How To Carry A Golf Bag – 5 Facts To Consider

Playing golf has different health benefits. To play the game, carrying the golf bag is essential for every golfer.  So, the question comes how to carry a golf bag in an effective way?    

In golf, you need to use various clubs for various shots. This exact requirement demands bringing many clubs together.  Golfers use a unique bag to carry their gears including clubs during a game. And often, they walk around carrying the load on their shoulders which is sometime painful.

If the golfers maintain the following steps, carrying the load of golf bag could be easy and convenient.

How To Carry Golf Bag in An Effective Way

How To Carry A Golf Bag

Using a good quality golf cart is recommended if you have 30 to 33 lbs. of weight to carry. But if you are one of them who likes to walk during a game, use these five steps. 

Step-1 : Get used to your golf bags

You must be careful about adjusting. Check several times before you load it. Adjust two straps equally to avoid any uncomfortable positions. Load the golf bag after adjustments and test if they allow you to feel comfortable.

Step-2 : Arrange your golf bag systematically

First, put your heavier and longer clubs in the bag. Put them in a pocket near the joints of the strap and bag. This section will let you carry the entire bag using the strap—load lighter clubs on the other area of the pack.

Step-3 : Divide the sections wisely

Put your longer iron in the center point as we recommend earlier. Use the last area to carry shorter irons and other clubs. Follow descending order to avoid the excessive bounce.

Step-4 : Use other empty pockets wisely

Avoid putting your golf balls and other things in the same pockets. Golf bags come with many compartments. Use those places to carry other necessary objects. 

Step-5 : Use a comfortable posture to avoid injuries

Do not carry your load on your dominant shoulder for long hours. Try to lower your shoulder while carrying the bag. Try to lift the bag using handles. Put pressure on legs instead of back. Try to use other kinds of bags if you can afford them.

How can I avoid pain while carrying a golf bag?

How To Carry Golf Bag

It will affect you badly if you do not know how to carry a golf bag properly. However, it depends on the right kind of bag, proper technique of loading, and carrying procedures. Let us know about them in detail below.

Choose Right Golf Bags: Before using any technique, buy a good golf bag. It is not only important for your clubs but also important for you. Your club needs to be spread evenly to create less load on your back. A bag that allows you some free space will surely save you from injuries. 

A golf carrying stand bag: It can be used as an option. This particular kind allows attaching a stand to the bag. It will prevent you from bending down whenever you want to peek at your bag. You can also choose a golf cart bag. It will allow you to attach your bag securely to the golf cart.

Again, you can use a Golf Stand bag with an attached tripod. It is a reliable one as it comes with multiple options. You can carry it with the help of straps or a switch to push the carts. Even a few bags will allow you to distribute the weight evenly. 

Arranging golf bag correctly: A proper arrangement of your golf bag will exaggerate your performance and comfort. Be picky when it comes choosing clubs for a particular session. Usually, a golf bag comes with a few pockets. You can load fourteen clubs together in that bag. But if it is not extremely necessary, try to avoid loading them all. 

Do not be influenced by multiple pockets: Many brands manufacture golf bags with too many compartments. Do not be influenced by those empty spaces. Avoid loading different unnecessary items in your bag. If you need to carry a few things, try to bring a small handbag along with your golf. Or can load light items like money, water bottles, and a small towel in the bag.

Avoid using the dominant shoulder for a long time: Using a particular shoulder for a long time for carrying loads is stupidity. When carrying a golf bag by using a specific shoulder can lead to injuries.

We carelessly have a heavy load on the dominant shoulder for hours with a single strap. This act can lead to serious shoulder pain, spondylitis, and stiff shoulder. It can also harm your spinal cord as well. It would help if you swiped your shoulders often during the game. Both shoulders will allow you to rest for a while during your four-horse session.

Use Both straps together: using both can allow you to distribute the load on the entire back. Sometimes you will feel comfortable using both your shoulders or straps. In this case, you must adjust the straps to avoid leaning down.

Practice Avoiding: If you are one of those who love to arrange everything in order in case it is needed, please take a break. It would be best if you practiced how to avoid this thought. We often end up loading our bags more and more. Even people who use a private car to reach golf clubs or multiple bags still pack their golf bags with different items. 

Ditch unnecessary Influences: It often happens that we get influenced by friends, favorite athletes, coaches, and even different internet blogs. They influenced us to carry our golf bags on our shoulders. But we know best how much load our body can take.

So, if you feel like you are having pain in your shoulder or feel uncomfortable while carrying the bag, unload as soon as possible.

Please consult a doctor or physiotherapist: We often underestimate our problems. But this practice can be harmful. Avoiding pain can lead you to lose many opportunities. What if you get a sudden backache during a game? Remember, a regular check-up will help you prepare for every match and tournament.

FAQs About How To Carry A Golf Bag

What is the average height and weight of a golf bag?

The average golf bag size is 50 inches, including the club. And average weight is almost 30 lbs. in case they are dry.
But if the bag gets wet, the weight will be increased to 33 lbs. A standard golf bag includes 14 golf clubs with different equipment.

Why is carrying a golf bag harmful?

Walking on the field with 14 metal clubs on the back for almost 4 to 5 hours is harmful. It is one of the leading causes of shoulder injuries, back pain, neck pain, and many more.
This pain will start with a single spot and eventually spread to the entire body. Several sports figures become victimized by this situation. 


Golfers of every level need to know how to carry a golf bag? The above mentioned five steps will help you to carry your bag properly.

However, you can still switch to other options or use these tips when carrying a golf bag.