When Is Golfing Season? Know The Start & End Timing Worldwide

Since golf is an outdoor game, weather conditions play a major role in determining when you can play golf. So when is golfing season start?

Golf can be played year-round in many locations, but the most popular season is early spring through late autumn. Winter is not ideal for golfing, as the courses are often covered in snow.

When Is Golfing Season – Worldwide

When Is Golfing Season

Golfing season typically varies depending on your location and climate. In many parts of the world, golfing season aligns with the warmer months of the year, generally from spring through summer and into early autumn.

Let explore the golfing seasons in the countries wherein this game is mostly played.

When is Golf Season in the United States?

The United States is vast and geographically diverse. So the golf seasonality varies significantly from state to state. The United States Golf Association (USGA) recognizes this diversity and allows each state to determine the start and end of the golf season based on local climate conditions and golf associations’ guidance within their respective borders.

The northern part of the United States has a shorter golf season compared to the southern half.  The golf season is usually shortened in the northern states due to the colder temperatures and shorter days. Such as Michigan, Washington, and the Northeastern states have shorter golfing, typically spanning from April to October.

The Central and Midwest parts of the USA have similar seasons. However, there is a high chance to play in March and November. Southern states, on the other hand, have longer golf seasons due to the warmer temperatures and longer days. But if it is too cold in December and January, natives don’t play in these months.

Additionally, the USGA also allows for adjustments to the start and end of the season depending on the severity of the weather conditions. There are many other states in the south where you can enjoy golf all year round.

StatesStarting TimeEnd Time
Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, California, Virginia, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah (South), Nevada (South), New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Carolinas, Tennessee, and MississippiAll Year Round 
Oregon, Kentucky, and West VirginiaMarch 1 December 31
KansasMarch 1December 31
Washington, Idaho, Indiana, and MissouriMarch 1 November 30
Maryland, Nebraska and Colorado, North Dakota and Utah, Nevada (North), and OhioMarch 1 November 14

When is Golf Season in Canada?

Golf season in Canada closely matches with northern states of the USA as the climate is quite similar. However, there are many parts in the northern regions of Canada where the climate is much colder than other parts, making golf less popular in those areas.

In the parts of Canada where golf is a beloved pastime, the typical golf season spans from March or April to November, similar to the northern U.S. states.

It’s crucial to understand that while the golf season officially begins in March or April, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee playable conditions. Sometimes it starts in late April or early May and runs through September or October. Certain regions of Canada may experience inclement weather during these early months, emphasizing the influence of area-specific weather patterns on golfing conditions.

When Is Golf Season In The UK?

Golfers in the UK are fortunate to have the opportunity to play throughout the year, thanks to its relatively mild climate. However, the peak golfing season typically spans from late spring, around May, to early autumn, in September, when the weather is more consistently warm and dry.

It’s worth noting that the start of the golf season can vary across the UK due to regional differences in climate. In Scotland, the birthplace of golf, the season can kick off as early as March or April, benefiting from its earlier spring. On the other hand, in the southern regions of England, golfers have to wait until May or even June to begin their season as there is a slightly cooler weather in these areas.

With a rich golfing heritage and renowned courses such as St Andrews in Scotland and Wentworth Club in England, the UK remains a sought-after destination for golfers from around the world, offering a year-round golfing experience with variations in the start of the season based on local climate conditions.

When Does Golf Season Start In Europe?

Golf season in Europe has some variability based on location. However, it typically commences in the spring, around April or May, extending through the warmer months into early fall, around September or October.

The onset of the golf season across Europe is influenced by factors such as climate and daylight hours, leading to variations in opening dates for golf courses. In countries like Spain and Portugal, renowned for their milder climates, golfers can tee off as early as February or March, enjoying an extended season.

However, in countries like Sweden and Norway, which have colder weather, golfers need to wait until May or even June to begin their golfing adventures.

Europe boasts a rich golfing tradition, with famous courses like Valderrama Golf Club in Spain and Gleneagles in Scotland. The continent offers a diverse range of golfing experiences, and the start of the season varies to accommodate the unique climate conditions of each region.

When Does Golf Season Start In Australia And New Zealand?

In Australia and New Zealand, the golf season typically starts in late spring, around March or April, when the weather is at its warmest and most favorable. which spans to October or November.

The golf season can vary based on the specific location and its climate conditions, leading to some courses opening their fairways earlier than others.

In regions with warmer climates, such as Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia, golfers enjoy the privilege of year-round play. On the other side, in cooler areas like Victoria and Tasmania, the golf season commences later, usually around November or December, aligning with the arrival of more temperate weather.

When Is Golf Season In South Africa?

In South Africa, the golf season usually unfolds from late spring, which corresponds to September or October, through to early autumn, around March or April. These months offer warm and dry weather conditions, making it an ideal time for golfers to hit the fairways.

The specific start of the golf season can vary depending on the location and climate within South Africa. In regions with consistently warm temperatures, such as KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, golfers have the chance to enjoy the sport year-round.

However, in cooler areas like the Western Cape, the golf season may not kick off until October or November, as the weather gradually becomes more favorable.

The PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is the world’s premier men’s professional golf tour. The tour is basically organized in the United States. Its season tees off in October and extends through September of the following year. The off-season is December and January.

The PGA starts with the Safeway Open, which is hosted in Napa, California. Throughout the year, golf fans can anticipate highly esteemed events, including the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship, among others. The season ends with the Tour Championship in September, held in Atlanta, Georgia.

The LIV Tour

The LIV Tour is a recent addition to professional golf. It was launched in 2021 with Greg Norman at the helm. If your PGA tour is over and you are searching for less restrictive schedules with decent financial incentives, then you can participate in LIV tours. The season starts typically from February through March.

The season starts in Mexico before featuring a series of events throughout the year. This worldwide tour includes stops in diverse locations, like the United States, Australia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia, among others. The LIV Tour has quickly become a significant player in the golfing world, offering both players and fans an exciting alternative to traditional tours.

Are Golf Courses Closed During Off-Season Times?

Even when golf enters its off-season in a particular state, it isn’t important golf courses are also closed. In fact, many golf courses adopt a flexible approach, often opening before the official season commences and remaining operational well after it concludes.

However, the course’s operational status depends on the prevailing weather conditions in the region. In areas prone to frigid temperatures and snow cover, some golf courses become unsuitable for playing. You can see many informal or formal side activities like skiing or ice skating. This adaptability allows golf courses to make the most of their facilities throughout the year, ensuring that they remain vibrant and engaging even during the off-season.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to practice golf in the off-season?

It becomes difficult to practice golf in the off-season. However, you can install indoor golf facilities with simulators and heated driving ranges. Work on your short game at indoor putting greens or chipping areas.

How long is the PGA off-season?

The PGA Tour’s official off-season is relatively short, typically spanning from late September, after the Tour Championship, to early October. However, many professional golfers continue to participate in various events worldwide during this “off-season.”

Is golf a spring or summer sport?

You can enjoy golf all year round if the weather favors you. But it is most popular during the spring, summer, and early autumn when the weather is warmer and the courses are in prime condition.

Are golf clubs open in winter?

The availability of golf clubs in winter depends on the climate of the region. In colder areas with snow and freezing temperatures, many golf clubs may close temporarily during the winter months.


When planning your golfing season, consider your local climate and personal preferences. You can always check with local golf courses and clubs for specific opening and closing dates.

Additionally, stay updated on any events, tournaments, or course maintenance schedules to make the most of your golfing experience.