Square Strike Wedge Review – [Is It Worth Buying In 2021]

Are you looking for independent reviews on the Square Strike Wedge? Or do you want to upgrade your pitching wedge to the newly launched Square Strike Golf Wedge?

If that is the case, it is very much needed for you to check out a detailed discussion on the Square Strike Wedge Review.

If you are a bit confused about whether buying the Square Strike Golf Wedge would be the right decision or not, then I would highly recommend you to put your entire focus on studying this detailed review of Square Strike Wedge.

In this blog post, I will share a comprehensive discussion on the Square Strike 55 degree Wedge Review so that the decision-making of yours regarding buying this golf wedge becomes much smoother and easier for you.

Throughout this Square Strike Golf Wedge review discussion, not only I will try to discuss the Key Features of the Square Strike Golf Wedge, but I will also talk about the strengths (Pros) and weaknesses (Cons) of this pitching wedge.

I am pretty much sure that my independent review of Square Strike Wedge will help you get a complete idea about this popular golf wedge.

This is why it has become more than necessary for you to give your entire focus while studying this thoughtful discussion on the square strike 55 degree wedge review.

So, without making any further ado, let’s jump right into this detailed discussion….

Why Should You Read This Review of Square Strike Wedge?

First of all, you need to know the reasons for which you should read this review of Square Strike Golf Wedge.

Having a great level of passion for golf, I always try to play golf using the appropriate golf accessories. In this regard, I always pay a great deal of attention to the reviews of the golf equipment so that my investment doesn’t go wrong.

This is why I always suggest my readers to spend a handsome amount of time conducting in-depth research before purchasing a golf kit.

In this case of the square strike wedge review, I have tried to come up with a comprehensive discussion of this golf wedge where I have talked about the Key Features of this golf wedge as well as the positive and negative sides of the wedge.

And, the BEST part is that I have shared everything about the square strike golf wedge based on my real-life experience.

I believe that my review on square strike golf wedge will help you get to know in full about this pitching wedge.

Besides, I, in this review discussion, have also shared the most crucial reasons for which you should buy this golf wedge.

In short, my primary objective behind writing this square strike 55 degree review post is to help all the golfers out there who are looking for authentic and reliable info about this golf wedge.

Now it is quite clear that you have got to know the reasons for which you should study this review on the square strike wedge.

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Square Strike Wedge Review – A Detailed Discussion

In this particular section of the square strike golf wedge review, I am going to share a detailed discussion on this golf wedge.

Before I start this comprehensive discussion, I must inform you that I have divided this entire discussion into a few sections and sub-sections so that it becomes much easier for you to understand everything about this golf wedge.

Let’s get it started then….

Brand Profile – Square Strike Golf Wedge

Well, the Square Strike Pitching Wedge is manufactured by one of the most famous golf club manufacturing companies called the Autopilot Golf.

This renowned golf equipment manufacturing company started its operations in this industry with the following mission –

“To create the ultimate lineup of clubs that work for – not against – mid-to-high handicappers’ swings.”

Let me make it a bit clearer to you –

  • This golf club manufacturing brand is solely committed to designing, planning, manufacturing, and promoting golf clubs that can offer extra carry and extra rollout, even at the time when you struggle with your swing speeds (especially for golfers with slow swing speeds).
  • They focus on manufacturing golf clubs for golfers who can’t hit the sweet spot in most cases.
  • They do the hard work in designing & manufacturing golf clubs that are particularly engineered to help you play tricky shots quite comfortably.

 One of its core competencies is that it has a team of some of the most passionate and hardworking golf club engineers. This team of experienced engineers always try their best to provide their target market something that its competitor can’t even offer.

This is one of the many reasons why it has been so much popular in the list of the pioneer golf club manufacturing brands.

And the Square Strike Golf Wedge is specifically designed for beginner level golfers who struggle a lot while playing chip shots around the green.

Let’s get to know more about the Square Strike Golf Wedge

Detailed Product Description -Square Strike Wedge

  • Model: Square Strike.
  • Brand: Autopilot Golf.
  • Weight: 330 Grams.
  • Golf Club Flex: Wedge.
  • Hand Orientation: Right.
  • Golf Club Loft: 55-degrees.
  • Material: Stainless-Steel.
  • Shaft Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Grip Type: Putter.
  • Golf Putter Lie Angle: 68-degrees.

Key Features – Square Strike Golf Wedge Review 

  • Anti-chunk sole.
  • High Moment of Inertia.
  • Accurately centered COG.
  • Anti-rotational weighting system.
  • Beveled leading edge.
  • Solid & heavy feel.
  • Putter-like lie angle.
  • Shorter length.
  • Legal for tournament play.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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Detailed Features & Benefits – Square Strike 55 Degree Wedge Review

Square Strike Wedge

In this segment of the Square Strike Golf Wedge Review, I will try to share a comprehensive discussion on the Highlighted Features of this pitching wedge.

If you are not sure about whether purchasing this golf wedge would be the right decision or not, then I must say that it is the most vital section for you.

For this reason, I would like to recommend you to put your full concentration while studying the following critical points:

Anti-Chunk Sole

The Square Strike Golf Wedge comes with a uniquely designed anti-chunk sole that is engineered with a minute curve from heel to toe and back to front.

The curve is designed in a way so that you will experience a silky-smooth movement while playing along the turf. Besides, the clubhead will also keep on moving in the right direction when you hit it behind the golf ball.

At the same time, the movement of this golf wedge also confirms a crisp & clean contact which saves you from chunks or fat shots. And this is what you would face from any ordinary golf wedge available out there in the market.

Also, the shallow grooves of this anti-chunk sole minimize friction when you play shots on matted or sticky grass.

Anti-Rotational Weighting

Another awesome feature of the Square Strike Wedge is its anti-rotational weighting system. It is the design team of the Square Strike Wedge that has made it possible to move the WEIGHT from the heel of this golf wedge to its toe. This kind of weight movement helps to prevent the excessive opening of the clubhead as well as excess closing while going back & through.

At the same time, the blade of this golf wedge is also engineered in a way so it can stay totally squared to its target line. As a result, good timing and wrist hinge are not always mandatory when you try to hit a solid shot.

Weighted Clubhead

The weight of the Square Strike Wedge’s clubhead is around 330 grams. For such a weighted clubhead, you will get some extra benefit when you play shots like putting stroke.

In this regard, I must inform you of the fact that the designers and engineers of the Autopilot Golf have successfully achieved straight shot, ideal swing, minimal wrist action and less rotation for the weighted clubhead.

As a result, you will find this golf wedge an assistive one while playing out there on the green.

Shape & Looks

In terms of looks, the Square Strike Wedge can beat any good quality beginner level golf wedges. I must say that the color combination used for this golf wedge will attract both men and women golfers.

So, it is definitely a plus because it serves the purpose of both men and women golfers to some extent (especially I’m referring to its looks).

This nicely looking golf wedge is available in black and green colored versions which come with stainless steel shaft. For the stainless-steel material, the look of this wedge is not only aesthetically appealing, but it is also more rust-resistant and durable than you can imagine.

At the same time, this golf wedge features a massive sole. For this large sole, you expect not to experience any kind of fat shots or chunks. Besides, it also helps beginner golfers in playing some of the toughest shots around the green with ease.


The Square Strike wedge features an extra-long green grip that is extra thin as well. besides, this grip is around 1 inch longer than any ordinary or standard golf wedge grip.

For this reason, you will get to enjoy the flexibility of gripping down while playing shots that are closer to the target hole.

Although it is an extra-long grip, it may not suit all types of golfers because the thin side has a larger portion compared to other ordinary golf wedge grips.

One of the best things about the Square Strike Wedge is that you can use it to replace your regular putter. As a result, you can use this same grip for your regular putter as well.

This is another great advantage for beginner-level golfers, isn’t it?


The shaft of the Square Strike Golf Wedge is around 35-inches long which gives you the flexibility of having a greater level of control while playing out there on the green field.

In this case, I should mention one very important thing about this golf wedge –

Since this wedge is a type of precision club, so the extra length of the shaft is not required when you want to achieve more distance.

Always keep in mind that when you look for a good quality golf wedge for beginners, you have to focus on precision, no the extra or additional distance.


This Square Strike Golf Wedge will allow you to place it much closer to your golf ball keeping a lie angle of 68-degree which is very much similar to most of the standard putters. Besides, this wedge also offers you the flexibility of enjoying 6-degree more upright than any other ordinary golf wedge.


The Square Strike Golf Wedge comes in 45-degree and 55-degree loft angle variants. However, in this post, I am reviewing the Square Strike 55 degree golf wedge.

Feel & Sound

The weighted clubhead of this golf wedge reduces the number of mishits even for a beginner level golfer. Besides, it produces a strange muted sound at the time of the impact on the golf ball.


In my experience, I would say the Square Strike Wedge is the type of golf wedge that is ideally designed for golfers of any skill level.

Besides, I have also consulted with some of my golfer friends about its performance. And, you know what – they all came up with a positive response.

This is another reason I have become a fan of the Square Strike Golf Wedge.

According to some golfers, it is almost impossible to hit any kind of fat shots or chunks with this golf wedge. And, this is definitely a plus for beginner golfers.

At the same time, this golf wedge produces low shots that is the main reason for producing more rolls compared to any ordinary pitching wedge available currently in the market.


  • Perfect wedge for golfers of any skill level.
  • Almost impossible to hit any fat shot.
  • More forgiving than any traditional wedge.
  • Legal for tournament play.
  • Easy to play with even for a beginner player.
  • No more wasted strokes.
  • Easier swing motion.
  • Easier to control.
  • No gripping down.
  • Great value for the money.


  • Not an ideal wedge for full shots.
  • Not a versatile golf wedge.
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Should You Really Buy The Square Strike Golf Wedge?

As of now, you have got an overall idea about the Square Strike Golf Wedge. Besides, I have also made it clear that how popular this golf wedge is at this moment in time.

However, there’s one vital question that may knock on the door right now which is – “Should you really purchase the Square Strike Golf Wedge?”

Well, here is your answer –

  • The Square Strike Golf Wedge is currently one of the most popular golf wedges that have earned popularity from golfers of all skills.
  • Stainless Steel materials ensure the durability and longevity of this golf wedge.
  • It is nearly impossible to hit any fat shot with this golf wedge.
  • The Square Strike Wedge is an ideal wedge for beginners as well as pro-level golfers.
  • This golf wedge offers higher forgiveness.
  • For the weighted clubhead, it is far better than any ordinary golf wedge.

Who Are the Square Strike Golf Wedge For?

Since you have got to know about all the major features, pros, and cons of the Square Strike Golf Wedge, so now it is time to answer another vital question which is as follows –

“Who ate the Square Strike Golf Wedge Designed For?”

Well, the Square Strike Golf Wedge is ideally designed for beginner golfers, but golfers of any skill level can use this golf wedge while playing around the green.

Besides, if you are the type of golfer who struggles a lot because of chunks or fat shots, then the Square Strike Wedge is the perfect option available to improve your short game.

However, it doesn’t mean that it will bring you a big score within a matter of time.

How Much Is The Square Strike Wedge?

Well now that you have come so far after reading all the above sections regarding the Square Strike Wedge Review, so I would assume that you certainly have some interest in this golf wedge.

Therefore, it is also quite common that you may want to know about the price of the Square Strike Golf Wedge.

So, how much is the Square Strike Wedge?

Well, in order to know the Price of the Square Strike Golf Wedge, just click the button below –

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Alternatives To Square Strike Golf Wedge 

If you think that the Square Strike Golf Wedge is not the ideal golf wedge for you, then I have some alternative options available for you.

According to my research, I would recommend the following golf wedges as the best alternatives to Square Strike Wedge –

1. C3i Premium Sand Wedge

If interested, you can also check out my hands-on review on the C3i Premium Sand Wedge.

2. MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

If interested, you can also check out my hands-on review on the MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge.

3. Tour Edge Hot Launch Chipper

If interested, you can also check out my hands-on review on the Tour Edge Hot Launch Chipper.

FAQs About Square Strike Wedge Golf Club Reviews 

Does the Square Strike Wedge really work?

Answer: To be honest, it works pretty well.
In my experience, I have found the Square Strike Wedge as one of the best golf wedges designed for beginners. If you are the type of golfer who struggles a lot with the short game, then it is the ideal golf wedge available for you.

Is a Square Strike Wedge legal?

Answer: Well, the Square Strike Wedge is approved by USGA to be used in any kind of competitive play.
So, it is confirmed that the Square Strike Golf Wedge is tournament legal. And, this wedge can be very helpful for high-handicap golfers who are looking forward to improving their short game.

What is the loft of the Square Strike Wedge?

Answer: Well, the Square Strike Golf Wedge is available both in 45-degrees and 55-degree loft angles.
Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose either of these two versions of the Square Strike Wedge.

Between Square Strike Wedge and C3i Wedge which one is better?

Both the golf wedges are made by Autopilot Golf company and are among the best selling wedges of the market.
You may go through the detailed comparison between Square Strike Wedge and C3i Wedge and choose the one best fitted for you.

Final Words

So, it seems like we have reached the ending part of this discussion which is specifically focused on Square Strike Wedge Review.

Actually, the Square Strike Wedge may take a bit of your time in getting yourself used to for playing with this golf wedge. However, it is the perfect machine you need if you really want to improve your short game around the green.

If you think that the Square Strike Wedge is the ideal golf wedge for you, you should start practicing with this wedge right after your purchase it.

As I have already mentioned, it may take some time to have control over this wedge, so it is totally up to how fast you can make it happen for your case.

Throughout the above discussion, I have already shared the major features, pros, and cons of the Square Strike Golf Wedge to make it convenient enough for you.

I am pretty much sure that it will help make your final purchasing decision regarding this golf wedge much easier and smoother.

Still, if you have any questions related to the Square Strike Wedge, you can email me explaining your query.

This is all I wanted to share with you this time.

See You Soon!

Happy Golfing!