Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Review: Best for Golf Touring

A golfer who is serious about his career has to keep giving golf tours to learn more strategies and get better. When it comes to picking a golf club set, anyone would want it from a recognized brand.

Wilson is one such brand you can trust because pro golfers have trusted it for years. So, we came up with Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Review to make detailed discussion on WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Sets.

This set of golf clubs will not only make golf a fun game for you but will also become your practical buddy in learning golf. We have plenty of reasons to pick this in our recommendation for you. So, let’s learn why you should invest in this set of  Wilson ultra golf clubs.

Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Review

We recommend Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs for being a product of a reputable brand that has been used by the globally known golfers for the past two years. So, what’s special in this golf set? Let’s check its perks out.

wilson ultra complete golf set

Massive Head Driver

Most golfers look for large head drivers because it is easy to hit the golf ball. You will love using this titanium-made 460cc volume driver if you are one such golfer.

It will provide you with an increased sweet spot. It means that even if you fail to hit its head’s center yet, you will be able to hit the sweet spot, resulting in getting your ball at maximum distance.

Irons 5-PW

Admit it; your golf performance depends much on a straight face. The straighter the face, the more forgiving it is. It will provide you with a comfortable and tight grip.

These are hybrid golf clubs, so it will not cause you issues when holding. Even when you will play out of your comfort zone, you will have no problem having a balance with it.

The iron can also help create a thrust that takes your ball crossing a great distance, even if you shoot it with a little effort. Moreover, the pitching wedge of this iron is 48 degrees. It means there is enough loft on every shot.


In order to get better shots, one needs a golf club that feels lighter on in your hand. That is why we picked Wilson Ultra golf clubs. It features a heel-toe putter, which seems pretty light when holding. Now don’t worry about the steadiness since it’s pretty steady too since it can nicely line up.

Fairway Wood and Hybrid Combined

Wilson is our favorite because it can, at some point at loft, it can be pretty helpful for making your ball get going if you use its 3-wood, which is great for improving loft. If you are good with your swing, it will not create grounds to struggle.

Helpful Bag

We think the golf bag with wilson clubs set is pretty helpful because it holds the clubs and is also effortless to set up. It’s a kind of bag that you can stand anywhere, set, and fold easily. To reduce stress over you, it comes with a dual strap.

Pros – Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs

  • Best for beginner level golfers
  • Can generate more distance
  • Large head
  • Strong iron offers a fine grip
  • Perfect for golf tour

Cons – Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs

  • It is pretty short for golfers who are taller than 5’10”

Why Should You Buy Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs?

WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set is a great pick if you are a serious golfer and like going on golf tours.

This golf club set is considered as one of the best performing clubs for beginner golfers.

The overall performance of this golf club is outstanding.

While it feels light, it also ensures you get steady shots. Durable and constructed. All the clubs fit well inside the bag that comes with the package.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wilson Ultra Good for Beginners?

Yes, it’s an excellent option for both newbies and intermediate golfers. It’s one of the most versatile clubs and is an all-rounder in performance.

Do Any Pro Golfers Use Wilson Clubs?

Golf experts like Paul Lawrie, Brendan Steele, Paul Wearing, Kevin Streelman, Kevin Tway, and Joaquin Lagergren use Wilson clubs.

What are the 3 Most Used Golf Clubs?

According to expert golfers, the wedge, driver, and putter are the most used and essential clubs.

Final Words

The Wilson Ultra golf clubs are a unique golf club set that will improve your gaming, enhance skills and make you love golfing. It will provide you with the actual length for accuracy.

Besides this club set have massive sweet spot and head. Thanks to the high precision iron shafts, these clubs will also ensure your balls are hit straight. Overall it’s for the kind of golfer who tries to keep improving.