What To Do With Old Golf Clubs? Discover To Reuse!

Golf clubs can cost a fortune if you buy a new one. But when your existing one is out of work, you need to do something. Old golf clubs can be a source of nostalgia for golfers as they have been a part of their lives for so long.

Wondering what to do with old golf clubs? You don’t need to throw it away! Old golf clubs can be used for training, and DIY purposes, even you can trade them or donate them.

Here are 8 ways how you can make that work!

What To Do With Old Golf Clubs? 8 Exceptional Usage

What To Do With Old Golf Clubs

Old golf clubs can continue to be useful in some way. Let’s explore some creative ways to make the most out of your old golf clubs:

  1. Donate: If you are kind enough not to let the old golf club go in vain, you can donate that to schools and youth programs. They always need new equipment and the old golf clubs let them train well. Thus, they can learn how to play golf using your old golf club.
  1. Sell online: Golf clubs are made of costly materials. Though old or used, you can easily sell your old golf club for a good value in online marketplaces. There are marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook where you can find numerous buyers. Also, there are platforms that buy second-hand goods, you can try selling your old golf club there as well.
  1. Give them away for training: Golf learners don’t find buying new golf clubs for their learning stage. So, giving your old golf club to them will be very useful. You can search for friends or neighbors who are searching for old golf clubs and give yours as a gift.
  1. Repurpose for decoration: If you are into crafting, you can use your old golf clubs to make coat racks, bookends, birdhouses, a lamp base, or even create a unique piece of wall art. You may hang the old golf clubs in your home wall in aesthetic ways. This way, you get to keep the nostalgia close to you.
  1. Use them for practice: A golfer’s practice is never-ending. So, instead of using a new one to practice golfing, you can use your old one to get more expertise on the game or to work on specific aspects of your game.
  1. Trade: You will find many retailers who trade old golf clubs for new ones. Although you might need to add some money, it will be worth it.
  1. Turn them into plant stakes: You can cut the golf clubs and use the shafts to balance your plants. They work as very stable and strong plant stakes for your garden or potted plants.
  1. Keep them as a backup: If nothing seems suitable to you, you can keep the golf club to use in emergencies. If your new golf club gets stolen or damaged, you can bring your old one to play.

How To Donate Old Golf Clubs To Local Youth Programs?

Donating your old golf clubs to local youth programs is an excellent idea to serve the community while helping the youth with the right motivation. If you have a good quality golf club that is old, you can donate that to your local youth programs.

For this, you need to find out which local youth golf programs in your area accept donations.

Usually, schools, community hubs, or local golf courses take donations for golf equipment. You can also visit the golf clubs to know whether they are accepting donations or not.

Every program’s donation process is different. So, you will need to reach out to them before you donate.

Besides, clean and organize your golf clubs to look perfect before you send them out. You can also donate other items like bags, balls, or tees for the youth programs.

What Are Some Useful Ways To Use Old Golf Clubs As Training Aids?

If you don’t want to give your golf club away, using it as a training aid can be a good option. You can use the club to practice specific areas of concern like the swing. You can also customize the golf club to meet your specific needs.

One effective way to use old golf clubs is to practice chipping and pitching. You can use a shorter club to focus on your short game. This way, you will get to know the techniques better and master your actions.

Moreover, you can also use the golf clubs to practice swings, alignment, and control. If you customize the club to meet your specific need, you can master that area quite fast.

How To Trade Your Old Golf Clubs For New Equipment?

What To Do With Used Golf Clubs

You can trade your old golf club and get any new golfing equipment, even new set of golf clubs, using that. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to buy new equipment. Some tips for trading the old golf clubs are:

  • Know your options: Before you attempt to trade the clubs, do market research about retailers and manufacturers. Discuss with them the trade-in programs and procedures. Also, find out how much value they are willing to provide.
  • Clean your clubs: You can get the best trade-in value for your old golf clubs if you make them look as perfect as you can. Clean the Golf Clubs thoroughly and make them look flawless. If they have dirt or debris, use soap and a damp cloth to clean those out.
  • Trade the club: Once you have the right trading option in hand, you can trade the club easily. Go to the retailer and trade your club for something else. You can ask for money or buy other equipment from their shop as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are old golf clubs worth anything?

You can sell your old golf clubs if they come from a rich background. Antique golf clubs have a high resale value. You can even perform an auction for antique golf clubs.

Do old golf clubs matter?

When your club has expired, you won’t get the same performance as before. Golf clubs can get old with usage over time. So, you need to think of other options when your golf club has been old for a while.

How many years do golf clubs last?

Usually, good golf clubs last from 3 years to 10 years. But it mostly depends on the usage and maintenance. You can make it last even more if you know how to take care of it.


By now, you are already aware of what to do with old golf clubs. Old golf clubs can be reused for many purposes.

So, if your nostalgia is kicking hard and you don’t want to leave your old golf club this soon, use our suggestions to use it differently.