How to Hang Golf Clubs on Wall | 5 Best Methods

Whether the golf club is a brand new one or one from the young age, it always fascinates the golfers. Proper display of those clubs helps ensure that the clubs are in the appropriate condition. You will be able to use and clean the golf clubs easily if you hang those somewhere safe and close to reaching.

Correct display and place selection also play vital roles in showing off your expensive golf clubs. But in most cases, golfers stay confused about how to hang golf clubs on wall. If you get puzzled about this issue, the following discussion might come out as a relief for you.

Factors to Consider Before Hanging Golf Clubs on the Wall

Before hanging the golf clubs on your wall, you need to look at some factors. Then, it will assist you in deciding what you actually need. Those crucial factors are:

Purpose of Displaying

The purpose for which you want to hang the golf clubs on the wall plays a vital role in deciding the hanging method. If you are willing to store the golf clubs on the wall, you should keep it minimalistic. But if you want to showcase your club collection, you need to come up with fancy and unique ideas.

There are also hanging methods available to apply if you want to both store and showcase the clubs at a time.

Availability of Space

The available space on the wall is also a bigger factor in the decision-making of the hanging method. Based on the wall space, you either hang the clubs simply or showcase those in a sophisticated way.

Airflow and Temperature

You can’t hang the clubs in a place where they will catch extreme heat. So, you should hang the clubs on the wall where direct sunlight won’t be able to reach. Airflow also needs to remain natural in that wall space to keep the clubs safe from rust and stains.

How to Hang Golf Clubs on Wall – 5 Best Displaying Methods to Follow

Hanging the golf clubs on the wall is probably one of the easiest and most minimalistic tasks. But in many scenarios, both professional and amateur golfers and those who play as a hobby, all get puzzled about displaying ideas. Though many of them somehow come up with ideas, they are unaware of which materials and accessories to use.

To solve this bizarre issue, we have come up with the five best ideas about how you can hang your golf clubs on the wall. Now, let’s get on with those ideas if you are having trouble with golf clubs displaying ideas:

how to hang golf clubs on the wall

Method-1: Use Wall Racks to Hang Golf Clubs

There are different types of racks that you can use to display golf clubs. Those racks can be either wall racks or floor racks, and as we are finding ways of hanging the clubs on the wall, we’ll go for the wall racks. It is probably the most used golf club displaying idea on the wall of your house.

how to hang old golf clubs on wall

These racks are built with dark stained wood to make sure the rack can handle the weight of the clubs. Then, all you need to do is find out a proper spot on the wall to place the wall rack. 

At first, you will have to install the wall rack on the suitable wall space, and then just place the clubs into position as you please. No matter which golf club you put there, whether it is a hold iron, putter, or driver. 

In most cases, the wall racks come with three to ten club holding parts for your advantage. As a result, you will be able to put them in the bag whenever necessary if you hang them on the wall somewhere near you. While installing a wall rack, you will have to place it where there is a stud.

Method-2: Try Using Golf Club X Hanger

The golf club X hanger is a piece that you can use to showcase your currently using or older golf clubs on the wall of your house. As from the name, it is clearly indicated that the hanger comes with a respective shape. Therefore, while using this hanger, it will place the clubs in different ways from each other, like an X shape.

golf club X hanger

This angled crossed pattern will provide a sophisticated look to the clubs you put there. Installing the X hanger will keep the clubs locked into the hanger position with less chance of falling. It also makes the hanger less usable if you are willing to play with those clubs regularly.

If those clubs bear your memories from the past, then you should put them in there as a showpiece. You can install the X hanger on your dining room wall, above a fireplace, and even in your bedroom or guest room.

Method-3: Use Staff Bag and Hang the Bag on the Wall

The golfers mainly carry their clubs in the staff bag while playing on the golf course. But this staff bag can be a great addition to hang your golf clubs on the wall. As a result, you can use the staff bag for carrying and hanging your clubs both on and off the field. 

how to hang golf bag on wall

Displaying golf clubs on the wall by putting those into the staff bag can be a unique idea. If you have many clubs in your collection and cannot find the exact displaying idea, this staff bag might come in for the rescue. 

At first, you will have to find a suitable spot on the wall of any of the rooms of your house. It can be your bedroom, drawing room, or even the specialized room for golf-related accessories. Then hang the bag on the wall with something that won’t tear it because of the weight of the clubs.

After placing the bag, you will have to put the clubs in there in an organized way. By doing so, it will be easier for you to find out and access the club that is required for any particular period. You can put more than one staff bag on the wall if your collection of golf clubs is vast.

Suppose you have hung three staff bags on the wall to display your clubs. Then you can put the clubs into different bags according to their types. As a result, the clubs will be hung in an organized way, along with uniquely showcasing your entire club collection. 

Method-4: Fan Display of the Golf Clubs

Another golf club hanging idea that you can apply is to display those in the pattern of a fan. As it is not a common idea, you can choose this unique pattern to showcase the golf clubs on the wall. When you display the clubs according to this idea, it will look quite similar to the tail on a peacock.

how to hang antique golf clubs on a wall

Though it looks pretty amazing and unique, applying this method is not an easy task to complete. It will also occupy a huge space of your wall, and that’s why you need to make sure you have enough to perform it. A specialized golf accessories room is perfect for this kind of pattern.

In this pattern, the bottom part of all the clubs should be in the same place. Then the head section of the club should expand, or you can even say, fan out. The space between each club should be the exact same, and you must measure it correctly to ensure there is no error.

To perform a perfect fan display of the golf clubs, both the head and the grip of the clubs need to be correctly supported. So, while the clubs are hung on the wall in this way, using those clubs regularly won’t be a good idea. 

This display method suits the best when you are showcasing your club collection, not to use them for playing. 

Method-5: Shadow Box Display of Golf Clubs on the Wall

The shadow box is a path storing the golf balls that have been used from a long time ago. But you can do the same for displaying the golf clubs if the shadow box display. Though it is quite extensive and capable of holding a set of clubs only. You can place more than four and up to seven clubs in a shadow box and hang it on your wall.

Shadow Box Display of Golf Clubs

It will be a great idea to hang the clubs on the wall to showcase those in front of others. Even if you have to use those clubs daily, you can easily put one out from the box and play with it. Then, put the club into the shadow box after cleaning when you are done with playing.

Additionally, this shadow box will be a great performer to hang golf clubs on the wall for both usual clubs storing and showcasing. 

Importance of Displaying and Hanging Golf Clubs on Wall Perfectly

Taking care of your golf clubs is crucial as those are essential parts of your golfing memories. It also plays a crucial role in improving your performance by staying in proper playing condition. That’s why it is always significant which way you display or hang your golf clubs on the wall. 

You need to hang the golf clubs in an organized way whether the season is ongoing or it is offseason. There is immense importance in hanging golf clubs on the wall perfectly as it can directly impact your performance. So, benefits and necessities of performing this action correctly are:

  • Proper display of your golf clubs will assist you in finding the right one for the day within a quick period
  • You will be able to show off your collection of golf clubs in front of others by hanging those in the right place on the wall of your house
  • It will be easier for you to take care of those golf clubs if they are near to you, hanging on the walls
  • You can also keep those clubs far from humidity and moisture if they are displayed somewhere near you and in a bright area
  • The proper displaying place will keep the clubs away from dust along with preventing clubs from getting dents and scratches

FAQs About How to Hang Golf Clubs on Wall

Can I hang the golf clubs on my garage wall?

If you just want to store the golf clubs, not for showcasing, then a garage wall can be used to hang the clubs. But you should make sure that direct sunlight and extreme heat are not reaching there. Natural airflow should also be present there to keep the clubs safe and free from rust and stain.
But if you want to showcase your club collection, then the garage wall might not be the right place.
Storing golf clubs in the garage will be the better idea than hanging golf clubs in the garage.

How much space is required for hanging the golf clubs on the wall?

It is impossible to determine how much area on the wall is enough or required to hang the golf clubs. It entirely depends on which display method you are going to apply. If there is enormous wall space, you can go with any of the hanging ideas without worrying about the space.
But if the wall space is limited, you will have to display the clubs in the best way possible without breaching that space barrier.

Final Thoughts

The golfer’s performance mainly depends on the club, so storing those becomes highly crucial. Whether for regular storage or showing off in front of others, hanging them on the wall is the best option. But most golfers in matter get puzzled about how to hang golf clubs on wall.

A perfect hanging idea will assist you with the proper showcasing of your golf club collection. At the same time, a proper hanging idea with the right place selection will keep the clubs in their best condition for a longer period.