Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference? Instructor’s Advice

You might be wondering, why can’t everyone just pick their gym shoes or running shoes and go golfing? Do golf shoes make a difference?

Yes, they do. The stability and traction that you get from the shoes make a positive impact on your game. Golfers who wear golf shoes tend to perform better than others who don’t. Besides, wearing golf shoes also favors beginner golfers.

How Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference?

Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference

You will have an upper hand in your game in many ways that an ordinary shoe won’t give you. Here are some of the advantages:

Extra Traction

Unlike ordinary shoes, you will get more traction from golf shoes. The exceptional design is meant to provide more traction on the grass. The spikes on the bottom of the shoes help you maintain a stable stance during the swing.

The traction in golf shoes helps especially in wet or hilly conditions, where a solid footing can make a marked difference in your ability. Also, it plays a good role for beginners to keep up the pace of the game.

More Stability

During golf swings, one needs to do extensive rotational movements and weight transfers. As a result, if the shoe doesn’t provide more stability, it becomes hard to keep up. Thus, golf shoes provide adequate support to the golfer so they can ensure proper balance throughout the swing.

The construction and design of golf shoes often feature features like midfoot support, reinforced heel counters, and wider soles, all of which contribute to better stability.

Better Comfort

Alongside traction and stability, the golf shoes provide comfort during long hours on the golf course. As you need to stand on the course for a long period, the golf shoes come with cushioning and padding in the right places to reduce fatigue and prevent discomfort.

Waterproofing System

Many golf shoes come with waterproof features. So, you can prevent wetting your feet even if the course is wet. Besides, when you are out for early morning rounds, dry feet can help you maintain better focus and prevent slipping or discomfort.

Enhanced Style

While the style doesn’t directly affect your game, the aesthetics of golf shoes can contribute to your confidence. It gives the look of a proper golfing outfit so you can keep confidence in your mind. This especially helps beginner golfers with a positive impact.

Do Spiked Golf Shoes Help More?

In some cases, spiked golf shoes can help you more to get the perfect performance on the course. That’s because the spikes on the bottom of golf shoes are designed to dig into the turf, providing excellent traction.

The provided increased grip can be beneficial in wet or slippery conditions. Spikes help prevent your feet from slipping during the swing, allowing for a more stable base. Moreover, due to the extra traction, you will get better ground stability. The spikes on golf shoes help distribute your weight evenly.

Due to the balanced distribution of your weight, you can swing easily without any excessive movement or sliding of the feet. This stability is crucial for generating power, accuracy, and consistency in your shots.

Another beneficial side of spiked shoes is that they often allow for the customization and replacement of spikes. Different types of spikes can be used leaning on the course conditions.

Longer or sharper spikes can be inserted for extra traction on soft ground, while shorter spikes can be used on firm surfaces.

Downsides Of Spiked Golf Shoes

Although spiked golf shoes can be particularly beneficial in some cases, some golf courses have restrictions on the types of spikes allowed. Some courses only allow soft-spike or non-metallic spike designs.

Also, spiked golf shoes can sometimes be less comfortable. So, unlike regular golf shoes, you can’t wear them for a long time. If you play golf frequently, this might be a problem.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Golf Shoes

If you are still in doubt, here are a few bottomed advantages and disadvantages of golf shoes that you might need to consider.


  • Golf shoes are designed with specialized spikes which provide excellent grip and traction.
  • Features like firm midsoles and supportive arches promote stability and balance.
  • They provide waterproofing features.
  • Golf shoes often incorporate cushioning and padding to provide comfort.
  • Golf shoes offer adequate arch support that helps reduce fatigue and foot pain.


  • Golf shoes are mainly designed for use on the golf course. 
  • They can be more expensive compared to regular athletic shoes.
  • They have a specific appearance and style, often with a more conservative design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a golf shoe make a difference?

Yes, they can impact your performance positively. Golf shoes provide extended features to do better on your course. The provided support and stability will help you in your game.

Can you wear golf shoes like normal?

If you buy a spikeless golf shoe, you can wear that like normal. But due to the expense, most people don’t use them out of the course. However, there are no bindings if you prefer to wear them normally.

Why are golf shoes so comfortable?

Golf shoes come with extra padding and cushioning in the midsole and back. That’s why they are more comfortable to wear for a long time. The extra cushioning helps prevent foot aches while providing a comfortable experience to the golfers.

Can you wear sneakers as golf shoes?

No, you can’t wear the usual sneakers as golf shoes. Golf shoes offer extra facilities, unlike regular sneakers or shoes. That’s why they come in quite pricey.


So, now you have the idea about “Do golf shoes make a difference?” If you want to maintain formal golf attire on your golf course, spending an extra penny on your golf shoes is worth it.

In this connection keep in  mind that Professional golfers always prefer wearing golf shoes to play in tournaments.