How to Clean Golf Shoes – Ultimate Guide Discussed

Golf shoes are essential accessories for golfing, and it is one of the most valuable purchases for a golfer. So, it would be best if you took proper care of your golf shoes. Do you know How to clean golf shoes?

It is very easy to clean golf shoes, and you can do this job yourself. However, depending on the manufacturing materials, the cleaning process may vary. Following this article will help you a lot to get the job done.

How Often Should You Clean Your Golf Shoes?

It is a frequently asked question: How Often Should Your Golf Shoes Be Cleaned? In a word, your shoes should be considered to clean after each match. However, this may not be possible for you as it is time-consuming. So here are some great options.

It’s usually better if you just go with your gut. You should be focused on maintaining your shoes in excellent functioning order since you realize how much you spent on them. You should keep in mind that if your golf shoes are neglected and frequently left in a muddy condition, they will not last exactly as long as they ought to.

How to Clean Golf Shoes – An Effective Guide

The cleaning process of the golf shoes is easy as well as effortless. So, you can clean your shoes yourself at home. But, one thing should mention that the cleaning process of this footwear may vary depending on the manufacturing materials. Here are some step-by-step guides to cleaning golf shoes that will make your task easier.

How to Clean White Golf Shoes

White golf shoes not only work with practically any attire, but they also keep you cooler. The main disadvantage of wearing white shoes is that grass stains, as well as dirt, show up more clearly. So, here’s a step-by-step explanation on how to clean white golf shoes to assist you with that issue.

How to Clean White Golf Shoes

The first step is to make sure you have everything you’ll need to clean white golf shoes. So, all you will need-

  1. A soft brush or clean cloth
  2. Cleaning Agent/Soap
  3. Clean water
  4. Shoe Polish

Step-01: Remove the Lace

To begin cleaning white golf shoes, remove the shoelaces. You should also be aware that dirt might build on the holes through which the laces are inserted. Once the shoelace is removed, you may wash it individually with soapy water. It will also make it easy to clean the shoes.

Step-02: Wipe to remove loosened dust

It is important to remove dust from any type of shoe before cleaning it with a cleaning agent. So, after removing the shoelaces, you have to remove or eliminate the loose dust from them. To do this, take a clean, dry cloth and wipe the shoe well with it. This will remove loose dust from the surface of the shoe.

Step-03: Deep clean the shoe

After removing the loose dust from the shoes, now is the time to thoroughly clean the shoes. You will need to use a soapy cleaning solution to clean the shoe deeply. To prepare the cleaning solution, take clean hot water in a container and mix one teaspoon of detergent or soap powder in it.

Now take a clean cloth or a soft brush and soak it in this cleaning solution. Then rub the shoe well using that brush. Rub more on areas of the shoe that feel dirtier. When you feel that there is no dirt left on the shoe, stop rubbing. Soak another clean cloth in cold water and wipe the shoe with it and make sure there is no soap left in the shoe.

Step-04: Let it Dry

After wiping the shoe, now it is time to let it dry. The shoe should be dried in the normal or mild sun as the intense sun will adversely affect it. Before moving on to the following step, let the shoe air dry for another ten min or so at ambient temperature.

Place your shoe in a shaded spot where there is enough wind to allow it to air dry quickly. Ultimately, your shoe should not be too wet, given that you should just dip your cleaning instrument in the cleaning solution and scrub in tiny portions.

Step-05: Apply Shoe Polish [Not Essential]

Consider some shoe polish if you really want to bring back the luster of the golf shoes to their former glory. Select a polish that complements the color of your shoes, regardless of whether they are black, white, or gray.

How to clean Textile/Mesh golf shoes?

This is a frequently asked question that how can I clean my mesh golf shoes. There are two effective ways to clean your mesh golf shoes; hand wash and machine wash. Both of these methods let you clean the mesh shoes easily, and both of them are effective. So, let’s take a look at the mesh golf shoes cleaning method and process.

How to Clean Mesh Golf Shoes

Method-01: Hand Washing

It is very easy as well as effortless to clean a mesh shoe through hand watching method. You will need a soft brush or cloth and a cleaning agent to get the job done by hand washing. Follow this step-by-step guide to do the task more easily.

Step-01: Remove the shoelaces at the beginning. This will help you get the job done more easily and quickly.

Step-02: Now, remove loose dust from the top of the shoe with a piece of clean and dry cloth or a soft brush.

Step-03: Now, you need to create a cleaning agent. To do this, mix some soap or detergent powder in a container with clean and warm water.

Step-04: Now, soak your clean cloth or brush in this water. Then rub the shoes well with the cloth or brush. Rub more where there is more dirt.

Step-05: You need to remove the soap from the shoes when the rubbing is done. To do this, soak a piece of clean cloth in cold, clean water and wipe the shoes. Wipe well and make sure there is no soap left in the shoes.

Step-06: Dry the mesh golf shoes at ambient temperature after you’ve done all the steps above.

Method-02: Machine Washing

Machine washing is another method that you can use to clean a golf shoe that is made of textile or mesh. So, here is the step-by-step guide to clean mesh and textile shoes using the machine-washing method.

Step-01: Remove the lace completely, as well as much of the inside sole as feasible, before continuing. Once the lace has been removed, dampen a clean cloth with warm soapy water and apply it to the mesh fabric.

Step-02: After that, scrape the badly soiled areas with an old toothbrush as well as a little washing powder to remove any remaining residue. When you have completed the basic stages, the mesh golf shoes will be ready to be washed in the washing machine.

Step-03: Ensure the insoles are clean and the shoes are free of residue before putting them in the washing machine. In the machine, add a little amount of mild laundry detergent. Use a moderate detergent to prevent hurting the golf shoes during cleaning.

Step-04: Take the shoes out from the washing machine after it has completed its cycle. Putting crumpled papers or hand towels on the inside of the shoes can help them absorb more quickly.

Best Golf Shoe Cleaner Kits

There are many golf shoe cleaner kits are avialable in the market. You may choose any of the below mentioned shoe cleaning kits for cleaning your precious golf shoes in an effceient way.

  1. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit

2. Shoe MGK Shoe Cleaner Kit

3. Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Essentials

FAQs About How to Clean White Golf Shoes

How do you wash knit golf shoes?

Remove the inserts and then wash in normal water with a tiny quantity of laundry detergent. Wipe the shoe surface gently with a soft as well as a clean cloth, sponge, or gentle brush to eliminate most stains. And then let the shoe dry.

Can you wash Skechers golf shoes?

Machine washing is safe for most Skechers GOwalk as well as GOrun sneakers with non-leather uppers. Wash both shoes in a suitcase or laundry bag on the clothesline, and then let them air dry. Do not place the shoes in the dryer. Light-up Skechers shoes should not be washed in the machine.

How do you dry wet golf shoes?

To dry damp shoes that have been soiled throughout the round, pack shoes using paper towels or other cloth towels to remove the extra moisture. Place the shoes in a shoe tree and store them in a dry, warm location within 24 hours.

How do you clean yak leather shoes?

Yak leather may be cleaned by wetting a lint-free soft cloth and gently wiping it over the stained region. Microfiber cloths are ideal for this use. If the filth is more stubborn or you want to properly clean the leather, you may consider using a leather cleaner designed specifically for leather.

How do you clean stinky Skechers?

It is never recommended to wash Skechers performance sneakers in the washing machine. Cleaning the top of the shoe and the outsole with a clean cloth or soft brush is preferable.

After that, fill a container with clean, warm water and add a small amount of laundry detergent. Soak a soft brush into this solution and then scrub the shoes with this brush. After scrubbing, wipe the shoes with another clean, dry cloth and let the shoes dry.

Final Thought

Golf shoes are as crucial as the golf clubs as well as golf balls in terms of golfing accessories. They’re also a little on the pricey side. As a result, they should be handled with the utmost caution.

Cleaning golf shoes is simple and fast, and it can be accomplished with everyday home items. Your golf shoes would glitter and help to give your best for many seasons if you used to properly care for them.