Brim Width: 3.7-3.9 inch
  • Material: 100% polyester


  • The broad brim is exact for conserving your face and neck.
  • Breathable mesh design
  • UV and water-resistant material
  • Adjustable string


  • Some models have a total mesh top that is not suitable for sun protection. 
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2. Best For Stylish Design: Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat 

Connectyle outdoor mesh sun hat is another great choice for those who prefer a stylish outfit on the green golf course. There are several reasons that we choose the hat for our top pick. One of the major reasons is that the hat provides full protection against the sun. 

The brim has a binding shape and it is rigid enough to hold the shape. Its wide brim simply covers your face and you will stay cool. The brim size is 3 inches, perfect to protect you from tan looking. It is ideal for all outdoor activities. 

The hat offers plenty of color options to choose from. The colors are very appealing and adequate for men’s style. While wearing a bucket hat, it is important to make sure of an adjustable fit. If the hat is loose, it can fall off while swinging. You will find two types of adjustability for a secure fit. Like the elastic drawcord with a toggle in the back for head adjustability and chin strap for holding the hat in place. You will have a stable fit whether you make the fastest swing. 

The Connective hat has a breathable polyester material. It is lightweight for wearing throughout the day. There are wide mesh panels for a great air vent. It is an important feature for summer days when your heads get sweaty and hotter. It prevents sweat and keeps you cool. You will have a sun shield as the fabric has UPF 50+ protection that blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays. 

Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat  Review


  • Head Size: 21.6″-23.2″
  • Brim: 3 inches
  • Material: polyester


  • Beautiful design
  • Breathable polyester material
  • Lightweight hat
  • Blocks the sun’s rays
  • Mesh panel keeps the head sweat-free


  • The hat is not too dip
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3. Best For Breathability: Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat

Henscel is a popular manufacturing company. Their headwear comes with a stylish look and durable material. The Aussie Breezer cotton mesh mat is one of the nice-looking hats. You can take part in any outdoor activity, including golfing, hiking, camping, or fishing. Its great features and sturdy material allows you to wear the hat in all kinds of weather.

Henschel Aussie Breezer is available in many colors to match your style. Further, you can get a snug fit as the hat comes in 7 different sizes. So you won’t have any issue about fitting. However, the hat features a chin cord for a secure fit and keeps the hat in place on a windy day. 

Many golfers have problems packing the hat in the golf bag. But this Henscel hat is completely packable and crushable. Featuring a 1-inch self-band, it holds together the hat and lets you keep it in the golf bag that makes traveling easy. When you bring it out, it will spring out its original form. 

There is 55 percent polyester and 45 percent cotton material used in the hat. The sides of the crown have a mesh panel. The wide mesh panel ensures a complete air vent and lets your head sweat evaporate. The mesh area is made of cotton, making it completely breathable and comfortable when you put it on. 

The hat is rated with UPF 50+ that effectively blocks harmful sun rays. And the rim is large enough to safeguard your face and neck from the sunlight. The inner of the cap emphasizes a soft sweatband from sweat dripping in your eyes and makes you comfortable. Overall, the hat will meet the consumer’s highest expectation. 

Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat Review


  • Head size: 21.5-25.4 inches
  • Brim: 3 inches
  • Material: 55 percent Polyester and 45 percent Cotton


  • The hat has a stylish design
  • Wide mesh area for ultimate breathability.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Packable for easy storage and travel


  • Many users have sizing issues. 
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4. Best For Material Quality: Titleist Men’s Tour Aussie Sun Hat

Titleist Tour Aussie sun hat is designed particularly for golfers. The hat has all the features that a golfer needs in the golf course. The main selling point is its new stretch material with adjustable closure. The stretchable material makes the hat a comfortable and snug fit. However, it has one size fits all that eliminates fitting trouble into standard size charts. This bucket hat will be an excellent choice for those who don’t know their hat size. 

Titleist hats tend to be a bit pricey, but it serves the best quality. It is a Tour-inspired version. So it will be a great addition when you go on an international golf tour. The hat looks premium with a fine logo icon on the front. The color options are standard and not so chunky. Altogether, it has a premium look. 

The bucket hat contains mesh fabric that is sweat absorbent and very lightweight. Mesh fabric ensures your head is not covered with sweat when you are playing on the golf course. It’s like you are under an umbrella and keeping your cool. There is a removal chin strap. As the hat gives a snug and deeper fit, you can use it or not, depending on your preference. The inside of the hat has a pocket to store the chin strap when not in use. 

The UV-treated materials of the hat provide you with complete sun protection of UPF 50+ so that you can comfortably wear it during those summer rounds. The wide brim effectively covers your face, neck, and ear. You can easily take part in summer activities. 

Titleist Men’s Tour Aussie Sun Hat


  • Head size: one
  • Brim size: approximately 6 inches
  • Material: new stretchy material


  • Very comfortable to wear the hat
  • Features UV treated material for sun protection
  • One size gives a nice fit to all
  • Wide brim 
  • Sweat absorbent material keeps your head cool


  • Expensive  
  • Limited color options
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5. Best For Moisture Absorbent: Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney

For some people, moisture-wicker is a very important feature while buying a hat. Because many hats don’t have enough moisture escaping features and make the users uncomfortable. So we have chosen the Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney that keeps your head sweat-free on the golf course and you can play comfortably. 

The high-quality materials and modern technologies make the Columbia hat the best accessory for golfers. The hat is crafted with 100% nylon that is very lightweight and feels soft to the skin. The design is excellent with a half mesh panel on the crown’s side. The mesh vent works for air circulation and pulls moisture away from your skin. When it is a windy environment, the breeze will pass through the hat and you will feel cool. 

The hat uses an ultra-sweat-wicking sweatband which is the brand’s major selling point. It is their signature wicking fabric and keeps you dry and comfortable. The brand claims that it is the ultimate moisture management technology that is perfect for the outdoors.  

Columbia hat provides you with the ultimate sun protection. It is treated with OMNI-Shade and the UPF 50 materials work against the sun rays and save you from dangerous UVA and UVB lights. Wearing the hat, you can prevent long-term skin damage. Moreover, the wide and protective brim gives you shade under the sun. 

You will be impressed with the improved features of this hat. The high-quality material, expert stitching, and craftsmanship ensure long-lasting usage. An adjustable toggle on the back and chin strap give a perfect and stable You can enjoy wearing the hat all year round. The hat is suitable for all types of outdoor activities. 

Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney Review


  • Head size: 21-24.¼”
  • Brim size: 3 inches
  • Material: Nylon


  • Excellent material quality
  • Highly protective against the sun rays
  • Ensures long-lasting usage
  • Effectively keeps away moisture


  • Lack in style
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6. Best For Functionality: Sun Cube Wide Brim Golf Hat

Sun cube wide brim golf hat is premium headwear for golfers. Its sun-protective feature and material help you to achieve and perform better on the golf course. The hat is meticulously designed and functional to satisfy the needs of players. It has versatile usages and you can wear them in any outdoor event like camping, hiking, gardening, etc.  

The 3.7-inch wide brim gives you shade from all angles and saves you from the blazing sun. The brim is also thick enough to block the sun’s heat and keep your face cool. Further, the UPF 50+ offers complete UV protection and resists the sun’s harmful rays. 

The hat is composed of high-quality nylon fabric. The fabric is soft for all-day wearing as well as water and stain-resistant. As it features a water-repellent material, you can wear the hat in drizzling rain. That means you don’t need to quit the game if the weather is a little cloudy. 

Sun Cube offers quality construction and multi-color options. Moreover, it is also available in Flap options if you need extra protection to your neck. You can buy the hat in one size 24 inches head circumstance. Don’t worry about the fitting as there is an adjustable back cord for snug and custom fit. The chin strap offers a secured fit on those windy days.   

The side mesh area of the hat makes it breathable and wearable on hotter summer days. It lets your head dry and you feel comfortable. Moreover, the moisture-wicking spandex sweatband absorbs moisture in your forehead. The hat is foldable and packable so that you can easily store and travel safely. Overall, the high-quality gear allows you to achieve more on hot sunny days.

Sun Cube Wide Brim Golf Hat Review


  • Head size: 24 inches
  • Brim size: 3.7 inches
  • Material: Nylon


  • High-quality and light material
  • One standard size
  • Snugly adjustable
  • The effective moisture-wicking sweatband inside the hat
  • Breathable side mesh panel


  • The whole construction is soft and poorly hold the shape
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7. Best For Humid Climate: Dorman Pacific Co. Men’s Soaker Hat

Dorman pacific soaker hat is a perfect golf hat for summer days. You can chill out and play outside with the comfort of wearing this hat. This hat has mesh sidewalls and you will feel that breeze blowing through it. In turn, your sweat will evaporate quickly. This cooling ventilation is the feature that you must need while playing on the golf course. But the top of the crown is covered so don’t be conscious about the sun’s rays. 

The hat has a 2 ¾” brim that is relatively shorter than other hats on our list. However, the brim is wide enough to cover your face and ear. The brim is thick and rugged to hold the beautiful shape of the hat. It also looks quite stylish on a golf outfit. The brim features a 100% paper braid with an elasticized headband, so you will feel much more comfortable on the course. 

There is no lack of breathability. A mesh inserts crown, self-braided hat, and broad-brimmed make it the best golf hat for sun protection. The UPF 50+rating of the hat is tested and proven safe for wearing outside. It ensures protection against harmful UV rays and saves your skin from damage. 

The Soaker hat is designed for adventure lovers. It is hand-washable. When you stay outside, the hat picks up a little dust. So you can wash the hat. Furthermore, you can follow a little to stay cool for a long time. You can soak your hat in the water and wear it. As the water will evaporate and you will feel cool for several hours under the sun. 

Dorman Pacific Co. Men's Soaker Hat Review


  • Head size: 21.⅛- 25 inches
  • Brim size: 2.¾”
  • Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Nylon


  • Mesh side ensures high breathability 
  • The elasticized headband gives you comfort.
  • Hand-washable
  • Blocks harmful sun rays


  • The hat craftsmanship is not good. 
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8. Best For Wide Brim: Coolibar UPF 50 Wide Brim Hat

If you want some stable shade on the golf course, then Coolibar wide brim hat is your ideal choice. Since the bigger brim hat, safer your skin. So this hat with a wide brim will be an excellent pick for playing outside. It is Leo Shapeable Wide Brim Hat with an oversized canopy that gives maximum coverage and comprehensive comfort. The brim size is also different around the angles so that you get complete coverage on necessary areas. 

The hat is designed with versatile features making it on-the-go equipment. The stylish, breathable and lightweight fabric accommodates every golfer’s need. The hat features a UPF 50+ rating for blocking 98% of UVA/UVB rays of the sun. Coolibar works hard to serve innovative and high-performing sun protective hats for golfing, fitness, traveling, boating, and so on.  

The hat contains polyester material that gives you a cotton-like feel. The fabric is lightweight, ultra-soft, breathable, and provides quick-dry performance. You can use the hat for everyday outdoor events. The hat gives a deep and snug fit for any head size. It comes in 3 different sizes. Of course, the hat has an adjustable chin cord and elastic drawcord with a toggle in the rear part of the crown.

There are screen grommets in the crown instead of a mesh panel. It maintains a good airflow but is not as good as a mesh vent. The internal moisture-wicking sweatband is good enough to absorb sweat. Further, the crown is crushable for easy packing and fits well in the golf bag

Coolibar UPF 50 Wide Brim Hat Review


  • Head size: 22. ½ inches to 24.½ inches
  • Brim size: 4 inches at the front, 3 inches at sides, 3 7/8 inches at back
  • Material: Polyester


  • Oversized canopy for full-face coverage. 
  • Lightweight and cotton-like fabric
  • Deep and adjustable fit
  • The crushable feature lets you pack in a bag. 


  • No mesh panel
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9. Best For Classic Look: Kangol Striped Lahinch Hat

If you prefer to add a classic look to your golf outfit, then you can choose the Kangol stripe Lahinch hat. It is a shallow bucket hat with an updated pop of color under the brim. It is a lovely summer hat with a flat crown. It is made of 100% cotton that is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, the build feels strong enough for long usage. 

The hat looks cool with a stylish striped band over the brim. However, the brim is a little shorter than others on our list. The brim is sturdy and doesn’t give the floppy look. This shorter brim provides enough sun protection without being huge like others. However, Kangol has been trending for the past 80 years, so you will get quality products.

Kangol hats come in 6 different colors and multiple sizes for a standard fit. There is no adjustable strap for custom fitting and you should order knowing your actual head size. Thus, you can get a better and perfect fit. It has a simple design yet stylish. There is no mesh vent for airflow, so it is suitable for wearing on cool summer days. Though a sweatband is attached inside the hat for sweat absorbent. 

Kangol Striped Lahinch Hat Review


  • Head size: 21-25”
  • Brim size: 2 1/4″
  • Material: 100% cotton


  • Classic styling hat for golfers 
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Pop color under the brim
  • High-quality stitched
  • Strong and high-quality build


  • Pricey 
  • Some have fitting issues
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10. Best For The Money: Phaiy Bucket Hat Wide Brim          

Phaiy bucket hat wide brim is an all-around golfing hat. This hat is an affordable choice. If you don’t want to expend too much on a golf hat, then you can get these nice-looking hats at an affordable price. At this price point, it offers many features that are hard to beat. However, the hat gives maximum sun protection that you need to get outside freely in summer.  

The Phaiy bucket hat features the necessary sunscreen material for high-performance. Combining the outdoor design and color schemes, the hat offers you a good shading effect. It ensures comfortable wear with a classic appearance.  

There is a 3” brim that is wide for an oasis of shade. It defends your skin from sunburn. Moreover, the cotton material is treated with UPF 50+ that blocks 95% of UV rays. This will give you excellent sun protection. 

The 100% cotton material of the hat is soft and lightweight. You can wear it all day long without any irritation. There is a cotton sweatband in the hat that helps to absorb and discharge your sweat. As an effect, your head and face stay dry and give you a comfortable feel. 

Though the hat comes in different sizes, it has an adjustable chin string for a snug and stable fit. When you pull the string, the brim will bend and give you a stylish formation. However, the hat can fold easily and make a small pack which is much to put into the golf bag and transport. The amazing point is, there is hardly a cringe after bringing it out. 

Phaiy Bucket Hat Wide Brim Review


  • Head size: 22-23”
  • Brim size: 3.¼ inches
  • Material: 100% cotton


  • Affordable price
  • Soft and light material
  • Keeps you cool and dry under the sunny condition
  • Appealing classic washed style
  • Portable and packable bucket hat


  • Not mesh vent
  • Doesn’t cover ears when the hat is folded up. 
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Buying Guide of The Best Golf Hat For Sun Protection

best golf hat for summer

Most golfers wear traditional-style hats for most rounds of golf. But it doesn’t give you full protection against the sun. if you want the extra protection of your face and head from the sun, then a bucket hat will be preferable. Below is the complete buying guide on how you pick your best golf hat.  


While buying a non-traditional golf hat, you need to make sure about sizing. Firstly, measure your head size and look for the product sizing. Then you should pick your golf hat. Choose the hat with a big bucket that blocks out the sun properly. A bigger bucket means more coverage to your face. 


The second important feature of the golf hat is the brim of the hat. A wider brim gives you more shade to your face, ear, and neck. Many people love the shorter brim hat as a large brim looks like a cowboy hat. But when you choose the hat for sun protection, you have to choose a wide brim.


Hot summer days mean taking a shower with sweat. Many people have this issue. On sunny days, your head gets more sweaty. That’s why you have to ensure proper breathability in the golf hat that keeps your head dry and comfortable. Check the air vent system of the hat. The maximum hats have a mesh panel for airflow and others don’t. However, cotton fabric has enough breathability, so there is no need for a mesh panel. 


The golf hat should give you a snug and stable fit. Most hats feature a chin strap for a stable fit and an elastic drawstring in the rear for snug-fitting. A stable fit is necessary for the golf hat because your hat can fall off when you make your highest swing. 


The material of the golf hat must be lightweight, soft, and high-performing. For your comfort, you must ensure a better quality of the hat’s material. Moreover, choose a hat that is washable easily and you can wear it for a long time. Most golf hats feature a polyester, nylon, or cotton material that is much light, soft, and durable. 

FAQsBest Golf Hats For Sun Protection

What type of hat gives the best protection from the sun?

Hat that comes with a wide brim, bucket-styled, and treated with UPF 50+ will give you the best protection from the sun.

What is the variation between UPF and SPF?

The concept of UPF and SPF is relatively the same that is to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Actually, SPF is used on liquids like serum and lotion. But it only blocks 97% of UVB rays that are the burning rays. On the other hand, UPF is used on clothing and wearable accessories to block UVA rays meaning lighting transmission.
That’s why sunscreen creams and lotions are not enough for sun protection, you also need a golf hat.

How wide should the hat brim be for sun protection?

A wider brim means more shade. A 3 to 4 inches brim will be great for sun protection. Most of the golf hats come with these wide brims.

Final Words

Finding the golf hat will be easy with our ultimate choices for golfers. You can make a suitable decision from these top picks. We have gathered the best hats in different sizes, shapes, designs, and price ranges.

So, these picks will meet your highest demand. You will have ultimate sun protection and would enjoy your golf playing on sunny days. The chosen golf hat will make sure that the sun’s rays won’t bother you. 

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