How To Clean Golf Cart Batteries – 7 Easy Steps To Follow

Golf cart batteries are the powerhouse that runs your electric golf cart. Typically, golf cart batteries can last for years with proper maintenance. So, you have to check them regularly and see if there is any trouble. If you notice corrosion on the battery, you should clean them quickly otherwise, it will end up with replacing the batteries. 

Well, cleaning the batteries isn’t too difficult. You will need some household items, and it will be done within some time. We have outlined the whole process of how to clean golf cart batteries. Following the guide, you can properly take care of the cart batteries. 

How To Clean Golf Cart Batteries? 

How to Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Mostly, an electric golf cart has six batteries. Since the carts are driven on the golf course, they get dirty. If they are not cleaned properly, soon there will be corrosion build-up and damage the cart batteries.. So never neglect to clean golf cart batteries.

You can do clean them in under 30 minutes. How you will start, go through the article. Avoid skipping any step.  

Before you start [Safety Precautions]

The battery is dangerous because it contains acidic substances. It can splash or explode and your face and clothes will be covered in it. The acid can burn your skin and destroy your clothes. 

That’s why you need to wear acid-proof safety goggles or a face shield. Never put your eyes at risk. Also, wear a pair of heavy-duty acid-proof rubber gloves. It would be better if you remove other accessories like a watch, ring, bracelets, etc. 

Sometimes batteries can overheat or be overcharged and there is a chance of blowing. If the top of the battery blows, the acid will spatter. Wear long-sleeved clothes that are damaged if you don’t want to ruin good clothes. 

Step By Step Instruction to Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Cleaning Golf Cart Batteries

After ensuring the proper safety of your eyes and skin, you need to start cleaning your golf cart batteries. Here you will need some items that can be found in every house. Below is the complete guide to clean golf cart batteries. 

Step 1: Prepare A Spot

Choose an open, clear spot where you won’t have to worry about damage to the ground. While claiming, the battery acid can leak out and damage grass or stain concrete. If you are cleaning in the garage, the acid can damage the garage floor. So it would be better to clean on the top of some gravel, the acid will be less effective. 

Step 2: Prepare Golf Cart

In the golf cart, the batteries are placed under the seat. You need to prop the seat to expose the batteries. Then disconnect the batteries in the golf cart. Make sure, the battery vents are tightly shut and are not plugged into the charger. Turn off your golf cart and remove the key as well. Skip cleaning the batteries, if you have just arrived from a long drive. Because the battery will be hot and difficult to clean.  

Step 3: Prepare The Cleaning Solution

To clean the batteries, you will need baking soda, warm water, and a water hose. Mix warm water and baking soda, the portion may vary but remember, don’t make a paste of them. However, you can use a golf cart battery cleaner if you have one. A toothbrush is also needed to fasten your cleaning process. 

Step 4: Remove Excessive Dirt

Set your water hose on a light setting, then spray on the batteries. You may see dirt and corrosion. A light mist will spray everything clean. 

Step 5: Clean Battery Terminals

Pour the baking soda and warm water solution into all the terminals. After pouring the liquid all over the terminals, set the liquid for about five minutes. 

Then give a scrub with a toothbrush to each terminal. Baking soda solution will help you to remove corrosion from the top of the battery. Use moderate force while scrubbing with a toothbrush. 

Step 6: Rinse The Solution

When you lift up most of the corrosion, it is time to rinse the batteries. Spray water with the hose. Set the water flow at high power and it should clean all the debris. Then let the battery dry.

Step 7:  Inspect & Protect

When you clean up all the batteries, now, you should inspect all of them. Check for any cracks in the battery casing and connections. Inspect the terminals if they are in good condition or not. You can use the battery terminal protector for long-lasting usage of golf cart batteries. It is a gel-type element and helps to decrease corrosion for a long time. 

Why do you need battery terminal protector for golf cart?

After cleaning the batteries, you need to take steps to free them from corrosion. It is a good idea to use some product to prevent this corrosion build-up. There are many commercial products that are used as battery terminal protectors.

Actually, many use petroleum jelly in this regard. This jelly protects the battery terminals and prevents corrosion from developing in the terminals. Using these products, you can maintain corrosion-free battery terminals for an extended period. 

How to maintain golf cart batteries? 

How to maintain golf cart batteries

For the healthy function of the cart batteries, they need proper maintenance. Here are some tips to follow for taking care of your golf cart batteries. 

Charging the golf cart batteries 

Charging is the most important thing to maintain a battery for a longer period. Before charging you should check your golf cart battery cahrger in a proper way. When you plug the batteries, make sure they are fully charged. Moreover, keep the cart batteries at full charge when the cart is not in use. While charging, pay attention to some things:

  • Charging your golf cart batteries in a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t make any smoke while charging or any type of maintenance of golf cart batteries.
  • Never charge the battery that has dry cells or loose terminals. 

It is not necessary to recharge the golf cart after every single use. But if you do so after every single use, you can drive your cart without any hassle and you will be ready to go whenever you want. However, golf cart batteries can lose their capability after some time. When your cart is sitting in the garage or storage for a few weeks at a time, it is recommended to disconnect and reconnect the golf cart battery charger every few days. 

Watering Golf Cart Battery

The water level in the cart battery is an essential checking. Make sure the water level of your golf cart battery cells is an ideal height. For most of the batteries, the water line should be above the lead element and an inch from the top of the cell. 

When the lead element is right at the water level or above it, pour some distilled water to level up the waterline. Don’t use tap water because it contains traces of chemicals and they can damage the golf cart batteries in the long run. 

It is recommended to check the water level in the battery cells at least once every two months. It will make sure your battery won’t damage due to low water levels. Always refill the water in the golf cart batteries after fully charging the golf cart. If you maintain the right water level after every charge, your cart batteries will be in good condition. 

If you maintain your cart batteries properly, it will certainly help the golf cart to move faster and ensure longer life length of the cart batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions – How To Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Can I use coke to get rid of battery corrosion?

Yes, you can use coke to remove battery corrosion. Well, it sounds weird but it actually works. Coke is a helpful element in cleaning purposes. But you may face a sticky mess if you don’t wash it off entirely afterward. However, it is one kind of experiment so better you skip this element. Baking soda solution is handier.

Does vinegar clean battery terminals?

Vinegar has a wide array of usage. You can also use it to clean golf cart terminals. But many claim that vinegar is less effective than baking soda and water. Baking soda solution works best for cleaning batteries. Plain water also removes corrosion, but it will need more time.

Can baking soda neutralize battery acid?

Baking soda can neutralize battery acid. It needs several minutes to work. After applying baking soda, you need to let it sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the solution will neutralize the battery acid. Then scrub with a brush.

Can you wash golf cart batteries with water spray?

You can use water spray to wash golf cart batteries. But you need to control the water pressure. It is not necessary to spray water with full blast and hit the batteries. As we said earlier, water alone can not remove corrosion, you need to go through the whole process according to our guide.

Final Words

Batteries are an essential component of the golf cart. If you want to drive the golf cart smoothly, you need to take some care. Cleaning the golf cart batteries is one of these maintenance.

However, cleaning the golf cart batteries is not too tricky. Follow some safety precautions and go through our guide. You can easily get this job done. Cleaning the golf cart batteries regularly can save you from huge costs.