How to Clean Golf Gloves – Is Machine Wash Possible?

Unfortunately, many of us don’t want to pay attention to cleaning golf gloves. We store them in unusual places and use them to clean sweat, clubs and balls. All these things minimize their lifespan. More importantly, unclean golf gloves negatively impact a golfer’s performance.

So, how to clean golf gloves? Do they require hand washing, or is machine washable the best solution? Continue reading this guide to learn more about the golf gloves cleaning process and tips.

How to Clean Golf Gloves – 5 Easy Steps

how do you clean golf gloves

You won’t have to sweat when cleaning golf gloves. Simply follow the below steps meticulously.

Step 01: Golf Gloves Material Identifying

Before beginning the golf glove cleaning process, you first need to check what material is used to sew your golf gloves.

You can learn the information by feeling it or looking at the manufacturing tag. Generally, a manufacturing tag is available under the golf gloves Velcro portion.

Now, you might be wondering why it is necessary to know the manufacturing details of golf gloves’? In fact, leather golf gloves are not washable. Washing will ruin your leather golf gloves. This comprehensive guide is about cleaning synthetic golf gloves.

Step 02: Get the Supplies

A few items are necessary to clean your golf gloves, which are,

  • Warm water
  • Mild soap
  • Soft cleaning brush

Avoid buying a brush with metal bristles. These types of brushes will damage your gloves. Also, harsh cleaning supplies may fade away the color. You can go with simple dishwashing soap as well.

Step 03: Begin Washing

Soaking the golf gloves is not necessary to clean them because we are not preparing any mixture.

Grab the brush, take a small amount of soap and soak it in water for a few seconds. Then begin scrubbing the gloves.

Scrub thoroughly on the areas where dirt and debris are more. While cleaning, if the gloves get wet too much, wipe them off. This way, dirt will be more visible.

Once you are satisfied with the cleaning and confirm that no dirt is available in the gloves, wash them with warm water.

Step 04: Drying the Gloves

Don’t assume that the golf gloves drying process is easy; it is the most crucial step because improper drying is responsible for mold and mildew build-up.

Moreover, proper drying of the golf gloves will help you improve your performance. You will feel comfortable wearing a properly dried golf glove.

You can leave the gloves for sundry or put them into a dryer. When drying through the dryer, make sure to use the manufacturer-recommended temperature range.

Step 05: Check the Drying Quality and Replace the Gloves If Required

Look at the glove’s quality after drying.

If you find unwanted holes or broken stitches, you should replace the gloves. Wearing a damaged glove will affect your golf performance.

Golf gloves cleaning is not a challenging process; you have to be utmost careful while cleaning.

Moreover, wear your golf gloves without storing them after cleaning. It is because the gloves will get worse faster if you leave them alone.

How to Take Care of Golf Gloves – 7 Important Tips

how to clean your golf gloves

Taking care of a golf glove is significantly important to avoid damage. Here are a few tips on golf glove-taking care procedures.

1# Rotate the Golf Glove Pair After Every Shot

If you wear a leather golf glove for long hours on a hot and sunny day, sweat and grime will surely develop. So, it is mandatory to take off your golf glove when playing on hot days. Even taking off the leather glove on a cold day offers benefits such as it prevents the buildup of bacteria and grime. Leather gloves usually absorb oil and moisture from hands.

Generally, the main reason behind washing golf gloves is excess moisture and sweat buildup. When you take off the glove after every shot, your hand will get sufficient air, keeping your hands cool, relaxed and sweat-free. Your skin can breathe. Thus, skin conditions can be prevented.

So, it would be best to keep a pair of gloves so that you can wear them rotating.

This will enhance your chipping and putting since controlling the club will become easier. A sweating hand is prone to slip, and a dry glove eliminates slippage.

2# Keep Your Glove Flat & Straight for Air Dry When Not in Use in the Golf Course

Ever tried to dry a crumbled-up golf glove? If you are following step#01 and take off your gloves every time, don’t crumble them up and keep them in your golf bag or pocket. If you do so, they will not dry properly, and you will not get any benefit by taking them off between 2 shots.

Firstly, keep a zip-lock bag with you on the golf course. The zip-lock bag will keep the glove away from air exposure. Secondly, after taking off, lay them flat and straight without fail. Leather gloves are made of animal skin. Characteristically, they let in air and posture. A bag prevents this from occurring and ensures long-lasting service from a golf glove.

3# Don’t Clean Your Clubs or Golf Balls Using Gloves

Unfortunately, many golfers use golf gloves for cleaning golf balls or cleaning golf clubs. This scenery is quite common on the golf course. When you do so, your glove will get dirty quickly. Definitely, you won’t want it. We recommend you to keep a soft cloth or small towel, a soft bristle brush and clean the balls or clubs using water.

Another worse use of a golf glove is cleaning sweat from the forehead, arms and face while wearing the glove. A golf glove breaks down quickly when it comes in contact with salt. Leather gloves start to peel when they get exposed to salt.

In this case, you can keep another piece of small towel to wipe off your sweat. Remember, golf gloves are not designed for sweat cleaning.

4# Wear New Gloves on the Match day and Old One in Practice

There should be a separate pair of golf gloves to wear for match day and practice day. You must avoid wearing the same golf gloves in the practice and match. In fact, wearing a golf glove everywhere will surely decrease its lifespan.

You can buy a cheap golf glove for practicing and a professional quality best glove for the match. Wear the old or cheaper quality glove when practicing, and keep your premium gloves for match day.

5# Buy a Pair of Gloves that Fits Perfectly in Your Hand

Wear marks in different positions of your gloves may appear easily if your selected glove doesn’t fit properly. So, before buying, make sure the gloves fit perfectly. Choose a model that is not too tight or not too baggy.

6# Always tore Your Gloves in a Glove Holder Case or Zip-Lock Bag

As we already stated earlier, store your gloves in a zip-lock bag or glove holder case. When leather is exposed to air more, moisture may build up automatically. A zip-lock bag prevents air exposure and keeps a golf glove fresh and moisture-free.

You can also buy a glove-carrying case. These items will add style to your look on the golf course. When you store the gloves in a holder case or zip-lock bag, your gloves will provide 2X times more service than usual.

7# Avoid Buying White Gloves

We are not saying that buying white gloves is significantly prohibited. Here the factor is that thinner materials are used to manufacture white gloves, and they get dirty more quickly than dark-colored gloves.

We encourage you to buy dark-colored like blue golf gloves and avoid buying white gloves as much as possible. If you cannot find other colored gloves according to your fitment, there is no option except to look for white-colored gloves.

FAQs About How to Clean Golf Gloves

Is washing synthetic golf gloves possible?

Yes, synthetic golf gloves are easier to wash than other golf gloves. Although some users stated that they didn’t find any difficulty washing leather golf gloves, it is not recommended. Follow our step-by-step guide on cleaning golf gloves and washing your synthetic gloves.

Can you get the smell out of golf gloves?

Sadly, getting the smell out of gloves is quite difficult. Generally, a golf glove starts smelling due to sweat, moisture, dirt, and salt buildup. Although you can follow the above washing steps and tips, the issue may arise inside the glove itself.
The truth is, if your golf gloves start releasing a smell, it is high time that you should invest in a new one.

Can you keep your golf gloves from getting crusty?

Yes, you can keep your golf gloves from getting crusty by following a few simple tips. The tips are,
·         Don’t store your golf glove when it is wet
·         Always store the gloves in a zip-lock bag or glove holder case
·         Lay straight or flat when the glove is not in use
·         Allow air dry or sun dry before storing your gloves

Is it possible to wash golf gloves in a washing machine?

Yes, you can, but follow the below points.
·         Put the washer set to a cold delicate cycle
·         Gloves closure needs to be secured before putting into the washer
·         Never bleach your gloves
·         Separately wash the white-colored gloves and dark-colored gloves
When you decide to wash your gloves in the washer, you have to be utmost careful. Otherwise, you shouldn’t use a washer to clean your golf gloves. Hand washing is always a better solution.

When to replace my golf glove?

Replace your golf gloves if you experience the below issues,
·         Visible holes or damage
·         If shrinkage happens to your gloves
·         If the leather becomes crusty
·         If your gloves are too dirty and dirt is not coming off

Closing Remarks

No products will give you effective long-term service if you don’t take care, maintain and clean it following the right directions. A pair of golf gloves is also no exception in this case.

While cleaning, it is important to follow a few points to avoid damaging your golf gloves. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on “how to clean golf gloves” will give you all the answers you are looking for to get long-term service from your glove.