Is The Square Strike Wedge Legal? Know Before You Buy

The square strike wedge club is nowadays an alluring option to choose as your club due to the lucrative ads and all the talks. But if you are a golfer, you must focus on a few things before you jump to a conclusion.

One of the prior things you need to know : Is the square strike wedge legal?

In this case, if we focus on the USGA summary, we find out that it is legal for all high-level amateur, casual, and professional games and matches. As it abides by the pre-2010 and 2010 groove rules, you can use it as a legal club in your golfing.

Want to know more about it? Let’s see what we have about the square strike wedge!

Is The Square Strike Wedge Legal?

Is Square Strike Wedge Legal

Yes, it is legal. As the club falls into the pre-2010 USGA guidelines including the 2010 groove rules, Square Strike Wedge doesn’t violate anything. So you can easily use it to strike your hit.

Also, you can use the club for any kind of golf, whether it’s professional or casual. Many golfers use the club in their regular and tournament games.

What Is A Square Strike Wedge?

What Is A Square Strike Wedge

The square strike wedge is a club that comes in a hybrid shape. It is designed in a way so you can get more accuracy from the shot as it creates a square clubface contact on the ball.

Although people mostly know it as a wedge, it is more like a “chipper club” or “chipping wedge.” But it doesn’t look like a traditional wedge; therefore, it’s better to classify it as a specialty club.

Although with the first look, you will say that it’s a wedge. But the performance doesn’t speak of it. It operates like a chipper of the past. So, we can say that it’s a hybrid between the two.

Performance Of A Square Strike Wedge

By taking feedback on the square strike wedge reviews from many golfers, we can say that the outcome is very positive. It reduces fat shots so you can get good scores from this.

Besides, it gives more roll of the ball with the low shots, giving you the upper hand.

As the club comes with a weighted clubhead, you can play your shots from various angles and lies.

Also, the ball will go through even the thicker grasses with each shot done by this club. The wedge works successfully to grab into the thicker grasses for the best shots.

This wedge is the best for golfers that have tried out several wedges and didn’t feel any difference. The weighted club head that comes alongside the lie makes the perfect combination for golfers in any condition.

Thus, it benefits the shots greatly due to the extraordinary mechanism.

What Makes the Square Strike Wedge Good?

is the square strike wedge legal in golf

There are a few facts behind this club being so good among golfers. One of the prior reasons is the mechanism. But let’s know a few outstanding reasons for choosing this club:

Tremendous Shot, Every Time!

First of all, this one abides by all the golf rules. As a result, you can use the club without any worries.

Besides, due to the mechanism, it gives improved contact with the ball making the ball roll more. That gives you the accuracy of the shot, and it feels great to hit the ball all the time.

Provides More Assistance

When you need more assistance in your short game, this club can save your back. The clubhead hits just right to improve the accuracy of the shots. It doesn’t hit fat shots- which is a dream for golfers.

Also, you can get the same improved shot from any type of lies using this club.

Doesn’t Slow Your Shot

Due to the unique build, it doesn’t let you chuck the ball and miss the shot. The bottom ridges prevent your shot from slowing down. Thus you get the perfect shot every time you hit the ball.

Perfect Swing Guaranteed

The clubhead weight helps you to prevent opening or closing the face while giving your swing.

As a result, you can get the ball straight into the hole without any mess-ups. You can keep the shots consistent without a problem using the club.

Precise Control

The most important thing for a golfer is to get precise control during each shot. But if the club is not good enough, you can’t get the accuracy and control. But the build of this club gives it all to you, so you can hit straight shots easily.

So even if you are a beginner, you can get a straight shot without much effort.

Who Should You Use The Square Strike?

Experienced and advanced-level golfers can get the most out of a square strike. The shorter club length and the way it offers precise swings give an upper hand to senior golfers.

But beginners shouldn’t use this without practicing using a traditional wedge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is A Square Strike Wedge Good?

You will get exceptional chip and run shots consistently from the wedge. Thus it keeps everything easy with consistency. You will never miss the shot as it reduces fat shots making the hit worth it.

When Shouldn’t You Use A Square Strike Wedge?

If you are a beginner, it’s better to avoid using the wedge unless you practice using a traditional wedge first.

Besides, the club is not perfect for full shots. Alongside the issue, it can feel a bit heavy for some people due to the fuller mechanism.

Can You Hit Full Shots with Square Strike Wedge?

Yes, you can hit your full shots using it, but it won’t be that good. The wedge won’t let you get that much distance like a pitching wedge.

Final Words

As you already know: is the square strike wedge legal, alongside other information about the wedge, hopefully, you are certain about whether to use it or not. This is a useful club for some specific reasons.

Also, as it follows the rules, you can easily utilize it in your shots. But if you are a beginner, the best thing is to avoid using it.

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