How To Cure A Pull In Golf? – [Steps You Need To Follow]

Golf is an interesting game, yet it can also be somewhat humbling at the same time. A good going game can even be an extremely disappointing one if you don’t have any idea about how to make necessary adjustments on the fly. This is why most golfers are somewhat desperate to know about how to cure a pull in golf.

Almost all the golfers out there do know that pull shots can give a good feel, but when not played correctly, it can be a complete disaster.

Yes, it is so very frustrating!

All types of golfers, especially amateurs need to know how to correct pulling golf shots.

Being a skilled golfer, I always put my best to learn a golf skill as well as helping others learning golf swing tips and tricks.

So, today, I am going to make a comprehensive discussion on helping you learn all the nuts and bolts of a pulled shot in golf.

If you really want to correct pulling golf shots, I would suggest you to keep your full concentration while reading the following discussion.

Without further ado, let’s start this detailed discussion on how to cure a pull shot in golf….

What Is A Pulled Shot?

Before I begin the discussion on how to cure a pull in golf, I would like to give a short description of the definition of a pulled shot.

Well, if you think that you are the only one who is struggling with continuous pulled shots, don’t you worry because you are not alone my friend.

Apart from fat golf shots or outside of the slice, a very common shot most amateur golfers struggle with is the golf pulled shot. And it can happen for a lot of reasons.

A pulled shot or a pull in golf is a type of shot that starts off the target to the left and makes its way continuously along the same path. In most cases, it doesn’t make any rotation and tends to go all the way to the left.

When a pull is occurred right off of the target, 3 things can happen –

  • Stay Left

The golf ball may travel 5-20 yards longer compared to the normal ones because the golf club, at its impact, is shut.

  • Starting off to the left and Making a Slight Rotation to the Right

In this case, the golf ball doesn’t achieve the distance mentioned above. Instead, it covers a bit shorter distance.

  • Starting off to the Left and Keeping the Same Direction

Like I just said above, the golf ball achieves a longer distance (5-20 yards longer) and goes all the way to its left.

A big portion of amateur golfers can’t hit the pull cut in the right way. the golf ball starts off left of the target and a few moments later it may cut back rightwards.

Although I won’t consider it one of those worst golf shots, it will kill your intended distance right off the tee because, in the end, it turns out to be a monster slice.

The pull shot in golf that doesn’t turn into the slice may reach tough places missing the greenside course because of achieving the additional distance.

What Causes A Pull In Golf?

As I have already mentioned, the most common reason for which a pulled shot can occur is that the golf clubface, at the time of its impact, is shut.

This particular situation raises the question – “why the clubface is causing such kind of impact while it is very close to the golf ball.

Well, this can occur for various reasons which are explained in the following –

Your Alignment (Left or Right)

Before you go for making any adjustments to your swing, you have to identify your alignment in the first place.

At the time of playing the shot, you may be thinking you are doing it over the top, but the real scenario could be you are starting a bit left right off of the tee. So, you may be hitting complete straight instead of trying to pull your golf ball.

To evaluate or check your alignment, I would suggest you to take assistance from two alignment rods or alignment sticks. When you use two different alignment sticks, you will be able to find out whether you are going to actually hit the target.

In some cases, you may feel that you are aiming left, but you are aiming around 10-30 yards right in the real scenario.

So, whenever you are trying to play the shot right off of the tee, you have to check your aim carefully. At the same time, you also have to give a close look at your divot. This will surely help you identify the real problem.

Always keep in mind that your divot will never give you wrong information!

Strong Grip

After evaluating your alignment, the next thing to put your focus on is checking your grip. Remember that a kind of strong grip may promote some additional release of your golf club that can lead to the situation where the clubface makes the impact.

In this case, you can switch to a neutral or somewhat weaker position in order to check whether it does affect the golf ball flight.

Inappropriate Ball Position

Another possible reason for which you are struggling with the pulled shots is the incorrect position of your golf ball.

When your golf ball is placed too far, it becomes quite hard to make the right shot while hitting the ball from the tee.

In this case, you can move your golf ball back towards you and hit the ball with your golf club. This will help you to identify the real reason why your swing is producing the pulled shot.

Over The Top Swing

Another common reason that can cause a pull in golf is when you try to pull your golf ball using the over-the-top swing motion.

This kind of swing may occur if you try any downswing with the help of your upper body or taking a golf club outside of your upper body.

How To Cure A Pull In Golf? – [Step By Step Instructions Explained]

At this point, you have got a clear idea about the pulled shot and what actually causes a pull in golf.

Well, now it’s time I should tell you how to cure a pull in golf. This section is purely designed with a step-by-step guideline that will give you a clear idea about how to correct pulling golf shots.

How To Cure A Pull In Golf
How To Cure A Pull In Golf

Let’s get it started then….

Solution 1 – Stop Twisting Your Hands

If you twist your hands, like playing a hook shot, at the initial address, your clubface may cause the impact which will cause your golf ball to go left.

So, the solution for this problem is to use a V-shape grip because I have found it quite useful to stop twisting my hands at the time of hitting the ball right off the tee.

Solution 2 – Putting the Golf Ball Further Back

If you place your golf ball a bit forward, it is quite common that your shoulders will tend to aim leftwards. No matter how hard you try to aim right, your shoulders will naturally aim for the left. And, this will cause a pull shot while combining with the impact of your clubface.

So, my suggestion would be to keep your golf ball further back before you play the shot. And, it is a must especially when you use a driver for playing the shot.

Solution 3 – Stop Aiming Left

I would say that it is possibly one of the most basic ways every golfer follows in order to cure a pull in golf. However, it is quite common for beginner golfers to fail to aim in the right direction.

In fact, they even fail to point their shoulders and feet right at the target. And, this is why most amateur golfers struggle with the pulled shot.

My suggestion would be to stop aiming for the left and try to concentrate on keeping your shoulders and feet pointing at the target.

Solution 4 – Keeping A Wider Stance

Another best practice I always keep in my suggestion list for amateur golfers is to keep a wider stance.

If you keep your feet very close, it will increase the chance of your shoulder movement when the impact of the clubface takes place. It will also push your shoulders too far forward than your estimation. Also, it will stop your hips from moving naturally.

But when you maintain a wider stance at the time playing the shot, it will stop you from dragging your golf ball to the left direction.

Solution 5 – Increasing Leg Flex

It is very important to have the leg flex because it will allow you to go for the swing more naturally. Always remember that a restricted movement of your body can turn your good shot into a really bad one, like the one I have discussed until now – the pull shot.

So, I would suggest you to loosen up as much as you can and bend your knees.

Trust me, you will see the difference!

Secret Tips For Fixing Your Pull Shot

In this section, I will share ‘Secret Tips’ that I used to follow for correcting my pull shots. I think a particular section will be the most beneficial one for the beginner or amateur golfers.

  • Do not try to move your shoulders too fast while hitting the golf ball off the tee.
  • Don’t try to flare out excessively your shoulders in the direction of your golf ball.
  • Never ever try to lock your knees when you play a shot.
  • Always try to make the swing using your big muscles.
  • Your swing depends on your wrist, so never twist your wrist while playing your shot.
  • Try to roll the back arm as much as you can because it will pull back the clubhead and this will lead to a perfect swing.
  • Lastly, practice, practice, and practice.

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow To Cure A Pull In Golf

1. What causes me to pull my golf shots?

Answer: Well, there are varieties of reasons that can cause you to pull your golf shots.
In the above discussion, I have already explained all the major reasons that mainly cause a pull shot in golf. Having a thorough study over the discussion will give you a piece of complete knowledge about those points.

2. How do you fix a pull golf shot?

Answer: If you want to fix a pull golf shot, you have to follow certain steps.
In my above discussion, I have explained all the solutions that are very much useful for correcting a pull golf shot.

3. Why I am pulling my iron shots left?

Answer: Various factors may lead you to pull your iron shots left. As far as I know, the main reason is your ball position. Besides, the clubface position and the type of iron you use can also lead to pulling your iron shots left.

Final Words

Always keep in mind that there is nothing called Easy or Simple in the game called Golf. You have to gather complete knowledge of what you are going to do when you are on the green course.

In the above discussion, I have tried to explain how to cure a pull in golf. Throughout the above discussion, I have shared a step-by-step and detailed guideline to explain how to correct pulling a golf shot.

I am very much confident that you have got a clear idea about how you can correct your pull in golf after reading the above informative discussion.

Still, if you struggle with your pull shots in golf, you can ask for my assistance.

I would love to extend my helping hand to help you out.

This is will I had planned to share this time.

See You Soon!

Take Care!