When Do Golf Clubs Go On Sale? Score The Best Deal

Golf is one of the elite sports and you have to spend a hefty amount of money when getting started or simply upgrading the golf equipment. So if you want to save some bucks, keep an eye on when golf clubs go on sale. 

Generally, golf clubs go on sale on different occasions like Christmas holidays, New Year, etc. Moreover, if top-notch golf brands launch a new product line, they put the previous products on sale.  To find the best deals, go through this blog post where we give some pro tips in this regard. 

When Do Golf Clubs Go On Sale?

When Do Golf Clubs Go On Sale

Golf clubs are relatively expensive gear that can cost between $100 to $1000 and even more. Well, the price greatly depends on the quality of the materials. Buying a full set of golf clubs can hurt your pocket. 

But, don’t let money overcome your passion. Do well research on the market to find various sales and get the best deal. Here are some suggestions on when to look for.

  • Holidays

People buy different items and gifts throughout the holiday season. The retail store offers various items for sale and of course golf clubs as well. 

Each store uses different tactics to target potential customers buying items from their stores. You can find great sale offers on golf clubs. 

Not only old golf club lines but also you can even find new golf club lines on sale. You can search for holiday coupons, freebies, discounts, gift packs, and many other offers that can decrease your club’s expenditure a lot. You must take advantage of the holiday offers. 

  • Late Winter Sale

If you ask what is the best time to buy a golf club, the answer is winter or later winter. Typically, golf is a summer-specific game. It gets captivating once the weather becomes warm enough. So, professional golfers don’t think about buying new clubs in the off-season. 

This is the season when golf equipment goes low in demand. Manufacturers offer big discounts on golf clubs to earn some money and clear out their stock. 

Also, big events like Christmas and New Year happen in the winter season. So, this time is the most cost-effective time of the year. The prices of golf clubs are expected to go down.   So, get a new golf club for your favorite pastime. 

  • Launch Clearance Sales 

Today, innovation and technological advancements are so fast that every year new lines of golf clubs are launched. These lines are highly functional and each of them has their own specialty. 

When new lines are released, they put up the old ones on sale. Since every player will be preparing for the new season, brands stayed highly focused on new arrivals and cleaning out their current stock. The last year’s models are now sold for lower prices yet they are well-functional. 

Practical golfers normally don’t buy newly released clubs in the market. They wait for the golfer’s response to the new clubs. So here is a big opportunity to buy the best golf club at the best deal. 

  • Online Sales

Online marketplaces are excellent places where you can find different sale offers all year round. They offer sales to attract more people to buy from their website. You can find many price choices when buying golf accessories and clubs. 

Buying online is less hassle and you can easily compare different shops, including price segments. You surely find the best club on your budget. 

How to Find the Best Deal on Golf Clubs on Sale?

when are golf clubs on sale

Finding a good deal on golf clubs on sale can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the game. There will be so many options that literally confuse you. So you can go through this checklist: 

Firstly, go through the reviews as they are a great way to find the quality of the golf clubs. Look for clubs with mostly positive reviews, as this indicates good performance and reliability. Avoid clubs with numerous negative reviews.

Then, compare pricing. It often reflects quality. Higher-quality clubs tend to be more expensive. When comparing two clubs with similar reviews, the pricier one is usually of better quality. However, ensure that the extra cost is justified by the features and benefits it offers.

You need to go through different retail stores to find the pricing differences. Hopefully, you will find the best deal that fits your budget. 

Many golf clubs are sold at a discount when purchased as part of a set. If you’re interested in a specific club, check if it’s available in a set and compare the set price to the individual club price. Buying a set can often provide better value.

If you’re still unsure about a deal, seek advice from a professional golfer or a golf club retailer. They can provide insights into the quality of the clubs and whether you’re getting a good deal. Their expertise can be invaluable, especially if you’re new to the sport.

How Can I Get a Free Set of Golf Clubs?

Getting a new golf club is not that easy. Yet, you should not give up. Many golfers managed to get a full set of golf clubs

For this opportunity, you have to build strong social connections with other golfers. The more people you connect with, the bigger the chances to get free clubs. 

There are many people in the community who are prepared to give away free golf items. On various forums, golf clubs are distributed by pro golfers. 

It is not uncommon to get a free set of golf clubs from golf club testers. Well, everyone tries to get one. So you also need a hefty amount of luck in this competitive process. Still, it is worth registering your interest. 

Moreover, you can ask your friends and family if they have an old set of clubs sitting around. You might find someone close who is willing to give you a set of clubs and you can at least start playing golf. These are some ways you can try to save up to buy a set of golf clubs for yourself. 

When To Buy New Golf Clubs? 

When To Buy New Golf Clubs

You will get various opportunities to buy new golf equipment every year. But that’s not mean, you need to buy new golf clubs on every new release. Though practical golfers take advantage of buying clubs on sale, you don’t need to if you are having great scores with your previous set of clubs. 

Some retailers offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old clubs for a discount on new ones. This can be a great way to save money if you have clubs you no longer use.

You should consider buying new golf clubs when:

  • You can see visible wear and tear. If you notice chips on any part of the clubhead, splintered shaft, and worn-out grooves, it’s a clear sign that your clubs need to be replaced. 
  • Your golf clubs create too much spin on the golf ball. Excessive spin is not good for the game. You can both lose distance and control. If you notice this issue, then you need to buy a new golf club. 
  • If your shots are shorter than the opposite signal, your clubs need replacing. Distance is crucial in golf, and new club technology often promises increased distance. Instead of buying new clubs immediately, wait for sales to get the best price.
  • If your clubs aren’t giving you enough height, you might see your drives barely get off the ground, or your iron shots hit the green but bounce over the back. Lack of height affects both distance and control. This indicates you need clubs with newer technology to help hit the ball higher. 
  • If your iron divots look like you’re digging rather than playing, it’s a clear sign to buy new clubs. A poor divot pattern can damage your club and reduce ball control. New clubs can help improve your divot pattern and overall play.

Should You Buy Used Golf Clubs?

When you are on a tight budget, you may consider buying used golf clubs. It will be a winning deal if you can find well-maintained equipment. 

Buying from a trusted retailer or an individual you know can increase your chances of getting a good deal. Trusted sources are more likely to provide accurate information about the condition of the clubs. 

On the other hand, purchasing from unknown sellers requires more caution. Inspect the clubs thoroughly if you don’t know the seller well.

Brand reputation matters. Some brands are more expensive and known for higher quality, while others might be less costly and less renowned. You might find better deals on less popular brands, but always consider the quality associated with the brand.

The age of the clubs is another factor. Newer clubs usually have better technology and can perform better. Older clubs might be cheaper but might not offer the same performance. Consider the balance between the club’s age, its condition, and your budget.

Well-maintained clubs will last longer and perform better. Look for signs of wear and tear, and check the grips, shafts, and clubheads. So if you are buying an older set of golf clubs, then inspect them well whether they offer better value in the long run.


You can find sales on golf clubs and accessories throughout the year. It can be at any time of the year. Just keep an eye on your favorite retailers for ongoing promotions.

Being strategic about when and where you shop. Avoid peak summer months and look for discounts in the fall and spring to maximize your savings. Take advantage of free shipping offers, sales, and coupon codes to get the best value for your money.