What is a Fade in Golf ? Know the Right Tricks

There are several golf shots that you might need to learn. Fade is a popular golf shot that can give you the best control with a driver and an iron shot. It has a powerful and higher trajectory that can give you the upper hand.

When you want to go right into the game, a fade can help you in no time. So if you want to know what is a fade in golf, let’s know all about it!

What Is A Fade In Golf?

What Is A Fade In Golf

Golfers who want a consistent hitting pattern can easily get their best shot with the power of fade. Fade is mainly the technique that indicates the curvature of the golf ball during the flight.

The golf ball can curve to the left or right during the hit. But a fade’s curve is more of a gentle kind, with more target-reaching potential.

The curve depends on the golfer’s dominant hand. Fade shots are more likely to hit the target, although it may not look like that initially. It has a higher trajectory which gets to the successful target. Professionals mostly rely on the 5-yard fade to turn the game in your favor.

Performing a fade is not that tough, but it can be tricky. Many professionals use this as their natural shot, but if this is not the case for you, you can easily practice it. If you already know how to perform a draw shot, a fade is the opposite of it.

Benefits of Fade Shot

  • You can easily get your shot around the trees and get your best shot on dogleg holes
  • You will get more consistency in the strikes
  • It provides higher control over the game
  • Aiming and reaching the target while maintaining the same swing is easier
  • It is more reliable than a draw shot in some positions

How to Hit a Fade Shot?

how to hit a fade shot

Hitting a fade is not that hard, but you need the right practice if it is not your natural shot type. Here is how to do so:

First- Fix The Grip

In every golf shot, the most prominent thing is to keep the grip stable. You need to ensure a strong grip so you can hit the golf shot that you are aiming for.

But a fade shot requires your grip to be weaker than other shots. So you can hold the club using your top hand palm more than your fingers. Thus, the grip will be weaker than at other times. Also, keep your bottom hand rotated in the same direction.

Second- Set Your Stance

Your hit will depend on your stance as the swing depends on it. So it’s best to aim down at the left side of the fairway and hit the shot while keeping your feet parallel. The fade requires you to aim slightly left than the target so the shot comes out to be perfect.

Third- Opening The Clubface

Fade shots come out the best if you slightly open the clubface. But it is not mandatory, as you can also give the shot using the swing path. While opening the clubface, rotate the club’s toe a bit away from the ball to create a curve during flight. Try attacking the ball from a suitable outside-to-in degree to create the fade shot.

Factors That Cause a Fade

how to hit a fade shot

Proper Grip

Your grip can determine whether you are hitting a slice shot or a fade shot. As stated before, a weak grip is a crucial factor to get a good fade shot because it helps the club face open promptly.

When your grip is too tight, you will struggle to release the grip during impact. Thus, it will more likely create a slice rather than fade.

Golf Swing Path

Swing path is another big factor to keep in mind. When you want a perfect fade, it’s better to use an out-to-in path. It helps the clubface to cut across the ball during your impact to create the perfect fade.

Open Clubface

Your clubface position is another important factor that determines the fade. During impact, you need to keep the clubface open to the club path so you can hit the shot.

FAQsWhat Is A Fade In Golf

Why is stance important in golf?

A good golf stance can help you to get an accurate shot with the best swing. Also, you can get the best control over the shot. When you have stability, you can easily make a good stroke. Therefore, you can strike any angle and shoot as you want.

What causes a golf fade?

When you keep the clubface open to the swing path during your impact it causes the fade shot. Most of the players perform fade as their natural shot, but if you don’t know how to do so, you can easily learn it.
Whichever your dominant hand is, you have to look to that side of the swing path during the stroke, that’s what fade is all about.

Is a golf fade good?

With a fade shot, you will get more control, stability, and a softer landing. Thus, you can hit the target area easily using the curve. But whether it’s good or bad depends on your decision as everyone has different choices.

Why do tour players prefer to fade?

Golfers feel more comfortable striking a fade as they have more control over the shot. It gives a smooth landing and a powerful trajectory. Thus it provides more chances of hitting the target. You can create a smooth and powerful motion using the fade shot.

Final Words

Knowing what is a fade in golf might benefit you if you haven’t tried it yet. The shot is very beneficial to hit your target when you are lacking behind. You might need some time to learn as there are some tricky tops that work behind the shot.

However, once you learn it, you will realize it provides more effective shots than most other shot types. If it is not your natural hitting type, you can practice and learn to adapt to it.