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For every golfer, nothing is more frustrating than finding out rust on the golf clubs. This is why it’s essential to have a clear idea about how to keep golf clubs from rusting.

Whether you are a beginner or pro-level golfer, you definitely want to keep your golf clubs away from getting that rusting thing. But if you don’t know the right way, it won’t be possible for you to avoid such problems.

In fact, you can ruin your golf clubs if you apply any wrong method while taking care of your golf clubs from the rusting problem.

Being a passionate golfer, I always give a higher concentration level while taking care of my golf clubs. In fact, I follow my own technique to keep my golf clubs from the rusting problem.

Today, in this article, I am going to share a detailed discussion on how to keep golf clubs from rusting so that you can yourself acquainted with what-to-do and what-to-avoid for keeping golf clubs from rusting.

Besides, I will share some secret tips that I follow while storing my golf clubs so that they can serve me for a long period (you will get amazed for sure after knowing these tips of mine).

Let’s jump into our discussion on keeping golf clubs from rusting….

Why Does Rust Develop on Golf Clubs?

Before we dive into the discussion on how to keep golf clubs from rusting, you need to know why rust develops on golf clubs in the first place.

Well, there are varieties of reasons why rust can develop on your golf clubs. But the good news is that you can prevent the rusting problem if you follow the right method, which I am going to explain later in this article.

One of the most common reasons your golf clubs may become the victim of the rust attack is your negligence (meaning if you don’t care for your golf clubs properly). Also, damp or humid climates also play a significant role in developing rust on the golf clubs. I think it would be better if I explain these scenarios with proper examples.

At the time of playing golf, it is essential to check the condition of your golf clubs. If any area is found wet, it is recommended to dry out that particular area immediately. In this case, you have to keep in mind that when you let the moisture sit on your golf clubs for a long period of time, the chance of developing rust on the clubs is likely to occur.

You may not face the wet condition all the time you will play out there in the green field. However, moisture is one common thing that you will surely experience while playing on a course covered with dew.

For types of circumstances, I would recommend using a dry towel to clean the moisture from the golf clubs (if you really want to avoid the rusting problem). If you fail to do so, then there is a higher chance that rust will gradually develop on your golf clubs.

Simultaneously, it is important to be cautious enough while storing your golf clubs during the off season (meaning the time when you don’t usually play golf). During this time, you have to store your golf clubs in a way so that they can be away from any kind of damp climate or conditions.

I will try to explain how you should store your golf clubs during the off-seasons later on in this article. So, don’t go anywhere else unless you finish this entire discussion regarding keeping your golf clubs from rusting.

How to Keep Golf Clubs from Rusting?

Before starting the discussion on how to keep golf clubs from rusting, I must let you know that it is the most vital section of this entire article.

Henceforth, you should pay your utmost importance while reading this particular section.

As I have already told, the most common reasons why rust may develop on your golf clubs. So, the prevention is like doing everything you can to avoid the situations that mainly cause the rusting problem on your clubs.

To be frank, the procedure you need to follow while caring for the golf clubs is not tough, yet you need to pay close attention to every word that I will write down from now on.

In this case, the first thing you have to keep in mind that you have to keep an eye on your golf clubs all year-round. This is the first thing you have to do correctly if you want to save your golf clubs from the rusting problem.

You have already come to know that rust in golf club may develop for damp climates, as well as your negligence. So, I would suggest you develop a habit that includes making regular inspections of your golf clubs, drying out the wet areas, being extra cautious while playing in wet green field, and some other.

To be more precise, keep a dry and soft towel with you specifically to clean your golf clubs while you are in the game. I would advise you to use the towel to dry out the shaft, head, and grip of your golf club right after you use it to play a shot.

Though your golf clubs may not always get wet while you will play out there in the green field; moisture can help develop rust on the golf clubs. Actually, moisture is the most common thing that you will experience while playing in the golf field. And this problem may become severe when the field is covered with dew.

In this type of situation, I personally use a soft towel to dry out my golf clubs as I don’t want to have any rust on my favorite clubs. And, for you, I would like to suggest the same.

Follow this method, and thank me later!

For your information, it is not only during the game, you have to pay attention to your golf clubs, but you have to take steps while caring for your clubs after your game.

As I have already mentioned, if you allow moisture to sit on the golf clubs for a longer period of time, then the occurrence of rust on the golf clubs gets higher. For this reason, I would suggest you make a thorough check on your golf clubs’ condition right after you come home after finishing your game.

I always clean and dry out all the parts of my golf clubs after reaching home, finishing a game in the case of mine. Even if I play a game in the rain, I always empty by golf bag by bringing out all the clubs and let the clubs and the bag dry out before putting everything back in the bag.

This is what I follow to avoid problems like developing rust on my golf clubs. And I recommend you follow the same method or technique.

There is another essential thing for every golfer to follow, which is storing the golf clubs. Actually, if you don’t store your golf bags following the right way, you may face the golf clubs rusting problem even if you have bought the best golf clubs.

Taking Preparation for Storing Your Golf Clubs

Developing rust on the golf clubs is one thing that no golfer wants to experience. That’s why you need to take the right preparation for storing your golf clubs.

In this regard, I have specifically designed this section so that you can get a clear idea on how to store your golf clubs to keep them from rusting.

For your convenience, I have divided this particular section a few sub-sections to help you get a precise idea of storing the golf clubs following the right way.

Preparation is the Key

When you want to store your golf clubs, remember that preparation is the key. If you plan to store your golf clubs for the winter or after your game, the first step that I recommend you to follow is cleaning your golf clubs.

You have to carefully wipe down the grips and heads of your golf clubs using lukewarm water for removing dust, dirt, grease, and grime. When the clubs are thoroughly cleaned, you have to use a thick and dry towel to dry the golf clubs in the most appropriate way. If you fail to dry out the clubs at this point, it will surely develop rust on the clubs in a gradual way.

You also have to pay attention when it comes to storing your golf clubs. Always remember that it is best to store the golf bags in a climate-controlled and dry environment. In this case, always keep in mind – never think of storing your golf clubs or golf bags in a room with weak insulation or in a humid or damp environment.


“You can use a rain cover over your golf bag with a view to giving additional protection.”

Can I Keep My Golf Clubs in the Garage?

I have heard this query – can I keep my golf clubs in the garage – a lot in the recent days. So, I thought it would be better if I explained this matter to get a perfect answer to this question.

Well, storing your golf club bags in a garage can be okay. However, it can be a poorly-made decision if you decide to store the golf clubs in the garage for a long period of time. To be more precise, keeping the golf bag with clubs in the garage for a day or two seems to be okay with me, yet they should be thoroughly dried out before storing the garage.

However, if you plan to store your golf bag or golf clubs for the entire winter, then you can only think of doing so if your garage doesn’t have any moisture-related problem. The good news is for newer garages; it is not an issue. But, for older garages, this can be a major problem.

Keep in mind – environments with a higher level of humidity can easily develop rust on your golf clubs.

Henceforth, my suggestion would be not to store your golf cubs or golf bags in your garage in order to be on the safest side.

Some Tips on Keeping Your Golf Clubs from Rusting

Tips on Keeping Golf Clubs from Rusting
Tips on Keeping Golf Clubs from Rusting

As I have made a promise, here, I will share some secret tips regarding keeping your golf clubs safe from rusting –

  • Always pay close attention while caring for your golf clubs.
  • Never forget to clean and dry out your gold clubs after you finish a game.
  • Store your golf clubs and bags following the proper way (meaning the way I have just described above).
  • While playing in the wet field, never put the golf clubs inside the bag before drying out them.
  • Always use a soft and clean golf towel for cleaning your golf clubs.
  • Always use the headcovers when you are out there playing in a game.
  • Never forget to clean the clubs in between the golf rounds.
  • Cleaning the grips is also a mandatory one that you can’t just avoid.
  • Make a habit of performing a regular inspection of the condition of your golf clubs.

These are like all the must-to-follow tips for keeping your golf clubs from the rusting problem.

Final Words

Every golfer does know how expensive it is to play golf as you need varieties of golfing accessories to become a skilled golf player.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the golfing accessories like golf clubs so that the rusting problem doesn’t occur.

In this regard, I have tried to share a detailed guideline on how to keep golf clubs from rusting in the above discussion. I hope that you have got to know about every single thing regarding keeping golf clubs from rusting.

In fact, I have also made a comprehensive discussion on storing your golf clubs so that you can get rid of the rusting problem.

Still, if you want to know more about the prevention of rusting on your golf clubs, you can ping me at any time.

I would love to extend my helping hand.

See You Soon!