10 Best Golf Courses in Bakersfield CA

A golf course consists of holes, a tee box, rough, fairways, driving ranges, and other hazards. Most standard golf courses have a round of 18 holes.

Bakersfield is one of the biggest cities in California where you can find many golf courses. If you are a starter or expert in golf play, then here are the 10 best golf courses in Bakersfield, CA to try out. 

Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Bakersfield CA

Best Golf Courses in Bakersfield CA

1. Sundale Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

Sunday country club is the closest golf course to Bakersfield, and it takes about 15 minutes to drive from the center of the city. It is a semi-private course that features complete golf amenities. The golf course has 18 holes within 6,801 yards. The course includes some traps and challenges with water and narrow fairways. However, it is quite an easy golf course for beginners. 

The golf course looks beautiful, and the greens are kept well. It features the finest design with elements which is more appealing to the golf enthusiast. The new director David Bolar mangoes the course and facilities. The director has over 30 years of experience and provides lessons to individuals and groups of players. The clubhouse is renovated with practice facilities, greens, a driving range, chipping areas, and a pro shop.

Contact details of Sundale Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 831-5224
  • Address: 6218 Sundale Ave,Bakersfield, CA  93309-2898

2. Stockdale Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

Stockdale is the oldest golf course in Bakersfield, and it was opened in 1925. The historic Tevis family estate established the course. The standard and facilities of the course are excellent. It is a centerpiece of the golf players in the city. This finest golf course evolves into a year-round natural terrain with its pristine conditions and seasonal changes.

You will have a peaceful experience on this golf course all year round. If you walk around the course on hot summer days, you won’t feel any suffocation. The breeze and abundance of shade will relax you.

You can enjoy the competitive challenges on this 18-hole golf course. Due to the traditional layout and tight fairways, the course offers more challenges. The expert golfers will have a lot of fun, and the beginners will get a chance to develop their skills. The youngsters will love to play in this green land. 

Contact details of Stockdale Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 832-0587
  • Address: 7001 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA  93309-1313

3. Bakersfield Country Club, Bakersfield – CA

Bakersfield golf course is the most exclusive golf course in northwest Bakersfield. It is a private golf course yet offers recreational facilities for guests and members. The course was opened in 1950 and at present, it is maintained by third-generation members with an excellent reputation.

If you visit the golf course, you can see the classic traditional vibe. The landscaping is standard and impressive, which brings about consistency and discipline in your game. This family is serving golfers with great pride and values.

The course is welcoming for those who are serious about excellence in their game. Playing in this course is pleasurable and stimulating. It offers various challenges to all levels of expertise. This superbly designed is a great place to hone putting skills. Or you can relax and enjoy the natural contours. 

Contact details of Bakersfield Country Club, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 871-4121
  • Location: 4200 Country Club Drive, Bakersfield, CA  93306-3700

4. Oaks Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

Oaks golf course is a subsidiary of Seven Oaks Country Club in Bakersfield. It is one of the most spectacular country clubs in CA. The course is an icon of a majestic architectural perspective. Moreover, it boasts recreational and social amenities. Robert Muir Graves, the world’s renowned architect designed the course. The meticulous attention to detail, breathtaking fairways, beautiful lakes, and perfectly watered greens.

This is a 9-hole golf course within 3,512 yards from tees a par of 36. Further, the course is surrounded by beautiful streams, lakes, and waterfalls. Robert Muir Graves designed the Oak golf course. There are fresco dining spaces for large banquets and formal dining. You can arrange social or cordial meetings while enjoying the lovely garden view.

Contact details of Oaks Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 664-6474
  • Address:  2000 Grand Lakes Ave, Bakersfield, CA  93311-2931

5. Riverlakes Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

Riverlakes golf club is a perfect course for golfers. It has quite a flat environment yet the unique layout design keeps it beautiful, warm, and green all year round. The course features 18 holes within a 6800 yards track. The maintenance of the course is appreciable and refreshing. The older trees were removed and replanted to create a more natural layout. Also, the Fraint-Kern canal beside the course offers a refreshing sensation to your game.

It is another way to enjoy the atmosphere and stunning views. The course also offers some challenges with wide open and tight fairways. So golfers of any skill level will enjoy playing here. The driving range is also stunning, especially the night-lit view. Overall, the course gives a unique experience while in your game. 

Contact details of Riverlakes Golf Course,Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 587-5465
  • Address: 5201 Riverlakes Drive, Bakersfield, CA  93312-4993

6. Kern River Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

Kern River golf course is one of the largest courses in the city. It is an 18 holes course in 6,458 yards with the longest tees of a par of 70. William P. Bell architected the course. It is designed with a challenging layout. So if you are potential guests, then you will have a great golf experience. The terrific view and challenges are perfect for golfers of all levels.

Moreover, to provide a standard golf experience, the course has arranged a family atmosphere and outstanding customer service. The superior playing conditions are a bit exceptional, yet friendly. There are also the best instructors so that you can play your best round. The course is a suitable choice for regular rounds and improving your game.

Contact details of Kern River Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 872-5128
  • Address: Rudal Rd, Bakersfield, CA  93306

7. Rio Bravo Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

If you love challenges in your golfing play, then this is it. Rio Bravo is the best option that provides you with the thrill you are always looking for. Due to its no-flat layout, this course is exceptional from the rest. It is built on 7000 yards. Robert Muir Graves designed the course and it is a terrific view. It seems like natural terrain hugging the foothills. 

The course has an amazing blend of design, playability, and other arrangements. It also has two excellent putting and chipping greens. The full driving range and narrow fairways give a high-quality golf experience at an unmatched value. The customer service is also appreciable.

Contact details of Rio Bravo Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 871-4653
  • Address: 15200 Casa Club Drive, Bakersfield, CA  93306-9778

8. North Kern Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

North Kern golf course opened in 1950 and is an 18-hole public course.North Kern golf course opened in 1950 and is an 18-hole public course. It is the best choice for local golfers who require tee entries at an affordable price. The course is based on 6,754 yards with a par of 72. It features a wonderful green layout and always gives a refreshing feel with a cool breeze.

The course has low and thin fairways with some unlevel tee spots. It includes some challenges with some tough putting greens. Here you can see separate facilities for men and women golfers. There are many tournaments you can participate in to improve your skills. Overall, you can enjoy a great outing with your friends and family.

Contact details of North Kern Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 399-0347
  • Address:17412 Quality Rd, Bakersfield, CA  93308-9718

9. Islands Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

The Islands golf course is another club that operated under the Seven Oak Country club facility in Bakersfield. This course has 9 holes, featuring 3,633 yards with a par of 36. The same architecture Robert Muir Graves designed the course.

It is popular as a Championship Golf Course. You will find some challenging holes and putting greens. A variety of golf amenities are available on the course to enhance your experience and allow you to play successfully.

The extensive driving range and practice facilities are also helpful to improve your game. The environment sensitivity reflects the extraordinary beauty of nature. There are many other programs held like private events, wedding ceremonies, and receptions.

Contact details of Islands Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 664-6474
  • Address: 2000 Grand Lakes Ave, Bakersfield, CA  93311-2931

10. Lakes Golf Course, Bakersfield – CA

Lastly, the Lakes Golf course, under the Seven Oaks Country Club facility is another great choice for golfing. The course was opened in 2002, using 3,446 yards. The course is quite challenging yet friendly to play. It is fun to overcome these difficulties and the game can be improved by doing so.the game can be improved by doing so.

Contact details of Lakes Golf Course, Bakersfield

  • Phone: (661) 664-6474
  • Address: 2000 Grand Lakes Ave, Bakersfield, CA  93311-2931

Final Words

Now, you have the location of the best golf courses near you. All these courses feature wonderful and attractive layout with lots of challenges.

Playing on these courses will be a great experience for you. You can take part on various tournaments to get better scores on golf.

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