PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review- Detailed Analysis

With the escalating popularity of golf as a sport as well as a steep rise in the demand for comfortable best golf shoes, I have decided to share my take on the much requested PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review.

A pair of the right golf shoes will enhance your golfing experience by many folds with its efficient grip and comfort.

In addition to maintaining stability during the golf swings, playing golf also requires you to walk a lot across the golf courses.

It is necessary to pick a golf shoe that will be comfortable and supportive of your body and balance.

This is why, for anyone who is into golfing or is looking for a pair of good golf shoes to get into this elegant sport, the  PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe might just be the one for him.

In this PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes review, you will be given an overview of the esteemed PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe. Here I have included the details specifications, pros, cons, FAQs, and more info on this famed golf shoe by PUMA.

For a shoe with so many features in its line of work, the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe can almost be considered a cheap option since golf shoes usually have a heftier price.

So, without further ado, let us get into the detailed review.

Why Should You Read This PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review?

The PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe has been in the game of golf playing for quite some time and for rightful reasons.

Since the first pair made available in the market back in 2018, PUMA never had to look back on this golf shoe.

With an upgraded ultra-comfortable Grip Fusion for amplified breathability and comfort, the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe has been a staple need for many pro golfers.

Its organic traction system offers stability and is paired with the perfect breathability by allowing ample ventilation throughout the day.

The comfortable yet proper fit prevents golfers from slipping and allows good grip.

Besides, the stylish design of this golf shoe by PUMA and its colorful options to choose from, helps you to keep up with the aesthetics of the entire game and associated outfits.

It has even been ranked among the top 10 golf shoes for men on different digital market platforms.

If you have a budget of around $100, picking the PUMA Mens Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe might be the perfect start to your golf journey.

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PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review – A Detailed Discussion

In this section I have provided main focus to provide you special information regarding PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes so that you can easily make your final decision for purchasing of the shoe without even wasting your valuable time.

Besides, I have also planned to organize the review in such a way so that you can get an overall idea about this top quality golf shoe.

I have divided this entire discussion on PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review into specific sections and subsections so you can understand everything without any kind of confusion or complications.

Let’s dive in the complete discussion then….

PUMA Men's Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review
PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review

Brand Profile – PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review

Founded in 1948, PUMA has been one of the leading sports brands in the world and a trusted name for athletes. Starting from the manufacture of athletic and casual footwear to apparel and accessories, PUMA has it all.

With a family of over 13,000 employees and shipping to more than 120 countries, PUMA has set the record as a creator of fast product designs for athletes from different fields.

Having a rich history of innovative designs and products, PUMA was bound to have an amazing line of golf wear.

The Cobra PUMA Golf line as well as the Ignite NXT Platform have been working tirelessly to provide their customers with stylish and performance-ready golf apparel, footwear, accessories, etc.

With a wide range of inclusive, colorful, and innovative products with unique lacing options to choose from, PUMA allows the players to make the most of their skills whilst enjoying the game.

Product Description – PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes

The PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe features an exceptional update from the Grip Fusion Sport that has an updated ultra-comfortable Grip Fusion with a new performance mesh upper. This helps to elevate the look of the shoe by giving it a lightweight and athletic fit; as well as increases the breathability of the shoe.

The foundation of the shoe is based on an anatomically shaped Grip Comfort Last that gives more volume to fit any size of the foot with its rounder construct.

With a heather mesh forefoot and sporty upper, the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is completed with a Fusion Foam midsole.

This comprises a mixture of super-soft EVA foam and ultra-responsive rubber that work hand in hand to cushion your feet perfectly throughout all kinds of activity and provides unrivaled energy return to maximize grip.

The traction system of the shoe is organic and strategically designed to direct lugs in appropriate zones. This helps to increase the traction and grip throughout the swinging movement without losing control or balance.

Key Specification – PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

  • Product dimensions: 16.5 x 5.25 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 12 Ounces
  • Size: 7-14
  • Item model number: 191207
  • Department: Men’s
  • First date available:  September 12, 2018
  • Manufacturer: PUMA Golf
  • Origin: imported

Key Features – PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

The PUMA Mens Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe possesses a lot of valuable features that are essential for playing golf efficiently.

The features are given below.

  • Fit: Grip Comfort
  • Comfort system: Fusion Foam (combination of EVA foam and responsive rubber)
  • Sole system: Soft Foam
  • Upper material: Performance mesh
  • Closure system: Lace
  • Traction system: organic traction- spikeless
  • Carbon crystal rubber


  • The golf shoes are very comfortable as they have more volume and can fit any size of foot comfortably.
  • The combination of EVA foam and responsive rubber cushions on foot keeps you comfortable and safe.
  • Lightweight and breathable due to Fusion Foam and performance mesh.
  • Great organic traction and grip control for maximum productivity.
  • Easy to wear and take off with lacing and tongue system.
  • Efficient cleat system that prevents you from slipping.
  • The spikeless outsole of the shoe works great as an everyday walking shoe too.


  • The shoes are not waterproof and therefore are unsuitable for a moist environment or weather.
  • The seams on the interior of the shoe are poorly constructed and therefore may cause discomfort while walking.
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Why should you buy the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe?

There are many reasons as to why you should buy the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe.

All of PUMA’s golf shoes are well-known for their comfort, breathability, and versatility. And the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is one of the best among them.

This shoe is a great choice for people living in humid regions.

The upper material of the shoe is made of performance mesh that allows great ventilation when you are using the show.

Although the shoe is not waterproof, it has a comfort system of Fusion Foam along with a sole system of Soft Foam that enables maximum comfort of the user, no matter how long you have been wearing them.

The spikeless organic traction system is designed specifically to allow the most efficient grip and traction while golfing. This gives you the power to be in control of your shots and swinging.

With a midsole constructed from the mixture of EVA foam and ultra-responsive rubber, your feet are cushioned throughout the day, keeping you the most comfortable.

All these attributes are essential for a good golf game and you can get it all for under 150 dollars only.

The PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is one of the most comfortable golf shoes and this quality made it more lucrative to the golfers.

Who should buy the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes?

A good pair of golf shoes are essential requirement  for all types of  golfers from beginner to professional to play their game comfortably.

The grip, weather, the kind of place you are going to play golf in, etc. are contributing factors in deciding which type of golf shoes you need to buy.

Although sneakers or trainers can be used instead of golf shoes as alternatives, they will not provide the same grip as golf shoes do.

Since golf shoes are designed to serve the very purpose of providing unmatched grip irrespective of the terrain condition, they are suitable for those who are passionate about playing golf.

The PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe can be used by both beginners and professional golfers as it has easy management, excellent grip, and comfort.

It is also breathable and lightweight features which makes the shoes appropriate for hot days and long hours.

The spikeless bottom of the shoe provides a versatile range of use as well, making it a decent choice for wearing for all types of golfers.

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FAQs about PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review

1. Are PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf shoe waterproof?

Answer : Unfortunately, no. The PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is not waterproof and needs to be avoided being worn in wet places or weather.

2. What size should I get my PUMA Shoe?

Answer: It should be the same as your regular street shoe size (in the US).
It is better to keep your foot size in check and buy a shoe size that leaves about half an inch behind your heel.

3. How do you clean PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe?

Answer: The shoes are washing machine friendly. You can also air dry them. But avoid putting them in the dryer.

4. Can I wear these PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes when not playing golf?

Answer : One of the advantages of the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is that they can be worn as everyday shoes as well.
The spikeless exterior and lightweight nature of the shoe make it a comfortable wear no matter when or where you wear it.

Things To Look Out For Purchasing of Golf Shoes

To ensure the purchase of a good pair of golf shoes, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind while shopping. The factors are:

  • Comfort: Make sure you pick out the perfect size that fits you comfortably. Getting a shoe that’s too tight or too loose will only be a waste of your money.
  • Breathability: Making sure that your golf shoes are breathable is associated with various aspects such as comfort, hygiene &productivity throughout the day.
  • Build: Build refers to the constituents of the midsole, uppers, and outsole of your shoe.Get a shoe with comfortable and flexible parts with an overall good grip.
  • Stability during the swing: It is important to maintain your stability during golf swings to throw a perfect shot. A shoe with a powerful traction system is needed for this.
  • Waterproof: Wet shoes or interior can greatly hamper your play. So, it is essential to get waterproof shoes that will keep out the moisture from dewy grass early in the morning or during rainy days.

Final Words

I believe that you have enjoyed reading the above PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes Review and now you can decide whether this golf shoe is the one for you or not.

I would still recommend you to conduct research and look at the other shoe brands before you make the important purchase decision.

In this connection you may read my content best golf shoes for walking to check 8 best golf shoes including the reviewed one, and get the best fitted one for yourself.

Further, if you have been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis associated problem, you should read my content best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis to select the perfect pair of golf shoes for yourself and play the golf game most comfortably.

Not only will the shoes keep your feet in place while swinging or turning during the game, but they will also provide your body with the appropriate balance and support to make the perfect shots.

Investing in a good pair of golf shoes that suits you will certainly enhance your performance as well as keep you comfortable throughout the game.

All in all, golf shoes do have a wide field of use and benefits which makes their purchase worthwhile.

I hope my review will be helpful in your decision-making process.


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