How To Hit A 7 Iron Properly – Secret Is Revealed

Every pro golfer does know which iron club to choose depending on the distance to the target hole and the condition around the area you hit the ball. Even if you can choose the right iron club, it may not be possible for you to hit a 7 iron the right way. This is why you need to know how to hit a 7 iron properly.

The fact is that you are possibly here because you may have become tired of not hitting your 7-iron club as expected. Or you may have become frustrated because your golf partners are getting distance like 150 yards or more with their 7-iron club.

Or, the reason could be you hit your golf ball high & far, but you don’t have any idea where the golf ball is.

Whatever your case is the thing of which you have to get a clear knowledge is how to hit a 7 iron properly. Frankly speaking, once you learn all the key techniques and guidelines regarding hitting the golf ball using a 7 iron club, you will surely play like a pro golfer.

In today’s post, I am going to share a step-by-step guideline on how to hit a 7 iron properly. While writing this post, I will be mainly focusing on proving you with all the secret and key tips and tricks regarding hitting a 7 iron following the right way.

Besides, I will also try to explain how to hit a 7 iron straight as it is where most beginner even intermediate golfers suffer a lot.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the details…

How To Hit A 7 Iron Properly – Step By Step Guideline

Golf is such a game that is a bit confusing, even for some pro golfers. Actually, you will find numerous numbers of tips and suggestions that can surely make you confused at the end of the day.

However, I won’t make you confused even for a single second. To help you learn how to hit a 7 iron properly, I will be sharing only 5 key techniques along with 5 essential tips which can drastically improve your gameplay.

Like any other pro golfer, you definitely have the same goal of being consistent all the time. Actually, all the golfers share the common dream of making shot dispersion as small as possible with a higher percentage of making clean shot.

The awesome news is my key techniques and tips will help you guide on following the right path in the journey of hitting a 7 iron golf club properly.

5 Key Techniques For Hitting A 7 Iron

First of all, I would like to mention 5 key techniques to follow when you hit a 7 iron. These 5 Key techniques are as follows:

  • Having control over the bottom of the swing consistently.
  • Having consistent control over the start line while hitting with a 7 iron.
  • Having full control over the curve of the shots you play.
  • Covering improved distance while playing on the green field.
  • Being realistic and strategic while playing with a 7 iron.

Before I begin explaining all these 5 key techniques regarding hitting a 7 iron the right way, it is essential to make a discussion on the 3 basics of golf and the golf ball flight laws.

The following discussion will provide you with a basic overview of golf. And it will also help you to understand the 5 key techniques regarding hitting a 7 iron golf club more easily and efficiently.

Understanding the Basics of Golf

If you want to get a clear idea regarding how to hit a 7 iron properly, it is essential for you to understand the fundamentals or basics of golf.

Based on my research and years of experience, I will try to give a brief idea about the fundamentals of golf in the following:

  • The first fundamental thing of golf is the ability of the golfer while controlling the golf swing bottom. As far as I am concerned, the professional golfers can hit the ground on the desired or targeted spot. And, this happens almost all the time (you can say 99% of the time).
  • The second fundamental thing I want to talk about is the player’s controlling capability over the golf ball’s curve. Pro level golfers do know where to hit the golf ball so that the right or left flight can help reach the desired spot.
  • And, the third fundamental thing you must know is the golfer’s power to play the game out there in the golf course. It usually means that golfers should have the needed power to hit the ball so that it can reach the targeted spot.

In this case, you have to keep in mind that golfers may have different aiming points along with different grips. However, these are not considered as the fundamentals of this game.

Understanding Golf Ball Flight Laws

To be honest, understanding the flight laws of the golf ball is the most important thing for any golfer. Actually, the more you understand the golf ball flight laws, the better player you can become over time.

In fact, having a clear understanding of the golf ball flight laws can help you become the master of your own swing.

Most of the times, golfers try to check out the videos of their swings they make during a game. But it can become even easier if you concentrate on understanding the flight laws of the golf ball.

Remember that your golf ball flight can help you with the following info:

  • At the time of the impact, the exact position of your club face.
  • The exact direction of the swing path – right or left – of your club face.

When you have a clear understanding of the above two vital points, you should move forward to the following thoughts regarding the golf ball flight laws.

  • Typically, a golf ball will take start to swing right from the point where your club face is aimed at.
  • Then, your golf ball will curve away from the intended swing path.

In order to provide you with a clear understanding of this matter, let me give you an example.

Suppose that your club face is 3-degrees right from your targeted spot or target line and the intended swing path is around 5-degrees of your intended target line or targeted spot.

The question is – “what will your golf ball do?”

Well, the golf ball will make its start right from the target line and then it will draw back towards your targeted spot. And, this is typically known as “Push Draw”.

5 Key Techniques and 5 Essential Tips

How to Hit a 7 Iron Properly
How to Hit a 7 Iron Properly

In this section, I will discuss the 5 Key Techniques and 5 Essential Tips, which will surely help you learn how to hit a 7 iron properly.

Key Technique 1 – Having Control Over the Bottom of The Swing Consistently

In this case, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the bottom of the swing you make has a close relation to your contact with your golf ball and the distance you can achieve through the shot. The most common mistake every beginner golfer typically makes is not properly hitting the golf ball (meaning either you hit it thin or fat).

So, controlling your swing bottom can help you compress your golf ball. And, this will help to increase your swing speed while making the ball contact.

Beginner level golfers generally struggle while hitting the same spot while making the shot. In this case, you can paint a white line in the backyard and practice regularly to improve your controlling.

Tip 1 – Placing Your Weight Correctly

In the early days, it was quite common for golfers to start being neutral, and then making a shift to the back leg and finally moving forward.

However, I won’t recommend you to make such shifting to your back. Instead, you should turn first and then pivot around your front leg.

This will surely help you a lot to improve your control over your swing bottom.

Key Technique 2 – Having Consistent Control Over the Start Line While Hitting with A 7 Iron

With a scoring club, you have to hit the green approximately 70-80 percent of the time. In this case, the important thing to know is where your ball goes.

Here, I will assume that you can make a solid ball contact. So, the point where we will focus on is the starting of the ball.

The expert golfers can control their golf ball starting line almost 80% of the time they hit the ball. And, over time this can increase to almost 90% while hitting with a 7 iron. In this case, you have to give your main focus on the golf club face angle along with the swing path.

According to the golf ball flight laws, you have to open the club face slightly in order to hit a push draw. So, you have to do the same thing in this case.

Tip 2 – Practice A Drill

I would like to suggest you a drill where you need to manage an alignment stick first. Then place the stick around 7 to 8 yards in front of your golf simulator.

Now, you have to try to make the starting of the golf ball of your target line. While doing this drill, you have to do it at least 8 times for each set of 10 drills. This can help you improve your control over the starting line of the golf ball.

Key Technique 3 – Having Full Control Over The Curve Of The Shots You Play

The next thing to focus on is having control over the curve of your golf ball. If you use a 7 iron, you can control this over time.

 I have seen some golfers who usually hit the same type of stock shot no matter where the pin is located. And, many pro golfers recommend following this method.

And, I do agree with this technique while controlling the curve of your shots.

Tip 3 – Adjusting the Setup

In this case, you can use a golf launch monitor, or put more focus on the golf ball flight laws or even go for adjusting your setup.

Among these 3 options, the one that suit you most, you can go with that.

Key Technique 4 – Covering Improved Distance While Playing on The Green Field

If you want to cover 100 yards while playing a shot with your 7 iron, it can be really problematic for you. The aged players usually lose the required strength to play such a shot.

However, using a 7 iron following the techniques mentioned above can help you improve your distance.

Tip 4 – Adding Speed to the Swing

If you can add more speed to your swing while playing with a 7 iron club, you can add some extra speed to your swing.

Key Technique 5 – Be Strategic

When you play with a 7 iron club, you have to strategic. You have to make a proper plan of your gameplay and then follow accordingly.

This will help you become a pro golfer over time.

Tip 5 – Polishing Your Gameplay

You have to practice more and more with a 7 iron so that you can come up with new strategies and polish your gameplay.

If you focus on these 5 Key Techniques and 5 Essential Tips, it will also help you in learning how to hit a 7 iron straight. So, start following these techniques and don’t forget to inform me about your progress.

Final Words

So, this is the overall discussion regarding how to hit a 7 iron properly.

By this time, I hope that you have got a clear idea about how to hit a 7 iron properly or how to hit a 7 iron straight. To help you with the most, I have tried to give you as much detail as possible for me while explaining the key techniques and essential tips.

Still, if you have any confusion, please do let me know by clicking here.

I will try to extend my helping hand to eliminate any kind of confusion.

Take Care!