7 Best Golf Push Carts in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide Included

Being a golfer, you need to have the best golf push carts with you. Well, there are many reasons why you should have this. The most important reason is, it makes carrying golf equipment easier.

Although many golfers got enough strength or stamina to carry a bag on their back with 35 pounds on. But they will still get a golf push cart because golf pushcart offers tremendous convenience.

Golf push carts have kind of gotten a stigma over the years that it is something that people who are physically weak or feeble. But having one will allow you to walk the golf course without stressing your back or tank your energy. It will let you enjoy the game the way that it was originally meant to be played. It gives you a chance for some great exercise too. A golf pushcart is a worthwhile investment, whether it’s just for a few months but for years to come.

And thus, to make your investment count, I have come up with this article where I will be reviewing the top 7 best golf push carts that you can choose from. The detailed review will help you understand the depth of the product and give you reasons to choose it.

All the products have been tested by myself and therefore everything that you are about to read is from my years of experience. I have also shared my personal opinion at the end about which golf push carts would be the best pick.

All you have to do is just bear with me till the end and you trust me, it will save you days of research. You will also find a buying guide in this article which I believe plays a vital role in your choice as you have to understand the importance of the factors.

And now, let’s get rolling!

7 Best Golf Push Carts ( All Tested)

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Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart

Tangkula Golf Pushcart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart

Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART

CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART

Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART

Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

Reviews of the 7 Best Golf Push Carts in 2021

In this section, I have made a comprehensive discussion on the top 7 best golf push carts reviews along with their highlighted features, pros and cons.

If you really want to get the perfect golf push cart to play your game comfortably, I would request you to put your full concentration while reading the following reviews.

1. Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart

The Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart is a fine golf push cart with lot of features that would make you want to buy this. The Easy Drive push cart happens to one of those fastest folding and unfolding push carts with a mechanism that makes it so fast. With just a single push of a button you can very easily fold and one this push cart.

The push cart is very lightweight for which it makes carrying it around much easier. The frame of the push cart is of aluminum frame that gives the Easy Drive push cart its lightweight property. Another thing that makes things much more hassle free is the low maintenance airless tires. You don’t have to constantly look out for the maintenance of the tires.

The foot brake also makes braking the cart easier. With just a single step you can stop the push cart wherever you want. There are many storage compartments on this push cart that allows you to store more useful items that you might end up needing during your golf match.

The handle of the Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart is adjustable. You can adjust the handle at any length according to your comfort zone. You will also find a scorecard and umbrella holder with this push cart. All these variety of components of this push cart makes it a great pick.

Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart
Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart

Features of the Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart

Here are some of the features of the Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart.

  • The frame is made of aluminum making the push cart lightweight
  • One click folding saving time
  • The handle can be adjusted according to your height
  • Comes with foot braking system
  • Lot of storage compartments

Pros and Cons of the Spin It Golf- Easy Drive Push Cart


  • Strong and durable
  • Single button fold/unfold option
  • The front wheel of the cart swivels
  • Many compartments for carrying items


  • The kick brake can give you difficulties at times

2. Tangkula Golf Pushcart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart

Who wouldn’t want a golf push cart with extra great features? The Tangkula Golf Pushcart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart Golf Trolley serves that purpose perfectly. The features of this golf push cart makes it without a doubt a great pick to carry golf equipment.

The first of its many attractive feature is the lightweight. The Tangkula Golf Pushcart has a body fully constructed with aluminum body that makes it so lightweight and long lasting. The foot braking system will also help you buy ensuring that the push cart doesn’t roll down the hill.

Another thing about the Tangkula Golf Pushcart is the fact that you get umbrella holder with it. Now you can carry an umbrella and save your skin from the sun. The 3 wheel design gives you a great balance and control over your push cart. You can maneuver it anyway you want to. You can also remove the wheels if you want.

One of the things that you have to love about this golf cart is that the comfortable stool it has. Also, you can hold many things in this push cart. The cart comes with a lot of compartments giving you that extra space that you need to carry your golf equipment.

Tangkula Golf Pushcart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart
Tangkula Golf Pushcart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart Golf Trolley

Features of the Tangkula Golf Pushcart

Here are some of the features of the Tangkula Golf Pushcart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart.

  • Very lightweight because of the full aluminum body frame
  • Comes with a comfy stool and umbrella holder
  • Foot brake to stop it from rolling down
  • 3 wheel design for easy maneuvering
  • Lot of compartments for storing

Pros and Cons of the Tangkula Golf Push Cart


  • Strong and durable body steel frame
  • Super lightweight
  • The handle is adjustable
  • Both left and right handed persons can use
  • Umbrella holder is placed in a good position


  • The folding is slow compared to other push carts

3. Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART

If you are looking for the smallest sized golf cart that will easily fit in your car trunk, then Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART will be the best cart for you. You can quickly reduce the size of this cart and fit it even in the smallest car trunks. This cart comes with an ergonomic handle with adjustable height control features and a generous amount of storage space. You can also store drinks and scorecards in the holders. Once you get used to this cart, you will never even have the thought of changing it for a single time.

This Cube Cart 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART also includes oversized wheels that ensure a smooth running. Regular carts cannot cross the bumpy roads properly, and many things may fall down from the cart. But once you get this one, you will never have to face the problem of the accessories falling from the cart. The wheels are very effortless to put on and take off, and it is lightweight. Without using any extra tool, you can assemble up the whole cart within minutes.

You don’t have to worry about the storage of this golf push cart as it got quite a lot of storage. At the top handle of the cart, you will find the cup holder; you can even use a bag with the stand on it. The drains from the cup holder will not spill easily if the drinks are not full. You will get enough space in this cart to store up things. More importantly, you can smoothly use the building straps.

You can change some functions; you can change the positions of the cart. Most of the carts get stuck while pushing forward, but this one is very comfortable while pushing, folding, and unfolding. Maximum customers are highly satisfied with the fastest folding and unfolding features of this cart. The lightweight cars open up automatically just by a light touch of hands, and many users may find that very annoying. On the other hand, this Golf cart does not open up randomly, but when you unfold it, it will open up quite smoothly.

You may have faced issues while storing up the regular carts because of their size. But the Cube cart keeps you always stress-free regarding the storage issue. You can carry and store this cart at any place you want to.

Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART
Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART

Features of Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART

Here are some of the features of the Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART.

  • The cart is really adjustable and can be folded.
  • Portable and therefore, can be carried around and stored at any place
  • Very light-weighted
  • Handles can be adjusted in different heights

Pros and Cons of the Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART


  • You can fold this trolley easily and place it in the smallest places.
  • Its friction-free oversized wheels provide the smoothest running.
  • You can adjust the ergonomic handle in 3 different heights adjustable positions.
  • It weighs lighter than other carts, and it weighs only 14.5 pounds.
  • It also has a parking brake and adjustable back supports.
  • You will get a free umbrella holder as well.
  • Very storage-friendly. You can store this Golf cart at any small place.


  • You will find this cart only in 2 colors, white and blue.
  • Many user reviews show that the instructions for assembling are not provided.

4. CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Are you tired of buying carts that are not able to deliver what it promised when purchasing it? Then you must have a look at CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart. It will never give a chance to complain as it comes with great convenience and features. But best of all, you will get multiple benefits from this single cart. Because it is going to make your game much more comfortable, and this single cart has got what it takes to fill up all your needs.

You can adjust the handle according to your height, and you will get a mini cooler to hold up your drinks during hot summer days. You can get rid of the hassle of opening and closing cart, because of its one-button folding unfolding system.

This handy feature provides the service of placing water bottles and bears. You just have to put some ice and store up the drinks. It remains cold for a longer time, and you can enjoy your drinks even in hot summer days. You will not find this feature in other carts in the market. You don’t have to put any effort into cleaning the ice; its drain hole will clear up the remaining ice. So, you should not skip the chance of getting amazing services and the coolest features in a cart at this much cheaper rate.

It is quite tough to find a golf cart that is strong enough, along with a lightweight body. But this cart falls into such an exceptional category. You can carry small necessary objects while you are in the field. You do not have to face issues with spaces for keeping up the things. You can push this cart forward smoothly even when it is full of things. You can carry this cart to any place, and it will take a minimal amount of space.

You will get cup holders, scorecard holders, umbrella holder along with the storage bin. You can place small objects easily, and you will get rid of the fear of losing your things from the field. The umbrella holder is like a bonus with the cart; you will get only a few companies that provide an umbrella holder with the cart. It saves your money from buying an extra umbrella holder. You can use the GPS holder too for directions.

Though this cart does not open within one second, it only takes a few moments more to open the cart. You just have to shake the cart for opening with its handle. Its patented one-click button folds the cart to a compact size. More importantly, you can fit this cart easily in the smallest corners, even in the trunk of your car.

Most of the carts require a lot of space from your house, and you may face difficulties while storing them. This cart will keep you tension free while carrying from here to there because it does not require a vast space.

Wheels are one of the defining aspects of a cart, and this cart’s front wheel axel suspension maintains proper balance. This cart will never start rolling on hilly surfaces if you just tap on the foot brake. Overall, CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart will meet up all the needs you expect from a golf cart, and you will surely not be disappointed. So, there’s nothing to think, just grab this cart now.

CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Features of the CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Here are some of the features of the CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart.

  • Has a mini cooling system to cool your beverage
  • It is very light-weighted
  • Many holders are included
  • Very easy folding and unfolding method

Pros and Cons of the CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart


  • The cart is not bulky at all; the whole cart weighs less than 17 pounds.
  • Its patented one-click button folds and unfolds the cart to the compact size.
  • You can swiftly push its 27-inch body
  • You can maintain the balance of the cart easily because of its front wheel axle suspension.
  • You will get a foot brake and adjust the handle according to your preference.


  • According to some users’ reviews, the parking brake may not work sometimes.
  • Many users complained that the assembling instructions are not served properly with the packaging.

5. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART

Were you thinking of getting a new golf cart? Then, Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART will be the best value for the because of its amazing features and excellent builds. Very few other golf carts will provide this much heavy-duty service. Most of the golf push carts fall short of delivering what they claim to be, but this cart is not one of them. You will find a useful combination of sturdy and lightweight in a single cart. Along with these, you will get many advanced features, and you will never feel like you have wasted your money behind a bad or low-quality cart.

The users are highly satisfied with its fast folding system and find it quite convenient. You can fold up very nicely and quickly put together. It is effortless to assemble up the whole thing without a single tool. You can fold the card in one second; it is that effortless.

Most of the time, you have to face some level of difficulty or discomfort while pushing the cart because of not having the customized handle with the cart. But this fantastic cart comes with a height-adjustable handle for its users. People with different heights can easily move the golf cart with this adjustable handle. It makes the moving procedure swift and easy. So, you should never buy a cart that doesn’t have an adjustable handle.

The base of Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART is made of an aluminum frame. It is very sturdy and lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it is not well structured or strong. It may come in small packaging, but it is quite stable on the surfaces. It includes different types of holders, along with an umbrella holder. As a result, you don’t have to spend extra money on buying an umbrella holder. You just have to attach an umbrella with the cart, and it will protect you from unwanted rain and sun.

A golf cart’s moving smoothness depends on its wheels. If the wheels are not made strongly, then you have to face many problems while pushing the cart in a forward direction. But this cart’s ball bearing wheels will ensure the swift-moving experience. It’s front and rear wheels are of 9.5 inches, and they roll smoothly even on bumpy surfaces.

If you have ever used a golf cart, then you only know the struggle with opening and closing the cart. But you can open and close this cart in one second. You can carry the cart with you even on public transports because of its small size and store up at home in any corner of the house. You can carry small objects and move the cart without the fear of falling things.

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART
Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART

Features of the Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART

Here are some of the features of Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART.

  • Can be used for heavy duty
  • Can be folded very easily
  • The handle is adjustable
  • The frames are made of aluminum for longer lasting
  • It has bearing wheels

Pros and Cons of the Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART


  • The handles can be adjusted according to your height.
  • You will get an umbrella holder with this golf cart.
  • This excellent golf push cart provides a smooth moving experience with its ball-bearing wheels.
  • Very user friendly, you can store the cart at any small pace
  • It takes only one single second to fold and unfold the cart.
  • The whole cart is sturdy and stable as its base is made of aluminum.


  • The wheelbase is quite narrower.
  • Sometimes, the cart keeps pulling to the left.

6. Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART

If you are looking for a review of the quickest folding and unfolding golf cart, then Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART is the best golf guide for you. Most of the time, the users faced issues with height adjustment. But using this cart, you can easily adjust the height of this according to your height. Its ball-bearing wheels are perfect for a smoother ride.

You can easily connect all the parts, including wheels, just in a moment. More importantly, without any extra tool. In most of the cases, you have to make some adjustments, but this cart moves properly without any adjustment. They are even providing a lightweight umbrella holder with the cart, and it is perfect to use on a sunny day.

We always seek the types of equipment that will provide the fastest service. You may have to spend a decent amount of time behind folding and unfolding the cart. So, what about a cart that will be unfolded just in a second? You will never have to spend time behind shaking to open and close the cart.

This Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART is extremely well structured and quite sturdy. The whole packaging weighs up to 20 pounds, and its base is made of aluminum. The other extra parts are made of plastic. It can take turn up to 45 degrees in the hilly golf areas.

Maybe because of its tiny size, you may have a lot fewer expectations from the storage of the cart. But you are entirely wrong. You can store a full-sized golf bag, mobile phone, umbrella, etc. also, this is one of the cheapest golf carts you will find in the current market.

What can be better than getting so many features together at such an affordable price? Once you start using this golf cart, eventually, you will start falling in love with its services. Its ball bearing wheels will amaze you with the smoothest service in the hills.

Most of the carts get stuck while riding in the bumpy spaces or hilly areas, but this one will never disappoint you. It has got a sturdy build, and you can store many necessary things while going for a golf match or practice.

Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART
Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART

Features of Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART

Here are some of the features of the Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART.

  • It is a very well structured push cart
  • Quite light and portable
  • The cart opens or unfolds within a second
  • Can be used to store many things

Pros and Cons of the Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Folding Push Pull Golf CART


  • Its frame is very lightweight and sturdy.
  • It takes only a second to fold and unfold, so there is no hassle.
  • The design makes sure a smooth and swift ride with its ball-bearing wheels.
  • You can place the cart even at a small corner of your house along with the car trunk too.


  • Many consumers face difficulties while keeping the cart in a straight direction.

7. Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

A perfect and smooth golf cart is every golfer’s dream, but not all of them seem to find one. This Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart comes with some excellent features that can blow any golfer’s mind, be it amateurs or even the professional one. You can enjoy multiple services at the lowest price. You can fold and unfold the card in a second, get an umbrella holder, foot brake, and many other things from one cart.

This cart claims to fold the cart in a 1 second, and many customer reviews show that it does. It has been possible to implement by the company because of a patented bullet system technology. Its collapsible feature opens and closes the cart in a single step. So, you will never face issues while opening and closing this cart like regular carts.

This amazing cart is made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum, and it ensures the utmost comfort to hands by its ergonomic handle. The aluminum base makes the cart stable and strong enough to carry many things together. The wheels are super strong as well as lightweight because of the aluminum frame. The rear and front tires make sure the smoothest running. You can attach any golf bag with this cart.

You can easily control your cart by simply tapping on the brake with your feet. The cart will be stopped after releasing the brake. It will not move forward until you do not want to. You can also lock the front wheel of this cart. Without the foot brake system golf cart it is quite worthless. While choosing a golf cart, make sure it has foot brake.

You will get a ready-made umbrella holder with this Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart. More importantly, you can adjust this holder according to your preference, and you do not have to spend any extra amount behind the holder. You will stay safe from the sun and rain by attaching an umbrella with the holder

Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart with 360 Rotating Front Wheel
Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

Features of Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

Here are some of the features of the Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

  • Folds and unfolds in a second
  • Made with aluminum to long lasting
  • Has a foot brake system
  • You get an umbrella holder

Pros and Cons of Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel Push Pull Golf Cart


  • This Qwik-Fold 360 cart takes only a second to open and fold.
  • It is made with Aircraft grade aluminum. Its sturdy aluminum frame makes the golf cart easily maneuverable.
  • You will get an umbrella holder, and you can use that on sunny and rainy weather.
  • Its 360-degree swivel wheel rotates fully, and you can move it in any direction.
  • It contains ball bearing wheels and ensures the smoothest ride.
  • You can stop the cart just by tapping on its foot brake


  • The umbrella holder is a bit lower than regular carts.

The Best Golf Push Carts in 2021- Buying Guide

It’s not like that you will be buying carts all the time. You would obviously want to get the best golf push cart that you can use for a longer period. And to do that, you have to consider a lot of factors that plays a vital role in choosing your golf push cart. Always remember to watch out for these factors below before buying them.

Size and Weight

Size and weight are huge issues when getting a golf pushcart. Because not wanting to carry the golf bag is the reason you are getting a cart. So getting a pushcart that adds more weight on top of it will make it very difficult to push through the fairway. You are likely to feel quite exhausted, especially as you’re pushing it through rough terrains. It is why size and weight play vital role when choosing a golf pushcart.

So do check out how heavy it is when it’s folded and also how heavy it is when it’s unfolded. You can even take your clubs into the shop and try pushing around the cart with the clubs on it. That is likely to give a much better idea.

The Brake

The golf push cart brake is going to play quite a critical role in your buying decision. Because no matter how much storage capacity or convenience a golf push cart might have got, without a good quality braking system, it will be quite worthless. So no matter whatever the budget might be, you are spending on your golf push cart, make sure it has a functional braking system actually.


No golfers would ever want to face a situation where their golf carts wheel has been punctured. That is likely to ruin the entire game for you and make you feel not only frustrated but also stuck with so much heavy load in the middle of a big golf course. You should never get a pushcart that does not comes with airless wheels. Also, make sure it has got enough grip and traction as well to navigate around on slippery or wet surfaces.

Ease of Setup

It should not take many number than a few steps to set up the cart. Mostly there are three steps, you have to unfurl the frame, and then you have to set the third wheel. Then you use a telescoping handle to set up how you want to hold the cart or at what height you want to hold it. So although most golf carts these days are relatively easy to set up, you have to make sure there aren’t any issues with the particular model of the golf cart you are going for.


Storage is going to tell you everything that you need to know about most golf carts. It’s going to be the decision point for most people. Because the storage facility and the convenience of carrying them is precisely the reason you are getting a golf pushcart. So other than the ease of pushing, your golf push cart should give you additional storage you can use.

Storage can vary from device to device; it can differ from one cart to cart, and that can matter based on price point. Also, it can depend on design as well, but it is one of the big things that you have to look when getting a golf pushcart.

The Handle

If you are a taller golfer, this is something you need to make sure the handles are telescoping. It is also convenient if you are someone who’s shorter. Because no matter whether you’re taller or short when you’re using the telescoping handle will help you to get it to a height that you are comfortable. Make sure that you have something that fits your height.

So getting a golf push cart that has got telescoping handles are going to suit pretty much every golfer. So combining the telescoping handle with ample storage is what you need to get focus on.

Cup Holder

Cup holders are quite necessary to have in a golf push cart whether you’re carrying a beer bottle, whether you’re carrying a coke bottle or a water bottle. Because if you’re having something with an open lid or something that could spill out, then you probably want to care about whether or not you have a cup holder. It would be better if that’s built into the handle unit.

My Picks Among the Best Golf Push Carts

Everyone has their own opinion and choices based on their experience with the golf push carts. I would also love to share with you all my best experiences that I had with the golf push carts. I will now talk about my top 3 picks for the best golf push carts. I have tested all the push carts that I have reviewed above before coming to this opinion.

First Choice

Among all the carts we reviewed here, I would highly suggest you to go for the Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART.

Reason of Choice

Well, you will get a height-adjustable handle, so even if you are shorter or taller, that isn’t any concern. You can also re-adjust the handle according to your height, and it is quite convenient.

It is built with a sturdy aluminum frame, and you can open it in just one second. This quick folding and unfolding is quite a blessing. Because most of the time, you have to shake other carts for a long time to open it. But you can open this one just in one second.

Also, it is quite convenient and easy to store. This cart will fit at any tiniest corner of your house. You can even put into on the trunk of your smallest car. So this ease of folding and unfolding and storage along other features make it our champion among all the best golf pushcarts. Click here for more details.

Second Choice

The second best choice among all these seven carts I have reviewed here would be the Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Golf CART.

Reason of Choice

This is because it is one of the tiniest carts in the world. But don’t get fooled by its appearance. Despite being such a small cart, it comes with so many useful features, like an umbrella holder or the ergonomic handle in it. Best of all, you can adjust its height in three positions. More importantly, it takes only a few seconds to assemble the whole cart.

Though it costs higher than many carts, you will never feel that your money got wasted. You will get a space for drink storage, cardholder, and many advanced features. So, if you want the smallest cart and never even have issues with spending money behind such a cart, then I would suggest you get this one. Click here for more details.

Third Choice

If you want to get a cart that is cheaper but works just as good as other best golf push carts, then you should buy CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart.

Reason of Choice

It comes in an attractive lime color, and it is the most lightweight golf cart you are likely to find. It weighs less than 17 pounds. But its body is vast, and its large front wheels provide the perfect balance. This cart comes with a score cardholder, a storage compartment, beverage holder, cell phone holder, and many more updated features.

Moreover, you can set the cart in multiple positions because of its adjustable handle. You will also find a foot brake in this cart, which comes in handy in various situations. So, if you have a tight budget, you should get this fantastic golf push cart to enjoy all the advanced features it comes with. Click here for more details.

FAQs About the Best Golf Push Carts

1. What specific characteristics should an excellent pushcart have?

There are several features that you need to look at. But the most necessary ones will be the number of wheels, how easy it is to set it up, and how you store it. You also need to make sure it has got space to store all kinds of different stuff and comes with a drink holder as well. It should have enough storage, whether you need to put your wallets and keys and cell phones and the scorecard as well. You also have to make sure it has got fold ability as well. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to store.

2. How should you spend for getting an ideal golf push cart?

There’s a variety of price ranges for these units anywhere from maybe $150 to closer to $250 or $300 to $400. You may find a lot of cheap models out there that will even cost you no more than $50. You can go and purchase them, but it might start to fall apart after a while. So it is better worth it to invest the funds and buy yourself a little bit better model pushcart one that you’ll enjoy and use.

3. How many wheels should my pushcart have?

When a four-wheel model rolls over uneven terrain like a champ, the two-wheel models are fine as long as the surface is flat. But as soon as it got a rough surface, it kind of got frustrating. The other part with the two-wheel models, you had to push down and push forward, turning around the golf. That’s going to weigh on your shoulders, your wrists, your elbows. You may start to face just after three and four hour round of golf. It is why three-wheeled models are considered ideal for casual golfers or even veterans.

4. Why do you need a golf cart?

So many golf courses right now are requiring golfers to walk the course or if they ride in a car to be a single rider. It kind of takes away some of the convenience of it for a lot of people.

It will reduce the stress on your back when you are taking a walk between the greens and the tee boxes. Pushcarts will let you pass the golf course without thinking of bumping into any uneven surfaces. Most golf carts are well equipped to deal with bumpy surfaces. If everyone is walking, pushcarts are a lot of fun, get a lot of exercises, and you can even do a little pushcart race. So is you’re going to be using it to get a workout, and it might help you to lose some weight as well

5. Which is a better – push or pull golf cart?

Pushcarts are considered to be way better than the pull carts for quite a few reasons. So even though the pull carts tend to be far less costly, the pushcart offers you the convenience of more storage. But the most important reason you should consider the pushcarts over the pull cart is the less energy is being spent. Pull carts tend to require far more energy and effort.

6. Are pushcarts allowed on every golf course?

Although long seen as something heretical or taboo for the puritans of the golf, almost everyone is now seeming to understand the necessity of using a golf pushcart. So even though not all golf courses encourage or allow the use of a golf push cart, there are lots of golf courses that do. So you just need to check their regulation to find out before showing up in any golf course.

7. Do push carts need maintenance?

Well, to be quite honest, you manage to store it correctly or not leave it somewhere open to let it catch rust and all, a golf push cart will do just fine without that much maintenance. But even though it might not require that much maintenance, it will be better if you keep it covered and do some cleanup with soft clothes once in a while.

Final Words

If you are looking to avoid carrying a heavy load on your back, you now have 7 best alternatives that will ease you from this painful task. All you have to do now is order the best golf push carts from here and relax.

Buying a golf push cart would save your hospital bills for visiting the doctor because of your back pain. Carry heavy load can bring severe damages to your back. Golf push carts are going to help you in ways that you can imagine. Just think of all the extra space you are now getting to carry items with you to the golf course like golf clubs, golf balls,drinks etc.

The sole purpose of this article is to help you choose the best golf push cart and understand its features. You do understand a detailed article will always be long. All the details here in this article starting from the product review to the buying guide of important factors will help you out to buy your golf push cart right away.

Just take a deep look into my top 3 picks and you will have a more narrowed down list of choice. And whenever you are going to compare products, keep the important factors in mind. Also, the pros and cons of each product will give you the final touch before you choose your pushcart.

Now, if you have selected your push cart and planning to buy that, you will surely love to have a best suited golf bag for your push cart. My content best golf bag for push cart will certainly help you to choose the perfect golf bag for the push cart.

So that all for today. Do check out my other articles of the best golf balls and best golf clubs if you are looking to buy them. Feel free to share your opinion and views on golf push carts with me. If you want me to review any other product just let me know and I’d love to do that for you.

Until we meet again, keep the carts rollin!!!

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