What Is A Disc Golf Course? A Beginner Friendly Tale

If you are looking for something different than traditional golfing, disc golf can be a good pick. For this you have to know, what is a disc golf course?

A disc golf course is a flying disc game course area that is almost identical to traditional golf. But in this game, you don’t throw the ball into a hole. Instead, you need to throw the discs at target baskets.

We have found some valuable insights about this, let’s get you covered!

What Is A Disc Golf Course?

A disc golf course is the required area to play disc golf. They have a few holes like golf courses. Each hole has a specified tee area. Players start their throws from the tee area and their disc lands in the basket.

The dimension of a disc golf course may vary from area to area. Usually, holes range from a few hundred feet to over 1,000 feet in length.

Alongside the baskets, there are several challenges that players have to face like trees, bushes, elevation changes, and water hazards.

What Do You Do In Disc Golf?

As we mentioned earlier, the goal here is to secure the throws into the baskets from the tee zone. You will start your throws from the tee area. The goal is to cover the distance and navigate any obstacles in the way.

Once you throw your disc, you will continue to throw it from the area where it lands. Each throw will take you closer to the basket. Your score is determined by the number of throws you need to securely place the disc into the basket.

When the distance between you and the basket is within 10-15 meters, you need to perform a putting throw to try and land your disc in the basket. After successfully getting your disc into the basket, you record the number of throws it took to complete the hole.

The game continues until you cover all the holes of the course. You need to have the lowest possible score to win.

Where Do I Play Disc Golf?

You can find disc golf courses in parks, recreational areas, and disc golf establishments. You might even find it near your regular golf course.

Depending on the area, the difficulty of the courses may vary. You have to pick the place for playing disc golf as per your convenient.

What’s The Difference Between Frisbee Golf And Disc Golf?

“Frisbee golf” and “disc golf” are often used interchangeably to refer to the same sport. So, there is not that much difference between these two.

However, the simple difference they have is that initially, players used Frisbee discs to play disc golf. But, disc golf can be played using any type of disc, not just Frisbees.

How To Play Disc Golf – Beginners Guide

practice disc golf at home

If you are a beginner, you can get started easily. Disc golf is comparatively easier than traditional golf. So, you can start your game following a few tactics:

  • Learn The Basics: First, know the basics of the game like how to mark a score, how to throw, and how the players are prioritized.
  • Start With A Few Discs: As a beginner, don’t opt for too many discs. Start small with a few discs and then increase the number. The disc set should be beginner-friendly that include a driver, mid-range disc, and putter.
  • Practice Your Throws: Don’t immediately drag yourself into playing with others. First, practice for some time on your throws. It might be tempting to try to play but hold your urge. You need to practice your grip, stance, and throwing motions to gain consistency and accuracy.
  • Choose A Beginner-Friendly Course: There are several types of disc golf courses that are suitable for beginners. Initially, going for a too complicated course won’t be wise for you. Local parks or recreational areas may have beginner-friendly courses available.
  • Play With Others: After some time of practice, you can play with experienced disc golfers to learn and improve your game. Join local disc golf groups or leagues to practice and maintain consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is disc golf a sport or hobby?

Disc golf is a sport that can be turned into a hobby. It’s almost like traditional golf, but instead of the golf ball, you need to throw a disc.

Can anyone play disc golf?

Yes, anyone can play disc golf. This sport is a wonderful way to keep your fitness in check. Besides, the rules are easier to keep up with, so even kids can play it.

Is disc golf a healthy sport?

Yes, disc golf can be an excellent choice for your full-body exercise. It requires you to move your whole body which activates your body muscles.

Is disc golf a real sport?

Anything that involves physical activity and skill alongside competition is considered a sport. So, if we follow this, disc golf is undoubtedly an exciting, real sport.


Knowing what is a disc golf course will give you insights into how to play disc golf. Although it’s not that common and often mistaken for frisbee throws, this game is equally exciting as golf.

So, try it out and let your excitement soar high!