How To Regrip Golf Clubs At Home? The Complete Guideline

Being a golfer, you will never want a slippery performance while playing golf. It can impact the quality of your shot and therefore make you disappointed.

Are you assuming that there is something wrong with the grip of your golf club? Well, then you can clean, replace or re-grip the golf clubs easily. Though before moving on to the last step- replacing, we believe regripping can face all the problems.

If you are worried that you cannot re-grip the golf clubs on your own, let us change that perspective. There are many ways on how to regrip golf clubs at home. And today, our focus is to share the regripping procedure with you in the easiest way possible.

So without any further ado, let’s get right into it and know the methods on how you can regrip your golf clubs at home.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs At Home?

How To Regrip Golf Clubs

The whole procedure is very easy to follow. So let’s look at the things that you need to gather first!

Things You Will Require:

  • Grips: This is the most important part that you will need to get at first. While choosing the grip, make sure that it is comfortable. Depending on your hand’s size, you can get any of the oversized, midsize, standard, and undersize grips. Choose narrow or wide grip depending on your personal preference. Also, make sure of a smooth texture and firmness while picking the grip for you.

You will find four types of grips- wrapped, rubber, corded and hybrid. So you can pick the best fit golf grips for you after a little observation of whichever seems to serve you the best.

  • Vise implemented with rubber vise clamps: It will help to secure the shaft near the top of the grip.
  • Hook Blade: A hook blade will help you to remove your grips.
  • Regripping Kit: A regripping kit includes many things that you have to get while regripping the golf club. It includes a solvent, tape, and a rubber vise clamp. Each of these is individually essential in the process. So if you don’t want to waste extra time on getting each one of these, buying the kit will help you. Otherwise, you can buy the tape and solvent singly if you have the rubber vise clamp.
  • Clean cloth: This one is needed to give a thorough cleaning to remove all the skin oil, grime, and sunscreen that’s embedded inside.
  • Grip tape: Two-sided grip tape (¾’ or 2”), and 1/64” build-up tape for a more secure fit.

Now that you have gathered everything that’s required, we are going to share the step-by-step procedure to follow. Let’s have a look:

Step-1: Remove The Old Grip

How To Remove Old Golf Grip

Using your hook blade, carefully remove your existing old grip. Put the hook underneath the club and pull it down to make a good space under the grip. During proceeding with this, point the club toward the floor. You can also cut the grip open into a rounded surface.

Tip: make sure to be extra careful while cutting the grip. Wear a pair of gloves if possible. Do not injure yourself.

Step-2: Remove The Old Tape

How to remove old grips tape

This may take a while for you. You have to take the utility knife or straight blade and score over the old tape all the way up the entire shaft if you have a steel-made shaft. But do not use this technique on graphite because it may completely ruin the shaft. Instead, you can use a blow dryer or heating devices to warm the tap up, and therefore it will be easier to pull off of the shaft.

Step-3: Measure For The New Tape 

Measuring golf grips

Take a measurement tape and measure how much of the area and where exactly you will need to cover with the new tape as you won’t want the tape to be below the bottom of the actual grip. It will save you a hassle if done beforehand.

Step-4: Apply The New Tape 

How to attach tape to golf grips

After ensuring the measurement of placement, it’s time to attach the tapes. Now if you have ¾” grip tape, you have to put it in a spiral pattern from the top of the shaft to the endpoint. And in the case of the 2” grip tape, apply it lengthwise. If you have any specific thickness in your mind, you can layer the tapes to have that.

Step-5: Apply Solvent

how to apply solvent to golf grips

With the use of a golf tee, close the hole at the edge of the grip. Now pour the solvent into the open end of the grip. Evenly distribute the solvent inside by shaking while covering the opening hole with your fingers. Afterward, remove the golf tee from the edge and drain the excess solvent onto the grip tape on the shaft.

Step-6: Implementing The Grip

how to install golf grips

Here comes the main focus. Either you can apply the group with a vise, which is why purchasing the grip kit will help, or you can do it without the vise. Now we will share how exactly you can regrip it using a vise. Because using a vise can make the procedure much easier even for a beginner. The vise helps to get the grip all the way down to its proper position.

Simply place the rubber insert from the grip kit in the vise and toughen it. The club should not move while you are applying force to get the grip down. Once the grip is adjusted in the right place, apply some pressure from the tip and make sure that it is totally secured to the end of the club without any space in between the grip and space.

And voila! Your work is done. But now let’s see how you can do all the work without using a vise.

How Can I Regrip My Golf Clubs Without A Vise? 

First of all, keep the club very steady while wedging it with your feet and keeping it on the ground. While the grip tape is still wet, align the grip and pull it down over the end of the shaft. Make sure of the alignment so the clubface and grip are rectangular. Put pressure carefully because too much pressure in this procedure may bend the gold club.

What Size Grip Should I Use On My Golf Clubs? 

You have to choose the grip considering your hand’s grip size. There are three available options of sizes- oversized, midsize, standard, and undersize grips. A too-small grip will promote extra hand action and will cause you to pull the ball. Again, if the grip is too large, it will limit wrist pronation and can cause you to slice or push the shot.

Here is a suggestion on which grip you should get depending on your wrist size:

Grip SizeHand Measurement Glove Size
Undersize       < 7 inchesSmall
Standard7 to 8 ¾ inchesMedium / Large
Midsize8 ¼ to 9 ¼ inchesLarge
Oversize> 9 ¼ inchesExtra Large

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

Should I Regrip My Golf Clubs?

Yes, of course, you should. Unless you regrip and fix the old grip, it will impact your shots badly. The dirt, oil, and sunscreen and get stuck inside the grip ruining your shot performance. You should regrip once every year or after every 40 rounds.

How Long After Regripping Clubs Can I Play?

You should wait at least for 6 hours after regripping. Until the solvent properly dries off, it will be a foolish act to use the club. So keep patience and let it dry off properly to have the perfect experience while playing.

Do Grips Make A Difference In Golf?

Yes, grips affect the performance a lot. The grips can affect how high or low you hit the golf ball. That’s why getting the right-sized grips is so important. Also, you cannot play properly with worn-out, dirty, or uneven textured grips. Therefore you have to regrip the old grips after every 40 rounds or once a year at least.

Wrapping Up

By now, you know how to regrip golf clubs at home completely on your own. You actually don’t need a professional because the whole procedure is very simple to follow and you will get expertise over it after a few attempts. But we will suggest you keep spare grips if you are a beginner at regripping.

However, make sure that you don’t hurt yourself while using the knife and blades. Also, do not damage the golf club by putting too much pressure on it. You can do everything if you keep it steady and follow our given instructions. Therefore, even though we have given the procedure both with and without a vise, we would recommend you to use the vise to have an effortless outcome.

Also, remember that the size, material, and firmness of a grip will decide your performance on the golf course. Make a wise decision by considering our mentioned factors so that you won’t regret it later.