Bushnell Launch Pro VS Skytrak – A Comparison Overview

Golf launch monitors are great game improvement devices. Bushnell Launch Pro and Skytrak are the two most popular simulator options. They are loaded with new parameters and upgraded functionality that set them apart from the rest.

However, you really have to assess your needs when shopping for launch monitors. Of course, they are expensive, so you should ask yourself what your goal is.

Bushnell Launch Pro and Skytrak have many similarities and dissimilarities that make them suitable for potential consumers. So here we have a comparison overview of Bushnell Launch Pro vs. Skytrak to find the distinction.

Bushnell Launch Pro VS Skytrak: Metrics Overview

Skytrak+ DataBushnell Launch Pro
Ball DataBall Data
Club Head SpeedClub Head Speed
Ball SpeedSide Spin, Back Spin, Spin Tilt Axis
Launch AngleClub Path (In/Out)
Spin  Angle of Attack  
Camera SystemSmash Factor
Access to numerous championship coursesVertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle

Bushnell Launch Pro VS. Skytrak

Skytrak and Bushnell are both well-known brands for golf simulators. Each of their functionality truly meets potential consumer needs.

Talking about Skytrak is a basic golf simulator targeting the affordable price market. Still, it features a breakthrough in commercial-quality launch monitor technology. At this price range, the realistic results are impressive. The monitor is a great practice, play, and entertainment system.

skytrak golf simulator

On the contrary, the Bushnell Launce Pro monitor is a premium device for both indoor and outdoor usage. This device is popular for its accuracy results and it provides a wide range of data that is helpful to improve your game in real life.

bushnell golf simulator

Let’s compare their features and overview:

1. Accuracy

Both launch monitors provide accurate ball and club data for every shot.

Skytrack monitor launch provides various types of ball data, spin data, and club data. Though it is a basic monitor, it gives a decent amount of information, yet it is less than Skytrak+ (upgraded version).

Skytrak Launch Monitor uses stereoscopic vision from the monitor’s camera to track the golf ball at impact and radar to track the golf club. Well, it’s still a secret how works the technology in Skytrak monitor launch. However, the data is relatively accurate when measured by the launch monitor. 

Bushnell Launch Pro provides a wide range of ball and club data. For example, face to path, face to target, club path, sidespin or spin Axis, etc. With this information, you can easily tell what was your club face condition on a shot.

This launch monitor has 3 high-speed cameras to track both golf ball and club through impact. There is a reflective sticker called a fiducial for tracking the club face. It is required to be placed on the top of the club.

So, the accuracy of the Bushnell Launce Pro is spot on with the high-quality camera. The super accurate data is highly effective with better analysis.

Skytrak provides almost accurate data, but Bushnell Launch Pro is better far away. So, the clear winner is Bushnell for accuracy. 

2. Features

Both launch monitors come with a sleek and modern design. They boast a lot of features for a seamless and enjoyable experience. Skytrak has infrared sensors to measure ball flight and track club movements. The data is based on photometric technology to give shot readings.

Launce Pro analyses data through infrared sensors with high-speed cameras. It provides more detailed and precise measurements than Skytrak.

3. Swing analysis

When it comes to swing analysis, both the SkyTrak and the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro offer golfers valuable insights into their performance. Skytrak provides detailed data on essential swing metrics, including clubhead speed, face angle, and attack angle, allowing you to fine-tune your swing for optimal results.

  • SkyTrak measures your clubhead speed with precision, helping you understand the power behind your shots. This feature allows you to assess the orientation of your clubface at impact, a critical factor in shot accuracy.
  • SkyTrak provides data on your attack angle that helps you to optimize your swing to achieve the desired ball flight.

While both devices excel in providing basic swing analysis, the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro takes it a step further by offering more advanced analysis features that can be particularly beneficial for experienced golfers:

  • This advanced feature allows you to delve deeper into your shots by providing insights into the spin axis. It helps to understand how the ball curves and make easier to correct any slicing or hooking issues.
  • The Launch Pro also offers detailed spin rate analysis. It lets you to fine-tune your spins for better control and distance consistency.

The inclusion of spin axis and spin rate analysis in the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro provides a significant advantage for golfers who are seeking a higher level of understanding and improvement.

4. Club Compatibility

When it comes to golf launch monitors, the compatibility with various club types and brands is a crucial factor to consider. Both the SkyTrak and the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro offer extensive club compatibility, allowing golfers to use a wide range of club types and brands during their practice and analysis sessions.

Whether you’re practicing with irons, woods, hybrids, or even specialty clubs, SkyTrak and Bushness can accurately capture and analyze data from each club in your bag. This flexibility is a significant advantage, as it allows you to work on specific aspects of your game with the clubs you use regularly. So these monitors are perfect devices for golfers who looking to improve their performance across the entire spectrum of clubs in their bag.

5. Course selection

SkyTrak has a larger selection of virtual courses available for play, including famous real-world courses as well as fantasy courses. You can play virtually world’s most renowned golf courses from your home. But you need to pay additional fees to enjoy the course layouts.

Launch Pro has a more limited selection of virtual courses. Of course, you can access up to 10 courses with a subscription package.

6. Price

When choosing a golf launch monitor, price is a crucial factor that can significantly impact your decision. SkyTrak is generally known for its affordability in the golf launch monitor market. It provides an excellent balance of features and cost-effectiveness. So it is a popular choice among golfers who want to enhance their game without breaking the bank.

Bushnell Golf Launch Pro tends to be positioned at a higher price point compared to SkyTrak. This premium pricing reflects the additional features and capabilities it offers, including advanced swing analysis metrics and enhanced software options. The Launch Pro’s pricing may make it a more substantial investment for golfers who prioritize advanced data analysis and are willing to pay a premium for those features.

7. Portability

The portability is important, as it directly impacts how and where you can use the device. SkyTrak features a lightweight design. It’s a compact and portable device that you can easily set up and take down, making it suitable for indoor use.

The ease of transport and setup means you can practice your golf game virtually anywhere, whether it’s in your garage, on the driving range, or even at a friend’s house. But it is not suitable for outdoor usage.

Similarly, the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro is designed with portability in mind. It’s a lightweight and user-friendly device that you can set up and dismantle with ease. This portability gives you the flexibility to practice or play golf in various locations, providing convenience for golfers who want to improve their skills both indoors and outdoors.

8. Compatibility

SkyTrak offers impressive compatibility with a wide range of software programs and golf simulator systems. It supports popular golf simulation platforms such as E6 Connect and The Golf Club, providing golfers with a variety of software options to suit their preferences. This flexibility allows you to tailor your golfing experience.

The Bushnell Golf Launch Pro is primarily compatible with its proprietary software, FSX from Foresight Sports. While it offers a limited number of other program options, its compatibility scope is narrower compared to SkyTrak. Golfers who choose Launch Pro may find that their software choices are more restricted.

Bushnell Launch Pro VS. Skytrak – Which One Is Better?

Bushnell Launch Pro VS Skytrak

Both launch monitors are perfect in their own perspective still they have some drawbacks that we have discussed earlier.

SkyTrak is a cost-effective option and a great choice for budget-conscious golfers. On the other hand, Bushnell is a high-priced launch monitor that may break your bank.

Moreover, Skytrak works with a wide range of software programs and golf simulator systems and offers extensive customization options. There is also a larger selection of virtual courses, including real-world and virtual courses. While Bushnell requires subscriptions to get access to additional golf courses.

Bushnell Launch Pro provides more advanced swing analysis features, such as spin axis and spin rate analysis, which can be valuable for serious golfers seeking in-depth performance insights. If you’re primarily focused on improving your game and require advanced swing analysis, the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro could be a better fit.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the better choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. So carefully evaluate your needs and choose the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Bushnell Launch Pro be used as a simulator?

Yes, the Bushnell Launch Pro is a part of a golf simulator setup. When combined with compatible simulator software and additional components like a projector or television, hitting mat, and screen, you can create a full-fledged golf simulator experience using the Launch Pro.

Will Bushnell Launch Pro work without a subscription?

The specific functionality of the Bushnell Launch Pro varies depending on your subscriptions. Usually, it works only with a subscription.

What are the system requirements for Bushnell Launch Pro?

Typically, you’ll need a compatible Windows PC to run the required software like FSX from Foresight Sports and additional components like a projector or television, hitting mat, and screen for a complete simulator setup.


Golf launch monitors are effective devices if you want to improve your game from your comfort zone. Skytrak and Bushnell golf simulators both are great options. They have various advantages and disadvantages.

Its great advantage is that it occupies that middle ground between mid-level launch monitors for casual golfers as well as professionals. And Skytrak is more suited to recreational use or for players who want to play challenge games and simulate courses for fun.

In the end, you need to consider their features and drawbacks and make a worthy choice that meets your needs.