Driver Grip Vs Iron Grip

Most golfers, especially the beginner ones, face one of the most common problems which is regarding choosing the grip type for their golf clubs. Such kind of confusion or problem raises the argument regarding driver grip vs iron grip.

To be honest, if you can choose the right grip for your golf clubs, you can surely have some kind of advantage over your competitors. However, failing to select the right golf club grip can certainly make you lose the game.

Therefore, it is essential to know the difference between driver grip and iron grip. Actually, many golfers opt for picking the same grip for both irons and drivers. Again, many golfers use different grips for their irons and drivers.

So, the question remains – are you going to pick the same grip for both drivers and irons.

In this article, I am going to share a comprehensive and logical discussion on driver grip and iron grip. If you are struggling with your golf club grips, then the following discussion can be of great importance to you.

I can assure you that the discussion below will eradicate all of your confusion regarding the difference between driver grip and iron grip.

Let’s jump into the details then…

Driver Grip Vs Iron Grip – Detailed Discussion

To make this discussion an easier one for you, first I would like to define what golf drivers and irons are. Besides, it is also necessary to clarify the confusion regarding whether you should use the same grip for all of your golf clubs.

So, here we go….

Before I begin discussing what drivers and irons are, it is essential to tell you about the woods first as it will help you to get a clear idea about the golf club grips.


Wood in the sport called golf is known as a specific type of golf club. This kind of golf club usually comes with rounder, larger heads than all the other types of clubs. Besides, this club also features a bit longer shaft.

And, more specifically, woods are used with the main purpose of hitting the golf ball for longer distances.

Woods can be of different numbers, and depending on the numbers, golfers pick a specific piece of golf wood for their golf game. It is essential to let you know that the 1,3, and 5 numbers are considered as a set of woods for playing golf.


The driver in the golf game belongs to the varied category of woods under the golf clubs. Traditionally, the driver is referred to be the wood-1.

Usually, the driver is the longest golf club that can be found in the golf bag of any golfer. Also, it features the biggest club head among all the golf club types. Typically, the driver is larger than any other wood used in a golf game. And, it is specifically designed for playing the golf ball from the tee.

Because of the advancement of technology, the driver has been nowadays specialized in a way so that a golfer can get the maximum from their shots using the drivers.

And, to get the most out of a golf driver, you have to pick the right kind of driver grip. Always keep in mind that a driver grip plays a significant role in improving your gameplay. As a result, there is no chance of making any compromise while choosing the driver grip.


Iron is another type of golf club which is specifically designed to fulfil the sole purpose of propelling the golf ball towards the main target – the golf hole. Golf irons typically come with smaller clubheads and shorter shafts than the woods.

The head of the iron is typically made of steel or solid iron. And the most distinguishing feature of the iron head is a flat, large, and angled face for helping the golfers to put the ball into the golf hole.

You can use the golf irons in varieties of situations starting from putting the golf ball into the hole, teeing green course on the shorter holes, extracting the golf ball from hazards like shallow water or bunkers, to rescueing  the ball form rough or fairway to the green course.

Among all the golf club types, the most common one is the iron. In a set of 14 clubs, there should be a minimum of 7-10 irons, where the wedges are included. Again, irons can be of different numbers – starting from 1 to 10. Depending on the angle of the clubface’s loft, the numbers on the irons are given.

Besides, the numbers of the irons will also vary because of the differences in the clubhead size, and shaft length.

In the case of irons, you also have to be careful while choosing the grip. Based on my gameplay and experience, I can tell that the iron grip can play an important role in making big scores on the green field.

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Should You Use the Same Golf Grips on All of Your Golf Clubs?

Driver Grip Vs Iron Grip
Driver Grip Vs Iron Grip

In the case of choosing the grip for golf clubs – especially for drivers and irons – most golfers face one common problem. Actually, most golfers consider that choosing the same grips for all the golf clubs is the right thing to do.

However, this kind of idea is completely wrong. And, following such can lead to bringing negative effects on your gameplay.

So, the question is – ‘How will you choose grips for golf clubs?

Well, it is not possible to give a straightforward answer to this question. That’s why I have designed the following section to give you a clear idea regarding driver grip and iron grip.

First of all, it essential to let you know that golf club grips can be of different sizes. Some golfers prefer shorter-mid size grips, some opt for standard grips and others would go for the larger sized ones.

For the drivers, I had seen the best results when I used the larger grips sizes. In my earlier days, to be honest, I used to try out the standard size golf grips for my drivers. With the passage of time, I realized that I had been missing out something because of using the standard size grips.

As a result, I wanted to make a change, and then, I switched to the larger golf grips for my drivers. And guess what, my gameplay improved a hell lot than I have ever imagined.

Although there is indeed a close relation between your gameplay and driver grip, there is another important factor which is the hand action. The hand action is basically meant as the “wrist action”. Remember that if you can’t make the proper use of your ‘wrist action’, you won’t be able to improve your gameplay no matter the type of driver grip you use for your golf drivers.

While doing the ‘wrist action’, you have to know the fact that wrist action means the way you perform the movement of your wrist. And, your wrist movement is entirely controlled or dominated by the muscles we have in our forearms as we all know that we don’t have any muscles in our wrists.

Here is an important thing I must tell you is the way you squeeze the golf club grip. You should keep in mind that it is effective for both the driver grip and iron grip.

So, giving your utmost attention to this particular discussion can clarify everything in detail.

When you hold or squeeze the grip tightly, you will experience comparatively less relaxation in the muscles of your forearms. Also, it will cause less fluidity while releasing your wrist cock. This will certainly create more tension in your forearm muscles, and consequently, it will lower the speed of the golf ball.

In real life, I have seen that most golfers usually hold the golf club grip as tightly as possible. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out yourself. Just try to swing your golf club without putting any grip on it. You will see it yourself.

Furthermore, there is another important thing to let you know is all the grips available currently are tapered. But do you have any idea why they are tapered? Well, I am pretty much sure that you don’t have any idea about the reason behind such tapering.

In the case of the hickory shaft, it is tapered in its butt section. Even when they are wrapped with leather or leather strips, the manufacturers still don’t perform any tapering.

But, in the case of steel shafts, there was a wrapping of sheet metal strip in the earlier days. Over time, the blank shaft was replaced with chrome plating in order to ensure smoothness. And, then, the manufacturers introduced the tapping method, which made the golf clubs grips smoother than before.

Lastly, I would like to mention one thing about the driver grip and iron grip. Well, it is the performance of your gameplay I am referring to.

When you go for a driver grip, you can expect better performance because the driver grips are much comfortable in nature.

On the contrary, the iron grips are typically designed for the professionals. In fact, no professionals will ever imagine a golf game without the iron grip. With the use of the iron grip, the professionals can end up with better gameplay by playing the right shots.

Therefore, I would suggest you go for the iron grips only when you overcome the beginner stage of playing golf.

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Final Words

So, this is all I wanted to share about driver grip vs iron grip with you.

I hope that you have got a clear idea regarding the differences between driver grip and iron grip after studying the above discussion.

Simply put, depending on the type of game player you are, you have to choose the grip for your golf club. If you are a beginner or amateur golfer, you should go for the driver grip.

On the other hand, professional golfers should go for iron grips. So, if you think that your gameplay has improved like the pros, you can opt for the iron grips as well.

Still, if you have any questions, you can send me a message or comment below.

I will try to help you out as best as I can.

Good Bye!