Do You Need Golf Shoes? Suggestions From The Experts

You need a range of skills, precision, and attention to detail while playing golf. But mostly, you need to ensure balance while golfing. The swings depend on how well you hold yourself and your lower body. While ensuring the right angling and positioning, your feet and footwear provide the best aid.

So, do you need golf shoes? It’s not mandatory to use golf shoes or any specific type of footwear while playing golf. But proper golf shoes can make a big difference in your game. You can swing better while ensuring the right angling.

There is more to know about choosing the right type of footwear and golf shoes while golfing. So, let’s go ahead to learn all about it!

Do You Need Golf Shoes?

Do You Need Golf Shoes

It is a common question do i need golf shoes? Golf rules don’t require you to wear golf shoes as a must. But wearing golf shoes can give you an upper hand in your game. Golf shoes are specially designed to provide better traction and stability over the ground. As a result, you can maintain body balance and secure stable shots.

Many people who plays golf suffer with flat feet problems, who needs special types of shoes. Shoes manufacturers made their gameplay comfy by making golf shoes that supports flat feet associated problems.

The spikes or soft rubber soles of golf shoes provide extended support to your feet while you are performing. Unlike regular shoes, these shoes can also keep you away from foot fatigue, soreness, and injuries. Besides, golf shoes also complete your golfing dress codes.

There are many golfers having plantar fasciitis associated problems. There are specially made golf shoes for plantar fasciitis golfers to give give comfort while playing.

Benefits Of Golf Shoes

Although wearing golf shoes while playing is not mandatory, these can provide you superior benefits during the game. Here are a few explanations why are golf shoes required:

  • Improved Traction: Golf shoes can provide extended traction and support on the ground and grass. You won’t have to worry even if the grass is wet. Through this, you can always have the right balance while preventing accidental slips.
  • Increased Stability: The mechanism of the golf shoe soles can increase your strength on the ground. Thus, you can perform the swing from any position while ensuring stability.
  • Sounder Performance: The improved functionality and traction while maintaining a good balance impacts your overall performance. You can ensure consistent swings and shots that enhance your golfing.
  • Comfort and Support: Golf shoes offer higher support to your feet during the game so you don’t feel fatigued afterward. It also helps you to keep the right alignment during the shots. Most of the golf shoes are very comfortable for regular walking.
  • Weather Compatibility: Almost all golf shoes provide great all-weather compatibility so you can play in any weather condition. Most of those are water-resistant to keep your feet protected in wet conditions.
  • Style: You can keep up with the dress code and style by wearing golf shoes. That maintains your personality during the game.

Spikes Vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes: Which One Is Better?

spikes vs spikeless golf shoes

Golf shoes usually come in two categories. Here is an overview of both.


The spiked golf shoes are designed with small and replaceable spikes on the sole. These spikes are usually made of plastic or metal. As a result of the spikes, you can have better traction as they grip the ground well. So, even during wet conditions, you won’t slip or fall.

Besides, the spikes on the soles provide extraordinary support during the swings. Regardless of your position, you can maintain the balance to secure the shot effortlessly.


Spikeless golf shoes contain a rubber sole with small nubs or dimples. These are not replaceable like the spikes. So, when you need more of a casual approach, you can go for them. These shoes are very versatile due to their design.

Unlike spiked ones, you can wear spikeless shoes even off the course. Therefore, these are made comfortable and lighter to support you all the time. However, you won’t get the same traction and grip from these shoes as spiked shoes.


Experts suggest using spiked shoes when you need specialized footwear during the game. Spiked golf shoes can provide all the features that you need during the game. Also, they can help you to enhance your performance. But if you want something to wear casually, you may want to go for spikeless shoes.

Do Beginners Need Golf Shoes?

Do you need golf shoes to play golf as an entry level golfer? Beginners don’t necessarily need to buy golf shoes unless they want them badly. The reason behind purchasing golf shoes is to enhance performance while protecting the feet. Beginners don’t need that kind of performance enhancement right away.

However, beginners may still want to purchase golf shoes due to the additional safety and security. Good traction may help in the practice sessions. Thus, they can master balancing techniques and stability while preventing sudden falls.

While it’s not mandatory, golf shoes can still help beginners to reach their potential a little fast. This also helps the individual to enjoy golfing from the beginning. The additional comfort and support can enhance their performance and keep them away from fatigue during the practice sessions.

Tips For Wearing Golf Shoes

Here are a few experts’ suggested tips that can keep you ahead in the game:

Tip 1: Use spiked ones for wet conditions

Due to the enhanced traction, the spiked golf shoes work better in wet conditions. This will keep your feet away from the rain while giving you an upper hand in the game.

Tip 2: Choose spikeless shoes for comfort

If it’s not wet weather, it’s comfortable to wear spikeless shoes. The extra cushion will provide you with enough protection and comfort even if you play for a long period.

Tip 3: Be mindful of the spikes

When you are wearing spiked shoes, it’s better to avoid hard surfaces as they may break or damage the shoe spikes. Instead, remove your shoes while walking on hard surfaces like pavements.

Tip 4: Wear appropriate socks

You can’t ignore socks to make the shoe fit well. Wearing socks can also ensure that your feet are cushioned for extra comfort.

Tip 5: Replace the spikes when necessary

Replicable spikes need to be replaced if they show any signs of damage or wearing. You will get the perfect traction and performance if you ensure the proper maintenance and replacement in time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will golf shoes make you a better golfer?

Yes, golf shoes will impact your performance while making you a better golfer. The golf shoes help you gain proper balance and stability on the ground. Besides, you can also get better swing speed alongside great shots.

Do golf shoes really make a difference?

Yes, golf shoes will impact your performance as they offer better stability and balance on the ground.

You can move your body flexibly using golf shoes. Besides, it affects your strikes, swings, and shots while improving your overall performance.

Can I wear any shoes to golf?

You can wear any shoes to golf but it’s better to use shoes with a good grip. Experts suggest using spiked golf shoes to enhance your performance.

However, running shoes and sneakers with an adequate grip can also be good alternatives.

Are sneakers OK for golf?

You can wear sneakers if they provide enough grip on the ground. Try choosing sneakers with good soles, better if rubber-made. Also, keep in mind that there should be enough cushioning for the sneaker.

Wrapping Up

As an answer to your question: do you need golf shoes, we have provided adequate expert opinions.

In the end, it’s better if you keep a specialized pair of spiked golf shoes for the wet weather and a spikeless pair for regular usage. The good thing is that golf shoes don’t cost a fortune!