How To Polish Golf Clubs | Step By Step Effective Guide

Polishing is a significant part of the golf club’s maintenance. After playing on the golf course, the clubs look messy with mud, dirt, and debris. It would be better to clean the golf clubs every time after using them. Because once the dirt and debris get solid, it becomes harder to remove.

However, cleaning and polishing the golf club is not only given the finest experience but also contributes to the long-lasting lifespan of the clubs.

You don’t need to go to the professionals to polish the golf clubs. You can do the job in the comfort of home and shine them again like new. Here you can uncover a straightforward guide on how to polish golf clubs

How to Polish Golf Clubs?

How To Polish Old Golf Clubs

After swinging, putting, and chipping, your golf clubs are full of dirt and debris. Polishing saves the golf clubs from rust and other natural elements. It is a regular task for every golfer, but many busy golfers skip polishing after cleaning.

Remember, if you want to reinstall the shine of the golf clubs, you must ensure proper polishing of the golf club. Here is the complete procedure for polishing the golf club. This is an effective guide who barely handles this job.  

Before you start…

You have to be prepared with the necessary elements whenever you do a project. Preparing yourself makes the job easier. Before polishing your golf clubs, you have to clean them. So you need both cleaning stuff and polishing material. Among them are household materials, and others are easily available in nearby stores. You will need:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Small bucket
  • Dishwashing liquid soap
  • A toothbrush
  • Paper towel or cotton rag
  • Sponge
  • Old newspaper
  • Metal polishing. 

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Polish Golf Clubs

How To Polish Golf Clubs At Home

Step 1: Firstly, you need to perform the regular cleaning task. For starting the cleaning process, take a small bucket with lukewarm water. Add 2 tbs of liquid dishwashing soap and mix them well. Avoid using too hot water as it will harm the ferrule of the shaft. Also, do not soak the ferrule in warm soapy water; otherwise, it traps moisture that leads to rust. So you should carefully soak the club’s head. 

Step 2: Using your hands, mix the detergent with water. Mix them until you see some bubbles on the top of the bucket. 

Step 3: Put the golf clubs and soak their heads in the soapy water for five minutes. By soaking them, dirt and debris will soften and easily lift. If stains or dirt is stubborn, soak them for another 5 to 10 minutes. If your bucket is quite large, you can put all the clubs together, or clean them in batches. 

Step 4: After saturating the golf clubs well, lay an old newspaper on the table and keep them on the top of the newspaper. It will keep the surface area clean. However, use a soft toothbrush or sponge to rub the stubborn dirt. Some severe dirt and debris are very hard on the golf club, but you should not rub hard, it can cause scratches on the golf club. So make sure, you are rubbing the clubs gently. Nicely clean between grooves and remove all the debris.  

If you find scratches in the golf clubs, use perfect golf club scratch remover to get rid of the scratches.

Step 5: When you are sure that you remove the dirt and debris thoroughly, now it is time to rinse the clubs. Then dry the clubs with a cotton cloth or paper towel. Microfiber cloths soak moisture better and dry them quickly, if you are not planning to polish, then this step will be okay for storing or playing with them the next day. Follow the next steps for polishing.

Step 6: Make sure you dry the golf clubs thoroughly. Then take a cotton rag, or microfiber cloth and pour a small amount of metal polishing on it. Spread the polishing cream all over the clubhead. Since the metal polish is a strong chemical substance, use it carefully and work with small amounts. You can use a pair of gloves for safety while working.  

Step 7: Spread the metal polish like a thin coating all over the clubhead on both sides back and front. Leave the clubhead in this condition for one minute or the fixed time recommended by the metal polishing brand. Sometimes, you may have to wait for longer to set the polish on the clubhead. 

Step 8: After the period of the setting, the club heads will absorb the polish. Now, wipe the metal polish from the clubhead. You can use a clean microfiber cloth in this case. Rub the clubhead in a circular motion for a better result. As soon as you rub the clubs, you can see a shiny and new-looking club head.

Thoroughly, wipe and remove all the metal polish. You will be very glad to see the shiner and newer look of your old golf clubs. Put them in your golf club bag and you are ready to play the next day. If you are supposed to store the golf clubs for a long time, they will be in good condition without any rust.   

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What is the best metal polish for golf clubs?

Metal polishes are available in cream and spray forms. Most people love to work with cream metal polish for an effective result. There is hardly any metal polish that is specifically made for golf clubs. So, experts recommend using a regular metal polish that can be used on metal, chrome, and aluminum. These metal polishes have plenty of uses. But what is the best metal polish for a golf club? Follow the below considerations:

  • Polish type: Polish type decides according to the number of grits in the solvent. The higher amount of grits is better for cleaning and restoring the metal. But this abrasion is useful on pitted and rusted metal. You should avoid these powerful polishes because they will be aggressive for the golf clubs. Even too abrasive can be coarse on the clubs and damage them. Choose a lower number of abrasive polishes for the golf clubs. Also, consider the quality of the polish.
  • Formulation: Polishes come in two formations, either offensive or runny. Choose thicker, paste, creme, or wax-like polishes for golf clubs. They will be easier to apply and won’t drip down. Moreover, you can apply the polish precisely where you need it.
  • Protection: Choose a metal polish that offers long-term protection for your golf clubs. Polishing needs much work, and nobody can do it frequently. Most metal polishes leave a protective layer that blocks dirt and grime. So it prevents tarnishing and pitting for a long time. As a result, your golf clubs will retain their shine and appearance for longer.
  • Eco-friendliness: Metal polishes are full of chemicals. Some of them contain more toxic elements that are harmful to the environment, even your health. In this case, you have to buy an eco-friendly metal polish for safety. Avoid buying steer clear of petroleum-based products because they have a foul smell and are dangerous for your health and environment. However, always do the polishing job in a well-ventilated area.

Best Polish For Golf Clubs

Now you have understood the properties a good golf club polish should contain with. You may check and use the following polishes for upkeeping shining of your worthy golf clubs.

3 of the best golf club polishing kit are as follows :

1. Club Doctor – Iron Polishing Solution

2. Wright’s Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream 

3. Rolite – RMP45z Metal Polish

You may read my content best golf club polishing kits to justify your buying decision.

FAQs -How To Polish Golf Clubs At Home

Can I get back the shine of golf clubs?

After using the golf clubs for a long time, their shine is decreased. They look dull. In this condition, you may feel like replacing them. But you shouldn’t. You can restore its shine again, by polishing the golf clubs. Polishing golf clubs are super straight and cost-effective. You don’t require to change your old golf clubs, you can restore their shine by polishing them.

Can you buff out scratches on golf clubs?

Due to swinging and putting, golf clubs get scratched. Any type of scratches decrease the nice appearance of golf clubs. You should treat them. Scratches can be buffed out by polishing. You need to use metal polish on them and the scratches will remove.
You may also use scratch remover for golf clubs to take care of the scratches.

Can you use vinegar on the golf clubs?

Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner. You can use the element to clean the golf clubs. It can effectively remove dirt and debris. Use vinegar with water, and soak the golf clubs in the solvent. The dirt and grime will be easily lifted. Then rinse with water.

Can you use wd40 on golf clubs?

WD-40 can use the golf clubs. It works like polishing but is not as effective. You can remove rust and dirt from the golf head golf head and shaft. It works to restore the shine.

How to restore the golf clubs?

If your golf clubs are rusted, you need to do some task to restore them. Firstly, you need to clean them with anti-corrosion solvents like coca-cola, baking soda, or other commercial products. Then you can use powerful abrasive polishing to restore their shine.

Final Words

Polishing the golf clubs is the best way to restore the shine. If you polish your golf clubs regularly, you can maintain a new-like shine for years. A beautiful appearance encourages you to enjoy the gameplay.

This guide is helpful for maintaining your golf clubs. Following the steps, you can easily polish the golf clubs. You have to just ensure that you have purchased the right polish for your golf clubs.