How To Regroove Golf Clubs? [All Guidelines In One]

Re-grooving a golf club is crucial if you want to increase your performance. A survey shows that a sharper groove will let you beat the golf with a spin of 11000 rpm, whereas a non-sharpener lets you flee around 1000 -1500 rpm less. However, if you want to sharpen the grooves yourself, you have to learn how to regroove golf clubs skillfully.

Sharpening the groove of the golf clubs requires only three things: cleaning, protecting the club face, and regrinding the iron plates of the golf. Besides this, vertical adjustment of the grooves is also a vital part of regrooving the golf clubs. Lubricating the grooves is optional, but it allows getting a good balance during the working period.

In this blog, we are breaking down each step with sharp detailing. Here you also get some tips, a maintenance guide, and all the necessary things to be acknowledged for these affairs.

5 Best Steps of Regrooving Golf Clubs: Become A Pro

How To Regroove Golf Clubs

As regards the golf clubs interlinked with swing speed, you must do each step properly to sharpen the grooves.. Sharpening the grooves means it moves the gunk away from the club face. Due to this reason, grooved faces are likely to be more effective than grooveless ones.

Now, let’s dive into the principal works of regrooving the golf clubs.

Step-1: Clean The Clubface

Begin your work by cleaning the golf club. The club face may get dirty from playing outside, or you may neglect to clean regularly. So this is the chance to give it a new-look by washing them properly. Besides, if your golf clubs have scratches, use the best scratch remover for golf clubs and make them scratch free.

To clean the club face, you need the following objects.

  • Warm soapy water
  • A nylon brush
  • Bucket
  • A clean rug

You will need to add a good amount of liquids to the bucket of warm water. Now put the golf clubs on it, and take a scrub brush. Start rubbing the clubs and removing as much of the built-up debris from between the grooves.

Step-2: Protect The Face Using Electrical Tape

After cleaning, now it is time to protect the face. Protecting the club face is essential unless it may slip away with a sharpener. Take an electrical tape, and tear some strips from it. Now start to wrap the grooves face so that when you drive the sharpener up and down the grooves, it will halt and conserve by the tape.

Step-3: Draw The Groove Sharpener

Now begin to re-grooving the golf club using a groove sharpener. Make sure to take and start grooving by aligning the club at a 45-degree angle at the first stroke.

Remember that you have to drive the sharpener like an oscillating tool. Keep your hand at the motion of the sharpener; you will feel the changes once it has been done. Avoid going at its full strength at first until you’re feeling comfortable with the process.

Step-4: Pick The Sharpener On A Vertical Adjustment

In these steps, try to change the angle of the sharpener so that the golf club may look more vertical. It will also help you recreate the actual depth that the groove had when the club was new.

Further, by reading my content you will get an in depth idea about sharpening golf club grooves in proper way.

Step-5: Use Lubricating Oil At The Middle

Use any lubricating oil amid the work if the sharpener gets stuck. It is also advantageous to get a good balance on your hand. We suggest you use WD-40 Oil OR light cooking oil for the job. It’s because those lubricants are suitable and firmly used everywhere. Moreover, they are available almost everywhere.

After finishing the sharpening process, wipe away the excess lubricants with a cloth. Give a trial with that club. To hit a 7-iron or an 8-iron from the tee, use 7 or 8. Repeat this from the fairway, then, from the light rough, and finish it by burying the ball in deep rough as well.

3 DIY Tools Of Regrooving Golf Club Metal

regroove golf irons

A golf sharpener is technically an excellent way to give a well-furnished look to your golf club. The result will be sharper, which looks perfect and quite awesome to play. Hence, if you have already tried different golf sharpener tools, give the below DIY hacks a trial. They give you support if you don’t have any sharpener in your hand.

●    Nail Files

Use nail files as a golf sharpener as you do to your nails. Use any of the tools that seem to have the same size as the groove to make this work easier. Pick a nail file in one hand, then rub it at the iron parts of the groove.

But don’t try this hack if the golf Olympiad is knocking at your door. It’s because you may injure yourself unconsciously for the lack of practice.

●    Use Flat-faced Screwdriver

A flat-faced screwdriver can be a good golf sharpener if you don’t have another choice. This screwdriver is handy to pick, so the work becomes more facile to you. Driving them into the iron parts of the golf is too helpful to finish the task without much effort.

●    Dremel Tool

Sharpening the golf club edges becomes more comfortable if you do the job using the Dremel Tool.

This handheld tool had sharp round edges at the top to drill or sharpen the metal. Flip the power button to turn on the machine. Hold it onto the grooves, don’t give extra pressure there. Let the machine do its job on itself.

Run the tool following the back and forth motions. After finishing the job, apply any lubricant oil over the sharp edges to get the best result.

5 Essential Tips To Get Better Control While Using Golf Sharpener Tool  

regroove golf clubs

Golf clubs are like flat tires, which might be damaged if handled ignorantly. It may happen if you unconsciously drive the sharpener tool over the golf clubs. Since golf clubs used to be slippery and hard to control, try the following tips to get better control over them.

Tips-1: Hold The Sharpener Tool In The Hand That Have Good Balance

Good control will give you the comfort to drive the tool properly. As a beginner, you might hold the tool unconsciously because it may be worn out or damaged. So try to hold it in your hand with reasonable control and balance.

Tips-2: Use A Toothbrush Or Toothpick Instead Of A Scrubber

The scrubber may not win the challenge of cleaning the grooves. Somewhere they just proved to be garbage and failed to go deep. That is why try to use a toothbrush or toothpick instead of a scrubber; only then can you clean the dirt inside the golf tire.

Tips-3: Add A Drop Of Oil To Remove Stickiness

Add a drop of oil while removing the masking tape that was used to sharpen the golf clubs. While you remove them, there is a chance the golf body will get sticky and viscous. This is why use a few drops of cooking oil to omit them.

Tips-4: Rub The Golf Groove With Sharpener Until It Looks Polished

Try to rub the golf groove until it looks polished and dazzling. You may feel that the golf groove didn’t give the expected gloss. That might be for not giving enough time to rub the grooves. Also, make sure to spend more time when you’re working with the Drexel tools. Otherwise, you won’t get the gloss and polished look of the golf clubs.

Tips-5: Use Dawn Dishwashing Soap

You may be in a dilemma about using any dawn dishwashing soap. But in reality, this kind of soap is recommended to use whenever you’re going to wash the groove clubs. Yet, make sure that you avoid wetting the brush too much.

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Regrooving Golf Clubs

How To Regroove Golf Irons

Regrooving golf clubs requires you to avoid three common mistakes. It is essential because you might not be able to handle its improvements as well as the consistency in playing the game. So keep a sharp note of them.

1.   Don’t Leave The Old Tape Unmoved

One of your common mistakes is leaving the old tape unresolved. You should remove the tape correctly, unless you didn’t add the new ones. Leaving the old tape unresolved will prevent the stickiness of the golf. For this, you may not attach a new tape there.

2.   Not Using Solvent Or Lubricants

Using solvent or lubricants is the apparent component that makes your golf clubs swivel and easy to install. A lubricant also works to oil the shafts, which act as a tape activator. Without using proper lubrication, you may get stuck midway. So don’t skip this step from your practices.

3.   Avoid Rubbing On A Wrong Way

Do not rub the golf clubs stubbornly; it may damage the natural polish or glaze of the golf clubs. That’s why, avoid rubbing them the wrong way. Try to rub them gently and drag the sharpener according to the shredded lines.

FAQs About How To Regroove Golf Clubs

Should I Clean The Golf Clubs After Every Round?

Cleaning the golf club after every round resulted in strong outputs. You can clean the gadget with any mild soap. Habitually, try to wash the golf clubs after every round to long its lifespan.
On the other hand, cleaning the golf club regularly provides you with better performance. Scrub makes them pure and dirt free. Overall, the golf club wasn’t worn out or damaged by cleaning regularly.

Can You Polish The Face Of A Golf Club?       

One of the common ways to return the past glaze of a golf club is by rubbing it properly. Continuing rubbing and buffing the golf club makes a way to restore its shine. But buffing is not as necessary as you need to clean the golf club first.
Cleaning them efficiently makes the golf club more productive. Again, buffing is the secondary process of polishing the face of a golf club. So clean the face of the golf and smear the metal polish over the head of the club.

Do Golf Groove Sharpeners Any Good?       

Golf groove sharpeners are an ultimate way that gives keen looks every time. Using any sharpening tools means it considerably expands the lifetime of your club. Sharpening is only used to refine the edges, not clean the grooves.
Here, sharpening the golf groove means you will get more accuracy on that club. Accuracy in playing the game, accuracy on spinning, and also provide more control. Besides this, a groove sharpener tool is flexible, which means it won’t damage your clubs.

When Should You Re-grip The Golf Clubs?

You should re-grip or change the golf clubs once a year. Of course, if they got damaged or useless for any inconvenience, you might have bought a new one for yourself. A heavy-duty or quality material golf club lasts for more than a year.
Apart from this, the longevity of any golf club depends on maintenance. It varies on what types of golf clubs you have and how often you take care of this. Perhaps, some golf players prefer to change their club during the spring to start each season initially.

How Much Does It Cost To Regroove A Club?

The cost varies on how old your golf clubs are and how often you use them for a club. You need to chase the exact price by querying any official websites of the registering club. Different companies demand different charges for renovating the golf club.
For your query, the average cost of renting any regrooving golf club is around $12-$20. This may not be the damage to golf clubs. The cost may increase if you have more than one.

Final Thought

Now that you learn everything about how to regroove golf clubs. Try the process at your home. Before that, make sure that you have worn proper safety precautions. Especially when you’re going to use any sharpening tool, wear a protective eyeglass. It will prevent the dust from going inside your eyesight.

Also, be aware while regrooving the golf club with the sharpener that it was driven over its body properly. Run the sharpener backward and forward over the golf scars. Hope you will be able to grind your club golf much better now. Be patient while doing the job.

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