What Is A Shank In Golf? Know In Details

There are many golf terms that you might know about if you are a beginner. The most feared shot among golfers is the shank shot. But what is a shank in golf?

Mainly, the fearful shank shot is when the ball comes in contact with the hosel but not the clubface. Also, the shot shoots off the ball at 45-degree angle. Shank shots can be dangerous because it keeps coming back once it occurs.

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What Is A Shank In Golf?

What Is A Shank In Golf

In a shank shot, the hosel hits the golf ball other than the club face. As a result, the ball flies off at 45 degrees which causes the failure of the shot. One of the major causes of the shank shots is an overly closed club face.

When the swing is out to in, but the face is closed hard, this causes the hosel to move closer to the ball. As a result, when the hosel touches the ball, it makes the shot a shank. The hosel is the intersection between the shaft and the club face.

If you are a right-handed player, a shank shot will cause your ball to go straight to the right. Also, the ball will fail to travel forward due to the shot. A shanked shot can disrupt your gaming pace ruining the score.

What Causes A Shank in Golf?

What Causes A Shank in Golf

When the hosel comes in contact with the golf ball instead of the club face, that’s when a shank occurs. A shank can happen due to various reasons. We will discuss some of the prior ones.

When you are too close to the ball, the hosel may be closer to it than the club face. Thus, the impact may cause the ball to come in contact with the hosel making the shank. Also, this may cause you to slide in front of the ball even before making the impact.

Another reason is when you put too much weight on your toes. Otherwise, the case might be that your swing path is too far over the top of the ball or too far from the inside of the ball. In this case, regardless of your angling, your swing path is more responsive for the shank shot.

Many golfers say that when you keep the club face open, the ball tends to hit in the hosel first. Thus, it is more likely to hit shank shots when you are lagging the hosel.

Another reason we found behind the shank shots is that your hands are too far from your body when you’re trying to downswing. The move causes your hits to be closer to the heel, hitting the hosel. Again, if your hands are too close to your body, leading your lower body closer to the ball- it may also cause the shank shots.

How To Avoid Shank Shots?

how to avoid a shank shot in golf

Shank shots can be scary because once they appear, they keep returning. It can destroy your whole game and your mood, respectively. Thus, here are some effective tips to use if you want to avoid it:

  • Maintain your proper posture

You cannot keep too close or far from the ball and club face. Maintain an adequate position and keep your lower body in tune.

  • Keep your weight on your heels

You need to stay a little far from the ball to avoid the shank shots. Thus, you can keep your weight on your heels and make a swing while avoiding the shank shots.

  • Do not put weight on your toes

Swing shots occur when you put too much weight on your toes. So try avoiding doing so. While you lighten your grip and remain tall while giving the swing, you can avoid swing shots effectively.

  • Swing and miss the ball

Your open club face may cause the shank shots. Thus keeping the club face intentionally closed during the swing and missing the ball to draw it closer to you can avoid contact with the hosel.

FAQs -What Is A Shank In Golf

What’s The Difference Between A Slice And A Shank?

Shank appears when the hosel comes in contact with the ball instead of the club face. But slice occurs when you hit the ball with the close center of the club face. But shank is the worst, as once you hit a shank shot; it tends to reappear and ruin your game.

Do Pro Golfers Ever Shank The Ball?

Even most pro golfers can accidentally hit shank shots. It is quite unavoidable, so most golfers have to go through it at least a few times a day. Hitting the hosel is not a big deal, doesn’t mean that you are not good at golf. 

Why Do Good Players Shank?

Shank is not intentional, but it can often appear even through the most experienced players. Players might swing excessively without minding their position- it may cause the shank shot.

However, if a player gets shank shots, it doesn’t mean that the game is ruined as long as s/he has control over the next shots.

Final Words

Now that you know what is a shank in golf, we bet you know what to avoid and what you can try in your games.

Avoiding shank shots might be troublesome when you are a beginner or amateur. But with practice, you can easily avoid shank shots with perfection!

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