6 Best Golf Simulator For Under $1000 – Improve Your Game

In your busy life, it may be difficult for you to practice with the golf club on the field. You shouldn’t compromise with your passion due to this minor issue. Thanks to modern technology for making golf simulators that create the virtual field so that you can play your favorite courses staying at home. It is the best option to improve your gameplay. 

The golf simulators are designed with higher technology to give precision. That’s why they come with an expensive price rating. Many players love the golf simulator but can not set it up for its high price range. 

If you are the one who doesn’t like to spend over $1000, then you have come to the right place. We have assembled a catalog of the best golf simulator for under $1000 so that you can get the best products for your golf practice. 

What is golf simulator?

Before playing with a golf simulator, it would be better if you know how a golf simulator works. The best golf simulator offers you every accurate data related to your shot.

After making a shot, the golf simulator shows how far the ball flying and covers the distance in the virtual field. It tracks the swing speed, clubface, swing style, etc. the best golf simulator provides you the most accurate data about your shots. Moreover, the golf simulator is easy to set up, use and lasts for a long time.

Comparison Table -Best Golf Simulators Under $1000

Best Golf Simulator For Under $1000 Review

Since the golf simulator has become a popular platform for practicing from home, you will get a lot of variety while buying one. After purchasing a simulator, you should be aware of how to build a golf simulator to get the maximum benefits.

Most quality golf simulators come with higher prices. So, you may be confused buying the right one at a budget of only $1000. But, here you can check out the best golf simulators under $1000 which are all suggested by expert golf players. 

1. Best Overall: OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box Simulator Package     

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

The OptiShot 2 simulator package is the best choice for the golf fanatic. It is specially designed to suit all levels of golfers. This simulator offers a lifelike experience of being in your comfort zone. To improve your gameplay, give a try to the world’s most popular golf simulator. This affordable package is only for the simulator, you require to buy a stance mat and net separately. 

Optishot 2 simulator is pre-loaded with 15 standard courses like Twisted Twig, Palm Desert, Torrey Black, etc. The world’s renowned clubs design each game. The simulator allows up to 4 players. So it is a great chance to develop your shot. This realistic virtual environment provides you with lots of value for the price. 

  • Infrared Sensors 

Optishot 2 features unparalleled 16 high-speed 48 MHz infrared sensors that provide a realistic estimate of your shots. The infrared sensors measure the club’s movements like shot patterns, calibrate the clubs, and estimate how far the ball flight will be. As your swing speed will increase, more distance will cover and here you may expect inaccuracy.  

The simulator also suggests how to improve your game. For example, it tells you the path of your club and face angle at impact. Overall, it is a great practicing tool and offers a superior user experience. 

  • Compatibility 

You can run this simulator on Windows or Mac PC. It works Windows Vista, 7,8,10, and for Mac, it works from Intel core duo and more. You can operate this simulator with a minimum PC configuration. 

Moreover, it supports both plastic and real golf balls. People use different applications around their homes. Well, you can make a simple setup if you have a low budget. It requires nothing more than a mat and a net or hanging sheet to stop the ball from flying around the house. Simply plug into your computer through a USB cable and set other accessories. Then it will be ready to hit the golf ball. 

  •  Is it worth it?

This golf simulator gives a great value that is hard to beat. You can access a fully simulated platform for practicing. As an entry-level simulator, the price is sufficient; still, you need a mat, impact screen, projector, and net that increases the overall cost. However, for a limited budget, this simulator gives you a wide variety of features.

Simulator golfer features advanced and expensive technology. This Optishot 2 will meet your expectations. So golf players should expect this price for the simulated tool. 


  • Package:        Simulator only
  • Sensor:          16 high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors
  • Compatibility : Windows PC and MAC


  • Entry-level golf simulator 
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to execute and read
  • Accurate swing result
  • 15 courses are pre-installed


  • Not ideal for serious golf players
  • UX is a little dated
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2. Best For Swing Analyzing: Phigolf Swing Stick golf simulator

PHIGOLF Phigolf2 Golf Simulator

Phigolf simulator allows you to enjoy an exciting golf game with minimal setup. It includes advanced sensors on the swing stick that lets you practice golf swing simultaneously. It is a multiplatform offering you 3D swing analysis and putting line graphs related to your swing. 

Phigolf simulator is very simple to use and that’s why many amateur golfers can easily understand the outcome. However, it is an enjoyable experience for players of any level from beginners to pros. 

  • How does it work?

There is only one 9 axis sensor weighing at 0.32 Oz which is the only data input device. It can screw into the back of the handle of the golf stick. You can also use the phigolf sensor on your real golf clubs, drivers, or wedges. The sensor gets powered from a small lithium polymer battery providing 4 hours of battery life. For this battery power, you need to charge up the sensor for 2 hours with a USB cable.   

The sensor connects to its software via Bluetooth just like your phone pairs with hands-free tools. To use it you need to download apps on your smart devices. The great news is, this sensor works with 3 amazing golf apps like WGT, Phigolf, and E6. You can download your favorite app and enjoy this simulator game. The apps are compatible with Android 6.0+ and iOS 9.0+. 

  • Features 

Phigolf provides several functions to achieve different distances. It observes different attributes of your play. For example, the sensor provides swing analysis information where you can examine your swing path, head speed, tempo, attack angle, face angle, and estimate the distance data that is required for swing coaching. 

You can analyze your putting line with this putting analysis data which improves the consistency of your putting. Further, the driving range mode lets you fly the golf ball in the driving range select. You can enable the nearest pin mode to practice your short game within 120 yards or less. It allows you to sharpen your wedge shots while competing with your fires.  

This simulator permits you to play against up to 4 friends using the stroke game mode. There is also an online multi-game platform where you can play competition with other golfers whether they are confidential or anywhere in the world.  

You can play the world-famous championship courses by connecting with WGT and E6 apps. Both apps provide you with stunning and realistic graphics that will give a life-like game experience. Overall, Phigolf is an awesome way to improve your game despite in limited space. 


  • Sensor:          9-Axis club sensor
  • Battery life:    4 hours
  • Compatible:   Android 6.0+ and iOS 9.0+


  • Easy to use 
  • Compatible with 3 apps: WGT, E6, and Phigolf
  • Features multiple functions for an immersive experience. 
  • Allows to play online around the world
  • Can be played by beginners to pros
  • Compact setup


  • Many pro golfers don’t get accuracy while playing.
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3. Best For Accuracy: Tittle X Golf Simulator E6 CONNECT Edition

tittle X Home Golf Simulator

Title X golf simulator brings to you real fun and enjoyment without any risk and hassle. Whatever your golf experience is, you can practice with Title X and improve your swing and hit. You will be a step ahead in coaching playing.

We prefer the Tittle X simulator because it gives higher accuracy at a super low budget. Moreover, the simulator is child and beginner-friendly and it stays relevant with modern features. 

  • Connect with E6 gaming software

E6 is the most outstanding and avant-garde golf gaming software, and you can connect with this software and enjoy a realistic golf experience. The software features life-like graphics and precise physics simulation to give accurately analyzed data. It has been a popular gaming software since 2015. 

Furthermore, you can access more than 100 courses using the simulator. There is also a mobile version where you can connect with your Android or iOS smartphone and enjoy the premium courses for free. The mobile version allows you to analyze your swing in a Swing Graph, offering estimates and feedback throughout the swing. 

  • How does it work?

Since the E6 simulator gives accurate feedback, it is the best chance of improving your game. However, the simulator doesn’t use any balls, it only works with the sensor that includes the Tittle X swing stick. It is a small and lightweight sensor that you can attach with your real golf club and get the real feel. When you swing the club, the sensor measures club seeing, speed, and impact results. 

The most impressive of this simulator is the reaction rate. The simulator quickly reacts after your swing and gives you the impact result on the monitor. It quickly responds in just 0.1 seconds which is faster than the other cheap golf simulators where you need to wait for too long to get the detailed data after hitting the ball. Delaying results creates distraction and unnecessary confusion that make the play boring. If you select this simulator, you will always be excited to play. 

  • Easy to use 

You can easily navigate the Title X simulator and practice your game. Firstly, you need to download E6 software on your PC, and also download the Title X app on your smartphone. Then prepare your club or get the included stick. When the stick is ready, it will vibrate and you can go for playing.  

With this simulator, you can play golf in the 3D-rendered real-world golf courses, play rounds, or practice on the range. It will always give you detailed data about the distance, spin, tempo, club speed, and even clubface. 


  • Package:        Tittle X Micro Sensor, Swing stick, charger cable, multi clips, and bands
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Battery life:    Up to 8 hours


  • Perfect for all levels of golfers
  • The responsive rating is super impressive
  • Great for practicing
  • The sensor also works with real clubs
  • Extremely easy to set up.


  • No data for ball impact. 
  • Lacks functionality.
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 4. Best For Practicing: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor for Golf

Rapsodo mobile launch monitor encourages you to work on your play like never before. It gets popular because of its easy usage.

To work the Rapsodo Monitor , first, install the free Rapsodo app on your smartphone. Setting up your account and logging in. Then position your mobile in front of the slot, a maximum of six feet behind the ball. The app will work through the lines on the screen and the GPS overhead view shows you how to align it correctly and select your hitting direction. Thus you can enhance accuracy in your game. 

  • Features

Rapsodo mobile monitor has state-to-the-art functions to give you accurate results like real-game. You can be ready to play in under 30 seconds. After connecting the mobile with the device, you can review your shots and improve your play. The cleaver sensor detects the club that you hold in front of your phone’s camera but you also manually put this information. It records video when you start hitting the shots. 

The monitor can display information about the shot distance, ball speed, launch angle, club speed, and much more. You can review your shot through the captured video and analyze the shot shape in a shot tracer graphics on the screen. 

  • Accuracy

In terms of accuracy, the Rapsodo mobile monitor gives you expected results most of the time. It properly analyzes your launch and ball carry distance. This information can make subtle changes in strike. 

Though you may find it is complicated to navigate the app through a small screen. However, the graphics are more impressive and describe full data. To give it simplicity, it described your finished session in a simple easy to digest grid layout with an overhead distribution graph.   

Still, you won’t get information about the number of spins which can be a drawback. Further, the provided information is more than enough to understand your club performance. Through this software, you can manage the stand, holding position, swing speed, club face, etc. 

  • Compatibility

The Rapsodo mobile monitor only works with iOS and iPad. It is compatible with certain phones like iPhone 7 and up and the iPad 2017 series. However, the device only works with the iOS software. It is not available for Android devices, which can be a drawback for Android users. 

The brighter point is you can play and track both indoor and outdoor. At the same point, the compact and lightweight design permits you to carry anywhere and start your game. 


  • Package:        Mobile Launch Monitor Unit, USB cable, and carry case
  • Compatibility: iPhone 7 and more, iPad 2017 series


  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Provides accurate data
  • An affordable option for practicing
  • Helps to improve overall gameplay 
  • Supports both indoor and outdoor games. 


  • Only compatible with iOS devices
  • Quickly drain the mobile battery life
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5. Best For Tracking Ball movement: FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

FlightScope Mevo - Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

Flightscope Mevo is a tiny, little device that offers you a great chance to improve your performance. Its cutting-edge technology enriches you by providing distinct data parameters and action videos from your practice. Then you can synchronize the captured data and videos through your smartphone. 

The Flightscope launch monitor works with a Mevo app that you can download on your iOS or Android smartphones. The app automatically captures clips and videos of your entire swing. Then check out all the corresponding data on your mobile screen.  

The tiny tracking device may surprise you with its size. Because the device is smaller than your cell phone. The pocket-sized launch monitor is ideal for carrying around and always being on the way to your practice range. It is sufficient for both inside or outside golf playing. So it will be the best simulator at an inexpensive price. 

  • How to use it?

Most tech devices are a bit complicated. But the Mevo launch monitor is extremely simple to set up. First, get the FS Mevo app on your phone Android, or iOS, and sign up with a FlightScope account. Next, turn on the kit and you can see the connection right in front of your mobile screen. Within under a minute, you can set the device and start practicing. To have a good range, place the Mevo device 6 feet behind your spot. 

The Mevo app has an easy interface and it is customizable and allows you to choose from a variety of options. Here you can see:

  • Connection signal
  • Tracking mode when you are hitting the ball
  • Go review to see previous shots. 
  • 2D trajectory with data blocks to represent a visual of all shots during the session. 
  • A chart of each trial hit during the round with averages for every club. 
  • Video from any angle. 
  • Setting option to customize data

You can get information about your hitting shots in data or video. In the data option there is no camera, just provides you with data blocks. In video mode, the Mevo app automatically recognizes your swing, takes video, and lets you play it back, so on. 

  • Features 

The launch monitor gives you so much data to improve your golf session. From a single shot, you can get 8 types of information. For example, clubhead speed, vertical launch angle, smash factor, spin rate, ball speed, flight time, apex height, and carry distance. You can see 4 of these options on the screen. You can order them as you want in the settings. 

After hitting the ball, you will get results instantly in the Mevo app. You can check and understand your shot within 10 seconds. However, there is no point in buying a tool that doesn’t have accuracy. In the case of accuracy, the Mevo app provides pretty close statements but is not precise. If you don’t strictly judge the accuracy, you can buy it. 


  • Package:        Mevo ball flying tracker, charger
  • Functions:     8
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android


  • A great tool to enhance your skill.
  • The compact and portable gadget
  • Works both for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Provides ball and swing analyzed result
  • Easy to set up 


  • Not accurate
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6. Best Launch Monitor: Garmin Approach G80 Launch Monitor

Garmin Approach G80 Handheld Golf GPS Monitor

Having a GPS launch monitor is a great way to improve your game. In terms of accuracy and quality, it is the most renowned gadget in the market. At this price point, Germin G80 Launch Monitor is a pretty cool performance. In the package, you will get ‎3.5 Inches launch monitor. It has its own monitor rather than a phone screen. 

GPS tracker is a great choice if you love to play in the range because it basically tells you how distance the ball covers after hitting and how far you are from the goal. To develop your game, it is important to dial in your distance and lower your score. 

  • Functions 

This golf launch monitor is used to show plenty of data getting from your swing stats. It makes the play more fun while practicing at the range. It provides several data, for example:

  • Swing tempo, 
  • Clubhead speed
  • Smash factor
  • Ball speed   
  • distance

By knowing the clubhead speed, you can know how fast you are swinging. Usually, more speed means more distance. It also tracks how fast the golf ball comes off your club. GPS tracker is ideal to control your distance, and you can improve and get the proper yardage to different targets. Moreover, the monitor comes with over 41,000 courses so that you can play world-famous courses. 

  • Launch Monitor 

The launch monitor is a 3.5 inches device with a touchscreen that looks like a mini smartphone. It has so many functions to better understand all things. You can navigate:

  • Course preview
  • Yardage doglegs and layups
  • Shot distance
  • Stat tracking
  • Scorecard
  • Pinpointer
  • View of the green 
  • Fix target

You can improve your overall gaming experience. After hitting the ball, it shows how far you are from 100 or 150-yard points. Pinpoint is also helpful to find the green when you are shooting blind. There is also a practice mode in the G80 that makes your practice more fun. 

  • Accuracy 

Accuracy makes the GPS unit popular in the market. Compared to other GPS trackers in the market, G80 provides the most accurate result at this price range. Sometimes, the yardage calculations weren’t accurate but it is close enough for practicing.

However, the launch monitor comes in a compact and durable chassis. You will also get playbetter protective hard case, a portable charger, and a carrying bag in the package which is easy to store and carry. The GPS unit features a 5000 mAh battery that lasts for 15 hours with one full charge. 


  • Package: GPS unit, case, USB cable, and bag
  • Measuring function:  5


  • The GPS unit with touchscreen is super easy to navigate
  • Pretty close result comparing others
  • Longer battery life
  • Provides all the information about swing stat
  • Durable and compact build


  • Price is a little high for the device
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Buying Guide for the Best Golf Simulator

Best Golf Simulator Under 1000

Buying a golf simulator is not an easy task ever. If you are buying for the first time, you must read the guide to get the best simulator. 


All golf simulators don’t have similar benefits. However, the high price you pay, the better you get. Still, the $1000 budget is not too short. Choose a simulator that provides all types of data that are captured through your shot. For example, speed, distance, shot angle, and ball spin. 

Well, this information is only the basic info that you should know to improve your game. On the contrary, a high-end golf simulator provides more detailed data such as recording your swing, recognizing the swing style and offers more advanced features.  


Whether you are making a session inside or outside, prefer a portable design for the golf simulator. The portability enables less arrangement and complexity. Moreover, you can easily install the device and start your game on demand. 

Most launch monitor trackers come with a compact device that you can carry anywhere you want and set it anywhere within a minute.

The actual golf simulator needs more extended space. Although the low-end simulators don’t need such space requirements. But you should ensure at least enough space to swing your club perfectly. 


The advanced technology of the golf simulator runs through software. Quality golf simulator software requires Windows, PC, or laptop. On the other hand, a cheap simulator allows you to pair with your smartphone and gives you instant estimates. In fact, mobile phone support is the handiest option to play a simulated game. Choose a gaming software that is easy to read and understand

Buying Purpose

What is your main goal to buy the golf simulator? If you love to play games to make some fun or seriously want to improve through practice. Aside from improving your skill, you can choose a low-end simulator to play a match, and stroke play. 

Net or No Net

You need to use all the necessary equipment like a net, mat, and other things to make a perfect virtual world. But who doesn’t have enough budget can make a simple setup and play the simulator. You can play with regular clubs or use the toy stick to hit the ball. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the golf simulator worth it?

Golf simulator makes the way to play golf indoor and track club and ball’s movement. It gives proper knowledge about how far the ball covers, speed, and other factors.
Using this information, you can make a difference in your next session with better skills. Since you can improve your skill, it is worth buying the best golf simulator.

Which one is the best golf simulator for the money?

In our review, we have given the proper idea about the best golf simulators. These 6 golf simulators give you a clear overview of the game. If you chose one of them, it would be the best decision.
Still, if you want the final push, then choose our first pick which is from Optishot 2.

What size of room do you require for a golf simulator?

The perfect golf simulator needs 10 by 10 feet of room for setup. Typically, this size of the room is perfect to give a full swing without damaging anything.
However, ceiling height is also important while using the golf simulator if you are shorter, then the 8 feet ceiling height will be adequate.

Are there any good launch monitors?

A launch monitor is a compact option to practice golf both indoor and outdoor. It usually works with a monitor of its own or uses a mobile screen. It records your swing and shows results on the screen after analyzing the swing. You can know the distance, impact, ball flying, etc. so it will be an ideal choice to get a portable device to practice golf.
Rapsodo mobile launch monitor and Garmin Approach G80 GPS launch monitor would be the best choices.


Golf simulators have been becoming more and more popular among golf lovers. Wherever you are, you can play your favorite courses using the golf simulator. Many simulators have pre-installed world-famous courses that enhance your experience. 

Here we have included the best golf simulator for under $1000. Using these simulators, you will have a satisfying and fun experience. We have picked the simulators from well-renowned brands that are trending for many years in the market.  

The accuracy may differ which is the biggest drawback of the golf simulator. Still, if you choose one of our recommendations then you can get the pretty close precision that will improve your game.