Himal Golf Travel Bag Review-[Detailed Reviews in 2021]

A best suited golf bag is very essential for a golfer of any level for smooth transportation of his/her golf gear, equipment and other important accessories.

It is a common thought that best rated golf bags are costlier in nature. But in reality, you will find many golf bags with prime qualities within a very limited price and Himal Golf Bag is one of those.

The Himal Golf Travel Bag Review will provide you detailed information about this  extraordinary golf travel bag, which has combination of essential features and practical performance at an affordable price.

Amidst the growing popularity of golf bags, both for their efficiency as a travel companion and as a modern trend of luggage, picking the right golf bag for yourself might seem difficult.

But the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag has eased the dilemma; not only with its charming design but also by its all-around performance as a travel bag.

In the review of Himal Golf Travel Bag, I will be taking the reader through an in-depth analysis of this magnificent product from the brand Himal.

This review will include the specifications of the golf bag, its features, pros, cons, and a comprehensive description leading up to a helpful buying guide.

So, without further ado, let us begin our review on Himal Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag.

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Himal Golf Travel Bag ReviewA Detailed Discussion

The Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag includes all the prerequisites for a good quality golf travel bag.

It acts as a multifunctional bag and allows you to carry your golf clubs with ease.

Its spacious interior leaves further room to carry your additional golf gear, shoes, shirts, golf balls, etc.

Accompanied by smooth-rolling wheels, you can pull your golf bag along with all the types of equipment inside, without any damage or scratch. These features helps it to become one of best golf travel bag.

The portability of the Himal golf travel bag enables easy transport of your golf gear in between airports and golf courses.

About the Brand: Himal Outdoors

Himal has been working tirelessly to produce affordable and reliable outdoor products to enable easier traveling for all.

As a leading global designer and brand of durable and fashionable outdoor products, Himal has always catered to the needs of its customers by offering a satisfaction guarantee for all its products.

Product DescriptionHimal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

As one of the most effective and practical golf travel bags from the brand, the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag houses several features and technologies that makes it better than its competitors.

Because of the premium 6000D heavy-duty Polyester Oxford exterior, the bag has a compact, durable wear and keeps your golf clubs intact throughout any kind of journey.

The smooth and efficient wheeling system of the bag makes traveling with it a lot easier.

The high-quality rolling wheels help to provide smooth rolling of the bag during travel; whether it is at the airport or a parking lot.

With a spacious interior of 15 x 13 x 50 inches, the bag has a large capacity and can carry several other golf gear other than regular golf clubs.

The velcro carrying handle and solid handle are both useful for carrying the golf clubs anywhere; while the interior strap and cushioning keep minimize the movement of the clubs and protect them from damage.

One of the best parts about buying the Himal golf travel bag is that their customer service is obliged to provide you with a true satisfaction guarantee if you face any problem with the purchase.

Product SpecificationHimal Golf Travel Bag Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Himal Outdoor
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Strap Type: Adjustable
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 50 inches
  • Product Weight: 4.4 pounds (2 Kilograms)

Key Product Features – Himal Golf Travel Bag Reviews

  • Premium 6000D heavy-duty Polyester Oxford golf club carriers for durability
  • Heavy soft padded protection for preventing damage to golf clubs and accessories
  • Advanced smooth zipper design for additional security
  • High-quality easy-rolling wheels for smooth rolling and transport
  • Universal size (15 x 13 x 50 inches) to fit all your golfing essentials
  • Extra storage space to fit in shoes, t-shirt, golf equipment, etc
  • Travel case comes with a soft cushion and velcro carrying handles that are useful for carrying the golf club travel bag anywhere
  • Protective interior security straps with two exterior bags to minimize friction and movement of the golf clubs during the travel
  • Cardholder
  • Himal satisfaction guarantee.
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Detailed Special Features & Benefits – Himal Golf Travel Bag Reviews

Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

I have elaborated some special features of Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag below which will be very helpful for taking your buying decision.

Effective Wheel System

The easy-rolling wheel system helps to deliver smooth rolling and eases your transport irrespective of the weight you are carrying in the bag.

The exceptional wheel system of the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag is effective in transporting your golf clubs without a scratch or damage.

Innovative Smooth Zipper Concept

The high-quality zippers attached to the bag are meant to last for a long time and gives you easy access to all your clubs and golf equipment.

This feature, along with the two exterior pockets for added convenience, the PVC bottom and security straps enhance the overall security and stability of your golf travel bag.

Durable Construction

The body of this travel bag is made from Premium 6000D heavy-duty Polyester Oxford; which gives the bag its durability and makes it very strong.

The well-designed handles and cushion provide further comfort.

Extra Storage Space

The Himal golf travel bag has a large accommodation capacity and will give you space to store equipment apart from your golf clubs.

Top Solid Handle

The sturdy handle of the bag makes it versatile and extremely easy to maneuver.

The handle offers convenient traveling; whether it is overseas or simply for outdoor activities as well.

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  • Durability: The premium 6000D heavy-duty Polyester body construction of the bag makes it sturdy and durable.The heavy soft padding gives additional protection to the golf club heads.
  • Spacious: The bag is quite spacious and can accommodate a lot of things apart from your golf clubs.You can easily carry your golf shoes, t-shirts, golf balls, additional golf gear, and equipment with you and still be comfortable during the journey.
  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 4.4 pounds, the Himal golf travel bag is ultra-lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  • Security: The zipper system of the bag keeps your equipment inside secure during travel.
  • Smooth wheeling: The high-quality wheels allow easy rolling of the bag across the airport or other places efficiently.
  • Storage:  When not in use, the bag can be rolled up into a compact size for storage easily.
  • Protective: The interior protective security straps along with 2 exterior bags minimize the movement of clubs inside the bag and therefore, keep your golf clubs safe from friction or abrasion during journeys.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: You will be provided with a Himal satisfaction guarantee upon your purchase. Its customer care service will assist you in case you have any problem with their product.
  • Affordability: Even with so many features at hand, the Himal golf travel bag has a very affordable price range and be suitable for people with a limited budget.
  • Easy maneuverability: The velcro carrying handle along with the wheels at the base of the bag make it easier to roll the bag to your desired location during travel.


The Himal golf travel bag is a daily basic bag with limited extras.

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Who Should Buy the Himal Golf Travel Bag

Although the Himal golf travel bag possesses all the qualities professional golfers look for in a golf travel bag, this golf bg has a surprisingly low price in comparison to its high-end competitors.

This travel bag is, therefore, suitable for a wide range of golfers/ travel enthusiasts.

It is also a suitable option for players with a limited budget.

Even though this bag is on the softer side of construction, the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag is still pretty durable and safe for golfers with a moderate frequency of traveling with their golf gear.

For those who likes to travel with all their golf equipment including golf clubs, shoes, t-shirts, additional accessories, etc, this spacious golf bag is ideal for them.

Why You Should Buy the Himal Golf Travel Bag

One can come up with several reasons as to why you should buy the Himal Golf Travel Bag if you travel often with your golf gear.

First and foremost, the bag has a durable construction which allows it to be used more frequently than its other tear-prone soft counterparts.

Secondly, the bag is spacious and can accommodate all your golf gear, and still have space left for carrying additional items such as your clothing, keys, etc.

The combined contribution of the easy-rolling wheels, sturdy carrying handle, protection straps, and cushioning pads; all make the maneuverability of the bag a piece of cake.

And last but not least, anyone with a budget of around $100 can afford this remarkable golf travel bag. It costs less than $100 but unlike other cheap alternatives, is definitely worth the value of your money.

Himal Golf Travel Bag Buying Guide

Himal Golf Travel Bag Buying Guide

Here are the factors you need to consider to buy a best rated golf travel bag like Himal Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag.


Before anything else, you need to fix the budget you’re willing to spend behind a golf travel bag.

There are several budget-friendly options in the market; including the Himal golf travel bag, which will offer some spectacular features at a reasonable price.


Since a golf travel bag is a long-term investment, you need to make sure you buy a travel bag within your budget that has a durable construct.

It is one of the most important prerequisites for buying a good golf travel bag.

Look out for the material used for the body construction.

Soft/Hard Case

Whether you want a golf bag with a hard or soft case depends on your personal preferences.

A hard case golf travel bag will offer great protection but is heavier and more expensive.

A soft case golf travel bag has less room for protection but is super light, affordable, and easy to carry around.

Storage Space

Make sure the golf travel bag you’re buying has enough storage space to fit all your golf clubs, equipment, accessories, and additional gear.

Protection and Security

Since protecting your golfing pieces of equipment is the principal reason for buying a golf travel bag, make sure there is a good strapping system and additional cushioning in the bag for optimal protection of your gear.

Weight and Maneuverability

 Buying a golf travel bag with the right weight will depend on factors like the weight you’re willing to drag everywhere, airlines charges, weight limit, etc.

It is best to go with lightweight bags since they’re easier to carry for transportation and most times, do not require additional fees at the airport if the right weight is maintained.


A golf travel bag with a good warranty is another positive indication of a quality bag.

The Himal travel bag comes with a satisfaction warranty from the manufacturer.

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FAQs Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag Reviews

Is Himal Soft Sided Golf Travel bag big enough to take a cart bag?

Absolutely! The interior of the Himal golf travel bag is very spacious and can accommodate your cart bag, golf clubs, shoes, and more items still.
In this connection you may check my detailed reviews on 10 best golf bags for push carts to find best fitted golf cart bag for yourself.

Can you put a lock on Himal Soft Sided Golf Travel bag?

Yes, you can put a lock on the zippers to further enhance the security of your travel bag.

Are the straps of Himal Soft Sided Golf Travel bag removable?

No, they aren’t. The straps are sewn into the bag and you will have to cut them off if you want to remove them.
But we bet you will find little reason to do so.
The straps help to keep the contents of your bag, especially the golf clubs, steady and free from friction during travels.

Do I Need to Clean Himal Golf Travel Bag on Regular Basis?

Cetainly, you should clean your golf bag on a periodical basis. In this regard, you may read the effective guidelines to clean your golf bag in a proper manner.

Final Words

Since investing in every single piece of equipment related to golfing requires a fair share of your wealth, it is necessary to protect your investments so that their longevity is further enhanced. This is where golf travel bags come in.

Unlike other soft-sided golf travel bags, the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag will offer you durability and sturdiness.

It will keep your precious gears protected from damage, scratches, or abrasion and enable a smooth, comfortable, hassle-free journey for you every time.

Moreover, finding such an incredible bag for such a reasonable price is uncommon in this line of sports.

I hope the Himal Golf Travel Bag Review sufficed in answering your queries about this travel bag, as well as eased your decision-making process.

So, without further delay, get your Himal Golf Travel Bag today!