How To Play Golf – Basic Tips to Play the Game Effectively

If you are new to Golf, then Google landed you in the right place where you can learn How to play Golf.

As a beginner, the first thing you got to do is understand the game. You need to learn the game from every aspect. One thing that will make your learning more useful is if you try to connect with the game. Connecting to it will help you mentally bond to it, making you a pro in no time.

Here at Golf Craving, you will have a chance to know everything there is to know about playing Golf. Get an opportunity to know opinions and tips about Golf from the experts at it here. See and understand Golf from an expert’s point of view for your benefits.

I have been playing Golf for a very long time. Ever since I understood the game, it turned into an addiction real quick. I don’t see Golf as just a sport where you swing. To me, Golf has always been something that enhances all my skills, both mentally and physically, to the next level.

Throughout my golfing life, I have come across a lot of professionals. I had the chance to meet some of the owners of large industries. You’ll soon find out why Golf has so many benefits.

This article that you’re about to read will help you understand and learn how to play Golf.      

What is Golf

Golf is a sport that gives physical and mental fitness. If you’re thinking that this is a game that involves swinging a club and aiming for a hole far away, well, you have another thing coming. One of the most peaceful game that exercises your body and mind is Golf.

When it comes to providing you physical fitness, Golf is a game you can count on. While playing, a golfer needs to walk around the field, giving him the best exercise suggested by doctors all around. Walking is the default exercise that keeps anyone fit and healthy.

Golf is a sport which is played by both the male & female. As like male golfers, there are many famous ladies golfers who contributed significantly in the histoty of game to make it a popular sport.

Now considering what Golf is, it is a game of choice where golfers swing the club and hit a golf ball from the teeing point towards a hole. This game is played on an open field using different kinds of golf clubs (instruments used for playing Golf). Like every other sport, Golf has guidelines that need to be followed while playing the game.

The objective of the game is straightforward and yet very challenging when it comes to accuracy. A golfer needs to complete a hole (golf term) by taking a swing with their golf club from the teeing on the ground. They have to complete the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible. The swinging is the stroke. A round of Golf has 18 such holes that you need to finish.

Where is Golf Most Popular

Well, Golf has a lot of popularity around the world. The high spirit that the game brings made it climb up the ladder of fame in many countries. Here is a Golf popularity chart of the top 10 countries to give you a better picture.

Pi chart of golf most popular countries
Pi chart of golf most popular countries

Why is Golf So Expensive

Golf is also sometimes known as the “Rich man’s game.” The whole point of this is because Golf companies have seen that people play this game has a lot of wealth. Therefore, the companies get more, and so does the golf courses.

Earlier I mentioned people from a reputed background play Golf. Well, by that, I also meant that people from big companies and positions come and spend the most time in golf. You’ll find CEOs of different companies spending their morning and afternoon on the golf pitch taking a swing at it.

If you are looking for a good deal for your business or an excellent job at a reputed company or looking to strengthen your wings of resources, you better be on a golf field. This is where socializing comes in to play. The best part is, you are socializing with the people of high class and society. The benefits of this are endless. This is why some people call golf a “deal-closing game.”

Important Factors to Look at Before Playing Golf

You don’t buy a club, watch some tutorials on YouTube, and start swinging on the course. That’s not playing golf. There is more to it. While playing golf you have to take a lot of factors into consideration before. First comes the understanding of the game, how to play golf, and the rules associated with it. Then comes the golf accessories like a golf club, golf ball, grip, gloves, and many more.

Take a look into the essential factors before being move on to the hot topic for the day.

Rules of Golf

Like every other sport, golf has rules and regulation that needs to be followed to make you a professional. If you are playing golf for the sake of fitness, enjoyment, time pass, or even as a professional, you have to follow the rules. Face it; we are nothing without rules, so is sports.

The rules are designed to make the sport more enjoyable and challenging. If you are not aware of them, here you go:

  • A standard club must be used to hit the ball from the start. This will continue for each hole to the green and finally in to the hole that is marked using a flag.
  • Players will strike in turn. The one with the ball furthest away from the hole will be going first. When a new hole starts, the person taking the least shots will be going first.
  • A penalty is imposed for a lost ball, which is one stroke. This also includes the ball being struck out of bounds and into the water. A player will have five minutes to look for the ball and get it back or else the penalty will be both strokes that is one shot. You have to play again from the original spot if the ball gets lost in to the water.
  • Players are allowed only up to 14 clubs to use. No more than that.
  • Players are only permitted to seek advice from partners or the caddy. They cannot ask for advice from anyone else.
  • The player must play the ball in the way it is found. You cannot touch, move, or do anything to the ball.
  • A player is allowed to mark on the ground where his ball landed to lift and clean the ball. Then the ball must be put back exactly where it was found.

See here for more rules and regulations related to the game of golf.

Further, you need to wear proper golf oufit for playing the golf game. Many golf clubs do not allow golfers to play the game without specified golf attires.

Golf Equipment

The essential weapon for you to in this game is the club. As mentioned earlier, you are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs during a match. However, golf is a rich man’s game for a reason. It uses gears that could almost make you empty your savings. So it would be best if you always had a solution on how to play one of the most expensive games at a minimal cost. If you don’t, don’t worry, you’ll find some answers here.

Golf Clubs

You are allowed 14 clubs at most. But as a beginner, for practicing, try it out with a single golf club. So you can start with a putter, driver, or a sand wedge. These clubs will surely do your practice in your comfort zone and give you good airborne.

Rather than buying new clubs right away for practice, try using used clubs. Look for deals that will help you get cheap price products. Not to mention, you can buy new clubs that are within your budget.

Always try the club before buying them. Take a swing at it while you can. Don’t go for the clubs that are meant for a pro. You’ll end up being disappointed if you don’t know how to use them. Professional golf clubs can be costly and hard to use. So try avoiding that at the beginning. Go to a shop nearby, or if you don’t have one, order from online and get it.

Golf Balls

You have to choose the right golf balls to play. And this will be determined by your ball losing rate. That’s right; you heard it correct. If you lose too many shots at first, then I suggest you go for cheaply priced balls. Once you get a grip on losing the balls, you can get expensive and better ones.

If the brands confuse you, try putting them on to see how they feel coming off the putter’s face. That should help you understand better which brands to choose.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are vehicles used by golfers to transport themselves along with their other golf equipment throughout the golf course. By now you understand that whenever you are going to take a swing at a golf ball, it will travel quite a distance. It is better use a best fitted golf cart to go travel that many distance, as traveling that far by foot would take a lot out of you.

Golf Bag

Another handy equipment of golf that is comes in use when carrying bulk equipment. A golf bag is used to carry golf equipment like golf club, golf ball, beverages, and other things that you might need to carry during your match. The bags are made with fabrics that are light and strong. There are different types of golf bags that you can choose from.

How To Play Golf

Well, time for the answer you were looking for. You’ll get a guided process on how to start. This will be a theoretical lesson explaining how your physical approach towards golf should be. The best way you can learn physically is from a hired professional trainer. A professional golf player was also started just as you are doing. He started from the basics and worked his way to becoming a pro.

There is no short cut to learning golf, and you much master the basics before you take on the advanced challenges as it is a mixture of various essential working together simultaneously.

how to play golf for beginners
how to play golf for beginners

So here are some things to do before playing golf.

  • Exercise– Make sure you do all the necessary stretching before you start playing. Warm up is the most essential workout before any sport. Especially for a sport where you need to take a swing at your full force that could potentially lead to muscle pull or hamstring. Warm up your hands, shoulders, back and legs properly.
  • Get your gears– Set your golf gears and check if you have everything or not. Double check before playing to see your gears are working fine. Check for any damages that could potential trouble you during your game.

Now what you are about to read is how you start playing once you are on the course.

  • Teeing Ground– This is where the game starts from. The teeing ground means a spot on the ground where you would have to make your first shot.
  • Calm mind– Keep your mind calm at all times. Relax and let all the stress out. Once you have a free spirit, you’ll be more likely to concentrate on the game and focus on getting what you want. This game is pure of concentration and focus. The more you focus, the closer you get the ball to the whole
  • Visualize the shot– Before actually making the shot, visualize the ball. Concentrate on how you would make the shot. Think in different angles that could make the change effective. Visualize the swing before you make it. Imagine the path you want the ball to travel at. Measure the wind that would affect your shot.
  • The positioning of the Golf ball- An essential matter that needs to take extra care to ensure a strong correlation between the target line and the path of the ball.
  • Bend your waist to get a good posture– The only you’ll get a right balance if when you bend over from your waist. This science allows you to hold the club naturally from your body. It is highly essential that you feel natural when you are addressing the golf ball. You would feel natural when you maintain a straight line from your back, which gives you the correct posture. You should not lock your body or make it rigid or hard. Most newbies will make a mistake by doing this and ultimately be left in an inflexible position with zero comforts.
  • The positioning of your feet– A vital mistake that beginners make is not understanding the fundamental relationship between the positions of the ball and the area of the feet. If this positioning of the two subjects doesn’t match, the outcome of the swing will be disappointing. Disposition of the items can result in a lousy flight of the ball. While practicing, ensure the alignment that provides the best outcomes.
  • Know the distance of each club– As you already know how many clubs you can carry, you are also aware that each club is different from the other. Therefore the swings for each club will give you a different outcome. This is why you need to understand what results in you will be getting from each distance of the club. At first, it will take you time. But as your skills grow and you get stronger, you will understand the different lengths you need for each club. You will know which club to use at what distance depending on the hole.
  • Make your SHOT– Now, you are ready to make your first shot. Swing your club with the rules and advice you have read so far and go at it with full capacity.
  • Keep count of the score– Always keep track of your score on your scorecard. This helps you to understand your initial status and progress as a beginner. There are specific terms you have to use while keeping track of your score.
  • Putting– Definition of putting is nothing but consistent repetition and technique. In a short game, repetition is the key that unlocks a win and success. If you give more effort to your putting stroke, the better you’ll compete.
  • Get full control over your grip– You have to start with mastering your grip. The grip for putting is very much different than the ones used for swing. A stable point is created by joining hands to swing the putter. There are different types of putting grips that are popular nowadays. Try out the one that puts you in your comfort zone.
  • Calm Body poster– You need to ensure a quiet body once you have chosen your grip. You have to keep your head still, no matter what. One slight mistake can mess up your putting stroke.
  • Firm Wrist– Another factor that prevents weak contact is a firm wrist. If you fail to make a firm wrist and keep the clubface down, you won’t be able to elevate the ball.
  • Chipping means playing a shot from close to the green that results in the ball going airborne a brief moment and then hitting the ground rolling towards the hole. This is usually played in a short game. If you have a weak contact, chipping will not be so easy for you. This happens a lot with newbies because of a bad grip. If you have an excellent and unique grip, it will provide a better contact for sure. If you want to get rid of these issues, I suggest you first do your putting grip when you are holding the club while approaching chipping.
  • Play all holes– And these are the ways you can continue playing golf while discovering more ways to develop yourself and better game strategies. As a beginner, play the short game that has nine holes rather than the 18 one.
  • Become a winner– And finally, win the game, scoring the lowest shots to complete all the wholes.

Well, now you know what you have to do when playing golf. Pretty much far, you know how to play golf. Well, you know the theoretical part of it. All you got to do now is find an experienced and professional trainer and start practicing. You’ll become a pro in no time if you learn to play with your heart. However, only playing will not give you an advantage. There are other factors that you have to ensure that you follow to become a master.

Golf Scoring System

Since you know you have an idea of how to play golf, it’s time you get an idea about how scoring is done in golf. Are you playing to win it, right? So here is how the scoring is done.

Golf is a sport of scoring in different holes in a golf course. It is important for the golfers to know about hole in golf and how to score in hole .You can play two types of golf matches. First is the short game, which consists of 9 holes, the other long match, consisting of 18 holes.

Each of these holes are assigned with a Par score. Well, go through these definitions for better understanding.

  • Par- Par score is a score that a golfer gets once he completes a hole in the number of strokes listed for that hole on the scorecard.
  • Birdie– A score that is a stroke less than the par.
  • Eagle- A score that takes two less shots than the par to complete the hole.
  • Double Eagle– This is also known as Albatross. Completing a 5 par whole in two strokes lets you have this rare achievement.
  • Hole-in-One– This happens when a golfer makes a hole from the tee shot.
  • Bogey– When a golfer completes a hole with one shot more than the par.
  • Double Bogey– When a golfer completes a hole with 2 shots over the par.
  • Triple Bogey– When a golfer takes 3 shots more than the part to complete a hole.
  • Quadruple Bogey– Taking 4 shots more than the par to complete a hole.

Benefits of Playing Golf

There is pretty much no sport that isn’t helpful for your physical fitness. Similarly, golf also adds in to that list of fitness providing sport. Golf has benefits that are beyond belief. You must be wondering what kind of exercise you get just by taking a swing at a club. There is so much more to it. Let’s check out some of the benefits you’ll get playing Golf.

benefits of playing golf
benefits of playing golf
  • Mental Peace– A simple game of golf puts your mind at ease and keeps a good psyche. Your mind will stay more alert than before.
  • Socialism– If socializing is something you are look for then have no fear, golf is here. If helps you build a positive reputation as most golfers are from a reputed background.
  • Decreasing Anxiety and Stress– Walking on a field with nothing but fine green scene everywhere with the fresh oxygen can reduce all your stress and anxiety
  • Physical fitness and Exercise– Swinging a club is an added bonus to all the walking done throughout the game. Your full body is having a good amount of stretch and exercise. When you do a full swing, your arms, legs, and abdomen has a good amount of exercise. The muscles go under a stress that helps to strengthen them.
  • Weight loss– A global demand by most is a decent weight loss that will keep them fit and good looking.

Important Factors While Playing Golf

Play it Right

Once you learn how to swing, you are ready to play golf like a pro. Well if not like a pro, than at least like some mid-level player. Well, to play like a pro, not only do you need to develop you playing skills, but there are factors besides playing skills that you need to focus on. So basically, you need to act like a pro as well.

These are the main areas that you got to look into more carefully and follow for your own benefits after learning how to play golf. All the famous and professional Golfers actually follow this and have suggested the tips to all the passionate golf players.

Tip 1


It would help if you always arrive at the course at least 30 minutes before the tee time. Once you resolve your green and cart fees, get a bucket of practice balls to tune your swing for better results.

Always remember to stretch and exercise before you start swinging. Pretty sure you don’t want to end up with a muscle pull or a hamstring in the middle of your game. Keep in mind that warming up is very much essential to give your all in the game. A hot engine delivers a better efficiency than a cold one. Your muscles are the engines of your body.

What exercises can you do? As a starter, take your club and grab it from both ends and raise it above your head. Keep doing this as well as move it behind your head to stretch your shoulders. You could also lean over to help your back with the hamstrings.

Tip 2


Your wardrobe should contain the outfits that are expected from a golfer. When you play golf, take a look at the other golfers, and get an idea of what to wear. Then buy something similar.

Most of the golf matches require collared shirts. If you are thinking of wearing shorts, then know this, you’ll be allowed to wear shorts in the hottest months of the summer.

Try to buy a lightweight collared golf shirt that has moisture removing properties. This will help you stay dry. These types of shirts are cost-effective.

You will see a lot of golfers are wearing this kind of shirt. Keeping dry during the game will reduce dehydration and keep you calm.

Tip 3

Food and Hydration

Golf is a summer sport mostly. Most games of golf are played during the summer. Therefore you have to pay extra attention to your nutrition intake as well as staying hydrated.

The best time to have a meal that helps a golfer is during the pre-round. Proteins are useful elements that help you get more energy that you can put into the game. Chicken and turkeys are suggested as a source of protein before a match.

However, if the game is an early morning game, you can try some fruits like bananas and cereals.

Always avoid filling yourself up with sweet drinks and foods containing high salt and fat. This could make you feel sick during the game and under the sun. Go for some healthier options like low protein bars or peanut butter, and you could try apples.

Keep in mind to stay hydrated enough. Always drink water or liquids throughout each round. You don’t have to maintain any rules for staying hydrated. Whenever you feel like having some fluids, go for it!

Tip 4

Emphasize the Game Rules

A crucial thing to do is to know the rules of the game before playing. I would recommend all the newbies to get a copy of the USGA Rules of Golf before they begin to play. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of experts with your lack of knowledge for the game. There are other books and guides where you can find the golf rules, which you can go through and understand.

This is important because as days pass and the more games you play, the better you get. A rule book beside you will always catalyze your growth of betterment.

Tip 5

Know the Game Terms

There are specific game terms that you need to be aware of and understand. Those terms come in real handy while playing golf. Failure to know them all would result in confusion and a lack of professionalism.

If you are planning to involve yourself in a sport, you have to know it inside out, leaving no space for being criticized. Be a part of the game, and things will start falling in the right places all by themselves.


From the definition of golf to its benefits, to know the essential factors before and while playing the game, to choosing the right gears, and to finally learn how to play golf, you now have a perfect idea and knowledge about the process and what to do.

Being a golfer isn’t that hard if you have a passion for being one. Many golfers have started their career in the same position as you are. They turned out to be experts. Then why not you? Just look for the best golf courses in the USA and get yourself introduced with experts and learn a thing or two from them.

You have to practice, no matter what, to achieve greatness. Trusting your instinct and approach is the key while you prepare to enroll in this journey. Self-confidence can take you to the moon, but overconfidence can leave you stranded in the space with no way to escape from it.

Remember why you are playing and the people playing beside you. Follow the guidelines and rules to show professionalism. Practice like you know absolutely nothing and swing like there is no one better than you. Enjoy the game, and most importantly, respect it.