What Is A Divot Tool Used For In Golf: Fix The Green!

You need to ensure proper maintenance of your golf course when you want to keep your performance contented. One of the major issues golfers struggle with is the harm caused to the grass on the putting green. But this is not irreparable.

If you want to know what is a divot tool used for in golf, this is where you use it. Golf divot tools can repair the grass damage on the putting green while ensuring the perfect condition of your course.

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What Is A Divot Tool Used For In Golf?

What Is A Divot Tool Used For In Golf

Your shots can sometimes be too harsh on the golf course’s grass that they can entirely ruin the appearance and quality. Therefore, when you want to have a flawless round, you need to ensure the perfection of the course.

A divot tool is a small device that’s used to repair the turf on the green after your shot. When your shot may bring up a chunk of grass known as a divot. Thus, divot tools help to repair these marks.

The usage of a divot tool is simple. You need to insert their prongs into the ground around the divot area and push the grass back into place. After that, the course will regain smoothness and perfection.

Note: golf etiquettes encourage golfers to repair any divots they cause so the other players don’t face any issues while playing. This is practiced by professionals as a matter of good manners.

How Do Divot Tools Help Keep The Green In Shape?

Golfing often picks up the divot (a small chunk of grass) off the course which troubles the player to continue playing. But divot tools help to keep the green in good shape instantly. When golfers accidentally pick up the greens, these tools help to correct it.

The small dents or depressions in the grass can negatively impact the ball’s roll during the game. Using a divot tool can keep the green content by repairing the course easily. As a result, the grass remains alive and the course doesn’t get a bare patch.

Steps To Using A Divot Tool:

Using a divot tool is straightforward. You can easily do this on your own. The steps are:

  1. Discover the divot: When you have hit a spot on the green, locate which areas have come out.
  1. Insert the prongs: The divot tool has prongs in it. You need to insert the prongs into the ground around the divot. Ensure an angle and don’t push the prongs too deeply as that will damage the roots of the grass.
  1. Lift the grass: After inserting the prongs, make sure to gently lift the grass around the divot. Do the process carefully because otherwise, you might remove too much grass from the surface.
  1. Press down: Now is the time to press the divot to place the grasses in the area again. For this, you will need to use the tool’s flat area.
  1. Repeat if necessary: You need to repeat the steps when the chuck is a large one. Do this until the chuck is perfectly positioned in the area.
  1. Prepare the surface: Now as you have pushed the grass back into place, you can use your foot or any flat tool to smooth the surface.

Benefits Of A Divot Tool

A divot tool is a mandatory thing to grab if you care about golf etiquette and your performance. Here are a few benefits of it:

  • Boost Healthy Turf Growth: Divot tools can keep the grass healthier even after you’ve hit the area. When your shots damage a big chunk of the course, a divot tool can restore the turf’s smoothness and promote healthy grass growth.
  • Prevents Ball Deflection: You can’t play well on a course that’s not even. When you hit the grass and a big chunk comes out, the divot tool helps to keep it smooth. Thus, the smooth surface prevents your ball from going in different directions offering better control to you.
  • Saves Time And Cost: You will need to spend a lot if you don’t take care of the course divots instantly. Thus, the instant fixation using a divot tool helps you gain the benefit of preserving your course.
  • Good Manners: As we have already mentioned, repairing the divots is a healthy practice of etiquette in golfing. This ensures everyone has the perfect course to play without any issues.

Who Uses The Golf Divot Tool?

Every golfer should use a divot tool if they take their game seriously. It’s a game etiquette to ensure the course’s quality remains content.

Professional golfers always carry divot tools with them. The usage of a tool is not limited to any specific type of golfer. Sometimes, even golf courses provide divot tools for their players to use.

A professional golfer should always carry a golf kit where they have a divot tool. However, carrying a divot tool is not anything vital as there are no rules for it. It’s more like a matter of manners in the case of golfing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all golfers use a divot tool?

Yes, almost all golfers use divot tools as it’s a matter of etiquette in golfing. It helps to keep the course perfect while ensuring it remains good to play for other players.

Is it OK to not take a divot?

It’s not essential to take a divot to make a good golf shot. But it can give you a good distance. You can still make a good shot without taking a divot.

Is a divot tool worth it?

Yes, it plays an important part in your golfing. You can easily repair any marks and keep the turf good to play. As the usage is simple, you don’t have to take much hassle for this.


Now you know what is a divot tool used for in golf. The usage of a divot tool is not limited to any specific type of golfer.

You can use this to improve your golfing experience and maintain a good course for the players. That’s why, keeping a golf kit will always save you trouble!