Cadet vs Regular Golf Glove – What is the Correct Fit?

When it comes to buying the golf gloves, cadet and regular sizes are 2 options to choose from. Sadly, most people are unaware of the differences between them.

The biggest differences between the cadet vs regular golf glove is the size. Regular golf gloves are available in male and female sizes. While, if you are a beginner, cadet gloves are suitable for male only.

If you don’t know the dissimilarities, making a precise decision will be challenging. Let’s learn the key differences.

What are cadet golf gloves?

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Cadet golf gloves are built for golfers with smaller hands. Finger length is shorter and narrower than these gloves. The velcro closure of these gloves allows a golfer to position them further down to the wrist.

As a result, golfers with slender hands feel more comfortable.

What are regular golf gloves?

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Golfers with average-sized hands should wear regular golf gloves. With wider and larger finger lengths, they fit loosely on the palm. Moreover, the Velcro closure is positioned higher up on the wrist.

So, these golf gloves give a comfortable feeling to golfers with the thicker wrist.

Comparison Chart – Cadet vs Regular Golf Glove

Here are a few key features of the regular versus cadet golf glove. Read the differences carefully to learn about the features and benefits.

ParametersCadet Golf GloveRegular Golf Glove
Suitable forGolfers with smaller handsGolfers with larger hands
FitSnug fittingLoose fit
Comfort-abilityKeeps your hands cool and breathableExcellent insulation to keep your hands warm
Sweat AbsorbencyLess tendency to absorb sweatHighly sweat absorbent
Drying abilityMakes golfers hand clammyKeeps your hands dry

In-depth Discussion of the Differences – Cadet vs. Regular Golf Glove

Cadet vs Regular Golf Glove

A good feel is crucial for golfers. The performance of a golfer significantly relies on the quality of the gloves. So, it is important to buy the correct golf gloves.


Consider fitment first instead of fashion. Unfortunately, many golfers prefer fashion overfitting in the beginning. It is completely wrong.

For golfers with larger hands, regular golf gloves are the best choice. On the other hand, cadet gloves are an ideal option for smaller hands golfers.

Moreover, cadet-sized gloves ensure a snugger fit. But the regular one comes with a loose fitting.

So, deciding how the glove feels in your hand is always best. Then choose between regular and cadet gloves.

Weather Condition

The condition of the weather is also a major factor. Golf is played in different weather conditions: warm and cooler.

Since thinner materials are used to manufacture cadet gloves, they are a good option to wear in warm weather conditions. Your hands will remain cool for prolonged hours. At the same time, the breathability of cadet-sized gloves is excellent for great insulation of the thinner material.

In comparison, regular golf gloves are the best choice for cooler weather conditions. The reason is they are made of thicker materials, keeping your hands warm.


Regular gloves are ideal regardless of gender. They are available in a wide range of sizes, making those best for both men and women. You will find small to large or extra-large-sized gloves in the market. Also, smaller-sized gloves are found for women.

On the other hand, the size of the cadet gloves depends on the brand. Based on the brands, the size varies from small to extra-large. But the sizes are suitable for men only. However, women golfers with larger hands will find the cadet gloves best fitted.

Size Chart

Here is the size chart of the cadet and regular gloves for your reference.

Measurement of Hand (inches)Cadet SizeRegular Size
Equivalent or less than 2.75”SmallSmall
2.75” to 3.25”MediumMedium
3.25” to 3.75”LargeLarge
Equivalent or more than 3.75”Extra-largeExtra-large

Investing in a smaller size would be ideal if you prefer a snugger fit. In contrast, a larger size is good for a looser fit.

Sweat Absorbency

Cadet golf gloves have a less tendency to absorb sweat. While regular golf glove is much more efficient in absorbing sweat compared to its competitor.

Cadet vs. Regular Golf Glove – Which one to Buy?

As stated earlier, the buying decision entirely depends on your hand size.

Buy a cadet golf glove, if you have

  • Smaller hands
  • Narrower and shorter finger length

Buy a regular golf glove, if you have,

  • Average-sized hands
  • Larger and wider finger length

How to care for your golf gloves properly?

Proper care of your cadet or regular golf glove is important if you want long-lasting performance of the gloves. Here are a few caring instructions for you,

  • Periodic Cleaning: Ensure proper cleaning of the golf gloves by using a soft brush to remove debris and dirt from the gloves after every use.
  • Proper Drying is the Key: Whether your glove is dried or wet, remember to dry it properly by putting it under the sun.
  • Wash with Hands: Avoid putting your glove into the washing machine. Hand washing is better with mild detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a cadet golf glove?

Do you have broad palms with wide and shorter fingers? Then invest in a good quality cadet golf glove. These gloves are designed to provide ultimate comfort to the hands with such a structure. Measuring the hands before choosing a cadet golf glove is always better.

Should golf gloves be tight or loose?

A perfectly fitted golf glove is similar to a person’s secondary skin. Your golf glove should fit properly in the fingers and palm. Moreover, any loose material on any part of it, especially on the top of the fingers, may make you uncomfortable.


When choosing between cadet vs. regular golf gloves, don’t forget to consider your hand size and comfort. Considering your personal preference is also essential.

If you want a snuggly-fitted gold glove, go with a cadet. While if you prefer to lose fitting, buy regular. Whatever type you choose, giving top priority to comfort is vital. A golf glove that provides a discomfort feeling will ruin your performance on the course.

Each manufacturer designs with a bit different fit with their gloves. So, wear your selected model before making a purchase decision.