6 Best Skechers Golf Shoes Review with Their Pros & Cons

Finding the most suitable Skechers golf shoes is tricky and requires time. I will introduce some of the top-rated supreme nature golf shoes of Skechers through skechers golf shoes review article.

From the beginning of this company, Sketchers is commonly known to all for their intensive, innovative creativity. This golf shoemaker company manufactures many shoes with different traits and advantages. Golf shoes top-level molding shape of cover that is shock resistant, water-resistant.

Not only this, there are some more key things a sketcher’s golf shoes can do for golfers. Therefore, check out my writings to know more about the 6 attractive golf shoes’ good and bad sides.

Why Wear Skechers Golf Shoes?

Skechers golf shoes are one of the best option for golfers. Top golf tour professionals named Matt Kuchar, Brooke Henderson, and Wesley Bryan love to wear it when they’re roaming on the field.

Skechers shoes are highly praised and attractive names for golfers for their decisive intellectual qualities. Each golf shoe made by this brand is specially manufactured to inflict excellent comfort and support.

More and more, they can compete with the other top brands worldwide and win the heart of their users. They became more popular and it continued since their ambition was to serve their clients with priceless gifts.

7 Best Skechers Golf Shoes Review

Skechers Golf Shoes Review

Before fixing worthy and good supportive golf shoes, study my in-depth best Skechers golf shoes review. I have finalized the below list of best skechers golf shoes through analyzing customer reviews, expert suggestions, and some informative sites.

1. Best for Comfort: Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

If you’re looking to buy top men’s golf shoes, then you must try Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe at once. This golf shoe comes with a synthetic waterproof outsole. A waterproof outsole allows you to play and walk in any weather.

All in all, Skechers men’s torque comes with a seamless design that everyone notices. Another attraction is that it is easy to remove soft spikes and lightweight foam.

Both of these features make it easier to walk on rough streets or 18 holes. That’s why Golf Einstein admired it as a brilliant waterproofing, replaceable shoe with warmth and comfort.


  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Shaft Height: Mid-top
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Department: Men’s
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  • Soft Spikes Replaceable Cleats

Playing golf is not easy, and not everyone can play it unless they have good training and skills. But before you train yourself for golf playing, choose this pair of shoes to steadfast your training.

Because these shoes have soft spikes and replaceable cleats to ensure your comfort, stability, and balance the traction in all playing conditions like golf, tennis, etc.

  • Engrafted by Amazing H2GO Shield

As a keen golfer, it is crucial to have decent footwear for walking around the course. Also, you must own a pair of shoes that can provide water-resistant protection when the weather heads south or becomes rough.

Thankfully, those pairs of golf shoes are crafted by H2GO shields to provide waterproof maintenance.

  • Molded Rubber Grip

This shoe has a very airy synthetic upper contrasting with a molded rubber grip. These combinations are really useful to walk another 9.

Again, rubber soles are usually slip-resistant, offer better grip on treacherous surfaces like hills and muddy roads, and even allow you to work safely in the wet. Plus, a user can wear this golf shoe for longer since they’d have epoch-making longevity.

  • Goga Max Technology Insole

The shoe comes with a Goga max technology insole meant to be cushioning and breathable insoles. Because the rubber grip won’t cover the sweating of your feet, that’s why the manufacturer uses the Goga Max insole to improve this obstruction.

Besides, this technology is worth relieving stress when continuously jumping, running, or doing a high-intensity workout.


  • Extremely comfortable and stylish
  • Smooth synthetic upper
  • Soft fabric shoe lining
  • 3 / 4-inch heels
  • lace-up front
  • Perfect fit and lightweight
  • Worthy for use in all weather


  • The shoelace starts losing immediately after wearing

2. Best for Budget: Skechers Max Fairway 3 Arch Fit Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Max Fairway Golf Shoe

This is our best pick for those looking to buy budget-friendly golf shoes. Physically, Skechers Max Fairway 3 Arch Fit Golf Shoes come in a very average size, which makes them competitive. It comes with a sticky spike-less kick surrounded by a cushioned foam base. And you know, cushion fabric is durable, solid, and comfortable for your feet.

In addition, the engineered mesh is lightweight and breathable. Hotmelt overlays cover the upper part of these shoes.

Again, this one has a fit insole which is super to cover podiatrist-certified arch support. Its ultra-flight cushioning feature, easy-to-carry weight, and durable rubber traction make it unique and dashing from other golf athletic shoes.


  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Water Resistance Level: Not Water-Resistant
  • Outsole: Spike less

Key Features

  • Enduring Supreme Comfort

Beating the trend and winning the competition is a common scenario for the maximum number of golfers. But comfortable, decent, stylish golf shoes can kill two birds simultaneously.

Similarly, Skechers Max Fairway 3 Arch can ensure your comfort zone and let you perform like any professional. It provides maximum support to make you confident during every shot.

  • Supportive Arch

This golf shoe has exclusive podiatrist-certified arch support. This means it can lessen the pain in the user’s legs while playing all day long. Most reviewers highly praised this shoe as having “perfect insole support,” and others call it the “best pain reliever.”

Again, some users shared that these shoes feel great on their feet even after playing for 4 hours.

  • An Inclusive Fit

These golf shoes easily fit into any size without paying any central pain to the feet. The maximum use of these shoes ensures that it is the perfect golf shoe for folk with wide feet.

Therefore, if you’ve had a bad experience with shoe size previously, it might not happen this time. Grab this one to remove the extra burden of choosing the right size.

  • Intensive Performance

You can expect high here and become confident also. This shoe can cling to the grass like a champ due to the toothy outsole. It is mighty stable, and the heels don’t slip easily if anyone properly tightens the laces around the ankle.

Moreover, you should buy this if you like shoes with the shape of wide feet. This shoe is reliable, too, as a supportive underfoot.


  • Excellent fit and comfortable
  • Synthetic upper material
  • Give maximum support during the playtime
  • Good traction
  • Quite breathable and grippe
  • Very light
  • Provide relief in foot problem
  • Super affordable


  • It has mild heel slippage, which can be avoided easily

3. Best for Beginners: Skechers Men’s GO Max Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's GO Max Golf Shoe

Skechers has produced many golf shoes for men; this one is the widest version. Skechers Go Golf Men’s Max comes with maximum durability, and the material used here is also surprising, worthy, and effective.

For material, a user gets a combination of both maxes woven and soft woven mesh fabric. Along with this, most of them have a supreme type of smooth synthetic upper, making another significant benefit. Whatsoever, I also find out some more about this solid masterpiece.


  • Origin: Made in the USA or Imported
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Water Resistance Level: Water-Resistant
  • Sole: Spike less
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  • Soft Fabric Shoe Lining

Skechers’ flagship model July 27, 2020, is the best edition for their soft fabric shoe lining. It gives you next-level experience during play time and converts your anxiety into peace. Soft fabrics are very lenient and let the golfers enter alliances with high potential.

  • Sporty Print Design

Another attractive fact about this golf shoe relies on its heel panel. A sporty print covers the panel with in-depth detailing with spikes. Those tiny spikes are beneficial to give you quick support from unpredictable falling.

  • GO walk Max Walking Shoe Sole

As with its predecessors, this one is designed with excellent Go walk Max walking soles. Go walk Max traits refer to the rebound of the user’s foot when they walk, meaning it can produce maximum support and freedom to play golf.

  • Dri-Lex Moisture Management Interior

It is natural to sweat while anyone jumps and runs continuously. But this time, you might feel less wet during playtime for this Skechers golf shoe model.

Because the manufacturer wisely uses Dri-lex moisture management. This means it is more than waterproof golf shoes by allowing your feet to dry by soaking the moisture on themselves.


  • Ultra-lightweight cushion fabrics
  • Made with high athletic materials
  • Durable grip with TPU
  • Have good traction
  • Stays dry in light dew
  • The shoes can dry out in one day after washing off
  • Steadfast the performance of the golfers
  • Comfortable and price worthy


  • Its heels are less supportive that need to be improved

4. Best for Versatility: Skechers Men’s Drive 4 Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Drive 4 Golf Shoe

From the brand of Skechers, this is our last pick inherited with a lot of goodies. It is an ideal combination and innovation of non-course comfort.

Skechers Drive 4 Course Shoe is best for its casual style and versatility. These golf shoes are inclined to innovative characteristics, including slip-on spike-less actions and soft-waxed canvas, and yes, this one is worthy for any cold, wet, or hot weather.

The Goga mat technology comes with this allows you to enjoy all day comfortably walking along the roadside to a playground. This soft-look golf shoe is well-engineered with lightweight; Ultra Go cushioned midsole conveniences.


  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Pull On
  • Water Resistance Level: Water-Resistant
  • Sole: Spike less
  • Midsoles Features: Ultra Go cushioned
  • Weight: 14.07 ounces

Key Features

  • Spike less Durable Rubber Traction Plate

You have two great features: a spike less sole plate and rubber traction. Rubber traction of shoes is very useful for many features. Rubber sole plates are less corrosive against hard objectives. Besides, the spike less sole allows for gripping the grass. By this term, anyone can maintain their footing on uneven ground.

  • Canvas Fabric Upper

This shoe is made of canvas fabric, also known as duck, tarp, fly, or awning cloth. Since canvas is a woven plain fabric consisting of cotton, to a lesser extent, linen is durable and gives double protection and a heavy-duty finish.

While wearing this shoe, users don’t need to worry about waterproofing. It is because those fabrics are water-resistant and waterproof on themselves.

  • Provide High Performance

Embedded with both Goga Max cushioned insoles and Go walk Max design, it is a great recreational shoe for regular golfers. They find it more reliable and suitable for the perfect shots every time. At one point, you may find it more flexible to swing properly to overtake the shots.

  • Maintained Accurate Height

Provides award-winning support and helps to maintain accurate height during playtime. You feel like, why didn’t you purchase this before? Because it has that magic that is obvious to golfers.

The shoe has relaxed fit maintenance functions to ensure medium width in the heel. With the help of these functions, golfers can enjoy a roomy, pleasant fit in their toes and forefoot.


  • Water-repellent
  • Versatile casual style
  • Twin gore upper
  • High rebound cushioning
  • Excessive water will soak into the canvas upper
  • Comfortable and excellent grip
  • Looks good, feels good and easy to put on for golf
  • Super lightweight


  • It often retains dirt on the top of the shoe, which is cumbersome to clean.

5. Best for Summer: Skechers Men’s Max Rover Spikeless Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Max Rover Spikeless Golf Shoe

Skechers Men’s Max Rover Golf Shoe is great for wear in summer. These easy-to-clean shoes can be used anywhere, especially for handling summer trips.


  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Origin: Imported
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Shaft Height: Mid-top
  • Size: 8
  • Sole: Spike less

Key Features

  • World Class Collar Design

Unlike the other golf Skechers shoes, this is the one that comes with some specialty. One of the unique features I noticed is the all-one continuous collar design. This means you will never find a separate tongue here. And the slip of the shoes looks very casual, clean, and sleek.

  • Soft, Woven-mesh Fabric

This shoe is comfortable because of the soft, woven mesh fabric. The inside of the shoes is filled with this cushioned fabric (ultra-flight midsole) to make every step confident and cozy.

Again, the shoe’s upper part is bordered by smooth synthetic materials (Goga Max technology). Both sides of these shoes create an aesthetic, visually appealing outlook.

  • Easily Fit on Anyone’s Foot

This one comes with average sizing to fulfill all your dreams. The heels of the shoes are higher than the average shoes available on the golf market. But don’t think that you may be unable to walk properly because of the extended heel size.

The shoe’s heel has a tab in addition to pulling it back securely onto your foot. As a result, it can perfectly fit and attach to anyone’s foot, regardless of size.

  • Crown Shaped Soft Spikes

As I mentioned at the start, it’s a street shoe, but you can wear it in any weather. It’s possible for their crown-shaped soft spikes, which offer premium-type grips, to compete in all weather. Men’s Max Rover is a golf shoe insisted on by many golf experts.


  • Traction on driver is great
  • very Lightweight
  • High rebound cushioning design
  • Provide a roomy & comfortable fit
  • Waterproof
  • Fit and feel are spot on
  • Perfect wear for playing in summer and abroad


  • You should skip this if you need a general streetwear

6. Best for Material: Skechers GO GOLF Men’s Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers GO GOLF Men's Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

First, let’s talk about appearance. This shoe neither looks so dull nor too stylish. Its overall outlook is average, but the sizes are good for tall people. Skechers GO GOLF Men’s Mojo combines a sleek, sporty look with comfort and traction.

Like any new golf shoe, this one also has good water resistance, spike-less designed traction, and others. But the twist is it has a high-performance resamax insole enriched with a breathable cushion.


  • Fabric Type: Leather & Textile
  • Care Instruction: Machine wash
  • Origin: Imported
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Water Resistance Guarantee: 2 years
  • Weight: 10.25 oz

Key Features

  • Unique Constructional Design

Go Golf Men’s Mojo shoes are uniquely made with many traits. Firstly, the upper portion of the shoes is purely made with smooth, full-grain leather. Leather is durable and provides extra strength, and the bonus point is that you can use this shoe for more than 2–3 years.

  • Grip flex Spike less Outsole

Additionally, those pairs of golf shoes are found by the user manufacturing with Grip flex spike less outsole. And if you’re a Pro or have training from any professional golf trainers, you might know that spike-less golf shoes are the favorite ones for professional people.

Even though many golfers still like to tour play with spike-less golf shoes for their lighter and well-balanced benefits.

  • Stitching Accents, Flexible Textile

Not only this, these golf shoes have a stitching accent, adjustable textile front, and instep panels. Both panels added an extra taste, and a side S logo comes from the backside. It’s a lace-up front that you need to tighten or knit the shoelace from the front side for each pair.

  • Patented Skechers Arch Fit Insole

Patented Skechers arch fit insoles are a trait that allows the user to enjoy pain-free golf playing. The arch fit insole is the modern technology found on golf sneakers and other sports shoes to provide maximum support and minimize the sufferings of the players. So, this golf shoe is one of the best choices for golfers having Plantar Fasciitis.

  • Resamax Cushioned Insole

This is specially used on each shoe to ensure you can play all day long without hassle. Resamax cushioned insoles are the internal part of this golf shoe to guarantee high-performance support and easement.


  • Available in extra wide width
  • Padded continues collar
  • To cover traction and stability, it comes with lug geometry
  • Give both lateral stability and midfoot support
  • Can compete with both hot and cool weather


  • Users need a shoehorn to get into it because of the absence of a tongue

To know more information, you may read In depth Review of Skechers GO GOLF Men’s Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe.

What Makes Best Skechers Golf Shoes?

Sketchers is a footwear brand situated in Manhattan Beach, California. But now, it is best known for the athletic, casual, cozy, and stylish footwear for golfers, tennis players, and skaters. Sketchers are unique and highly ambitious from the very beginning of the business.

So, it is natural that the best Skechers golf shoes have special landmarks. Below I key pointed out those special characteristics in short.

  • Good and best Skechers golf shoes must have made high profile materials
  • Great comfortable, cushion-made, mashed fabric interior
  • Worthy for use as casual wear to walk outside street except for sporting
  • Those shoes must be waterproof.
  • The sole materials are made with strong, top-flight elements, including Goga Max technology, TPU, Gripe flex spike less outsoles, etc.

Best Skechers Golf Shoes Buying Guide

best skechers golf shoes

Selecting only one thing from the many options is not easy. And the term of finding the right, top-notch sketcher golf shoes is more difficult. But don’t worry, as I’m here for you.

Below are the features you might consider before buying any sketcher golf shoes. Those ideas play a vital role in informing you about a lot of matters about golf shoes as well.

1. Comfortable Interior

Comfort is the key to everything. We buy homes to live comfortably as we purchase things to make our lives more comfortable, reliable, and peaceful.

So, why should you compromise these traits when buying any golf shoes? Just think to yourself, you will be wearing those pairs of shoes for 18 holes multiple times per week. Isn’t it necessary for you to ensure this?

I know; correspondingly, how come I ensure that? It’s simple. When going to any shop, put on your shoes on foot and listen for a “whoosh” sound. It means the internal air of the shoes is coming outside, which usually suggests that it is a good golf shoe.

Walk around by wearing the shoes, too, so that you can find any pinching or discomfort. Remember that a well-fitted golf shoe should do neither of these. It is also crucial since the feet may slide inside the cushion foam.

They often become rubbed and blistered; when you want to wear them repeatedly, they could damage your feet.

2. Support

Also, check out the shoe’s sole to see whether they’re good for properly jumping, running, and swinging. There are many options and unique features available in the market, and they hold up the traits that come along with well-locked ankle support and superior cushion slots.

Make sure to buy golf shoes that can give maximum support during your playing time. This is an unbounded trait that you need to ensure mostly. Because you’re planning to play with them regularly, little mistakes may result in bad injuries on your shoulders and knees.

3. Waterproofing Cushion-Made Upper Slots / Water Repellents

Choose shoes that have waterproofing cushion-made upper slots. Or if you can’t afford them, try to buy water-resistance or water-repellent golf shoes. This factor is crucial to prevent wetness inside your feet. Water-resistance golf shoes can deal with sweat, moisture, and other humidity.

In other words, a golf player should buy waterproof golf shoes since it is unpredictable when the weather will be rough. Waterproof shoes are truly helpful in protecting your shoes from being drenched in water.

Some of these shoes are unbelievably competitive during the summer with hot weather to make you comfortable and cool.

4. Grips

If you’re a seasonal golf player, then skip this one. Yet, you should check out the shoe grip to improve your playing performance on wet and muddy terrain roads. Professional golf players prefer the grip-made shoe sole that is less slippery in wet weather.

The grip is so important because it improves your performance on the course. Spiked golf shoes typically come with better, stable grips.

But these grips aren’t suitable for sitting low to the ground, unlike the spike-less models. Comparatively, spike-less golf shoes offered high-profile quality grips but couldn’t offer better traction on hard surfaces.

5. Lightweight Features

Along with these above features, consider this one also. Purchase golf shoes that are lightweight to carry. This means your shoes might cover and match your body language. It can compare to any rod and an object.

If the rod is solid, it can carry and hang up much load. Similarly, if you’re a healthy guy with 60–80 pounds, grab the shoes that can carry your entire body load. 

6. Shoe Materials

Do not compromise to elect shoe materials. Different materials for golf shoes are available, including leather, hard rubber, non-metal (soft) spikes, plastic, and others. But nowadays, synthetic rubber, metal, and ceramic are best to provide you comfort, relaxation, and swing properly.

Synthetic golf shoes are much better than leather for cushioned, breathable fabrication. It often fits better and has more water resistance than other golf shoes.

7. Machine Wash Requirements

Machine wash golf shoes are reliable for use for a long time. You can also use them through frequent wash, as those shoes aren’t caught by dirt or nasty grimes. Meanwhile, ensure that those pairs of shoes can dry swiftly.

Lastly, plan on your own which traits seem more worthy and what facts you cannot ignore. Once you make a plan for them, selecting the right Skechers golf shoes becomes easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Heavy Golf Shoes Better?

Heavy golf shoes aren’t worth wearing because of some restrictions. If the golf shoes don’t have good stability, it allows the foot to stretch in all directions. Sometimes you may suffer from unnecessary fatigue and foot pain for the poor balance of the shoe’s heels.
Furthermore, the weight of the heavy shoe is directly related to the wearer’s body structure, performance, and foot fatigue. You must consider the weight, and it should not be too light or heavy.

What Is the Advantage of Spike-less Golf Shoes?

Spike less golf shoes are better for their soft foam base, and it often feels, unlike a trainer. Spike less shoes are often so lightweight and casual that users feel much better wearing them.

Does Skechers Memory Foam Lasts?

Skechers memory foam doesn’t last for longer periods. Most of this material easily degrades, and that’s why the shoes are damaged due to the spoiling issues. The shoe’s internal memory foam starts to severe and expands wholly.

How Long Are Skechers Golf Shoes Guaranteed for?

There are some rare cases found where the manufacturer gives a 2–3 years guarantee if the sole material of the shoes is good to go. But on average, you get only a 1–2 years guarantee for the Skechers golf shoes.

Do Skechers Golf Shoes Have Arch Support?

From 2021, Skechers golf shoes are coming with arch-fit insoles with podiatrist-certified arch support. This feature is exclusively formed to let the golfer maximum support on heavy wet, and muddy roads.



After finishing the best Skechers golf shoes review, I want to mention three basic products for you. In short, you can get them without fear of loss, damage, or fraudulence.

As per my recommendation, if you’re looking forward to buying cheap golf shoes, go to the Skechers Max Fairway 3 Arch Fit Golf Shoe. This is good for leading benefits like enduring supreme comfort, unique styles, and inclusive fitness.

If you have a good and handsome budget, grab Skechers GO GOLF Men’s Max Golf Shoe. It is good for beginners and comfortable to wear everywhere.

Furthermore, Skechers Go Golf Men’s Mojo Waterproof Shoes are another best option to buy without thinking a lot.

Hope, you will find out the best fitted Skechers Golf Shoes for yourself and your near and dear ones by reading the above content.

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