How To Practice Golf In The Backyard | Tips & Tricks

Have you ever thought of practicing golf in the backyard? Well, golf is a type of game where the main challenge is to improve your skills. In fact, practicing golf in your backyard can help you a lot with that. But, many of you don’t even know how you can practice golf in the backyard.

This is the reason, today, I have come up with a comprehensive discussion on how to practice golf in the backyard. To make this discussion as much helpful as possible for you, I will try to cover almost everything you need to know about practicing golf in your backyard.

Here, I will talk about things like the most necessary golf equipment you need for golf practicing in the backyard, the benefits of such practicing, all the playable drills, tips, and tricks. In addition, I will also share some ‘Secret Tips’ so that you can easily improve your golf game without relying on others.

Backyard Golf Practice Equipment

It is vital for you to know the backyard golf practice equipment in the first place. So, I have listed the most necessary backyard golf practice equipment below.

How To Practice Golf In The Backyard – Useful Guide

How To Practice Golf In The Backyards

In this section, I have made detailed discussion on how to practice golf in the backyard with the sole objective of improving your gameplay. You can practice golf at your home backyard by following the below mentioned practice methods.

1. Short Game Practice

Short game practice in your backyard is a great way to improve your golf skills.

Actually, most people will find sufficient space in their backyard for practicing simple shots. Through practicing chip shots in the backyard can be extremely helpful for developing your understanding of the distances which you will practically experience the next time you head to the green field.

When I was a junior golfer, I used to have very little access to golf practice sessions. During that time, the option I used to make the best utilize of was my backyard.

So, I made the best use of such an opportunity to practice chip shots in my backyard. At the initial stage, I could hit the ball only up to 220 yards. Over time, I could practically experience the way I was able to improve my gameplay.

It is essential for you to know the fact that having expertise in the short game can free up your swing skills. At the same time, it also takes most of your pressures off.

Always keep in mind that golf is a type of game where the quickest way to become skilled is practicing the short game as much as you can. In this way, you can become a great pitcher and chipper of the golf ball within a very short time.

2. Low-Point Controlling Drill

If you are the type of golfer who is continuously struggling with making a good solid ball contact, the first thing you have to do is to work on your golf club’s low point control. Actually, this is the spot where the golf club mainly strikes the ground.

Golfers with the best skills can hit on their desired spot almost 99.99% of the time. On the other hand, beginners or amateurs may struggle a lot at this point. In some cases, they may strike the right spot, whereas sometimes they may not even strike correctly on the ground.

The good thing about the drill is that you can easily practice in your backyard. You simply don’t have to get access to a large space for practicing such drills.

This is practically the ideal at-home practice drill where the results can be experienced on an immediate basis. Besides, there will be your swing radar in order for monitoring your progress.

Drill Type:

  • Increasing or adding speed to your swing by practicing Overspeed Training.
  • Train every day for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Keep track of the results.

Below I have shared the perfect drill you can practice in the backyard –

  • You can manage some yard paint and then paint a 1-2 yards long line.
  • Now, try to collect some good quality foam golf balls.
  • Place one of the foam golf balls on the painted line.
  • Now, try to hit that foam golf ball and check carefully exactly where the divot begins.
  • Here, your main objective should be having the divot started exactly on the targeted side of the painted line.
  • You have to repeat this particular drill around 20 times daily to improve your shots.

I would suggest you to practice this drill daily until you dot it exactly 19 times out of the 20 times with positive results. You have to keep working on it while controlling the bottom point.

Pro Tip:

“If you struggle a lot with this drill, you can set up some weight on the front leg. First, practice this drill while adding the weight. Over time, you can get rid of the weight.”

3. Hitting into the Nets

Golf Practice Net
Golf Practice Net
Golf Hitting Mat
Golf Hitting Mat

To practice golf in this format the first thing you have to do is to manage good quality golf hitting net. The primary goal for this drill is to achieve a higher number of repetitions.

Remember that if you really want to become a skilled golfer, you need to hit around thousands of shots in your practice sessions.

Having a good quality hitting net in the backyard and practicing daily with the net is extremely important for improving your golf skills. In fact, it can tremendously help you to achieve your full potential.

I would recommend you to choose the best hitting mat depending on the amount of grass you have in your backyard. The key point here is that you have to pick a target spot and then you have to try to hit your targeted spot.

While practicing with hitting mats and nets, you have to heavily work on your aim, pre-shot routine, and overall ball contact.

If you want to take this to a completely new level, I would recommend you to add a good quality launch monitor to your list of golf accessories. Over the past years, I have used a couple of launch monitors that I have found extremely helpful for developing my golfing skills.

This is why I have planned to share a comprehensive article on the reviews of the best-rated launch monitors for golfs in future. I would suggest you to check that detailed review so that you can find out the perfect launch monitor for you.

4. Practice Putting on the Green

PUTT-A-BOUT Golf Putting Green
PUTT-A-BOUT Golf Putting Green
SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green
SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

In my backyard, I have the option of practicing putting on the green as well as chipping shots.

At the current time, you can easily get a best putting green like Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green from the online market. It is very easy to place the order and get the product right at your doorstep.

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while buying one of the best putting greens for your backyard.

The primary objective, in this case, is to practice the 3-10 footers. And, you have to practice in a way so that you can identify which one works best for you.

It is essential for you to choose the right way for your practice sessions. The key thing to remember in this case is that expenses will vary depending on the type of practice you choose for this purpose.

The fact is that there is no alternative to practicing more and more when it comes to golf. And, the best way to practice golf is to arrange practice sessions in the backyard.

In short, you have to be committed and dedicated with a view to learning newer techniques. And, then add those techniques to your actual gameplay so that you can find the differences.

So, try hard, make your plan, apply the plan in the practice sessions, and then implement it in your green side gameplay.

Secret Tips for Improving Your Golf Skills

As I have promised, now I am going to share some Secret Tips for improving your overall gameplay. Those are as follows:

  • Don’t just hit the ball and hope for a better result. Instead, practice and do proper course management sessions.
  • Try to improve your short game by practicing in the backyard and also work on putting in the green.
  • Never miss out on your practice sessions. You have to be dedicated and committed to improving your golf skills.
  • Always give a higher-level focus on choosing the right kind of golf equipment so that you don’t have to experience any discomfort.
  • Always try to set a realistic that you can achieve over a short period of time.
  • Don’t just watch golf videos on YouTube. Remember that you have to practice in real in order to become a skilled golfer.
  • You can’t fulfill your dream unless you start practicing.

Benefits of Golf Practice In The Backyard

Practice Golf in The Backyard

It is quite common to think that whether practicing golf in the backyard will bring any good or not. Major benefits you will get from golf practicing in the backyard are as follows:

  • Practicing golf in the backyard helps to work on your weak points without spending a lot.
  • Doing golf practice in the backyard will help you in formulating strategies and methodologies that you can apply during your game.
  • When you have a plan, you can apply it during your practice session in your backyard.
  • If you can execute the plan successfully, you can also go for implementing it in your actual game.
  • Practicing golf in the backyard is a wonderful opportunity to have your body in proper shape.
  • It can help a lot with improving your swing.
  • It can be extremely helpful to identify the stable, flexible, and stronger areas of your body.
  • Golf practicing in the backyard can be tremendously helpful for your skill development and retention.

Some other benefits from practicing golf in the backyard are:

  • Adding Speed to Your Swing

No matter the swing speed you currently have; you can practice in order to gain some additional speed to add to your swing.

It will help you improve your overall swing mechanics. Besides, it can be extremely helpful for any golfer irrespective of their current ability level. Keep in mind that the improvement in your swing mechanics and the additional distance can really help you a lot during the gameplay.

  • Improving the Rhythm & Tempo

It is also essential to practice in your backyard for improving your rhythm and tempo at the same time.

The benefits you get from working on your swings alone is quite different than working on your rhythm and tempo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I practice chipping in my backyard?

Practice chipping in the backyard is not a tough job to do. I have already explained this drill in the above discussion. It would be better to check out the drill again.

How can I practice my golf drive at home?

If you have enough space at your home, you don’t need to worry because it is quite easy to practice golf drive at home.
Just like the way you practice in the backyard; you can also arrange practice sessions at your home or garage as well.
However, it is essential to manage the right golf equipment in order to get the best output from your golf practice sessions.

Is hitting plastic golf balls good practice?

The good thing about hitting plastic golf balls is they won’t cause any damage to the windows or bystanders. But they can be broken if you hit them really hard with your golf club.


Always remember that there is no shortcut to success. And this goes the same when it comes to becoming a skilled golfer. For a sport like golf, it is necessary for everyone to practice more and more.

For your convenience, I have already shared a detailed guideline on how to practice golf in the backyard in the above discussion. I am pretty much sure that I have covered every single detail regarding golf practice sessions in the backyard throughout the above discussion.

Further, you may build a golf simular at home and practice your golf game like that of backyard in a more realistic way.