Footjoy Flex XP Golf Shoes Review – The Best Golf Shoes

Since golf shoes are an important accessory in gameplay, you have to choose all-rounder golf shoes for this purpose. While buying golf shoes, Footjoy is the most reliable name among the users. Footjoy has introduced their Flex XP series in 2019 and it is still one of the best golf shoes in the market. 

The design, comfort, and technology of the Flex XP shoes are perfect for golf players. Check out this article to find out the Footjoy Flex XP golf shoes review and you can know the reasons for buying these best golf shoes. 

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Footjoy Flex XP Golf Shoes Review

Footjoy Flex XP Golf Shoes Review

Golf sport requires prescribed footwear because the curve of the arch, type of sole, the height of the tongue, and all contribute to the player’s performance. When golf players play outdoors — standing on a manicured green, you need stamina and patience to play. An ideal shoe supports you along the way. 

Footjoy Flex XP is such a relief for you. Its design, comfort level, and performance all are top-notch. Foot joy has been a trusted name for golf players since 1985. So this pair of shoes won’t disappoint you. Here is the detailed review:


Flex XP offers a minimalist athletic appearance and a more modern look. These shoes are available in four different shades. All the shades look great that will match your outfit. Many enjoy traditional golf shoes but this shoe style looks like gym shoes rather than typical old school golf shoes. At a first glance, the style looks like the original Flex but the design pushes through the sleeker direction. However, many users claim them as the best-looking spikeless golf shoes. 

The upper side texture features a streamlined profile that is totally unique with a more modern taste. The branding icon is also minimized and placed in a small rubber tag on the heel rather than the FLEX strap on the midfoot. However, the shoe’s sharp shape ensures versatile usage of them. The whole shape of the shoes addressed the XP model as sporty and youthful. They will go better with casual dress-up. 

The Flex XP model has a traditional lacing system. It is a classic form of many shoe types. However, the lacing system offers a casual addition to these golf shoes. Some players prefer a casual fastening approach like velcro for ease of securing and removal. But this mechanical lacing system provides you consistent stability and prevents loosening throughout a  golf round. 

Footjoy Flex XP Golf Shoes


The key feature of the Flex XP is waterproofing and every golf player knows how important it is in golf. Since this game is heavily reliant on the weather and terrain, every single thing like a change of wind direction or dampness of the grass seriously influences the player’s swing and speed rate of the golf ball. If you are walking through 18 holes or are attacked with a rainstorm in the mid-round, the shoes help to remain your feet dry and comfortable. So these waterproof golf shoes will be a perfect component for you. 

Footjoy guarantees that the XP model will keep your feet dry all day long and in our testing, we have found excellent waterproofing in wet grass. On the upper side, the mesh lining ensures incredible breathability. Wearing these shoes, you will have comfort all day long. 

Footjoy Flex XP golf shoes are one of the best option as the flat fleet golf shoes.


The quality of the shoes relies on the materials. The entire build is made of synthetic fabric and sole that work best for golf shoes. The material is durable and staves off moisture for a great experience while playing during post-rainfall. On the top, the breathable lining is an excellent addition. 

The EVA midsole provides you with extra cushioning for playing hours-long rounds. The brand makes a good trick here. The midsole is soft, at the same time supportive. The shoes have an incredible balance between softness and firmness in the right areas. That means it will increase underfoot cushioning and you have a comfortable feel while walking on the golf course.   

The Flex XP features a versa-trax outsole which is engineered with traction materials to make the outsole perfect for golfing. The pattern of the outsole offers a satisfying performance in the field. Overall, the whole build quality is light and perfect for a lengthy golf course whether it is wet weather. 

However, many users criticize the tongue of the shoes as meaning the lace area. Because this area doesn’t have too much padding or support. So if you lace up the shoes tightly, soon you may have a slight ache on the top of your feet. You may find the pain after a few holes. Typically, it isn’t a big deal if you have a nice fit and don’t require tying the lace tightly. It is a problem for those golfers who have fitting issues and are too tightly lace-up. 


Flex XP is quite different from the original Flex shoes from the design but the feel is very similar. After wearing them for the first time, you will feel comfortable. The light build and ample cushioning is really impressive. Though the shoes are durable and tough, it allows you to move and accommodate your stride. 

The balance of support and freedom while moving feels very enjoyable. During the swing, you gave a comfortable pair of shoes. Actually, there is no shortage if you consider the shoes comfort-wise. Neither the sole nor the upper side restricts you to walk without any complication. For comfortness, these shoes are considered as one of the best fitted golf shoes for walking around the golf courses.

Shaft measurements maximum mid-top from arch. So your foot is tightly hugged by the shoes and you will feel secure. The heel area and padding midsole truly give you proper comfort, no matter if you are wearing them all day long. 

Footjoy Flex XP White


In terms of performance, the Flex XP will meet your expectations. As you know spikes make the shoes perfect for golf playing which is the most important aspect to consider. They are located in the outsoles and deliver the necessary grip. It is important when stretching your swing without falling flat. 

Flex XP is a spikeless shoe but it provides similar grips as spiked shoes. The unchanged versa-trax outsole from the original Flex has unique characteristics. The outsole has engineered a tread pattern design. It seems to be a combination of athletic shoes and golf shoes that push through an aggressive spikeless design. 

The anti-channelling tread pattern of the shoes offers a full traction coverage and grip that eliminates slipping and sliding on surfaces whether it is dry or wet. So you have a great balance during swing your golf clubs. Being a spikeless shoe, you still have an improved outsole that is close to the perfection of the spiked outsole. 

Furthermore, you will feel comfortable while making swings from hairy lies and challenging positions on the golf course. Because you have the security in the fit of the shoe and grippy outsole. 

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Reasons To Buy Footjoy Flex XP Golf Shoes 

Flex XP golf shoes are a perfect choice whether you are a beginner or an expert. So, here are the major reasons to buy them. 

  1. These shoes will keep your feet dry in every condition. The waterproofing technology is approached from premium shoes.   
  2. Who likes modern and athletic shoes rather than typical traditional golf designs. 
  3. Being lightweight golf shoes, make them perfect for those who want stability and support. These are perfect for hilly courses. 
  4. The shoes ensure the right amount of ventilation. The waterproof mesh provides breathability that prevents your feet from sweating during rounds.  
  5. Can be worn anywhere without any problem. Because you don’t have to worry about patterned spikes on the bottom of the shoes. 
  6. Finally, the shoes offer a great value for the price. According to the technology, the price is affordable. 

Footjoy Flex XP Pros & Cons


  • Waterproof golf shoes
  • Breathable upper area
  • Lightweight materials
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Great value for the price
  • Athletic fit and design


  • Limited traction on a wet surface
  • Snug fit from the toe
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Frequently Asked Questions about Footjoy Flex XP Golf Shoes Review

How does Flex XP fit?

These golf shoes are built following Laser Sport Last. So, you will find a fully rounded toe, a slightly narrower heel, and a standard fit in the forefoot and instep. However, the shoes provide a comfortable fit due to cushioned EVA midsoles and extra spring on the toe area.

Is Flex XP waterproof?

Yep, they are. Flex XP golf shoes contain waterproof mesh on the upper area that ensures waterproofing and breathability. So, your feet will stay dry, sweat-free and you feel comfortable.

How to maintain Flex XP golf shoes?

Due to dirt and debris, shoes get worn out, they need to be clean. To wash your XP golf shoes, use some mild soap and water to clean. Then air-dry the shoes properly. Click here to get step by step guidelines for cleaning your flex xp golf shoes.

Can I wash golf shoes in the washing machine?

You can wash golf shoes in the washing machine. But it is preferred to wash the golf shoes by hand to maintain the perfect capabilities.

Final Words

It should be really impressive after reviewing Footjoy Flex XP golf shoes. Whoever the fans of Footjoy will really appreciate these shoes. If you want such golf shoes that can be worn in any weather, then you will surely like them. 

The waterproofing and breathability of the shoes are a big bonus. At this price point, these amazing features are truly worthwhile. Again, the padding of the midsole and traction of the outside is outstanding. This Flex XP comes with improved features and performs better in every way.

You can wear these shoes in any condition even in the rainy season or hot summer days. So, if you have already decided to buy a perfect pair of golf shoes, you should go for Footjoy Flex XP golf shoes .