Why Do Golfers Wear Polos? The Exact Purpose

Golfers have specific rules when it comes down to their outfits. Professional golfers need to maintain a specific dress code while playing. There are many factors like tradition, history, and comfort that work behind the dress code.

So, why do golfers wear polos? Golfers wear polo because of the dressing guidelines. Polo shirts have indulged into the golf dress code for a long time and it is comfortable to wear. Also, it gives a professional appearance which is needed during tournaments.

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Why Do Golfers Wear Polos?

Why Do Golfers Wear Polos

Polo has a long story of getting into the golfing attire. The golf dress codes have the rule to wear polos as professional attire. The main reason behind choosing this is the long history and comfort.

Not only that, there are other reasons like sponsoring opportunities that impact the choice. Besides, wearing a polo can give a more casual and professional vibe at the same time.

History Of Including Polo In Golf Dress Codes

The history of including polo shirts in golf dress codes goes back to as early as the 15th century.

While golf was gaining popularity, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in Scotland, started the tradition of wearing collared shirts for golfers.

As polos were gaining popularity back around that time, they chose them to be the dress for the golfers. The comfort and breathable material usage soon became golfers’ favorite and got into the dress codes.

Soon after that, many other golf clubs and organizers took this into consideration and extended the trend of making polos as professional attire for golfers.

Does Everyone Have To Wear Polos For Golf?

As it belongs to the dress code, every golfer needs to wear polos. But it may vary depending on the specific golf course, tournament, or event. However, professional golfers require to wear polos as a must.

Although there are strict dress codes for golfing, recent games have made this flexible to give the golfers more comfort. Before this, they had to wear specific polos, golfing gloves, and specific shoes while golfing.

Now they have various clothing options, like other types of collared shirts. Some golf courses also allow golfers to wear sleeveless tops but that’s quite rare and limited to the practitioners.

Can Golfers Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes?

Golf has some strict attire rules that professional golfers need to follow. Otherwise, golfers can wear loose-fitting comfortable collared t-shirts depending on specific course or tournament guidelines.

Although the history of golf says that the attire rules have been strictly followed until recent years. Now most golf courses give golfers the flexibility to choose comfortable and relaxed clothes as their interest.

However, it is not the same for all courses, especially for professional golfers.

Is Golf Clothing Important For Beginner Golfers?

Although golf clothing is not a must for beginners, it’s still a wise option to wear them while practicing. It creates a habit of wearing specific clothes and preparing for pro tournaments.

Wearing specific golf outfits can give beginners more comfort while playing. Also, they will get confidence which helps them to attend professional matches.

Moreover, adhering to the dress code can showcase respect for the rules and traditions.

Most importantly, as golf clothes are fixed depending on certain features, wearing them while golfing can give beginners extended functionality. It can enhance the golfer’s performance while preparing themselves for the next goal.

How To Choose The Perfect Golf Polo?

what do golf players wear

Choosing the perfect golf polo for your sessions is a must as it affects your performance. Therefore, here are a few things that you can’t overlook:

  • Perfect Fit: You can’t wear too saggy or loosely fitted clothes while golfing. So, choose a polo that fits you and feels comfortable well at the same time. The fitting should be comfortable enough to encourage flexibility during your swings.
  • Breathable Material: Don’t buy polos that don’t ensure enough airflow. Golfing can feel tiring if your body doesn’t get proper breathability from your clothes. You need to choose a polo that’s made from cotton, polyester blends, and performance fabrics like polyester or nylon with moisture-wicking properties.

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  • Collar: This is a must to look for if you don’t want to violate the rules. Regardless of your polo type, you need to always choose the ones that include collars. You can choose button-down or spread collars depending on your choice.
  • Quality: You need to always go for a good polo brand that provides high-end products. Although a high price doesn’t mean that you will get good clothes, you need to compare the brands and products before buying.

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  • Comfort: As you will be the one who will be wearing the polos, you need to know what feels comfortable to you. Depending on the details like sleeve length, buttons, and fabrics, choose polos that suits your comfort in all weathers.

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How To Maintain Your Polo Shirt?

Golf polos come at a quite high price, so you must ensure good care of the polos once you buy them. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Clean Carefully: Every polo material comes with different cleaning requirements. Some may need hand washing while others can be cleaned in your machine. However, read the manual first before you attempt to wash your polo.
  • Separate Colors: You can’t wash white and colorful polos in the same cycle. Separate the colorful ones and sort them based on their colors. Then make a cleaning schedule for each group or you can wash them one after another.
  • Turn It Inside Out: This is a very useful tip to follow. Turning the polo inside out before washing will protect the outer surface of your polo. Thus, you can also protect the printed designs if there are any.
  • Use Appropriate Water Temperature: You can’t put your polo in too hot or too cold water. The water should be lukewarm to properly clean it and keep it good to go for the next round.
  • Use A Mild Detergent: Always choose a mild detergent so you don’t damage your polo. Harsh detergents and fabric softeners may be too rough for the fabric. They also sometimes leave residues on the polo.
  • Store Properly: Fold your polo shirts neatly and store them in a cool, dry place. Don’t hand your polo as the fabric is stretchable. You can put the polos in a drawer after folding them.

Alternatives To Golfing Polos

If you don’t like to wear polos, you can try other alternatives. There are T-shirts specifically designed for golfers. They come with the same functionalities as your polo but look like a regular T-shirt.

Besides, you can also wear mock necks T – Shirts with a higher collar that looks like a polo. These are the best for a relaxed gaming session. You will also get button-down shirts made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that fit your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is there a dress code for golf?

Using a specific sort of clothing while golfing gives away a sense of professionalism and respect for the rules. Thus, there are dress codes that almost all golfers follow while golfing.

Are polos golf attire?

Yes, polos are typically the golf shirts that golfers wear while playing. This gives a professional look while golfing and provides needed comfort.

Does Clubhouse Also Requires Polo Shirt?

All clubhouses do not require a polo shirt. Certain ones may demand for a polo shirt based on the golf dress codes.


Now that you know why do golfers wear polos, hopefully, you are clear about the dress codes. Wearing clothes based on the specific rules showcase respect for the game.

So, from the above discussion you have understood that, professionals never forget to wear clothes depending on the given guidelines, and polos are one of them.