Bridgestone Extra Soft Vs Callaway Supersoft – Golf Balls Review

At this moment in time, varied ranges of golf ball brands are available out there. Among those two of the most famous names are Bridgestone and Callaway. For their immense popularity, golf lovers often make a debate on Bridgestone extra soft vs Callaway supersoft.

For those who are beginners in this field, choosing between Bridgestone extra soft and Callaway Supersoft can be a challenging and tiresome job. In fact, the beginners won’t be able to pick the right one for not having the required experience and knowledge regarding golf balls.

Since both of these golf balls have worldwide popularity, I thought of coming up with a detailed discussion on Bridgestone extra soft vs Callaway Supersoft. That’s why I have done thorough research on both of these golf balls.

And, today, finally, I have come here with this in-depth article that can help you get clear idea about Bridgestone extra soft and Callaway supersoft golf balls. Combining my research and years of golfing experience, I have tried my best to discuss the comparison as much detail as possible for me.

I do believe this will act as a complete guideline for beginners as well as pro-level golfers to get themselves acquainted with both of these golf models. And, then they can choose the one depending on their needs and requirements.

Let’s jump into the comparison discussion right now….

Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball Review

The Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball came in the market aiming at helping the golfers who loves moderate swing speeds, better feel, and distance at the same time.

Features of Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls in Detail

  • Bridgestone has performed industry-leading and ball fitting challenges and testing for a couple of years intending to come up with a high-quality product – the Bridgestone Extra Soft ball.
  • The Bridgestone Extra Soft features the PERFECT combination of soft ionomer cover and extra soft gradational core. And such combination will you provide you with a superior feel, longer distance, and straighter fights in the course.
  • If you are looking for straighter ball flights and longer distance with a superior soft feel, then it is the Bridgestone Extra Soft you should go for.
  • No matter the type of swinger you are, the Extra Soft ball from Bridgestone can provide you with achieving a longer distance while giving you a softer feel. The original goal behind the production of this Extra Soft variant from the Bridgestone was to help all the beginner and intermediate level golfers improve their distance on every shot they play in round after round.
  • The low compression core of this ball will allow you to achieve maximum distance even if you are one of those low-swinger types. According to Bridgestone, they had put over around 250,000+ golfers for the testing purpose of this golf ball model. And, 75% among them have a swing speed lower than 105 mph. Hence, those tests claim that the Bridgestone Extra Soft is specifically designed and built for those golf players looking for upgraded yardage coverage.
  • Furthermore, the ionomer soft coating won’t create a hindrance to your feel, as this ball unit comes with the capability of providing you with more spin, which will ultimately lead to a superb green-side performance.
  • Lastly, the 330 dimple design and patented Seamless Cover Technology adds good aerodynamics to this ball, making it a PERFECT choice for amateurs or seasonal golfers who want to improve their golfing skills.

According to Steve Kettlewell, the Managing Director of Bridgestone Golf UK-

“Bridgestone Golf continues to enhance the modern golf ball, and the new Extra Soft ball gives more amateur golfers the opportunity to improve their game, simply by choosing a ball that is more of a match to their individual swing speed.”

Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls Review

Pros of Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls

  • Extra soft gradational core.
  • Extraordinarily soft ionomer coating.
  • Allows you to enjoy straighter ball flight and longer distance with a soft feel while playing shots.
  • Designed to help slow swingers in achieving their desired distance.
  • Two piece construction has made this ball the ideal choice for golfers of all types.
  • Low compression core allows you to cover the maximum distance.
  • Soft ionomer coating provides you with an extra soft feel and superb green-side performance at the same time.
  • Perfect golf ball for amateurs looking to improve their golfing skills.
  • Perfect combination of value and performance.

Cons of Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls

  • Not an ideal ball for pro-level players.
  • Expert swingers won’t get much help from this ball unit.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball was introduced with the addition of improved aerodynamics for covering additional distance.

Features of Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball in Detail

  • The name of this golf ball brand says everything. To your utter surprise, the Callaway Supersoft is categorized as one of the softest golf balls available out there on the market at this moment in time.
  • If you are not one of those great swingers at lightning speeds, then I bet Supersoft is the PERFECT golf ball specifically designed for you.
  • The Supersoft provides you with a soft feel while allowing you an excellent spin control while playing shots in the club.
  • In fact, you get the advantage of achieving the jaw-dropping distance with this Supersoft ball. And this has been possible only because of the latest ultra-low compression core added by its manufacturers.
  • Although the name is Supersoft, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t experience durability. The soft cover of this ball is indeed durable. You will notice the new look after a full round, even after hitting it 100+ times.
  • The ultra-low compression core of this golf ball will also help you experience increased accuracy and fast ball speed at the same time. So, for beginners and intermediate learners, it is undoubtedly the right choice.
  • Furthermore, the latest low-drag HEX Aerodynamics will allow you to cover a longer distance with a soft feel, allowing you to experience a superb green-side performance.
  • The latest soft Tri-onomer cover with the addition of low compression core will give you a feel along with a tremendous shot-stopping spin. And, this is what the beginners would love to have while playing golf for the first time.
Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review

Pros of Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

  • The ultra-low compression core ensures reduced spin and faster ball speeds at the time of playing full shots.
  • Reduced spin helps to achieve maximum distance and an increased level of accuracy.
  • The Tri-onomer cover formulation ensures added spin and soft feel on the chip shots while fighting around the green.
  • The external cover is indeed very DURABLE.
  • You will find the new look on the outer shell for a full round with 100+ shots.
  • The latest HEX aerodynamics of this ball ensures longer distance and higher launch by reducing drag.
  • Perfect golf ball unit for new and seasonal golfers.
  • Gives you performance at an affordable price.

Cons of Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

  • Faster swingers won’t get the same benefits compared to the slower swinging players.
  • Not an ideal golf ball for pro-level golfers.

Bridgestone Extra Soft Vs Callaway Supersoft

Based on some core features, here I am going to present a brief comparison between Bridgestone Extra Soft and Callaway Supersoft golf balls.

  • Durability

The Callaway Supersoft comes with a Tri-onomer cover, whereas the Bridgestone Extra Soft features an ionomer coating. So, the Callaway Supersoft definitely takes a win in this category.

  • Feel

Both the Supersoft and Extra Soft enjoy softer outer layers, meaning players will experience a soft feel while playing full shots. Hence, selecting a winner in this category has been challenging for me. However, for the soft gradational core of the Bridgestone Extra Soft, I would like to pick this the winner in this case.

  • Greenside Control

Both the Supersoft and Extra Soft features aerodynamics, meaning you will get more excellent greenside performance. But I would pick the Callaway Super Soft this time because of the latest HEX aerodynamics added to this ball by its manufacturers.

  • Distance

For covering an increased distance, both the Extra Soft and Supersoft comes with specific design features that help to reduce spin. And this reduced spin can help you experience enhanced and faster ball speeds. However, as per the Bridgestone data (indicating the testing thing where more than 250,000 golfers participated), I will pick the Bridgestone Extra Soft this time without any second thought.

  • Price

When it comes to price, both the Callaway Supersoft and Bridgestone Extra Soft fall in the ‘affordable’ category. In terms of performance, both golf ball models can be obtainable at a reasonable price range. So, we got no winner in this category.

Who Is The Winner Between Bridgestone Extra Soft and Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls?

So, we have seen that the Bridgestone Extra Soft and Callaway Supersoft had given a head-to-head competition, showing the result with an exact tie.

Frankly, picking a winner is quite impossible while comparing two of the most popular golf balls – Bridgestone Extra Soft and Callaway Supersoft.

Both golf ball brands offer a soft feel, durability, longer distance, greenside control, and improved accuracy at an affordable price range.

The only downside I noticed with both of these golf ball units is that they are not designed or built for expert golfers.

So, if you are an amateur or intermediate golfer, looking to improve your skills, then you can pick either of the two golf ball brands I have just made a discussion on.

Final Words

Since there are wide ranges of golf balls available out there, it is quite challenging to pick the right one to meet your needs and requirements.

And, when the comparison is about Bridgestone Extra Soft vs Callaway Supersoft, two of the most popular golf ball brands, at that time, picking a winner is no less than an impossible task.

I personally played with both the golf balls and found them value-for-money golf balls, especially for beginners and intermediate learners.

If you are trying desperately to improve your golfing skills, I would highly suggest you pick either of these two golf ball brands.

Believe in me because I know that you will thank me later!

You may choose right golf balls by reading other contents of mine “best golf balls for beginners” and “best golf balls for seniors” or give suggestion to others for buying the best suited golf balls.

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding golfing or need suggestions to improve your game, do not hesitate to knock me.

I would try my level best to help you out.

Happy Golfing!