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If you are a golfer, then you should know where to find the best golf courses in US. Well, US is a very big country with 50 states. And there are many golf courses therein. However, in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 golf courses in the US along with some vital information you have to know about the golf course.

Introduction to Golf Course

A golf course is a playground for playing golf. Golfers gather on this huge field to enjoy a peaceful yet challenging game of golf. A golf course isn’t just a golf playground. There are more to it than you can think.

A golf course has a series of holes. Each of these course consists of a teeing ground, a fairway, the rough and other hazards.

  • Teeing Ground- This is the place where the golf game begins from. This is where the first shot is made (teeing off).
  • Fairway- The area with an even cut grass and also short grass between the tee box and putting green is known as the fairway.
  • Rough- The part of the golf course that has higher and thicker grass and is also outside of the fairways is known as the rough.
  • Hazards- Hazards are special areas on the golf course which has different rules to be played at. There are two types of hazard. 1) Water hazard like the lakes, rivers, and ponds. 2) Bunkers or sand traps.

A golf course consists of 18 holes. There are courses that have 9 holes, especially the one that is Par-3. The most special thing about the golf course is its landscape design. Even so, golf course architecture is considered as a separate field of study for those who wants to be one.

This was just an introduction to what a golf course in US or practically, around the world is. Now we’ll move on to much more important topics regarding golf courses.

Types of Golf Courses

If you think for a second that all golf courses are same, then you have another thing coming. All the golf courses that you see or have played in or even have heard off can be categorized into multiple categories depending on a lot of things. However, most common golf courses fall under one of the three categories mentioned below.

  • Link Course- Link golf courses are those courses that are built narrow section of sandy land between coast and farmland. As we all know that golf originated from Scotland, this links golf too had been started from the same place. The link course combines well with the natural landscape.
  • Parkland Course- Parkland Golf course is a course that has been made with very caution when it comes to landscaping. A lot of care was given while landscaping this kind of course and has a good number of trees and grass on it. The tailored lands gives a very smooth fairways.
  • Desert Courses- Courses in the desert are often an oasis of green amidst the area’s dry, sandy landscape. Although these courses work with the natural sand dunes and other features of the terrain, their abundant grass is unnatural for the area. Desert courses are found only in parts of the world with a dry, desert climate.

Play Length of Golf

There are few golf courses that falls under certain category based on the length of play of each match. Different hole lengths in each match means that the time of those matches will vary. There are two types of such courses basically.

  • Executive Course- If you are looking for a quick game, executive courses are the best suited for it. The holes can be played in a fair amount of time. This is perfect for those golfers who wants a quick game while returning home from their office or work. Both 9 and 18 holes course are there for executive golf course.
  • Regulation Course- Kind of opposite to the executive course as regulation course has higher pars. This course has 18 holes and the majority of holes have a par 4. And a few mixes of 3’s and 5’s. A lot of regulation courses are known as the championship course.

Access to the Golf Course

Almost all the golf courses you play at requires a fee. There are courses that offers you pay as you play and some offers you continual facilities upon your visit.

  • Municipal Course- Any golf course that is own by the municipal or the city is known as Municipal course. You have to pay every time you go for a match.
  • Daily-fee Course- Daily fee course is also very much available for public. The difference remains in the ownership as the daily-fee course is owned privately.
  • Semi-Private Course- In a semi-private golf course, you have to be a member or get a membership done to access their course and other facilities.
  • Private Course- Private Courses are owned by golf clubs and country clubs. You need to become a member of it and pay your annual dues and fees in order to participate in games.

Best Golf Courses in US

Well, as a golfer you should know your golf course properly. If you are starting for the first time or just searching for the best golf courses in US, then you are in the right website. There are 100s of golf courses in US that you can take a look into. But my personal opinion and experience says that why go for information you can’t store in you. It is much more convenient to know the top 10 best golf courses in US.

Well each of the golf courses mentioned below have histories that fascinates lot of golfers around the US and as well as the world. The most amazing part about golf is that it is a game that you can play while enjoying the nature’s beauty. The beauty here will be your energy drink and your biggest inspiration to keep going.

As beautiful as the course may look, some of these course will throw a good challenge at you to overcome and reach the victory. When you know your courses, you’ll automatically come up with a strategy to win.

Here are the top 10 best golf courses in US.

Pine Valley Golf Club

pine valley golf club
pine valley golf club

This golf course may amaze you just by the thought of how did it end up to the list of the world’s best golf courses despite locating in such a rock-strewn wasteland. Pine Valley club is situated on the New Jersey side of Philadelphia. The course may at first thought seem uninteresting to know about but the heritage that it has, condemns the idea of skeptical towards it.

Pine Valley was initially constructed by an enthusiastic Philadelphian hotelier, George Crump. Unfortunately, his demise had taken place before he could finish the constructing the course but later on it was rebuilt after one year of this death.

Augusta National Golf Club

augusta national golf club
augusta national golf club

Augusta National Golf Club is located in Augusta, Georgia. It is known to be the home of the masters and champions of Golfers. This course is known to be Georgia’s dream golf course because of the dream-like architecture and setting has made its way to be the on the top list of best courses in the United States.

Augusta National Golf Club has not only made its way to the top list in the U. S but it is also nominated to be the Earth’s most exclusive clubs. The initial credit is given to the world’s greatest golfers who teamed up with world class architects to design Augusta National Golf Club. Hence it has been praised and given several benefits from the top class golfers around the world.

Cypress Point Club

Cypress Point Club

Cypress Point club has been labeled as “the best 18 hole course in the world”. The rank that it has achieved is not something that can go unlooked. Many golfers around the world has admitted that playing a match at the Cypress Point Club is a fantasy.

The course is located at the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains just on the tip of the Monterey Peninsula, California. The location itself speaks that the view from the course is absolutely stunning. The closing hole of this course is described by a few to be little more than a route back to the clubhouse.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club
Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club has a grand legacy that is discussed by many. It is a golf course with old traditions and the design of the course itself takes us back to the late 1920’s. The land was found during the Great War and Charles B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor added six new holes and overhauled the course.

The course is situated at the Shinnecock Hills, which is known to be a hamlet in Suffolk County in New York. Shinnecock Hills may sound just an ordinary hillside but if you ever had to take a look at it, it has got the most spectacular views and not to mention the strong winds of the Atlantic that refreshes off the players in the course.

Oakmont Country Club

Oakmont Country Club
Oakmont Country Club

Oakmont Country Club veiled down in the Pennsylvanian hills near Pittsburg. It has been reportedly said that the course has conducted uncountable major Championships than any other golf courses on this list or even in the United States.

The reason for this one to host this many championships and leagues simply lies in the fact that it is considered by many golfers to be the toughest golf course in the world. The course was originally found in 1903 by Henry C Fownes and later on it was taken over by his son, William who was a former U. S Amateur Champion.

Merion Golf Club

Merion Golf Club
Merion Golf Club

Merion Golf Club is located in Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a township bordering Philadelphia to the northwest along the historic Main Line. This course was made when a wealthy Philadelphians thought they needed a top-notch golf course in their area in 1912. During the time 1886, Philadelphians at the time weren’t much interested in golf and rather preferred to play cricket instead.

The enticement for playing cricket went downhill when the Merion Golf Club was redesigned and set into practice for many golfers out there. The course still has a huge impact to its name and many golfers still play leagues here. Therefore, it made its way into this list.

Pebble Beach Golf Club

Pebble Beach Golf Club
Pebble Beach Golf Club

Despite of the high charges per round of $400, this is a golf course worth playing at. Pebble Beach attracts a lot of golfers like a church on a Christmas day. This course has endless histories for you to soak up. The course first opened its gates on 1919.

There are lot of people that needs thanking for gifting us golfers with this wonderful and historical course. The architects behind Pebble Beach deserves acclamation for turning this amazing golf course in to the most memorable course in the history. You can score a decent score if you can avoid the mesmerizing views of the nature surrounding Pebble Beach.

National Golf Links of America

National Golf Links of America
National Golf Links of America

This golf course may carry a lot of weight already just by hearing its name. The National Golf Links of America that is located on the shore edge of Peconic Bay at Southampton on Long Island. The golf course has received so much since its opening that many professional golfers and officials claim it to be the masterpiece in terms of golf architecture.

The initial founder of the course was Charles Blair Macdonald as he was looking forward to create the greatest golf course in the United States. Using his extensive knowledge Charles has made this course to earn the label for best golf course of its time.

Sand Hills Golf Club

Sand Hills Golf Club
Sand Hills Golf Club

The Sand Hills Golf Club was opened for play in 1995, initially, it was inspired by the “Golden Age Architecture. Taking this in mind, Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coorse teamed up to share their wonderful ideas and shaped them into the golf course. Sand Hills Golf club is one of a kind and is admired by many because of the non-commercial concept that it carries.

Unlike other fancy courses, this course is sometimes considered a welcome break from the usual ones. Ben and Bill designed and set up eighteen holes in total in the golf course. The specialty of each hole in the Sand Hills Golf Club has made it to reach this list despite being on the simpler side. 

Fishers Island Club

Fishers Island Club
Fishers Island Club

Founded in the 1927, the Fishers Island Club is set on the narrow island that are almost two miles wide and eight miles in length. This is the magnificent part where the freshwater meets the salt water with a diversified animals and plants species.

Although this course is considered to be quite tough, it surely is the most enjoyable course in the universe. The golf course offers a good speed for the ball and an even fairway that acts along making this field firm and fast. If you are looking for competition while enjoy the game at the same time, Fisher Islands is where you must head.

Now you are very well aware of the history and features of each golf course mentioned here. You should visit and play on those courses if you want to feel a more personal touch. When you visit and play on these courses, you will feel more connected to the game and its playground.

Types of Grass on a Golf Course

What makes golf different from other sports is the fact that unlike other sports grounds, each golf course is very different and unique. And this is because of the different types of grass that are used to make the golf course.

Football, cricket and other sports played on field except golf, has a standard sized grass.  But golf course grass is totally different. Same grasses types are not available in all parts of the country. Different grass types require different climates to survive and grow. Here are the 3 main types of grass that are used mostly.

  • Bentgrass- Bentgrass falls under the most common type of grass that are found on the golf course. The thickness and the mat-like quality has made this grass a number one choice for the course superintendents. Northeast, most part of Midwestern states and the Pacific Northwest has the bentgrass in their regions.
  • Bermuda grass- Another name that Bermuda grass has is “The Sport Grass of the South”. This is because it is mostly available in the golf courses in the southern part of the country. Bermuda grass has the ability to endure high temperatures, high humidity, and drought like conditions making it very tough.
  • Poa Annua Grass– You will find Poa Annua grass on the West Coast of the United States. This grass is mostly used on golf course turf. Most people see it as an invasive spices. The root system of Poa Annua grass is pretty strong. The shallow roots can be a problem though.

What Makes a Good Golf Course

Every time you get on a field of golf or any other sport, you get so hyped with the quality of the pitch. Well we all do actually. A lot of analysis are carried out on the pitch to find strategies. Nothing enhances the competition of any sport without the greatness of a solid course.

Golf courses are also somewhat similar to this concept. A good golf course has a lot of factors that needs to be looked at. These are the essential factors that once needs to know.

Ensuring a personality

You can now put a bet on the fact that golf is no way like any other sport. The characteristics like the dimensions and many other changes from day to day, week to week and so on. The reactions of the courses vary from climate to climate or golfers. Golfers can sense the climate or the challenges that a golf course can throw. This is because of the architectures vision on it.

The Art of Course Design

The construction or making of a golf course is considered as a work of art. This art has a lot of uniqueness because of the theme, structure, and style of the design offered by the architecture. The main trick here is to make the holes fit in the right place to ensure maximum competition.

Hydrology and Drainage

The worst part about the golf course is when it has a poor drainage system. The damage this will cause cannot be compared to anything else. Lack of proper damage can make the course unplayable. Too much water will have effects on the quality of the soil and therefore ruin the turf. The drainage factor should always be given high priority.


Irrigation is a very costly method to use. This is used for the water distribution of the golf course to ensure consistent amount of water on the course. Every golf course should have a developed irrigation system that allows them to fight on the moment of crisis around the July and August.


So here you have the list of top 10 golf courses is US. Some golfers also considers these 10 as the best golf courses in US. Again, people have their own opinion on which are the best golf courses based on their observation.

Many factors are always taken into consideration while determining the best golf courses anywhere around the world.

So from now , whenever you will get on a course, look for differnt factors and note them down and compare them to the other golf courses you visit. In this way, you’ll have your personal list of which golf courses you think are the best. Do drop by on my website to share them.

You can go through my other contents related to golf clubs, golf balls and golf carts to select the best golf equipment and play the game effectively in the best golf courses of your choices.

Wishing your success in the golfing career.

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