Golf After Hip Replacement: Return To The Game Fearlessly!

Hip replacement surgery is a common practice among golfers after a certain period. It can help relieve pain, restore mobility, and improve the quality of life for golfers. However, there’s confusion among golfers to play golf after hip replacement. So, can you do it?

You can definitely play golf after your hip replacement surgery. But you need to ensure a period of recovery first. With the right precautions and modifications, you can play golf like before.

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Golf After Hip Replacement: What You Need To Know

Golf After Hip Replacement

Hip replacement can significantly reduce your hip joint pain and improve your mobility. But there is still a concern about whether or not you can play golf after the surgery. The good news is that you can play golf like before after you ensure a period of recovery.

You need proper consultancy before you get back to the game again. While the recovery speed may vary, you can still get back to the game within around 6 months.

Many pro golfers including Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus, and Davis Love III have returned to the game after a long recovery period.

How Long Does It Take To Return To Golf After Hip Replacement?

The recovery time after hip replacement can vary depending on individual conditions. Several factors including the type of surgery, age, health status, and overall fitness level determine the period.

But usually, players can get back to the game in about 3 to 6 months.

Initially, you might not be able to play as you did before. You need a regular physical therapy program to regain strength and flexibility in your hip joint. With consistency, you will regain strength and play like any other player.

Once you start playing after your surgery, it’s better to avoid hard swings to avoid putting too much stress on your hip joint. With time, you can also make the swings normally once the joints are healed.

How To Start With Golf After A Hip Replacement Surgery?

Golf After Hip Replacement Surgery

You can start golfing again after a period of rest. Here’s what you can do for an initial starter:

  • Consult with your doctor: Before starting your golfing, you must discuss your condition and whether or not you can join the game briefly with your doctor. If you get a positive response, then move forward.
  • Start with gentle exercises: First, you need to warm yourself up with gentle exercises. Don’t put too much strain on your hip joint. Limit your exercises to the light ones at the start.
  • Stretch more: You can improve your flexibility through stretching once you have had hip replacement surgery. Try target-specific stretches that help to regain your muscle strength.
  • Strengthen your hip muscles: Focus on hip joint strengthening muscles to help your game. Slowly, you’ll feel the regain of control.

Does Having A Hip Replacement Affect Your Golf Swing?

Promptly after your hip replacement surgery, you can’t do the tough swings. But you can return to the regular once you have passed a period of recovery.

If you’re back in the game right after your surgery, you can’t be too hard on yourself. You need to make some adjustments to your swing. Try swings that reduce the amount of stress on your hip joints and the surrounding area.

Tips For Getting Back Into Golf After A Hip Replacement

If you want to get back to the game fast, here are 10 tips for you:

  • Start slow: You can’t take the whole piece of cake just after the surgery. Be patient and start slow with the game. Take adequate rest while starting gradually with easier swings.
  • Warm-up: Once you are back in the game, you need to spend some time warming up and stretching. You can also do some gentle exercises to get your body ready for the game.
  • Use a golf cart: Using a golf cart while you’re getting back in the game will reduce your muscle strains and save energy from walking the course.
  • Modify your swing: You can’t get back into the game straight with your typical swings after a hip replacement. You need to take some time to do that. Modify your swings to make them more comfortable while putting less strain on your hip. 
  • Wear proper footwear: Appropriate footwear will reduce your hip strains by providing good support and stability. Thus, you can reduce muscle stress through that.
  • Take breaks: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you’re just returning to the game. Your body needs time to adjust. So, take breaks in between, and don’t exhaust yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long until you can play golf after a hip replacement?

You can not play golf for at least 3 months after your hip surgery. Try mild exercises, and stretching before you get back to the game.

Is golf hard on the hips?

Extreme swings can be hard on your hip. Besides, you may get muscle strains from swinging the golf club frequently. Failed swings can add to the hip pain.

Is golf bad for hip osteoarthritis?

Yes, golf can put a lot of strain on your already affected areas. It’s better to maintain a consultancy while you’re playing with hip osteoarthritis. The condition may make it hard to squat to tee up a ball.

Can I return to pre hip replacement levels of golf?

Yes, after a period of recovery, you can get back to your pre-hip replacement stage of golfing. The recovery period may vary from patient to patient.


Returning to golf after hip replacement involves many concerns that you mustn’t ignore. However, if you’ve already passed the phase of recovery, make sure to start slow.

Also, don’t forget to stop if it feels like you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.