Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball Review | Buying Guide Included

In the world of golfers, there are wide ranges of golf ball brands available out there. Among the most popular golf ball brands, one name that has won the heart of many golfers is the Bridgestone.

The Bridgestone Extra Soft Ball is one of the BEST creations that is designed for providing performance at an affordable price. However, you need to study the Bridgestone extra soft ball review in full before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

In this article I have provided you with an in-depth discussion on every single feature of the Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball. I have also pointed out the pros and cons of this golf ball model based on my real-life playing experience.

Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball Review – A Detailed Discussion

Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls

I have divided the entire discussion into a few sections and subsections for your convenience. I am quite sure that you will get what you have been looking for.

Brand Profile

The model Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball is one of the most popular golf balls from the brand Bridgestone. If you have a passion for golf, then it is obvious that you have already come across this golf brand name.

And, those of you who haven’t yet heard this name (Bridgestone), I must inform you of the fact that the Bridgestone is known to be one of the most leading golf ball manufacturing brands. This brand has been consistently contributing a lot by bringing a wide range of high-quality golf balls for golf lovers.

Serve Society with Superior Quality” is their motto. In addition to golf balls, they have been continuously bringing a wide range of golf equipment like golf clubs, golf bags, headwear, gloves, and other golf accessories. Currently, the model Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball is one of their well-appreciated models. You will be glad to hear that it has some EXCLUSIVE features to offer.

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Bridgestone.
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds.
  • Product Weight: 8.8 ounces.
  • Package Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 8 inches.
  • Feel Type: Softest.
  • Available Colors: White, Pink & Yellow.
  • Cover Material: Soft Ionomer.
  • Construction: 2-Piece.
  • Dimple Count: 330.
  • Core Compression: 44.
  • Item Model Number: XSWXD-Parent.

Important Highlights

  • Passed industry-leading ball fitting challenges.
  • Soft ionomer cover.
  • Extra soft gradational core.
  • Superior feel.
  • Low compression core.
  • Patented Seamless Cover Technology.
  • Superb aerodynamics.
  • Two-piece construction.

Detailed Features & Benefits

Bridgestone extra soft ball reviews

In this section I have discussed about the “Key Features” of this golf ball model in detail. If you are experiencing any confusion about whether to buy this golf ball, then be assured that it is the most vital part of this entire section.

Ball Fitting Challenge

Bridgestone has been continuously trying to come up with a golf ball unit that can pass the ball fitting challenge. In this regard, they have managed 260,000 golfers to test this golf ball unit.

The main reason behind such testing purposes was to get the opinions from those golfers who participated in the testing mission. Based on their opinion (they found this unit best for them), they have brought the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf balls in the market.

The introduction to the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball has completely changed the golfing experience of thousands of golfers out there who were continuously trying to improve their golfing skills.

According to Charlie Strother (a 64-year old seasonal golfer) –

“I was trying harder to improve my swing speed with a soft golf ball. But I saw literally no improvement until I tried the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball. In this regard, I am grateful to my golfing partner who actually recommended me to try a soft ball. And, I am also thankful to Bridgestone for their hard work behind the introduction of the Extra Soft golf ball.”

Seamless Cover Technology

The patented Seamless Cover Technology with the 330-dimple design has added superb aerodynamics to the Extra Soft golf ball of Bridgestone. Such a combination in a golf ball design is ideal for amateurs looking for ways to improve their playing skills.

The Seamless Cover technology is entirely specific to the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf balls. Because of this technology, you will notice the reduction of drag through impact. Furthermore, during the event of ball flight at the initial stage. If you are a beginner, then I should let you know that the reduced drag positively impacts your long shots covering your desired distance.

Whether you are a pro or beginner, you know that the added distance is all that every golfer always dreams. But, you can’t experience the added distance until you have the right ball.

This is why the ‘Research & Development’ team of Bridgestone has come up with the Seamless Cover technology for this Extra Soft golf ball.

Ultra Low Compression Core with 2-Piece Design

The 2-piece design of this Extra Soft golf ball with the ultra low compression core makes it the PERFECT choice for golfers trying to achieve distance on their strokes.

The ultra-low compression core makes the ball suitable for the club face to hit the ball so that the player can easily gain the added distance.

Simultaneously, the 2-piece design of this golf ball gives an additional advantage to the golfers for maintaining accuracy.

This combination gives a great advantage for the beginner and amateur golfers who are facing troubles in gaining long-distance shots.

According to Bridgestone –

“Around 75% of the total golfers who participated in the testing mission experience swing-speed that is lower than 105 miles per hour (from the tee).”

Henceforth, the Extra Soft golf ball of Bridgestone will undoubtedly suit those golf players with low or average swing speed.

Extra Soft Cover

For the golfers who are looking for the feel and greenside control at the same time, Soft Cover is the BEST option available for you. A hard ball will never give you the same feel that you can experience with a soft ball.

If you are a type of golfer who is looking for the feel alongside the course, then I would recommend you to go for a soft ball like the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball.

The combination of extra-soft gradational core and the soft ionomer cover makes the Extra Soft golf ball the PERFECT choice for golfers who have been consistently looking for the feel while playing the first stroke. This combination will provide you with long-distance, superior feel, and straighter flights in the course.

Lots of Options

When you like a golf ball, you will see that there is only one-color variant available: WHITE. With the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball, you get the option of choosing from 3 different color variants – white, pink, and yellow.

Of course, you can pick the white one if you want to taste the traditional golfing experience in the greenside course. But multiple color variants let you choose the one best matched to your favorite color.

At the end of the day, it is you who will pick the one for your next golfing session.

Affordable Price

Having read all the features I have described above, you might be thinking about the price of the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball. Here I have good news for you because this golf ball is available at an affordable price range. So, beginners and amateurs can experience performance and feel without even making a big budget.


  • Two-piece construction has made this golf ball the perfect choice for beginners and amateurs.
  • The low swing speed of this golf ball will help you in improving your golfing skills.
  • The ultra low compression of the Extra Soft golf ball will benefit you with the added distance.
  • The soft ionomer outer cover will give you the desired feel and longer distance in the greenside course.
  • The extra soft gradational core offers straighter ball flights and longer distance following the soft feel.
  • Soft ionomer coating on the outer shell of this Extra Soft golf ball offers extra soft feel along with tremendous greenside performance.
  • Specifically designed for helping the slow swingers in gaining the added distance.
  • Perfect golf ball unit for golfers having trouble with improving their golfing skills.
  • Perfect combination of performance and value.


  • Experienced golfers may not find it satisfying.
  • Expert swingers won’t get any added advantage from this golf ball.

Why Should You Buy Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls?

You have already got yourself acquainted with the detailed features, pros, and cons of the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball in addition to necessary other details. Apart from that, you have also come to know why this golf ball model is one of the best golf balls available currently in the market.

However, a ubiquitous question that may pop up in your mind right now – “Why should you buy the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf balls?”

Well, here is your answers –

  • This golf ball will give your desired feel along with greenside performance.
  • Ideal golf ball for players who are trying to improve their golfing skills.
  • The soft ionomer outer cover gives you a satisfying feeling when you play the stroke.
  • The ultra low compression core helps you gain the added distance in the greenside course.
  • 2-piece construction has made it the PERFECT choice for low and medium-level swingers.

Based on my golfing experiences with this Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball, I would recommend it the best option for amateur, beginner, and seasonal golfers. Also, it is the right golf ball for those who are troubling with improving their golfing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the softest Bridgestone golf ball?

As of this date, Bridgestone has brought a wide range of soft golf balls in the market, intending to satisfy the needs of golfers of all types. In terms of price and performance, I would consider the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball as the softest Bridgestone golf ball.

However, there are also other Bridgestone golf balls available out there. If you want, you can check Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls or Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls among those to make justified comparison and take right buying decision.

What is the best golf ball for my swing speed?

It is not wise to recommend a golf ball without having any idea about the swing speed of a golfer.

If you are a low or mid swinger, then I would recommend the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball as it can help you gain the added distance with superb greenside performance.

In addition to that, you can also check out the Review of Callaway Supersoft golf ball because this golf ball has some EXCLUSIVE features to offer.

Does a soft golf ball go further?

Well, to be honest, it depends.

For example, golfers with low swing speed will experience some added distance while playing with soft golf balls. And this can be beneficial for them.

On the contrary, pro golfers with higher swing speed may not benefit from the soft balls.


So, we have almost arrived at the final section of this discussion specifically designed on the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf balls review.

I have tried to cover all the details of this Extra Soft golf ball that you must know, including the detailed features, pros, cons, along with some other necessary factors.

Apart from that, I have also designed a specific section that clearly points out the benefits and advantages you can gain from the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf balls. I am fully confident that those advantages and benefits of this golf ball will surely play a significant role when you make the final purchasing decision.