How To Hit A Hybrid Golf Club? An Ultimate Guide For You

Being an amateur, if you want to cover more green or count your first shot, then a hybrid club will assist you. It is the most versatile club yet user-friendly and forgiving. It’s a great replacement for irons. Most golfers can switch the game in their favor. 

Hybrids are very easy to hit, make high fly, and soft land. But many struggle to enjoy its benefits. There are particular aspects that you should remember right away. Here you will get the ultimate tricks on how to hit a hybrid golf club. By practicing these tricks you can hit more greens. 

The Definition Of Hybrid Club

As we know hybrid means the compound of two materials. Exactly, the same rule is here, a hybrid golf club is a combination of long iron and fairway wood. The clubhead is smaller than wood but wider than an iron. 

Typically, a hybrid club has hollow steel that is lighter, making it perfect for those who struggle to hit long irons. You can knock the ball into the air with slight effort. The wide head allows gliding easier than irons.  

Why Do You Need A Hybrid Club?

Hybrid Golf Clubs

The hybrid club has lots of advantages, yet there are some disadvantages too. Many professionals typically don’t use the hybrid club because of the drawbacks. That’s why we will point out the benefits and disadvantages. You can come down to your personal preferences and add them to your golf bag


  • Designed to hit the ball into the air with small effort. 
  • Much easier to hit than fairway wood or irons.
  • Head design is more appealing for those who struggle with iron’s head.
  • Better to hit from the rough. 
  • The club is more consistent for getting better ball flight and distance.
  • Handling is easier for seniors or those who have physical ailments. 


  • Needs special swings that are different from long iron and fairway. 
  • Less feel and control
  • Less practical for shot-shaping hits.
  • Hard to maintain the ball low due to the wide sole
  • Need to buy separately from your irons

When do you use hybrid golf clubs?

A hybrid golf club is extremely versatile. According to many golfer’s experiences, hybrid clubs are more effortless to hit. You can use the hybrid clubs by replacing 3, 4, and 5 irons in your golf bag. Different types of a hybrid make difference in ball travel. So it would be better if you don’t carry the same hybrid and iron that travel an equal length. 

A beginner and high handicapped golfers will get most benefits by using hybrid clubs. So, they should carry best suited hybrid golf clubs in their bag to get maximum benefit while playing the game.

How to hit a hybrid golf club?

How To Hit Hybrid Golf Club

Nearly most golfers, including higher experts claim, a hybrid club is easy to hit. Many say it is the game improvement tool in the bag. But that doesn’t mean the ball will fly with magic.

Many golfers struggle a lot to hit it too. Since hybrid golf clubs have a different consistency, you need to treat them like a hybrid, not woods or irons. If you use a sweeping fairway motion, the result will be fat or thin contact. 

Below we have described the tutorial of hitting hybrid golf clubs from different angles. 

Hitting Hybrid Golf Club Straight

First, correct your stance setup. The stance should be a little broader than the width of your shoulder. Just remember the basic rule, the longer the hybrid, the wider stance. Spot the ball in the average of your standpoint. You need to assume the same stance that you do for a 3-iron and 4-iron. This stance allows a full-blown swing.  

While swinging the club, do as if you are hitting it on. But the golf ball will fly higher and cover more green when you hit it, thinking of it as an iron.

Typically, a shot hit by the hybrid club can travel 4-12 yards which is more than an iron. You adjust your position according to your shot type. Hit the hybrid with a shoulder turn for enough speed to simulate through the ball. The hitting impact needs to be down on the ball, and it leads to a divot in front of the ball rather than scooping it. 

Hitting Hybrid Golf Club From The Fairway

Set your stance a little broader than your shoulders and bend slightly ahead at the waist when hitting a hybrid from the fairway. The stance is quite similar when you use 7 iron. The ball position will be slightly in front of the center, but not too forward. 

Hit the club with a subsiding blow that you use for 5 iron and flimsy sweeping motion of fairway woods. It will make a small divot. Then swing the club as 5 iron by hitting the ball down and through. 

Hitting Hybrid Golf Club Off The Tee

When it is time to tee off with your hybrid clubs, you need to make the tee low. You need a lower ball flight which is more difficult for many golfers as the club designs to fly higher. 

Now the tee stance will be a little ahead of the center and bend your upper body. Your hands will be a subtle forward at the address generating a forward shaft lean. This stance position will make a vertical-align liken to the typical tee shot

You can look for a lower ball flight by using this shot. The ball should travel straight and long down the fairway center. Still, if ball flight is higher than ground height then you need to position the ball more ahead in your stance. Resulting in a higher ball flight and swing more which is similar to 3 wood.   

Hitting a Hybrid Club Out of the Rough

Hybrid clubs can salvage you from the difficulty — many called it the rescue club. Because you can easily hit from the rough whether your golf ball is stuck with thick stuff. It is much easier to use a hybrid club compared to long iron, driving iron, or 3/5 fairway wood. 

Firstly, open the clubface so that the grass will face the impact. Then, hold up your hybrid club with more pressure than normal for a better grip because grass oversees to spin the club in your hand during blowing. You can control the ball flight during approach shots by shifting your hands up and down on the grip. Remember a choked-down grip delivers a shorter than usual grip. 

What are the best hybrid golf clubs in 2021

From the above discussion you have obtained clear information about how to hit a hybrid golf club effectively and who should use the hybrid golf clubs.

Now, if you really want to improve your golf playing through hybrid clubs you may pick the right fitted one from the following top rated hybrid golf clubs of the market.

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid  

2. Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid    

3. Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid    

4. LAZRUS Premium Hybrid

5. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid   


FAQs About How To Hit A Hybrid Golf Club

Do you hit a hybrid like an iron?

Hybrids are usually hit in the center of the face. The clubs ensure high fly and soft-land that is important on the lengthy approach shots.
But don’t use a fairway wood sweeping motion, you better use the long iron swing. You need to remember that the ball will cover more green than a long iron. 

Hybrid vs iron, which is better?

Many golfers claim hybrids are better than irons. But it is not the same as always. You better read above to know the benefits and drawbacks.
However, many golfers are fond of long iron hybrids as it is easier to use than traditional long iron. Since shorter irons have a compact and slim look, you should have a mix of both hybrids and irons in your bag. It is a smart choice, according to the professional. 

Who is the ideal user of hybrids?

Hybrid is a versatile golf club. Every golfer can have these hybrids. But if you are one of great handicappers or beginners, then you must consider hybrid golf clubs. In fact, you will find a complete set of hybrid clubs in the market. However, a beginner or handicapper must have a 4 and 5 hybrid in the bag. 

How to hit a hybrid around the green?

Hybrid is the ideal option to hit around the green if you are not a confident chipper. You can use a hybrid club rather than a 6 or 7 iron for a standard bump and through. Stance like it is put by choking up on the club, leaning slightly forward shaft, and standing a little closer to the ball. 

Final Words

The golf-playing level is not the same for everyone. Many players are having trouble with their long iron. In this case, a hybrid is the best alternative. They are easier to hit from every angle whether it is fairway, rough, or tee-off. Thats why you need to know how to hit a hybrid golf club properly.

Though there are some drawbacks that professionals often crave. However, a hybrid club is the best way to improve your play. Every beginner and handicapper should have best hybrid clubs in their bag.

When you are also battling with hybrid clubs, this article will rescue you.

Happy golfing.