How Does A Golf Scramble Work?

Golf sports have various formats to play in and the scramble is one of them. Among all of them, the golf scramble is more fun and enjoyable to play. Literally, there is no intense pressure, the scores are low, and overall, a chill day on the course. 

If you are new to this game, you may wonder: how does a golf scramble work? 

The golf scramble is played by a team of four or two players. All the members hit their ball from one spot and it continues throughout the match until all the holes are completed. It is a more fun golf game than a regular golf round

How Does A Golf Scramble Work?

How Does A Golf Scramble Work

Golf scramble is a common format for tournaments that is often played for charity events, corporate outings, and social gatherings. Despite any official tournament, you can play with your buddies to enjoy a golf round on the course due to lower scores and light pressure.

The golf scramble follows the best ball format where you have a team of two or four players. The play begins with all team members teeing off from their respective tee boxes.

After each player hits their shot, the team selects the best tee shot from the group. This shot becomes the starting point for the team’s next shot. 

It means that the team always selects the best shot among its members for the next stroke. This format usually eliminates penalty shots, woods, or bunkers as the team members always put the ball in a good position. 

The process of selecting the best shot and moving all balls to that spot continues throughout the round until the team reaches the end hole. The team’s score for each hole is the total number of strokes taken to complete the hole. The winning team is the one with the lowest overall score.

Golf scramble is a fun game and makes a relaxed atmosphere. It is an excellent way for golfers to enjoy the game together. The format fosters teamwork and creates a sense of camaraderie. 

What Are Golf Scramble Rules?

Golf scramble rules vary depending on the specific event or organizer. Because the United States Golf Association doesn’t mention rules for scrambles. Typically, this gameplay follows USGA rules similar to other regulations on the course. Still, tournament organizers can create their own rules to make the game enjoyable. 

Each player on the team tees off from their designated tee box. The captain of the team helps decide the best shot. Usually, the shot that entails the longest dive on the fairway is often considered the best shot. It determines the spot for the second stroke. 

Each player must play within a scorecard of where the ball rests on the green. Occasionally, rather than a scorecard, they allow club lengths.

After the best tee shot is selected, all team members place their balls within one club length of the chosen spot, no closer to the hole. This process is repeated after each shot, with all team members placing their balls in the same area.

If the best shot falls into a hazard, the team must take the appropriate penalty stroke and proceed as per the rules. As a result a member doesn’t get the one club length advantage if the ball drops in the sand or water.  

On the putting green, the best ball concept still applies. All team members putt from the same spot, and the team selects the best putt to count as the team’s score for that hole.

The team’s score is recorded for each hole, and the total number of strokes taken throughout the round is tallied to determine the team’s final score. Ultimately, the winning team has the lowest score.

If teams have a tie score from the scramble, the organizers can create a new random hole and use its lowest score to determine the winner. 

What Are The Different Variations Of Golf Scramble?

Golf scrambles come in various formats, each offering a unique twist to traditional team-based play. Here are some different types of scramble:

Texas Scramble

Texas Scramble is the most played classic golf scramble format. There are teams consisting of four members who work together to achieve the lowest score possible on each hole. However, each team member must actively contribute at least four drives during the course of play.

Florida Scramble

In this variant, teams of golfers take turns playing their ball, but the ball selected after each stroke must sit out the next one. This means that one team member skips each stroke played, except for the drive on each hole.

Las Vegas Scramble

The Las Vegas scramble is a 4-team format. Each team has skilled members, but what sets this variation apart is the use of a 6-sided die. At the beginning of each hole, a roll of the die determines which team member’s drive will be used on that particular hole.

This element of luck adds an exhilarating twist to the competition, making each round full of surprises and excitement. As a result, players use different strategies on the fly, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for both players and spectators.


Bramble, a thrilling fusion of scramble and best ball. It adds an exciting challenge to the game of golf. The format starts with all team members collaborating on a scramble off the tee, strategizing together to achieve the best possible starting shot.

However, the game takes a daring turn from that point onward, as each golfer is on their own for the rest of the hole.

Once the scramble is completed, it’s every player for themselves, competing individually to navigate the remaining shots into the hole. This dynamic twist introduces an extra layer of competition, as golfers strive to outperform one another and showcase their individual skills.


Ambrose merges the aspects of scramble and team handicap. In this variation, players set out to achieve the lowest net score possible, taking into account their individual handicaps.

By blending teamwork and handicap adjustments, Ambrose creates an exhilarating challenge that showcases both the players’ abilities and their collaborative spirit.

How To Win A Golf Scramble?

If you want to win the golf scramble, you have to choose the right playing order. Form a team with players of varying skill levels to ensure a well-rounded group. However, if your team wants to win, then you need to allow the weaker players to start. Thus, you will have the best putter on every single green. 

You should prioritize the ball with the best lie and view of the hole for your approach shots. Focus on getting to the green in the fewest strokes possible, as scramble success heavily relies on solid approaches.

 A well-balanced scramble team includes great putters, accurate drivers, and long hitters. Arrange the order so that the most accurate player takes the first shot to put the ball in the fairway. The longest hitter should go last to capitalize on the advantage and less pressure.

Strategically position the putters during the game. Let the worst putter take the first shot, followed by the second-best putter, and the best putter go last. This ensures that the most accurate putter takes the final shot, increasing the likelihood of sinking crucial putts.

On par-5 holes, have the shorter hitters play first before the big hitters take their shots. This sequence helps get the team closer to a lower score and ultimately secures a tournament victory.

Common Mistakes In Scramble

Though golf scramble is a fun game format, your team may not get success due to some common mistakes. Like:

  • Taking too long to choose shots or execute them can slow down the pace of play in a golf scramble. Golfers must move swiftly between shots to maintain a consistent and enjoyable rhythm.
  • Despite the fun nature of scrambles, golfers should still prioritize selecting the best golf ball for each shot. Thoughtful consideration is essential to optimize the team’s chances of achieving the lowest overall score.
  • Accurate scorekeeping is crucial in a golf scramble. Golfers must diligently track each player’s score on each hole to assess the team’s performance accurately and determine the final scramble score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a 4-man golf scramble work?

A 4-man golf scramble is a team-based format where four players form a team. Each player tees off, and selects the best tee shot. From there, all team members play their shots from that spot. This process continues until the ball is holed. 

How do you play scramble in golf?

To play a scramble in golf, form a team of two, three, or four players. Team members hit from the same spot on each shot, with the team deciding which ball to use next. The process repeats until the hole is finished.

How do you keep score in a golf scramble?

To keep score in a golf scramble, record the number of strokes taken by the team to complete each hole. For each hole, add up the scores to determine the team’s total score.

Does a hole in one count in a scramble?

Yes, a hole in one does count in a scramble. If a player in the scramble achieves a hole in one, the team will record one stroke for that hole, just like any other hole. 


The golf scramble is an enjoyable format that brings golfers together in the spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition.

Whether played in teams of two, three, or four, the scramble allows players of varying skill levels to participate. It creates an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.