How to Clean a Golf Cart Every Parts: Quick & Effective Ways

Your golf cart may get filthy for several reasons. But it usually happens for premature wear out of the spark plugs or sometimes acrimonious splits during the rainy season.

Again, if you have an electric golf cart, it may be worn out for the dirty filters inside the fuel system. This is the primary problem of every electric golf cart that may happen for sputter problems inside the filter, pump, and injectors.

Anyway, there are different parts inside the golf cart (it varies on the type). We will discuss their cleaning procedures one by one so that you can quickly get an expert on how to clean a golf cart effectively—no matter what type of golf cart you have. Let us begin.

How To Clean A Golf Cart Parts7 Tranquil Steps

How to Clean a Golf Cart

To clean a golf cart, you need to understand some basics. Hence, it is crucial to know what parts or things you have to pay attention to most. Once you’ve analyzed the factors, cleaning the golf cart becomes easier for you. It would help to clean the plastic parts, engine, battery, seat, battery, terminals, and wheels.

We divided our task into five sections according to the golf cart parts. As a result, the task becomes understandable to you most, and you will finish it in a simpler way.

Step 1- Cleaning The Upper Parts of The Golf Carts

In the first step, clean the upper parts of the cart. The upper golf cart part is usually made of plastic and aluminum. If you use the plastic golf cart, it takes a little time to clean.

For Plastic Made Golf Cart

To clean the plastic part, remove all the necessary contents from the golf cart. Then keep it aligned in a safe place. Now take a bucket and add a quarter amount of water and mild dishwasher soap or golf cleaner. Mix the combined too well. Once the cloth has been soaked, remove it and let it dry. Then rub it over the plastic parts.

Once it is done, rinse the particular areas with clean water. You can also use the garden hose if you have a wide, spacious plastic golf cart.

For Aluminum Made Golf Cart

If your golf cart is made of aluminum, the procedure is quite similar. But there is a slight difference between them. Where cleaning plastic relies on only soap and water, you need a particular cleaner for aluminum. Otherwise, you may have trouble cleaning those parts.

Anyway, you will find different types of aluminum cleansers online. You can buy the best golf cleaner for aluminum parts from there. Now, put your necessary protection and pour them into the particular pad. Rub it correctly; you can follow the backward and forward procedure to clean the parts.

Once you’re done, spray down the products again to the aluminum parts so that they can no longer have the chemical over there. However, rinse it well with distilled water after finishing the entire cleaning process.

Step 2- Clean The Battery Terminals in Golf Cart

Now, it’s time to clean out the battery terminals. To clean the terminal areas, choose a particular area to ensure safety from water. The matter should be taken seriously as it has some essential liquor or acid inside. Additionally, the golf cart will start to leak a few things out the bottom such as water, metal, and battery acid.

If you plan to do this method in the garage, make the entire floor clean and tidy. Next, open the seat of your golf cart to expose the batteries. To prop it up, decide on something stable like a brace. Place the battery in a safe place wherever you like most. However, some golf carts have a bracket or device to hold the seat up. Once you’re finished, sit the golf cart, then prepare and make some home cleanser.

For making a home remedy, use some baking soda with warm water. Then mix it well. You will need an old toothbrush here too. Now dip the brush into the mixture and rub it gently. Later on, rinse the terminals with clean water. Then let it try on a vast sunny place. Now it’s time to inspect them with the golf cart.

Yet, it is necessary to check those batteries are getting clean and dry properly. Then inspect the battery terminals inside the golf to ensure they are all in good condition.

Step 3- Clean The Attached Battery

You have already finished cleaning the terminal parts of the battery. So it is not a big job for you to clean the golf cart battery. Use a little toothbrush to rub the battery. A toothbrush will help you to shake off the dirt from particular areas. Could you not rub it too fast? Use the same baking soda mixture to clean the batteries. Be aware that you should not pour the mixture here entirely.

Furthermore, put some little mixture over there and clean it. Some people love to clean the battery with a particular cleanser. If you want to use this cleanser, it’s a good option.

Anyway, if you don’t have them available, it’s better to move on to the home remedy. Before rinsing them, pour some water into the spray bottle. Then spray off the mixture frequently. Wipe off the battery with a new clean cloth.

Afterward, attach it to the terminals and check twice that there are no cracks for cleaning. Also, don’t leave it aside without tightening down any connections.

Important note: Once you’ve finished all the procedures, make sure that all the commodities are in good condition. Use a terminal protector on your battery as it will help to prevent corrosion for a long time and your cart battery will last longer.

Step 4- Unstained The Vinyl Seat of The Golf Cart

Cleaning the golf cart seat is a straightforward and quickest process. And the best part is almost all individuals can take part in that case. Golf cart seats may get dirty from excessive debris, growing mildew, and mold.

During the cleaning period, ensure which types of demerits your golf seat have. To clean out the vinyl seat, you need some cleaning items. Collect those below ingredients,

  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • 2-buckets
  • 2-sponges or washing clothes
  • Bleaching powder

Now bring the golf seat to a wide area. But try to clean the carts on a sunny day. Most golf cleaner experts pretend to clean the golf while the temperature is above 60⁰ F.

However, many cleaning solutions can make you feel headaches, dizziness, and even fainting while you’re using them in a confined area. So be aware of this fact too. Also, make sure that you’re wide open the windows if you choose any particular areas like the garage or storeroom.

Subsequently, get back to the main task. Remove all the debris or grass from the seat. For example, you need to put off the bits of food, use a wash brush to sweep them away. Or seal the breaks in the fabrics of the seat with any of the cotton balls or sealer. Before starting the cleaning process, make sure the golf seat is coherent and tidy.

Meanwhile, prepare the cleaning tools with the help of any dishwasher soap and a bucket of water. Dip the brush over the bucket and apply it to the seat. Scrub the surfaces of your seats with brushes, but ensure to wear gloves and goggles during this time.

Later, focus on stain removal. Once you have rubbed the surface of the seat using the cleaner. You can use any stubborn stain remover, depending on the seat fabrics. Scrub the stains using lemon + baking soda or any sort of lingering stains. It will contribute to breaking apart the problematic issues.

At last, scrub the other areas that you might not consider. Pay attention to the back of the seat and other particular sites that we particularly missed. However, rinse the seat with clean water. Keep it outside to dry out adequately.

Important Tips- To eradicate the strong mildew on golf cart seats, use a thorny nylon brush and a cleaner. You can make a feasible paste with white vinegar and water. To clean the seat arm sites, use any silicone-based product.

Step 6- Clean The Wheels & Engine Parts

Our final task is to clean the wheel and engine parts. But one thing you must keep in mind is that you need to clean the engine sporadically. We discussed the cleaning procedure for both electric and gas engines. At first, we proclaimed about the cleaning procedure of the golf cart electric engine.

Electric Engine

Took a wrench to apart from all the important stuff inside the cart deck. Then slightly move onto the engine deck to open up its entrance. After opening the engine compartment, you found too much dirt and grime inside it. The amount of dirt depends on how often you clean the engine.

However, it doesn’t matter how much dirt and pollutants you’ll find there. All you need to do is take a brush to strip all kinds of dirt. Use mild soapy water mixed solutions to remove the engine stains and rub them over the compartment. Finally, wash the engine parts and compartments with fresh water.

Gas Engine

If you don’t use any electrical golf cart, then you need to follow a different method for cleaning the engines. In general, the gas engine requires flashing out their engine interior to wash away the messes.

Step 7- Attach All the Parts

After cleaning all the distinct parts of the golf cart, attaching them all is vital. Bring out all the components that you separated before the task. Then join them again. Don’t forget to check the more minor parts inside the cart, unlike the screws and bolts.

Make sure that you tighten them properly. Now, you’re all done. And your golf cart is cleaned too. Drive the cart to ensure that the golf engine will be attached correctly.

Some Tips To Keep The Golf Cart Clean Always

Clean Golf Cart

There is no alternate way of using tips and tricks to keep the golf cart clean. Below are some of the essential tips that you can apply every day.

  • Always used to clean the golf cart with a particular cleaner.
  • When washing the body part of the cart, use clean water except for detergent mixed water. It will save the cart from any kind of inconvenience.
  • Scrub the seat with a clean sponge or soft brush.
  • To extend the lifespan of the cart engine, don’t forget to change the oil frequently when it is needed.
  • For rinsing the more giant golf cart with water, use the garden hose. But don’t exceed the water pressure of more than 700 psi.
  • Use a regular soap or any alcohol-based cleaner to clean the golf windshield.
  • Avoid using any acidic cleanser to polish your golf cart unless it may damage the cart badly.
  • Always wipe down the other critical areas and parts inside the cart to tidy.
  • Don’t forget to use a fuel cleaner to minimize the chances of any sudden difficulty happening with the golf engine.

What Are The Best Golf Cart Cleaning Products?

The best golf cleaning products not only help you to keep it shinier but also save some cash. Most people don’t have enough time to clean their golf carts with homemade products. In that case, we pretend to use the best golf cart cleanser to minimize your labor.

Among the vast collections, some particular cleaning products are included.

FAQ – How to Clean a Golf Cart

How to Deep Clean A Golf Cart?

To deep clean the golf cart, you need to purchase some heavy-duty cleanser from any retail shop. Those cleansers usually contain some particular elements that help deeply eradicate the dirt from the cart.

Take a sponge or soft white cloth, spray off the cleanser over the cart seat, back, and other parts. Then rub the cloth in a circular motion until you’re sure enough that all the dirt will come it’s the way. Finally, rinse it with clean running water.

Can You Use Bleach on A Golf Cart Seat?

Bleach is a potent cleaning agent used to omit all kinds of dirt quickly. When it comes to using them on the golf cart seat, definitely those are safe enough. To use these cleaning agents, make a thick paste with clean water.

Afterward, use this paste over the golf seat and scrub the seat using any soft sponges. It’s well known that bleach is also effective in shattering mildew. You will also notice the seat becomes lighter and brighter a bit.

How to Polish The Golf Cart?

Polishing the golf cart will minimize the destructive lesions made by dirt, grease, and corrosion. They will help to give a newer look to your old, shabby golf cart. To polish the golf cart edges, use a spray wax. You will find them in any kind of hardware store or grocery.

Then use microfiber towels to dry off the cart. Later on, spray the wax on the particular areas you want to use it on. Let it dry for at least a day. One thing you might need to be concerned about is using a paper towel or Windex here.

What Are The Best Materials to Clean The Golf Cart with?

Using warm water and 2-tablespoons of dishwashing liquid is best for this job. Dishwashing is safe to use and doesn’t harm the sensitive parts of the cart. Again, warm water will help remove the stains from both aluminum and plastic golf carts.

Just pour some clean hot water onto the bucket; it varies on how many clubs you need to clean. Then add the dishwashing soap with it. Soak the sponge in this mixture and rub it gently. You can use the soft bristles’ toothbrush too.

Final Words

Knowing details about cleaning a golf cart helps you to make a distinct way to excel at it. Sometimes you may not have time to call upon an expert to seek help about this matter. In our personal opinion, cleaning the golf cart is relatively straightforward, as we used to clean our other utensils.

So you can do this entire task independently, don’t worry. Lastly, we want to share a tip for you: always shut down the engine properly. It will keep your golf cart spontaneous and operative.