How to Make a Golf Cart Go Faster and Enhance Performance

Are you dissatisfied with the speed of your golf cart? Would you like to speed up your golf cart? Do you know how to make a golf cart go faster? Most golf carts have a maximum speed of 20 km per hour, but some may easily exceed 40 km per hour with the proper equipment.

So, what equipment or process can make your cart faster? Here are several methods to make the golf cart go faster effectively.

How to make a golf cart go faster-6 best and effective methods

How to Make Golf Cart Go Faster

What if there was a way to make the golf cart go faster? Fortunately, there are several ways that make your golf cart speedier and will make it go faster. So, what are those methods? Here are the 6 best and effective methods to make your golf cart go faster. Follow these methods to make your one go faster.

Method-01: Upgrade the Battery

golf cart battery upgrade

One of the most important components for producing the motion of the golf cart is the battery. The battery will indicate how much torque and speed your cart can produce.

Before buying a battery for maximum torquing, you need to take some time to shop so that you can ensure to install an effective battery in your golf cart. These battery upgrades are easier to understand than other types of updates of a golf cart.

In fact, a high-powered battery produces more speed than a low-powered one. So, while you are in the market to buy a battery, you must keep in mind the voltage and amperage. Voltage acts as a translator of unrefined energy for your battery while amperage improves torque and tensile strength.

Golf cart batteries are designed to have a 4 volt to 6-volt battery range, and 36-46 volts are added to the output system. If you want to improve battery speed, you need to buy a 12-volt progenitor performance battery that is capable of providing higher power flow.

Do not fit the cart with any type of cell without checking the manufacturer’s specification. An extra battery can damage the engines and motors of the battery, so you need to be careful in this regard.

Method-02: Upgrade the Motor of the Cart

golf cart motor upgrade

The motor is one of the most essential components of any kind of car and vehicle. The basic function of a car motor is to receive power from a battery and then transform this power into motion or pulling power. So how fast your car will run largely depends on the efficiency of your car’s motor.

A motor’s field coil is critical and will influence your cart’s speed in a variety of ways. The motor’s field coil creates a magnetic field, and it powers the cart while also keeping the battery healthy. Naturally, a bigger coil will supply more magnetic power, allowing your cart to create more torque. The coil’s size is usually expressed in splines.

However, a bigger field coil does not inherently imply a faster speed. For example, many motors have great torque, which helps your cart lift more weight. As a consequence, the cart’s speed may not match your engine’s. To achieve the greatest outcomes, you need to balance speed and torque.

Note that certain cart engines create a smaller field coil within the battery, allowing for less torque but faster RPM. With these batteries, you may get additional peak speed by increasing the voltage. Whenever speed is more critical than pulling power, look for a motor with a smaller field coil. Again, you must weigh the importance of speed against the total pulling power of the cart.

Method-03: Consider installing large tires

golf cart tire size

In order to increase golf cart speed, what is the most straightforward and cost-effective method? It’s as simple as increasing the size of the tires. Furthermore, this technique is effective for both electric as well as gas golf carts alike. It is almost certain that a larger diameter will enhance the speed upon which your little powered vehicle goes.

However, what size tires should be used is debatable. The usual size of golf cart tires is 8 inches; however, you may upgrade to a larger size of 20-24 inches if you choose. This allows you to boost the speed up to 2 to 4 mph without replacing other more costly components such as the speed controller system, motor, and so on.

In this case, the approach is both affordable and time-efficient. Keep in mind, as well, that having the bigger, larger tires properly filled at all times is important when it comes to sustaining that maximum speed.

In addition to installing a large wheel, you should also check the Tire Pressure regularly. It may seem little; however, tire pressure causes the cart to travel “heavier” as well as slow down. Most golf cart tires need roughly 20 psi pressure per tire, but check your owner’s manual for manufacturer-specific guidelines.

Method-04: Keep Golf Cart Clean and Light

how to clean a golf cart

Cleaning your golf cart is a simple and effective way to keep it moving. Keeping the golf cart clean will not only make it faster it will also be effective in improving its overall performance. Moreover, if you clean the golf cart routinely, it will get a longer life span.

Usually, due to daily use, mud is gathered in the golf cart in addition to dust and dirt. Mud can accumulate in the wheel ball bearings as the cart passes through the mud of golf courses under different conditions. Due to this, the rotational speed of the wheel is much less than normal. As a result, the overall speed of the golf cart will be greatly reduced.

And therefore, by clean, we imply clear of mud, pebbles, and caked-on filth. The development of such undesirable particles is commonly noticed in the bottom or rear section of the cart. So, cleaning your golf cart will increase the speed and will make it much faster than before.

Method-05: Adjust the Governor of the Cart

golf cart governor adjustment

The majority of golf carts have a peak speed of 14-15 miles per hour on average. This relatively moderate speed is adequate to maintain a steady pace of play even while assuring the safety of the golfers. For individuals who possess gas golf carts, a simple change to the cart’s mechanical ground speed regulator may be made to boost the cart’s maximum speed.

To avoid extreme rpm levels that might cause harm, several golf cart manufacturers include a supplementary electronic governor in their vehicles. A governor that is operated externally adjusts the attached cable by means of a little metal rod that is situated near the golf cart’s clutch. In order to enhance overall speed, it is necessary to spin the nuts counterclockwise. This results in the cable becoming longer and more efficient, altering the cart’s governance.

The governor of the cart must be accessible internally if the cart lacks an exterior adjustment cord. Open the engine access panel on the golf cart by unscrewing it first. Find the governor by following the longest cable from the pedal to the carburetor. Loosen the pressure on the governor’s springs using a screwdriver or even a wrench to increase the speed of the governor.

Method-06: Consider Speed Controller

golf cart speed controller

The principal objective of a controller is to allow the golf cart driver to regulate the speed of the vehicle. If you don’t have a speed controller, you can only use electrical current as well as battery voltage to power your golf cart. Furthermore, with a golf cart without a speed controller, completely accelerating would put too much strain on the electronic parts.

Modern AC motors or brushless DC motors will not work at all if they are not connected to a speed controller. To operate these motors, various electrical impulses must be generated that reverse in orientation on a periodic basis and are perfectly timed to coincide with the motor’s spin.

A speed controller regulates the voltage and current sent to the motor by the battery in response to an operational input device, including a throttle. It enables the driver to manage the acceleration as well as braking rate and the constant rate of golf cart speed, with the vehicle in motion.

FAQs about How to Make a Golf Cart Go Faster

What is a good speed for a golf cart?

A golf cart’s top speed is normally about 40 km per hour, depending on the model. Many golf carts, on the other hand, have max speeds that are far lower than this. The majority of manufacturers create golf carts with top speeds ranging from 20 km to 40 km per hour.

How do I speed up my EZ Go gas golf cart?

When filling the tank, one option to improve EZ Go golf carts speed is to use an octane booster. The golf cart will have better acceleration, and it might increase its speed by up to 5 mph. An alternative technique is to remove the carburetor’s throttle valve governor.

Can you adjust the speed on an electric golf cart?

In essence, an electronic speed governor of an electric golf cart is controlled by a little metal rod that is positioned near the clutch of the golf cart and may be adjusted.
First and foremost, though, is this: A cable connects the electrical speed governor to the rest of the system. By turning the adjustable nut in a counterclockwise direction, you may change the speed of the machine.

Why is my gas golf cart slow?

Ordinarily speaking, the most typical cause for gas golf carts to slow down is that they are not receiving enough power from the battery. It is possible that your cart may operate slowly if the backup battery charge is extremely low and the cart runs out of power.

Do gas or electric golf carts go faster?

Interestingly, electric carts have a greater peak speed than gas carts, which is a pleasant surprise. There are modifications available to increase that speed up to 30mph! A gas cart has a top speed of 18 to 20 miles per hour, and there aren’t many speed enhancements you can add to it.

How many hours is a lot on a golf cart?

With a single battery charge, electrical golf carts can go 30 miles to 40 miles as well as pedal for two hours. On the other hand, a gas golf cart is fueled, it can continue to operate all day. On the surface, gas-powered golf carts seem to be light. They can, however, withstand an amount of heavy hauling and steep inclines.

Final Thought

Each and every method that we discussed here can enhance the motion of the golf cart and can make it much faster to go.

Before making any changes to your golf cart to make it speedy, it is important for you to go through the above mentioned conditions thoroughly.

Determine the operational conditions, and then choose the modifications that will provide the cart with the optimal performance characteristics under those circumstances.