Callaway Supersoft Vs Chrome Soft – Best Golf Balls Review

Have you ever considered that your overall gameplay heavily depends on the type of golf ball you choose? Well, most beginner-level golfers don’t know the importance of choosing the right golf ball.

At present, the Callaway Supersoft and Chrome soft golf balls have huge popularity. So, which one is better between Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft golf balls.

Here I have made a comprehensive discussion regarding Callaway Chrome Soft vs Supersoft which will serve as a complete guideline for both pro-level and beginner golfers. And, this will surely help you choose the appropriate golf ball for your gameplay.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review

The main reason why the Callaway Supersoft golf ball was introduced is because of the introduction of the advanced HEX Aerodynamics which is specifically designed for covering additional distance.

Key Specifications

  • Layers: 2-piece.
  • Compression: Ultra-Low (38).
  • Cover: Trionomer (Surlyn).
  • Driver Spin: Low.
  • Launching Type: Higher Launching.
  • Curve: More Curve.
  • Spin Type: Low Spin Speed.
  • Color: Various Color Options.
  • Category: Distance.
  • Flight: Straight.
  • Forgiveness: Best.
  • Feel: Softest.
  • Performance: Distance.

Key Features

  • 2-layer beginner-friendly design.
  • 38-core of ultra-low compression.
  • Most advanced HEX Aerodynamic technology.
  • Durable Trionomer Surlyn cover.
  • Low spin and a straighter trajectory.
  • Accuracy and speed.
  • Available in varieties of colors.

Detailed Features

  • The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is considered one of the softest golf balls available at a reasonable price.
  • If you do struggle a lot with your swings, then I can bet that the Callaway Supersoft is the ideal golf ball for you.
  • The Callaway Supersoft will give you a soft feel when you play shots in the green field.
  • Besides, you will enjoy an excellent level of spin control while playing with this Supersoft from Callaway.
  • With the Callaway Supersoft, you will be able to achieve jaw-dropping distance. And this is what I like the most about this golf ball.
  • The ultra-low compression core added to this golf ball will also cover some additional distance when play the shot right off the tee.
  • The word “Supersoft” is there in the name of this golf ball. But this does not mean that you won’t get any durability from this golf ball. The cover of this golf ball is durable indeed. You will find a new-look even after hitting this golf ball around 100+ times.
  • The ultra-low compression core of the Callaway Supersoft will ensure fast ball speed and increased accuracy. So, for intermediate and beginner golfers, this is the ultimate choice.
  • The advanced HEX Aerodynamics applied to this golf ball will help you cover the additional distance with a very soft feel. Besides, it will also ensure superb green-side performance.
  • The combination of soft Trionomer cover and low compression core will provide you with an incredible level of shot-stopping spin. For these features, the beginners and amateurs will definitely love this when they play golf using the Callaway Supersoft golf ball.


  • The ultra-low compression core of this golf ball allows faster ball speed and reduced spin.
  • A reduced level of spin will allow you to achieve increased accuracy and maximum distance as well.
  • The Trionomer cover of this golf ball will ensure both soft feel and additional spin while playing the chip shots in the green course.
  • The external cover of this golf ball is extremely durable.
  • It is possible to get a new look on the exterior side even after playing 100+ shots.
  • The introduction of the most advanced HEX Aerodynamics to this golf ball will ensure a higher launch and longer distance by reducing drag.
  • The ideal choice for new and seasoned golfers.
  • Performance is guaranteed at an affordable price.


  • Golfers with fast swings won’t get similar benefits as golfers with slow swing speed.
  • Not a perfect golf ball for professional golfers.

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Callaway Chrome Soft Review

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Review

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is another popular golf ball that has some exclusive features to offer.

Key Features

  • A golf ball with 4-piece construction.
  • Latest dial core design with the addition of Graphene.
  • Speed-inducing mantle.
  • Urethane cover.
  • Optimum distance and speed.
  • Premium quality and tour performance.
  • Greenside control and high spin.
  • Available in varieties of colors.

Detailed Features

  • The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball comes with an incredibly soft feel that you will experience right off the clubface.
  • This golf ball is designed in a way so that you can enjoy lower spin while playing the longer shots.
  • The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball comes with 2 materials in its exterior core that will aid both the higher swing golfers and the lower swing golfers.
  • This golf ball has the most advanced Dual SoftFast Core where the soft inner core is completely surrounded by a firm outer core.
  • The soft inner core of this golf ball will ensure longer distance and faster ball speeds.
  • If you are the type of slower swing speed golfers, then you will surely love the soft inner core of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.
  • If you are a faster swing speed golfer, then you will enjoy better control because of the firm outer of this golf ball.
  • The 4-layer construction of the Callaway Chrome Soft will allow a thin mantle layer over the other 2 inner layers which are produced because of the Dual SoftFast technology.
  • The soft urethane cover on the outer portion will provide you the required grip while playing shots right off the tee.
  • Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is the softest type of tour-level golf ball you will find in the market.
  • When you use the putter, you will find it very soft with a super low-pitched feel right off your clubface.
  • You will enjoy a soft-buttery feel while playing the approach shots and wedges shot when you are out there in the green field.
  • The Chrome Soft is designed in a way so that you can feel it much easier to control along with making a stop on the golf field.
  • When you play shot using the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball, you will enjoy more distance and power as well.

According to the manufacturers of the Callaway Chrome Soft –

“The main reason behind the introduction of the latest version of the Chrome Soft is to eliminate the misses and shapes of the heavy shots.”


  • The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is designed for all types of golfers, starting from beginners and amateurs to expert golfers with varying golfing skills.
  • Irrespective of the soft feel of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball, you won’t find any kind of lack in its overall performance.
  • The short game spin of the Callaway Chrome Soft will provide you with an amazing experience when you are out there in the golf course.
  • This golf ball from Callaway can significantly help you in achieving additional distance, which makes it an ideal choice for golfers with slow swing speed.
  • The DuraSpin cover of this golf ball will provide you with the feel & touch you need while playing in the green field.
  • This ball is designed to provide you lower spin even when playing the longer shots, helping you achieve longer distances.
  • You will also get a higher spin while playing the approach shots as well.
  • The urethane cover of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball will also ensure the durability that you need for playing powerful shots.
  • An ideal golf ball for golfers with varied golf skills.


  • The price is a bit higher than its competing models.

Callaway Supersoft Vs Callaway Chrome Soft – Key Differences

Callaway Supersoft Vs Chrome Soft Golf Balls Reviews

In this section, I will help you identify the key differences between these two golf ball types from Callaway. For your convenience, I will describe the differences based on some specific categories so that you can easily find out the differences which will ultimately make your decision-making procedure an easier one.


The Chrome Soft from Callaway is made of 4 layers. It clearly indicates that it is designed to help golfers who are looking for a stable grip while playing in the green.

This golf ball, attached with multiple layers, has a urethane cover on its outer part which will allow you to enjoy the additional spin. And, yes, you will surely get more spin with this ball than the golf balls having a 2-piece Surlyn cover.

In fact, you can expect some kind of backward spinning with this golf ball while playing with the right wedges.

The soft urethane cover generally tends to scuff in an easier way, but with the Chrome Soft, it is assured that you will enjoy the durability.

On the other hand, the Callaway Supersoft is a type of golf ball with 2-piece construction – the inner core and the exterior cover made of Surlyn. In other words, the Surlyn cover is also known as Trionomer.

The Surlyn cover is less spiny and much firmer than the urethane cover. And it is considered more durable.

However, I must inform you of the fact that the cover of the Callaway Supersoft golf ball is not as DURABLE as the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball. And, this is no less than a surprise.

The price of the Supersoft is approximately half of the Chrome Soft, so yes, it does make sense!

The 2-pice construction of the Callaway Supersoft combines the ultra-low compression core of 40 and a low spinning cover. Such a combination will reduce the spin while playing longer shots.

Although you will experience a lower spin rate, the higher ball flight will help you in stopping the golf ball while playing on the greens.

Winner: Chrome Soft.


Always keep in mind that how a golf ball feels doesn’t affect the performance, but it can play an avital role in improving your confidence.

I am quite sure that you have played with golf balls which felt like hitting on the rocks, and also played with balls that gave you’re the feeling of hitting something more like a sponge.

Both of the mentioned types are not ideal at all. And this is why you need to choose a golf ball that has a spot somewhere in the middle of the mentioned types.

Obviously, both Callaway Supersoft and Chrome share a common term in their names which is “Soft”. So, this gives a general idea about how these golf balls will feel while playing shots on the golf course.

Based on my personal experience, I have found the Callaway Supersoft giving the softest feel. To be honest, it is not possible to describe the feel I experienced with this golf ball within words.

Winner: Supersoft.


When I was done with my testing, I found the Callaway Supersoft helping me achieve more distance. I won’t say that the difference was huge, but I found it somewhere between 10-15 yards (the average I got based on 20 shots).

I cannot assure you that you will experience the same result, but this is basically what I found while testing out both of these golf balls from Callaway.

Perhaps it is the primary thing an average would like to notice in the first place. Now one can deny the fact that every golfer wants to achieve an increased level of distance. And to do so, you definitely need to pick the right golf ball to achieve your expected swing.

Well, the compression core rating is lower on the Callaway Supersoft and I think that is probably the main reason why I experienced such difference in terms of distance.

Winner: Supersoft


Based on my experience in the golf game, I have found golfers looking for accuracy even when sacrificing the distance, a bit. I know it is really very cool to drive a golf ball 300, but will that be actually cool if you hit 2 fairways over while hitting the 2nd shot.

I am quite confident that you will be able to make a big score if you can hit your golf ball 200 yards following the fairway.

In the case of mine, if I could achieve on each of my shots, then I would surely take it.

So, when I tested out the Callaway Chrome Soft and Supersoft, I found the Chrome Soft to be giving me more accuracy. I won’t say that the Supersoft ended up disappointing me, but I did notice that the Supersoft showed more curve while hitting off the tee.

In this case, the clear winner is the Callaway Chrome Soft.

Winner: Chrome Soft.

Launch Height

The main reason why I found the Supersoft helping me achieving more distance is that it had a higher launch height. It is something that an average golfer would need to enjoy some additional distance when playing right off the tee.

While playing with the Chrome Soft, I found a bit lower launching on pretty much all the shots I played during the testing sessions.

For high handicappers, it is essential to pay great attention to the launch height. And, that is why they should go for the Supersoft.

However, for a mid-handicap golfer, a lower launch won’t be a major issue at all.

Winner: Supersoft.


Of these two golf balls, the Callaway Chrome Soft is a bit expensive. So, if you are a beginner with little budget for your golf ball, you can go for the Callaway Supersoft golf ball.

Who Should Use Callaway Supersoft?

The golfers with a slow or below-average swing speed should use the Callaway Supersoft golf ball because the ultra-low compression core will help them maximize their overall performance.

Besides, if you are a beginner or seasonal golfer and don’t have a high budget, you can also go for the Callaway Supersoft golf balls.

Who Should Use Callaway Chrome Soft?

If you are a mid-handicap golfer, then I would recommend you to use the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

At the same time, if you are looking for a premium golf ball that is easier to compress, then the right thing to do is to go for the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

FAQs – Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Are Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls good?

The softer feel you will get with the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is the main why you should go for this golf ball type.
Besides, if you don’t have a problem with your budget, you can undoubtedly choose the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.

What is the compression of a Callaway chrome soft golf ball?

The compression of a Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is around 75.

Do softer golf balls go further?

Golf balls with lower compression tend to be a bit softer. Besides, this type of golf ball also compresses more which mainly ensures additional distance.
On the other hand, golf balls with higher compression provide you with more control and this type of golf ball is ideal for golfers with faster swing speed.
Therefore, softer golf balls actually go further because of the low compression core.

What is the softest Callaway golf ball?

Among all the Callaway golf ball models, I have found the Supersoft as the softest Callaway golf ball currently existing in the market with huge popularity from all around the globe.


So, this is what I have planned to discuss with you regarding Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft golf balls. In the above discussion, I have tried to cover every single point about these two golf ball models from Callaway so that you can get a clear idea about these golf balls.

Besides, I have also described the major differences between Chrome Soft and Supersoft highlighting the key categories which will definitely help in your buying decision.

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