How Should Golf Shoes Fit? Get Answer to Play Better

The secret of playing amazing golf is wearing a pair of fit shoes. Sadly, many golfers don’t know that their shoes play a vital role in helping them to perform better. The correct golf shoes and their right fit will help better your gaming experience.

Usually, golfers need to walk around 10,000 steps, especially when doing a course. This is when accurately fit shoes will assist you with improved athletic performance.

So, you need to know how should golf shoes fit. Hence, we must not waste additional time finding the answer to your query. Let’s begin.

How Should Golf Shoes Fit? Know the Right Answer

It’s essential to have the right concept on how golf shoes should fit. You need to keep in mind a few things when trying golf shoes for you. If you find yourself having the same facts mentioned below, know that this is how a pair of golf shoes should fit. Come and take a look at those facts to consider.

How Should Golf Shoes Fit

1. Room for Toes

When you have worn and tied the shoes, try to wiggle the toes. If you fail to wiggle toes inside the shoes, it means they are too tight. Choose the shoes with at least half-inch space between the shoe end and your big toe’s tips. These shoes will fit well.

2. Snug Fit

After wearing the shoes, try to feel how tight it seems. If it feels super-tight, say no to that particular size of shoes. But if they snug fit, you need these shoes. How snug should golf shoes fit is an important factor for chosing the perfect pair of golf shoes.

3. Lacing

When shoe lacing, try to understand if it feels too narrow or wide. The correct fit will come with a 5/8″ between the shoes tied and your top eyelets.

4. Forefoot Appearance

Between your shoelaces and toe, the portion should look smooth. If that part looks rippled or bunched up when tied because it means inside of your shoes there are more than enough rooms. Avoid such shoes.

5. Secured Forefoot and Heel

Of course, you don’t want any risks like getting blisters or losing stability when swinging. Therefore, you need shoes that can ensure your forefoot and heel safety.

To avoid such risks, always walk a little while wearing the new pair of shoes. If they slide or sleep, put them back to where they were and get your hands on another pair of shoes that you will walk comfortably wearing.

How to Find the Right Fit Shoes?

The right fit mostly totally depends on the shoe size. Study shows that wearing the right fit golf shoes can improve the performance up to 21%; however, the sad fact is 70% of golfers wear the wrong size shoes.

Then the question arises, how to know the right fit? Well, here are the tips for you to understand which size is the proper fit for you.

Tips to Find the Right Fit Golf Shoes

  • Check if you can leave 1/2″ (not less or more than half inches) space between the shoe end and your longest toe when trying a shoe.
  • The shoe’s opening top must be wide such that thumbs can easily go in and out of the shoes.
  • Make sure your shoe breaks properly with the forefoot flex point when flexed.
  • If the shoes are the right fit for you, you will listen to a “whoosh” sound when inserting your foot.
  • When walking, if there is no additional movement in your shoes, it means they have fit you properly
  • Swing wearing the shoes to check they don’t feel too tight or loose.

Why Should Golf Shoes Fit?

We have previously mentioned that fit golf shoes are necessary, and they can actually improve a golfer’s gaming. But why should golf shoes fit? Is improvement the only thing you need to get fit shoes? The answer is “No.” There are more valid reasons for having golf shoes fit. Let’s get to know about them.

How Do Golf Shoes Fit


Many golfers fall for the wrong shoes because they don’t know how comfortable they feel when wearing golf shoes. Most of them think it’s convenient if it feels a little loose. However, comfort only comes from golf shoes that neither feel tight nor feel loose. When wearing them, you will not slip blisters and will have proper lifts.


Your overall look depends on how your golf shoes look. If the shoes are small, they will be weird since the shape changes. The entire shoes seem like they are shifting outward.

Again if the shoes are larger, they will ripple on the top part where the laces are located and ruin its appearance. A pair of fit golf shoes will hold their shape fine. Plus, it will benefit you by reducing friction.


Golfing is about the focus and style of playing and how you take your position before hitting the golf ball. We have noticed professional golfers take time to hit the ball until they take their comfort and suitable position. The posting and angle of keeping their feet ease swinging.

If you’re not wearing fit golf shoes, you will never understand your right foot-keeping position. Moreover, when lifting your heel, you will be in the convenience zone and will feel less tired while practicing. It’s been tested and found out that fit shoes can increase golf players’ performance up to twenty-one percent.

Signs of Wearing Incorrect Size Golf Shoes

Your golf shoes will not fit you if they are the wrong size. Shoes must have a comfortable fit from the first wear and should continue to stay in the right fit. Always go for high-quality shoes if you want your shoes to give you comfort and feel fit.

Now, if you already have incorrect size shoes, you are having difficulties improving your game. Listen! You need to change those pairs of shoes, so check these facts carefully below.

If you find yourself facing difficulties with your shoes, you need to get suitable pair of golf shoes for you immediately. Following are the signs of wearing incorrect size golf shoes.

  • Eyelets are too near or far apart
  • Shoes are too broad or narrow
  • Excessive bunching
  • Shoes are too lengthy
  • Extended toe areas
  • Wear in the pocket of the heel
  • Wear on the inside fit-bed
  • Your foot moves inside the shoes

Things to Consider When Trying New Golf Shoes

You don’t want to make the same mistake of picking unfit shoes as before, do you? So, you need to think a few things that we are about to share now. Let’s find those factors.

Measuring Feet Carefully

Measuring both feet requires Brannock Device. It can measure and tell you the correct size of your feet. Before you go for measuring, don’t forget to wear socks since the thickness of your socks keeps a difference of 1/2 inches size. You should get one by one to measure the foot length and width.

Carefully measure the sizes of the toes, especially the big and second toes. You need to ensure your second toe size doesn’t exceed the big toe size. After measuring the length, it’s time for the width. Measure the foot’s ball because this is the widest area of your forefoot.

Checking Pressure Points

When you wear a pair of shoes, the inside feel can give you ideas about the pressure points. You can get clues for bunions, calluses, and other regions where food rubs with the shoe excessively. Always avoid shoes with deep impressions. Pick shoes that feel soft and have quality cushioned insoles.

Supporting Arch

Arch support is a vital factor you need to keep in mind. The cleats of the shoes must not feel hard on your foot skins. Go for shoes that feel more flexible since they can provide the best arch support.

Feels Wider

Try the new shoes and try to understand how wide they feel. A psychological fact is that golf players get more comfortable if they find enough room for the toes while lifting their toes. So after wearing the shoes, if they constrain, try the other options until you find the wider shoes (but of course, not too wide).

Thankfully, manufacturers these days are making shoes that have enough space for toes to spread fine. They have improved the toe box. The quick way of figuring out the room for toes is wiggling them inside the worn shoes.

What Traits Make Golf Shoes Fit?

Fit golf shoes have some attributes. If you find these traits in a pair of golf shoes, it means they will fit. The following are the traits.

1. Passed Rigorous Test

You will find many review articles on golf shoes that are rigorously tested and successfully passed. Those shoes will 100% fit.

2. Material and Technology

Golf shoes made using poor quality materials will never fit any golfer. Both the material quality and the construction technology should be high-end. High-quality shoes always fit.

3. Boa Closure Technique

With the boa closure technique, Golf shoes fit perfectly while providing the desired flexibility. It can pull down the foot and back inside the shoes to provide you with a precise fit.

4. Size Consistency

The size of your shoes must have firmness. This attribute alone can hold the shape of the shoes for an extended period. It also means your shoes will not easily get loosen.

FAQsHow Do Golf Shoes Fit

How tight should your golf shoes be?

If you think wearing little loose golf shoes will give you the fit shoes feeling, you’re mistaken. When you are wearing your shoes and moving, it should feel like a snug fit so that when you are about to swing, the shoes can prevent your feet from moving unnecessarily.
But then again, the shoes shouldn’t be too tight so that they lack enough space for your toes. The toes need to spread as required for your comfort.

Do golf shoes stretch out?

Every shoe eventually stretches out depending on its uses. It happens because the shoe molds a person’s walking style and foot.

Do you wear socks with golf shoes?

Generally, golf shoes have a difference of around 1/2 between the wearer’s toe tip and the shoe’s front-ending tip. Hence, if a golfer wishes to have the proper fit, it’s better to wear socks with them.

Do golf courses require golf shoes?

Golf courses don’t always require golf shoes, but it is suggested to wear them for better learning. Since the golf performance depends quite on the shoes, one should wear golf shoes on golf courses.

Closing Remarks

For a passionate golfer, it’s essential to know how should golf shoes fit. Golf shoes are one of the most vital parts to increase the overall gaming experience.

Because when playing the game every body part of yours should feel relaxed so that you can focus and take position better. So, make sure to get fit golf shoes every time to help yourself feel and play better.